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P.O, BOX 12847 AUSTIN, TX 78711-2847 (877) LIC-AGRI (877-542-2474) For the hearing impaired (800) 735-2989 TDD (800) 735-2988 VOICE www. Texas Agriculture gov TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE COMMISSIONER SID MILLER September 1, 2021 TONOAN HOMER ae ‘SAN ANTONIO, TX oi” [seer TDACentNo. TDAAcount No. Business: MARQUICA R REED , 6743 BUENA VISTA, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78227 Dear HEMP PRODUCER, Your application for the business address listed above to produce industrial hemp under the Texas Hemp Program has been approved and your license is attached. The license is effective as of 8/31/2021 and willexpireatmidnighton 8/31/2022 _ . You are required to notify the ‘Texas Department of Agriculture within go day’ of any change in the information you provided in the application or renewal of this license. Each facility location has been issued a’TDA location identification number (ID#). Please retain the number(s) for your records. ‘The client number printed above will be used to provide you with more efficient service by acting as 1 cross-reference to all TDA licenses you may obtain. By referencing your client number, you will be be able to review and process most or all of your licensing and license renewal information from a single online access point. ‘The attached certificate authorizes you to produce industrial hemp under the Texas Hemp Program, A.renewal notice will be mailed to you each year prior to the expiration date. Failure to timely renew your license may result in late fees, the assessment of administrative penalties against you or your license being revoked. Therefore, please respond promptly to each renewal notice. All hemp grown in Texas is required to have a Lot Crop Permit before any production can start, To apply for a loterop permit go to and select Lot Crop Permit Application. You will need a lot erop permit for each lot you intend to grow. ‘Lot’ means a contiguous area in a facility, field, greenhouse, or indoor growing structure containing the same variety or strain of cannabis throughout the area. ‘Lot permit’ means a document issued by the Department authorizing a license holder to produce or handle a hemp crop within a facility. Failure to obtain a Lot Crop Permit may result in a penalty and/or destruction of the Hemp Iot.

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