Post-­‐Secondary  Games    
Waterloo  2011    
                                    *These  rules  are  not  final  and  are  subject  to  change  closer  to  the  tournament   date.  These  rules  are  accurate  as  of  May  2nd  2011.  

Kickball  (Soccer-­‐Baseball)  Regulations*    

Section  1:  General  Rules  (all  sports)  
A)  Personal  and  Team  Conduct  
1. Participants  are  required  to  represent  themselves  and  their  respective   schools  with  respect  and  dignity.   2. Any  team  or  individual  involved  in  destructive  or  negative  behavior  at   Post-­‐Secondary  Games  2011  events  or  venues,  including  hotels  and   accommodations,  will  be  ejected  from  the  tournament  at  the  discretion  of   the  Advisory  Committee.  Spirit  Deposits  may  also  be  forfeited.   3. The  PSG  Committee  reserves  the  right  to  disqualify  any  team  based  on  the   behavior  of  any  given  team  member  of  that  particular  team.   4. Alcohol,  smoking  and/or  other  banned  substances  are  PROHIBITED  and   are  not  to  be  consumed  or  used  in  the  dressing  rooms  or  anywhere  in  the   gyms  or  surrounding  areas.  Failure  to  comply  with  this  rule  will  result  in   the  expulsion  of  the  player(s)  from  the  Tournament  and  possible   suspension  of  the  team(s).  A  referee  may  eject  a  player/team  if,  at  his/her   discretion,  he/she  deems  the  player/team  to  be  under  the  influence  of   alcohol  or  illegal  substances.    

B)  Starting  of  the  Game  
1. A  representative  from  each  team  (coach/captain)  is  required  to  check-­‐in   at  the  score  table  prior  to  each  game.  Here  they  must  fill  out  game  roster   sheets  fully  and  accurately.   2. It  is  recommended  that  both  teams  be  dressed  and  ready  to  play  10   minutes  before  the  scheduled  start  of  their  game.    All  games  start  at  the   time  published  in  the  schedule.     3. A  late  team  will  be  given  a  grace  period  of  five  (5)  minutes  past  the   scheduled  start  time,  which  will  be  deducted  from  the  total  playing  time.   4. Any  team  without  the  required  number  of  players  within  5  minutes  of  the   scheduled  time  will  default  that  game.    If  any  team  member  is  in  doubt   about  their  eligibility,  they  should  speak  with  their  team  captain/coach,   the  Scorekeeper,  or  anyone  on  the  PSG  committee  immediately.     5. If  both  teams  are  late,  both  will  default  and  no  points  will  be  awarded.     6. Teams  defaulting  a  game  for  any  reason  will  have  half  their  Spirit  Deposit   forfeited.   7. If  players,  team  officials,  game  timekeeper,  etc.  show  up  for  a  game  in  a   condition  which  in  the  referee’s  opinion,  render  them  unable  to  take  part,   the  referee  may  default  the  game.   8. With  respect  to  dangerous  playing  conditions,  the  decision  of  whether  to   begin  or  continue  a  game  is  solely  the  decision  of  the  referees.  The   Commissionaire  shall  reschedule  a  game  postponed  for  any  reason  at  the   earliest  possible  time  prior  to  the  end  of  the  round  robin.  If  more  than  one   These  rules  are  accurate  as  of  May  2nd  2011.  

half  remains  to  be  played,  then  the  entire  game  shall  be  replayed.  If  less   than  one  full  period  remains  to  be  played,  then  only  the  unfinished   portion  of  the  game  shall  be  played.    

