Song of the Blind By Silver Starlight

Inspired by Phantom of the Opera

Page 1

Panel 1.1

Description [establishing shot] Girl [KARA] stands in middle of a large dorm living area. She has a large suitcase and a bag. It has a small stage area, couches and chairs. Woman [JONI] comes out to greet Kara.

Dialog Caption: September 1st. One week before classes begin.


JONI Kara! I’m happy to see you got here safely. KARA Hi Joni. Yeah, mum dropped me off at the office building, and they said to come here. She said you’d help me get set up. JONI Of course hon.


Joni grabs one of Kara’s bags.

JONI Just follow me to you dorm room.


Joni leads Kara up stairs and down hallways.

JONI You know, you’re very lucky to have been placed in the St. Cecilia dorms. KARA Oh? Why’s that?

Page 2

Panel 2.1

Description Joni stops by a window, pointing to the campus outside.

Dialog JONI St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music, so you may have a little luck. And you’re right close to your classes.


The panel is looking into the window, while Kara looks out.

KARA I think I came here once when I was little, for a workshop. So it’s familiar. JONI That helps too.


Joni continues to lead Kara down the hall.

JONI Your room is right at the end of this hall.


Joni opens the door to the room for Kara.

KARA Thank you, I appreciate this.


Kara walks into the room, dragging her suitcase, as Joni puts Kara’s bag on the floor.

JONI I’ll leave you here to unpack. Meet me down in the lounge in 2 hours and I’ll show you around campus with the other students. KARA Alright, see you then.

Page 3

Panel 3.1

Description Kara is putting clothes into her dresser. There is very small string of musical notes.



Kara turns her head to look into the hall way. There is a slightly larger string of notes. Kara walks out her door into the hallway, following the music. See the room, no door or open door. The string of notes clearly comes from this room Kara keeps walking, however she makes noises while walking KARA (Thought box) That tune sounds very familiar...





The room where the music is coming from, but Kara in front of it. The string of notes has stopped.

Page 4

Panel 4.1

Description Kara arrives to the room, which is completely empty aside from a grand piano. A close shot of a befuddled Kara



KARA Strange...No one’s even here.


Kara is now in the dorm lounge area. She is watching a small musical performance of her room mate on stage. It is a song she wrote. The singer is ushered off stage, and Joni vies for attention of the room.

Caption: October 30th


JONI You were wonderful Abigail. Alright guys! Attention! I just wanted to remind you of the St. Cecelia dorm’s Annual Masquerade Halloween Ball tomorrow. We want to win this year, so get as many people as possible to come!

Page 5

Panel 5.1

Description Abigail, Kara, and another female friend [ELIZA] laugh together as they walk to their room.

Dialog KARA You’re kidding me! You have no idea? ABIGAIL I’m serious! It was there when I left it 10 minutes before, and then when I came back it was on the other side of the room! There was no one else around either! ELIZA Hey guys! Look what’s on your door.


Abigail takes a note off the door, which is just beneath a beautiful Venetian mask.

ABIGAIL What a pretty mask. ELIZA Who’s it for?


Eliza and Kara crowd around Abigail looking at the note as she reads it aloud.

ABIGAIL "Physical beauty is fleeting, and voices will someday grow old. But words can last years upon years, and yours lasted upon my soul."


Eliza speaks up, but Kara silences her.

ELIZA What is this? A love letter? KARA Shh! There’s something on the back!


Abigail turns the note over

ABIGAIL "I am certain you do not remember me, Miss Kara, but I would like to escort you to the Masquerade tomorrow evening. If you would like to, leave a reply on your door tonight."

Page 6

Panel 6.1

Description Eliza begins to rummage through her purse for a pen and piece of paper.

Dialog KARA It’s for me? ELIZA You are so doing this! What should we write?


Kara looks at Eliza with horror. Eliza looks back with a grin, while Abigail gives Kara a very strange look at her reason for not doing it.

KARA No! No way! I don’t know who this is! He might be a...a mass murderer! ABIGAIL Really? I don’t think there’s a mass murderer on campus. It’s probably some shy guy who you talked to briefly or something.


