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Write On For Israel Michael Weiss

Noam Chomsky - OP-ED Response

It is alleged that a picture is worth a thousand words, and yet this claim is categorically
false. A picture portrays a snapshot of a greater scene that can effortlessly be taken out of context
and misconstrued. And specifically, that is what continues to transpire in the Middle East today.
For decades now, the media has continued to play an integral role in the circulation of news both
domestically and internationally. And unfortunately, it has only meant the worse for Israel and its
image amongst the international community.
In his piece, “A Wall as a Weapon,” Noam Chomsky asserts that Israel’s “plight,” its
requisite, for a security wall is but a mere ostensible reason for other underlying intentions and
strategic motives. Yet this is claim a simply poorly founded and spurious. Due to Israel’s constant
precarious and threatening reality that it faces, it is compelled to tackle measures that many,
especially when not looked through lucid crosshairs, are viewed as controversial and alarming
for the sole purpose of ensuring its security, but namely’s its denizens security.
In response to a plethora of unceasing terrorist attacks, Israel’s leadership had no other
choice but to construct a security fence. Too many innocent women, men, and children were
dying in cold blood, and Israel was cognizant that some sort of non-nominal separation was
indispensable. The constant killings and smugglings of arms into Palestinian territories and
Israeli territories was indicative of a need to act. Moreover, this security fence would also
somewhat shield bordering Israeli towns from ceaseless missiles and rockets. Needless to say, it
is unfortunate that the distinguished faction of Palestinians, who wish to be at peace with its
neighbor, Israel, are negatively affected by the actions of an overwhelming majority. And
unfortunately, divided Palestinians towns, circuitous job routes for some, and the lossage of some
jobs for others, are but mere products of the actions of an immense majority. But when the
actions of so many continue to place Israeli citizens in harm’s way, Israel cannot stand idle. It
must react, even if some repercussions may spark as a result.
Secondly, Chomsky’s claim that Israel erected the security fence as a means to diverge
essential water resources is utterly untrue. Despite the construction of the fence, which many
argue to be a drastic measure, Israel has continued to live up to its tenet of humane treatment for
all. Chomsky’s claim is poor founded that Israel ulterior motive was to dwindle the water supply
of the Palestinian people. On the contrary, despite any fragmentation that may have come about
as a result of the security fence’s construction, Israel continues to offer humanitarian aid, medical
aid, electricity, water power, and other resources to ensure a more enhanced life feasible that
under an absolute Palestinian head. Moreover, it is simply erroneous that the daily killings and
terror are direct results of Israel’s “occupation,” for it is the “elected” Palestinians who are at
fault and to blame. Not the Israelis.
Chomsky’s last point rests on the notion that Israel is the marionette and that the United
State is essentially the puppeteer. Yet, this is but a desperate allegation to evoke even more of a
hullabaloo. It is no lie, America has continued to show its steadfastness and support for Israel and
its democratic ideals. But nonetheless, Israel acts independently, and thus it is only appropriate to
categorize its policies as Israeli policies. Over a multitude of occasions, Israel has been forced to
react to alarming situations without the arching support of the United States, and instead it has
been compelled to use its own two feet to thwart off the overwhelming pressure that its
neighbors continually pose. Israel is resilient and fierce. And it will remain that way for it has to.