TCS Interview Questions

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Technical Q1. Q2. Q3. Q4. Q5. Q6. Basic Write Tell Tell How can Which concepts a program me of to is C++ add your like two this favourite pointer, in function C++ abstract about we prevent

Round language? overloading classes. classes? deadlock? deadlock?

numbers about


something something

Q7. What is Insertion sort, selection sort, bubble sort( basic differences among the functionality of Q8. Q9. What the three What is sorts is Deadlock and and not Doubly how it can the exact link be algorithms) list? avoided?

Q10. In my resume in computer languages I have mentioned C, so he asked me to write a program to print pattern as shown below: * * * Q11. * * *

Question Answer Session in Management Round Q1. Introduce Yourself Q2. My strengths as per mentioned in my CV and also asked me to exemplify them ..... so always see to it that you don't write even a single word in your CV purposelessly......... Q3. What do you do to keep yourself ahead of your counterparts? Q4. He asked me about the latest scores of India Vs South Africa Match (as I said that I watch cricket and also because he was a die heart fan of Sachin Tendulkar)...

Q5. He asked me few questions about computer networks. Q6. He gave me a situation as follows" You have to deliver a product to the customer by 30 of this month and on 15 of the same month you come to know that product can not be delivered to the customer by any means at the promised time ( not even if staff works for 24*7 hours). What would you do? What would you tell the customer and when? What would you say to your superiors? What actions would you take? " Questions Answer Session in HR Q1. Why should I take you in TCS? Q2. Who inspired you to become an Engineer? Q3. Introduce Yourself in brief. Q4. There's a bond of 2 years ....... u're ok with it? Q5. You'll be sent to any part of the country for work...... will you be ok with that? Q6. Have you discussed about your job with your family? Q7. Why you want to join TCS? Q8. What do you know about TCS as a company? Q9. Introduce yourself? Q10. Why do you want to join TCS and not any other company? Q11. Where you find yourself in TCS after 5 years?

Tech Mahindra/ Satyam Interview
Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. What were the laws given by newton and explain them? What is the difference b/w diode and transistor? What are the applications of diodes? What is flux? What is the difference b/w transducer and transponder? What are filters and types of filters? What are synchronous and asynchronous circuits? What are oscillators what are they used for? e.g. of an oscillators that is practically used? What are maxwell laws? Difference b/w 8086 and 8085? Difference b/w microprocessor and Microcontroller? Define arrays in C Define pointers with example. Do you know something about software testing? Where do you see yourself after 5 yrs? Why do you want 2 join Mahindra Satyam? What is the difference between Electronics & Communication What is the difference between Instrumentation & Communication

20. 21. 22.

23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33.

Write a C program to swap two numbers without using the third variable? One candle completely burns in 60mins. How can u burn it in 30 minutes? There are 3 containers of 8ml, 5ml and 3ml capacity respectively without any marks on them. 8ml container is filled with milk. Divide milk in 8ml and 5ml container each having 4ml of milk? You like to read novels, so what kind of novels do you read? Name the authors of the novels that you have read? You said you want to be a responsible citizen of your country, what u exactly want to do? What are your strengths? If you have to work on tight & hectic schedule. How will you manage? Have you ever lived away from you home and family members? How will u manage to work in distant places away from your home? What about Tech Mahindra impressed you the most? What qualities do you try to find while recruiting freshers? Why Tech Mahindra when any other company can provide you whatever we have to offer you? Did you know about Tech Mahindra before the placement drive?

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