Eliza posts the note she wrote onto the door.

ELIZA It’s good to meet new people, and sometimes blind dates are fun! KARA I’m not doing it!


Eliza looks to her friend pleadingly, while Kara looks unimpressed and pouts.

ELIZA Please! Do it for a friend? We’ll come with you, if you want. KARA *sigh* Fine.


The girls shout with glee while Kara waggles her finger at them.

ELIZA AND ABIGAIL Yay! KARA I can’t believe you’re making me do this. I’ve never been on a blind date before! (smaller, whispering text) Or on a date at all.

Page 7

Panel 7.1

Description Kara holds a shirt up in front of her in the mirror, another in her hand by her side.

Dialog Caption: October 31st. Night of the Masquerade KARA What in the world am I supposed to wear? I have nothing to go with the mask!


Abigail sits on the bed and talks while brushing her hair.

ABIGAIL You’ve gotta have something! You’re just nervous. KARA Trust me on this one Abs, I never have any nice clothes.


The pair look to the door, which someone is knocking at.

SFX Knocking ELIZA Let me in please!


Kara opens the door. Eliza bursts in with a beautiful dress and cape. Kara and Abigail exchange a look. Eliza holds a note out nonchalantly, as if it’s the less important object, and Kara swiftly grabs the note.

ELIZA Looks like lover boy left you something else! He must be rich!


ELIZA And oh yeah, there’s another note. KARA "You will not regret meeting me tonight. Please meet by the Gazebo just outside the dining hall where the Masquerade is being held. Please accept this dress as a token of appreciation."

Page 8

Panel 8.1

Description [establishing shot] Outside, the girls go to the gazebo, where many people have flocked with their masks. They also where their masks. Eliza points to a man.

Dialog ABIGAIL So...who do you think it is?


ELIZA Ooh! Maybe it’s him! He has a really attractive chin.


The same man meets a girl and they walk off together. Eliza looks disappointed. Kara looks at her friends who rush around offering suggestions. A hand taps her shoulder, but we cannot see who it is. Kara turns around in surprise.

ELIZA Maybe not.


STRANGER Miss Kara, I’m happy to see you came.


Page 9

Panel 9.1

Description Looking up slightly from Kara’s POV, we see masked man with a tricorn and cape. His mask only allows one eye to be seen (his left eye) Eliza and Abigail look back at the pair, and it looks as though they’re sharing a moment. Eliza and Abigail look at each other. Kara and the stranger are somewhat off put by Eliza and Abigail, who barge in.





ELIZA You’re Mr Mystery! ABIGAIL We’re happy to meet you, as is our dumbstruck friend here.


The girls begin to lead Kara and the Stranger to where the Masquerade was being held, just near the gazebo. Kara tries to start small talk with the Stranger.

KARA So, know my name already. Um, what’s yours? STRANGER Gael Briand.

Page 10

Panel 10.1

Description In the building, people enjoy the party. It’s set up like a large royal ball.

Dialog ABIGAIL Oh, this is nice! Much better than a garden theme! KARA So, Gael, are you a student here? GAEL No. KARA Really? So, uh, why are you here? GAEL I work here.


Kara looks to Gael with horror, thinking he must be a creepy prof, but tries to hide it.

KARA Oh, how old are you? GAEL 20, and you?


Relief washes over Kara



The group goes next to the stairs, where they watch a pair on the makeshift table stage tell a story.

STORY TELLER 1 I tell you, St. Cecelia’s dorms are haunted! The monster lurks when you aren’t looking, and the moment you turn around, she’s gone!

Page 11

Panel 11.1

Description A close up of story tellers acting out a scene, one as a loving mother, the other as a deranged father.

Dialog STORY TELLER 2 A woman used to live in the dorms, when it was just an apartment. She lived here with her husband and son, for many happy years. STORY TELLER 1 Over the years though, the father became insane! At first it was hardly noticeable, but by the time his son was a teenager, all the little things set him off.


The story continues visually, and the mother yells at the father, and the father curses at her, yet calmly.

