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A Report onConsumer Buying Behavior of Jeans and T-shirts
A Report Submitted byS.ANUSHA NADIURoll Number: 10304PGDM 2010-2012Project submitted in partial

fulfillment for the award of Post Graduate Diploma in Management



and ways to effectivelyinfluence consumer decisions.Consumer buying behavior of Jeans and T-shirts Executive Summary I decided to have a market research on jean and t-shirt buying behavior of consumers of Hyderabad city. so that appropriate primary data can becollected through questionnaire. consumer preferences for different brands. During the event I decided to get feedback from customers whonormally visit various types of outlets for the purchase. This study was carried out to determine different factors affects the purchasedecision for jeans and tshirts. .


A well-developed and tested model of buyer behavior is known as the stimulus-response model. which is summarized in the diagram below:In the above model.Consumer buying behavior of Jeans and T-shirts Introduction In determining the Buyer behavior of Jeans and T-shirts. we have taken Buyer behavior stimulus response model to determine the buyer decision making process towards jeans and t-shirts and how buyer characteristics will be affected by the marketing stimuli and how the Buyer responses change in taking purchase decision. marketing and other stimuli enter the .

The Buyer’s characteristics influence how he or she perceivesthe stimuli. Marketing management must try to work out what goes on the in the mind of the customer – the “black box”.customers “black box” and producecertain responses. . the decision-making process determines what buying behavior is undertaken.


Methodology: .d) To assess which brand of jeans and T-shirts are most preferred by customers.Consumer buying behavior of Jeans and T-shirts Research objectives Objectives of the study are: a) To determine what factors influence a consumer’s buying decision.b) To determine the important attributes that a consumer considers before buying Jeans andTshirts.e) To find out the impact of sales promotions during a purchase.c) To determine which advertising mediums are most effective in influencing customersperceptions.

Method of Data Collection : Primary data was collected through survey. The questionnaire is a mixed bag of open endedand closed ended questions. The questionnaire was sent through mail to allthe VJIM students in Hyderabad. The respondent wasfree to give his opinion on the questions. The questionnaires were either filled by therespondents themselves or were dictated by the respondents. The questionnaire was prepared askingrespondent about their purchase behavior towards jeans. The basic researchinstrument used is a questionnaire. Data search: .

Sample Profile : . Sample Design Only those wearing jeans and T-shirts were taken as respondents.The survey was conducted outside shopping malls. so nonprobability judgment sampling is employed 40 respondents were surveyed forresearch. multiplexes and in Vignan JyothiInstitute of Management.


.Consumer buying behavior of Jeans and T-shirts Gender no Male percent 22 55%Female 18 45% Occupation Students 34 85%Employees 6 15% Age Range No Up to 20 421 to 25 3025 to 30 6The ages of respondents ranged from 17 to 29 with mean age of 24.

The data collected was evaluated manually. Data Collection method The primary data using different techniques like focus group discussion with the experts . using a questionnaire.Research design The primary data was obtained from the respondents. . a. Percentage was used toestimate the proportion for various aspects under consideration. MicrosoftExcel was used to depict graphical representations of the analyticalinferences and tabulations.

we come to certain factors which majorly affects the Buying Behavior of Jeans and T-shirts.Variants. Trendy. So. Design. Brand name. we have used Stimuliresponse model to observe how marketing stimuliand other stimuli . Measurement :To address the research objectives of our study . face-to-face etc ). Price . Later we will go with the detailed explanation of these factors. by mails . we need to take the information from everycorner of the topic. b.depthinterview with the stores salesmen and sales managers .To mention.Comfort.By doing so. some of the factors we found are Quality. Durability .

affects the buying characteristics of the consumers and change in BuyingDecision process results in responses. Based on thefactors we have found and by the responses taken. we will come to the understandings like . We have made a Questionnaire which involves differentquestions related to the buying pattern of consumers for Jeans and T-shirts.






I . Analysis procedures We are making different conclusions based upon the Questionnaire responses and next is whatfactors mainly influence the Buyer Behavior using Ranking method by taking mean of the factors . Buying pattern of different customers based upondemographics etc.Consumer buying behavior of Jeans and T-shirts Buying Behavior differences between Jeans and T-shirts. c . consumer preferences based upondifferent factors for Jeans and T-shirts.

Finallybased on the consumption pattern I analyzed which type of customers prefers which type of place to buy their Jeans and Tshirts. I took the sample of 40 respondents and based upon their responses we collected some data depicting their .focused on which type of promotions mostly affects the Buyer Behavior and whatkind of advertisements affects the Buyer characteristics using comparative mean method. Results: The result showed that there is no significant difference between the buying behavior of consumers between Jeans and T-shirts.

preferences among different factors for Jeansand T-shirts. Applying Marketing Mix Modeling in the Jeans and T-shirts Business Global marketplace is going through drastic changes and industry players find their marketingplaybook becoming obsolete.b)Limited time frame was the biggest constraint. Market today consists of hundreds of salesmen. all . Limitations of the methodology: It should be noted that the research methodology was limited by thefollowing factors:a)This being a judgment sampling. the analysis may not be the true pictureof the target population.

pushing their products which are similar in nature and shoppers keep moving from store to store. Aclear . There is an increase in the amount of disposable income of thepeople. bargaining.But successful products touch the customer emotionally. Despite consumers tend to spend more.The prices fall eventually. and media has created a change in their lifestyle.marketers are finding it difficult to maintain or increase their wallet share due to globalization and cut-throat competition. a decision taken by the business owners hoping for a lastingrelationship with the consumer.

understanding of the customers’ psychology is essential .



Report Cancel Bottom of Form This is a private document. Rated: 0 5 false false 0 Copyright: Attribution Non-commercial consumer behavior of jeans and tshirts consumer behavior of jeans and tshirts (fewer) . Info and Rating Reads: 130 Uploaded: 02/16/2011 Category: Uncategorized.Jeans Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document Report this document? Please tell us reason(s) for reporting this document Top of Form 6701e1eb334007 doc Spam or junk Porn adult content Hateful or offensive If you are the copyright owner of this document and want to report it. please follow these directions to submit a copyright infringement notice.

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