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Discussion with Park Howell, May 2, 2011

Fast pitch is single best event SVP has been involved with . Park Howell, partner since 2002. Highlights: y y y y So tangible; go so many people involved; helped SVP get into so many new companies was a remarkable marketing tool . Also an incredible media vehicle. In all the papers; very visual; compelling. Got more media attention in the one event than in 10 years in the org. Got partners who had not been involved before engaged. Very successful for non profits who participated, for visibility and for linking together with one another.

Stats& Process: y y 36 signed up. Could have been more if more publicized. Will be double or triple next time. Was a good number as we could handle it. 20 finalists through mentoring program. 40 mentors from around the city; 1/3 SVP partners, 2/3 not. Many of them very experienced/senior people. Mentors also recruited others to join and help their mentees. Need to ask Duane how they screened and coached the mentors. Process with the 20 o Three half-day sessions o All 20 pitched each time in front of the competition and judges (SVP people and interested parties). o 4 judges each time doing critiques o People in crowd wrote comments on index cards and handed to them as they came off the stage o In one session, did workshop/pointers with the entire group, after they did their presentation, as a way to reinforce what works and what to do better o SVP ED + Judges did final selection of top 8. Terry and Duane can get the criteria used. o Videos every presentation put on website so people could see how they did. o [Thinking about making a TED-like pitch too that could be used more broadly]




y y y

8 on stage final night: o 200 people, standing room only. o Used large conference area with folding area and people standing around o Promoted primarily via word of mouth from SVP plus participating NFPs plus supporting orgs and mentors connections. o Good representation of business, NFP, and political o Venue was FULL o 2 hours; kept very tight to schedule o 6 judges, heavy hitters o Only let two judges speak for each participant, although each of them did scoring o Scoring was simple (but need to find out from Duane) o [One of the judges liked one NFP so much he wrote them a check on the spot] o #1 winner was selected as a 5 year SVP investee, 100k total. o SVP investment area: Helping Kids. o #2 10k prize for best pitch (could be same or different from #1) o People s choice award $2,500 o Did people s choice via texting. Thinks most everyone voted. o Someone in the crowd raised $5k on the spot for others o When done with pitches, had Charles Best of Donors Choose speak while judges were tallying and prepping to give final awards Had booths for all 20 before the event Cocktail party afterwards in booth area Had to finally send people away they were really into it

Elapsed time: first call entries mid-late Sept; selections October; training November; down time December; two sessions Jan/Feb; event first week march. Tools: mostly email with PDF. Need better.

Phoenix metro area: 3.8M Terri Wogan& Duane Miller participated in entire process, will have more data and insights. Interview by Will Poole, SVP Seattle, May 2, 2011


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