C)  Coaches  and  Captains  
1. Each  team  must  have  a  designated  Team  Captain  and/or  Coach.   2. It  is  the  responsibility  of  each  Team  Captain/Coach  to  ensure  that  all   players  of  their  team  are  fully  eligible  to  participate.   3. Each  team  must  identify  their  Team  Captain  and/or  Coach  at  the   beginning  of  each  game.  If  the  captain  is  not  present,  the  team  will   nominate  a  player  to  be  acting  captain  for  that  game.  This  person  will  take   on  all  duties  and  responsibilities  as  the  actual  captain.  This  person  will  be   identified  as  the  acting  captain  on  the  score  sheet.   4. ONLY  THE  CAPTAIN/COACH  should  be  speaking  with  the  referees  during   the  game  time.  Players  who  wish  to  discuss  any  issue  with  a  referee  must   ask  the  Captain  or  Coach  to  speak  on  their  behalf.   5. It  is  the  responsibility  of  each  Team  Captain/Coach  to  fill  out  the  game   roster  sheet  fully  before  each  game  and  sign  it  to  affirm  the  eligibility  and   information  of  each  player  on  the  roster.   6. Team  Captains  and  Coach  are  expected  to  know  and  understand  the   general  and  specific  rules  for  their  sport.  They  must  abide  by  them,  and   ensure  that  their  team  is  aware  of  them  and  their  consequences.  If  there  is   any  confusion  regarding  the  rules,  please  contact  the  PSG  committee.     7. It  is  the  Team  Captain's  and  Coach’s  duty  to  know  his/her  duties  and   responsibilities  before  the  game  begins.  

These  rules  are  accurate  as  of  May  2nd  2011.  

Section  2:  Specific  Rules  (Kickball)  
A)  Teams  and  Players  
1. The  pitching  team  can  have  a  maximum  of  7  players  on  the  playing  area   and  a  minimum  of  5,  and  only  one  player  per  base.    If  at  any  time  a  team   has  less  than  5  players  for  a  game,  the  game  is  a  default. 2. The  kicking  team  must  cycle  through  their  roster  for  determining  the  next   kicker;  a  roster  order  must  be  determined  at  the  beginning  of  the  game.   3. It  shall  be  the  responsibility  of  the  away  team  to  make  alternate  sweater   arrangements  when  there  is  a  conflict  between  two  team  colours.   4. Each  player  must  wear  matching  colours  to  be  eligible  to  play.    

B)  Equipment  
1. Proper  gym  attire  must  be  worn  to  participate  (no  jeans  or  pants  /  shorts   with  zippers).  Proper  athletic  footwear  for  the  sport  is  required  (Running   shoes  with  non-­‐marking  soles  -­‐  no  street  shoes,  boots,  dress  shoes,  bare   feet,  or  sandals  etc).   2. No  jewellery  (unless  properly  taped  down),  non-­‐elastic  head  bands,  or   hard  support  braces  are  allowed  during  game  time.  Captains  will  be   warned  at  the  beginning  of  the  game  to  have  all  their  players  remove  such   items.  During  the  game,  players  found  with  such  items  will  be  asked  to   leave  play  until  the  item  is  removed.   3. All  players  must  have  a  pinnie/jersey  with  a  defined  and  separate  number   on  it,  and  must  be  in  contrasting  colour  to  the  opposing  team.  Pinnies  will   be  provided  if  necessary.   4. A  Standard  “kickball”  will  be  provided  for  each  game.    

C)  Game  Lengths  
1. Round-­Robin  games  will  consist  of  3  innings  and  will  be  capped  at  30   minutes.   2. Maximum  10  runs  scored  per  inning,  except  for  the  final  inning.   3. Playoff  game  will  consist  of  4  and  5  inning  games,  capped  at  40minutes.   Finals  will  not  have  a  time  limit.     4. During  round-­‐robin  games,  a  tie  will  stand.     5. In  the  case  of  a  tie  during  playoffs,  extra  innings  will  be  played.  

These  rules  are  accurate  as  of  May  2nd  2011.  