STORY TELLER (OFF PANEL) One day the mother snapped. MOTHER I’ve had it! I’ve really had it John! You can’t keep yourself together, at all! I’m going to have to leave you, and I’m taking our son! FATHER You’ll regret the day you ever said that, Love.


A hand holds a lighter to a curtain, which catches fire.

STORY TELLER (OFF PANEL) He lit the whole house. The mother never came out.


A silhouette hangs from a noose.

STORY TELLER (OFF PANEL) He didn’t make it far either


Back to the Ball

STORY TELLER 2 They never found the son. They say that his mother is still here, searching for him, so they can cross to the other side together.

Page 11

Panel 11.6

Description Kara shivers from the story.

Dialog KARA God, I hate ghost stories. GAEL At least this one isn’t true.

Page 12

Panel 12.1

Description Kara looks upwards, curious.

Dialog KARA Yeah? And how do you know that? GAEL The story is completely false.


Gael looks onto the group.

GAEL There was a fire, 10 years ago. It was accidental though, since the father was a teacher at the school and was teaching that day. The child survived too, he’s still alive today. Only the mother died.


Eliza covers her mouth in shock and sadness.

ELIZA Oh, what a sin.


Gael rests his hand on Eliza’s shoulder.

GAEL Let’s talk about happier things then. It’s a party, after all.


The group stands around awkwardly.


Page 13

Panel 13.1

Description It’s after the party, and every one’s leaving. Gael and Kara sit at an table watching people go by. Kara wears a slightly annoyed face.

Dialog GAEL So where did your friends go? KARA Abigail had an essay to finish and had to leave early. Eliza met some guy or something. Oh well. Looks like I’m walking back alone tonight.


A extreme close shot of Gael’s hand resting on Kara’s.

GAEL I could walk you back to your dorm tonight, if you’d like.


An close up on Kara’s face. She’s averted her eyes, but is smiling and blushing. The pair get up, and Gael holds Kara’s hand up in a cheesy "I’m leading you somewhere in and old romance movie" kind of way. Like the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera leading Christine to his home/lair for the first time. The couple walk out of the building, and people are scattered everywhere, though not in the same numbers as before (much less people. Behind Gael, someone is seen running in his direction, just about to run into Gael.

KARA Yeah, I’d really like that.



KARA I really enjoyed myself, tonight. Thank you. GAEL You’re welcome. I enjo--

Page 14

Panel 14.1

Description Gael and the other person are on the ground from impact. Gael’s mask has fallen off. The stranger brushes himself off, while Gael pushes himself up off the ground. KARA Woah!



STRANGER Sorry man! I should’ve watched where I was going. GAEL Oh, it’s alright, I don’t think I broke anything.


Gael looks up at Kara. His face is horribly burned. One eyes is shut, since there simply isn’t one there. Despite this, he is smiling up at her. Kara looks down at him in horror.

GAEL Ah well, at least no one was hurt.


GAEL Hey, are you okay? KARA You’re...


Gael grabs Kara’s hand.

GAEL I’m burnt, look it’s okay, this happened a long time ago, it doesn’t even hurt anymore.


Kara pulls her hand away.

KARA I’m sorry, I’ve gotta go!


Gael watches Kara run off.

GAEL I thought you’d be different! I thought you didn’t believe in demons!

Page 15

Panel 15.1

Description A little girl Kara sits at the grand piano, playing some simple melodies. Kara perks up. Young Gael is talking to her from an unknown location.



GAEL What are you doing here? KARA Who are you? GAEL I asked a question first.


Kara looks around the room.

KARA It’s a music camp, but no other kids are here yet. GAEL That’s cool. Do you sing?


Kara fiddles with her

KARA Yes, but I’m not very good. GAEL You’re probably not that bad. Sing for me. KARA Promise you won’t laugh? GAEL Promise.


Kara begins to sing, and has a proud face.

KARA It doesn’t matter like. Or what you matters what’s in because you’re an way.

what you look say. I only your heart, Angel in every


Kara looks ticked off.

GAEL You’re right, you can’t sing.

