1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Use one word from each pair.

Kind/kindness calm/calm satisfying/ satisfaction generous/ generosity stress/ stressful A My gram s very_____________________. Shegives me $100 every Christmas. B I love the job, but there`s a lot of_____________________. C After the storm, the air became_____________________. D the chef tasted the sauce with great_____________ __it was delicious. E Thanks for help. That was very __________________of you. 3 Unscramble the questions. Then ask and answer with another student. A Ever/have/had/accident/you/an?

B Lived/how/cities/in/have/many/you?

C Problems/had/with/have/teacher or boss/your/ever/you?

D Have/ever/been/another/you/country/to?

E English/learned/this/you/have/what/year?

4 Circle the correct options. Then work in pairs. What things do you find amazing boring ,etc? In what situations do you feel amazed, bored, etc? A that show was amazing/amazed! how does she cut that guy in two? B I`m boring/ bored. Let`s do something!

C If you ___________ (find) a better deal in any other store. I`ve placed a deal/an order already.C The new security guard is pretty frightening/frightened. I got it for $50. Do you like it? F You should buy it at Stacy`s. Did you see it? 6 complete the questions with the words in the box. D You _________(not get) one of the new MP3 players if _______(not place) an order soon. I`ve never been on an airplane. He`s over two meters tall! D I`m terrifying/ terrified of flying. do you prefer to pay with _________ or with a credit card? E Do you have any _____________from other countries? Where is it from? 8 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences. E I bought this Van Gogh print with the gift voucher/refund. C I`m getting my dad the latest games console for his birthday. E There was an interesting/interested article about English in the newspaper today. Then ask and answer with another student. . D This MP3 player was a real discount/ bargain. we _________(give) you your money back. you _________(receive) a ten percent discount. A the store didn`t give me a refund/bargain because I lost the receipt B we`ll never sell these shoes if we don`t reduce/discount the prices. ____________ you __________(give) me a refund? B If you __________(buy) it now. 10 Complete the conditional sentences with your own ideas. Cash change currency e-money bank account A do you have a _________? How old were you when you opened your first one? B have you ever bought anything online with____________? C I have $20 in ____________ in my purse it`s heavy! D When you buy something expensive. Then compare your ideas with other students. You`ll save a lot of discount/money! 9 write the verbs in the correct forms. A if it __________(not work).

I`ll D You`ll get a better grade if E They won`t win if .A if I have time tonight. you`ll C If I have enough money next year. I ll B If you don`t do your homework.

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