D)  Gameplay  
1. Rules  for  kickball  follow  closely  to  those  of  traditional  baseball,  the   difference  being  that  instead  of  a  baseball,  a  large  “bouncy”  ball  is  used;   instead  of  sticking  the  ball  with  a  bat,  the  ball  is  kicked.   2. Players  of  the  pitching  team  must  stay  BEHIND  the  pitcher  until  the   ball  is  kicked.   3. The  pitcher  cannot  bounce  the  ball  in  to  the  batter;  it  must  rolled  as   smoothly  as  possible.  The  referee  will  determine  if  the  quality  of  pitch  is   fair  or  not  during  disputes.   4. One  inning  consists  of  each  team  having  a  turn  pitching  and  kicking.  Once   the  kicking  team  has  conceded  three  “outs”,  the  teams  switch  sides.   5. A  Runner  is  “out”  if  he  is  touched  with  the  ball  before  touching  a  base.   6. If  a  member  of  the  pitching  team  catches  the  ball  before  it  touches  the   ground  after  being  kicked,  it  results  in  an  “out”.     7. One  “Run”  is  when  a  runner  makes  it  successfully  back  to  home  base.   8. Maximum  10  runs  scored  per  inning,  except  for  the  final  inning.  When  10   runs  are  achieved,  the  teams  switch  sides.   9. No  bunting  (meaning,  the  ball  has  to  go  a  reasonable  distance  when  you   kick  it.)   10. Three  foul  balls  result  in  a  strikeout  and  counts  as  one  “out”.   11. Not  only  can  runners  be  tagged  out,  but  the  ball  can  also  be  thrown  at   them  similar  to  dodgeball.  Kicking  the  ball  at  them  does  not  count,  and  no   throwing  the  ball  at  the  head  or  groin  area.   12. Once  the  ball  hits  a  runner,  the  runner  is  out,  but  play  continues.  Once  the   ball  is  returned  to  the  pitcher,  all  play  is  dead.   13. No  leading  off  or  stealing  bases.   14. No  blocking  runners  (aka  'zone  defence')  between  bases.   15. Disputed  plays  will  be  resolved  by  the  referee.    

E)  Defaults  
1. If  a  team  fails  to  appear  with  a  minimum  of  five  players  within  five   minutes  past  the  scheduled  start  of  the  game,  they  will  default  the  game   to  the  opposition.     2. The  winning  team  in  a  defaulted  game  will  be  given  2  points  and  a  5-­‐0   victory  or  the  score  that  stood  at  the  time  of  default  if  the  non-­‐defaulting   team  was  ahead  at  the  time.     3. If  both  teams  end  up  defaulting  the  game,  both  teams  will  incur  a  5-­‐0  loss.   4. Defaults  and  Suspensions  may  result  in  a  loss  of  Spirit  Deposit.  

These  rules  are  accurate  as  of  May  2nd  2011.  


F)  Tournament  Standings  
1. In  round  robin  play,  standings  shall  be  decided  on  the  following  point   system:     -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ 2  points  for  a  win     1  point  for  a  tie   0  points  for  a  loss  

  2. Playoff  games  will  follow  the  playoff  bracket  provided  and  will  be  single   elimination.     3. Tie  breaking  procedures  will  be  used  whenever  necessary  –  in   Tournament  Standings.  Runs  for  and  runs  against  will  be  looked  at  for   determining  tie-­‐breakers  in  the  standings  in  that  order.      


G)  Foul  and  Fair  Balls  
It’s  foul  if:   1. It's  kicked  and  lands  in  fair  territory  BEFORE  1st  or  3rd  base,  then   bounces  out.   2. It's  kicked  and  lands  in  foul  territory.   3. It's  kicked  into  foul  territory  and  someone  tries  to  catch  it  but  it  drops   (doesn't  matter  where  it  lands,  fair  or  foul,  as  long  as  the  person  or  object   it  hits  is  in/standing  in  foul  territory.)     It’s  fair  if:   1. It's  kicked  into  fair  territory.   2. It's  kicked,  lands  in  fair  territory  AFTER  1st  or  3rd  base  then  proceeds  to   bounce  out.   3. It's  kicked,  someone  STANDING  in  fair  territory  makes  a  grab  for  it,  it   goes  off  their  body,  then  lands  in  foul  territory.  (so  don't  grab  at  a  kick   you  can't  definitely  catch  if  it's  heading  foul...cause  it'll  still  be  in  play  if   you  touch  it  and  you're  in  fair  territory.)      

These  rules  are  accurate  as  of  May  2nd  2011.  

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