Page 16

Panel 16.1

Description Kara looks content again.

Dialog GAEL But it’s a nice song. Who wrote it? KARA I did. I made it up.


Kara spins on the piano stool.

GAEL You’re a good song writer. Can I sing it? KARA Sure


Kara stops spinning completely and listens intently.

GAEL It doesn’t matter like. Or what you matters what’s in because you’re an way.

what you look say. I only your heart, Angel in every


Kara is really excited at the beautiful singing.

KARA Wow! You sing like an Angel, just like my song! GAEL To bad I’m a demon.


Kara looks down to her feet. We see her feet from her perspective.

KARA I don’t believe in demons. GAEL You believe in angels, don’t you? KARA Yeah.


Kara looks up longingly

GAEL Then you must believe in demons KARA I only believe in angels who got lost and need to find their way back to heaven and light

Page 17

Panel 17.1

Description Back to the present, Kara lies in her bed, ready for bed, as does Abigail. However, they’re talking to each other about the events.

Dialog KARA I feel like such an ass hole. ABIGAIL You should. He can’t help how he looks, Kara. It’s not fair of you to judge him like that. KARA I know. It’s just, it was so bad, and it was so sudden, and I wasn’t expecting it. It was horrible. The burns, I just couldn’t look at them. ABIGAIL He has to see them in a mirror everyday.


Close up of Abigail’s face. She’s very serious about what’s happened.

ABIGAIL How do you think he feels, going through life like that. People probably look at him weird all the time.


Kara looks on the verge of tears.

ABIGAIL You know, you may have really missed out on something good. He seemed like a really good guy.Printers & All-in-Ones Staples

Page 18

Panel 18.1

Description Kara sits at a desk with a pen in hand, doing work. An extreme close shows her eyes glance up. On the desk is a stack of sticky notes. Outside the room, Kara sticks a note onto her bedroom door. She stops and looks at it. She walks away.

Dialog Caption: 1 week later




18.5 18.6

Page 19

Panel 19.1

Description Gael walks by Kara’s door with the sticky note. He’s a little bit past her door. Gael comes back to the door and looks at the note. The sticky note on the door reads "I’m Sorry" We now look at Gael, and he looks at it in disgust. We see the crumbled note on the floor as Gael walks away (we only see his feet.






Page 20

Panel 20.1

Description Kara walks through her door with a big smile on her face.

Dialog KARA He wrote back!


Abigail looks onto her friend, confused.

ABIGAIL Who wrote back? KARA Gael. I left a note on my door for him saying I was sorry.


Abigail gets up to looks at the note in Kara’s hand.

ABIGAIL So what did he say? KARA He didn’t accept it. ABIGAIL And that makes you happy?


Kara sits on her bed as Abigail looks down at her.

KARA Not because he didn’t accept my apology, but because maybe I can still let him know that I really am sorry. I don’t know how though. ABIGAIL Then write another one.


Kara looks back down to her note.

ABIGAIL He saw the first one, so maybe he’ll see the next.

Page 21

Panel 21.1

Description This page is all sticky notes.

Dialog KARA I really am sorry. GAEL You RAN from me! KARA And I shouldn’t have. GAEL That’s not something I want to forgive. KARA How did you get the burns? KARA Please? GAEL Remember the story I told you at the party? KARA Yes. You were the boy? GAEL Yes. My mom died. KARA I’m sorry. GAEL You say sorry a lot. You don’t have to be, that happens. KARA Were you the boy I talked to and sang with? GAEL So you do remember. KARA Yes. How come I never saw you. GAEL I was shy, so I hid behind the secret door. KARA Why were you so shy?

Page 22

Panel 22.1

Description More notes.

Dialog GAEL Why do you think? KARA Oh. GAEL Yeah. I try not to be around people. KARA I probably didn’t help. GAEL No, you didn’t. GAEL You didn’t leave a note today. KARA I know. I was thinking. GAEL About what? GAEL Tell me. KARA I want to see you again. GAEL You’ll run again. KARA I won’t. GAEL Promise? KARA Yes. GAEL Meet me in the room with the grand piano.