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I Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

Heidi Sawyer


Institute of Psychic Development

Heidi Sawyer

Heidi Sawyer BA (hons) is the course director for the Institute of Psychic Development (IPD). Author, writer, consultant and presenter. She is a natural psychic, known for her clear, concise and direct approach to psychic development.

Heidi’s course material is used for TV research, featured on BBC radio, and is sold in 55 countries. Heidi is the author of the bestselling psychic development must-read book:

The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense and two disc audio programme: How to Develop Your 7th Sense (Hay House) and columnist in Prediction Magazine.

Institute of Psychic Development

Are you too open?

ONE OF THE FIRST THOUGHTS when you want to explore what

it means to be intuitive or psychic is the fear of what will happen if

you’re too ‘open’.

The word opensuggests to many people starting their psychic development journey as vulnerability and the thought of being out of control of your own process. Some have the thought: What if it becomes something I can’t handle? The fact is it will only become something you can’t handle, if you choose to ignore the experiences happening for you.

When you begin to open up to your psychic abilities, the best way to control them is to learn from them, and develop your skill to a level you are able to handle.

I remember when I started out it felt

unsettling and rather scary at first. I

Institute of Psychic Development

first acknowledged the psychic experiences I was

having only when my grandmother, who had

passed over several years previously, decided to

stand at the front door waving to me. At the time I

was reversing out of the front drive, on my way to

the supermarket.

For weeks, even months, she followed me around

until I decided to do something about it. Other

people saw her too, it wasn’t just me. That was the

only way I knew at the time it wasn’t my

imagination. The day I decided to develop my

ability was the day she left me alone. I have not

seen or heard from her since.

Like you, I didn’t wake up one day and decide to be psychic. It was something that just happened.

How it Starts

The Opening Process

that just happened. How it Starts The Opening Process You will have experienced many of the

You will have experienced many of the signs for The Opening

Process. Perhaps for you it has been, seeing things out of the corner

of your eye, knowing things before they happen, feeling other


Institute of Psychic Development

people’s feelings, dreaming of events before they occur, hearing your name called and no one is there.

Perhaps The Opening Process happens for you in terms of having a strong desire to tidy your life up, to find your purpose, you know there is something you’re ‘meant’ to be doing, but can’t seem to explain it to anyone else. Maybe you even have a very deep feeling of wanting to ‘go home’ but can’t seem to find what home is.

Discovering the word ‘psychic’

The word psychic derives from a Greek word meaning ‘of the soul’ it has collected a lot of associations over the years, not all of them positive. Some people regard it as an unsettling word and are frightened as to what it possibly means for them.

It is however, nothing to be afraid of. We all have a natural deeper sense that enables us to be intuitive about our life and surroundings. Most people have forgotten how to utilise this very helpful sense. For you, it has begun to open in a spontaneous fashion with little of your input, but is becoming more and more evident.

What’s a Sensitive

You are what is termed as a sensitive. You have an extra-sensory ability beyond what most people ever experience. Recent research suggests up to one in ten people are born with an extra sensitive nervous system. This means some people are more in tune with others, they know how people feel before they have spoken, and can

Institute of Psychic Development

pick up easily on the unconscious world. People who are sensitive notice the tiny details. They say wise thoughts but have no idea where they come from. They begin to have an increase in coincidence and psychic experiences, but it can all become overwhelming.

The Seven Stages of a Sensitive

1. The Beginning. It starts in early childhood. From early in life, you were able to have intuitive thoughts as to what others were thinking. You could even predict their behaviour.

2. The Way Life Teaches. Life got in the way. You forgot how to pick up on things. Your schooling or home life didn’t particularly encourage your ‘shy’ behaviour, so you became what you thought people wanted you to be.

3. The ‘Follow What You’re Told’ Stage. Your desire to stick with what you thought people wanted you to be, meant you followed a life path that didn’t really match who you were. During this time you perhaps felt rather lost and alone. Others did not understand how you felt.

Institute of Psychic Development

4. The Opening Process. The next stage of the flourishing sensitive then begins. This stage usually starts with a profound interest in healing and angels. This is because one of the key aspects for a sensitive is the healing of the heart energy. Healing and angels offer an unconditional love you can’t experience from people. Some sensitives compensate during this stage with a fantastic relationship with animals.

5. The Flourishing into YouStage. At this stage healing and angels are no longer enough. You’re searching for something deeper. You look to heal your shadow and want to explore aspects of your hidden world. Your natural abilities are becoming clearer and you’re more confident in yourself. You have a sudden ability to speak up, you find it very difficult to compromise yourself. You have an overwhelming need to live your truth.

6. Do I Know What’s Real Stage. Your curiosity has deepened at this stage. You have a desire to develop your intuitive and psychic skills, but you want to be sure they are real. You have had a number of experiences including dreams, visions, experiences in the night (often sleep paralysis), a deep need to find purpose and a drive to help others. Friends and family at this stage regard you as the ‘wise’ one, as you always seem to have the answer. Complete strangers are attracted to your energy, often feeling compelled to tell you their life story.

Institute of Psychic Development

7. The Acknowledgement Stage. You have actively participated in your own internal development. You have a strong sense of who you are, you have begun to explore different disciplines in order to figure out which one is for you. This is the stage at which you increasingly accept you have a natural ability, to sense things before they occur, you find yourself accepting there is more to life than what you use your five senses for. You are no longer so worried about what others think and have grown within a profound instinct for getting it right. Friends and family start to regard you as ‘lucky’, as you seem to find yourself in the right place at the right time. Your deeper senses are in full swing, you trust your intuition.

The Conflict between insight and imagination

Every sensitive goes through the internal conflict of wondering how to know if you’re experiencing genuine insight or if it is a general trip through a very vivid imagination.

Institute of Psychic Development

The fact is it is incredibly healthy to question what you regard as a psychic experience. If you’re questioning, it means you are discerning information. You are not taking everything at face value, which is absolutely correct, especially during the infantstages of your psychic development process.

We have two parts to us; we’ll call these two parts Personality and Essence.

The Power of Personality

Personality is the part of us that exists as the everyday mind. This is the part of us that tells us to get up in the morning, to go to work, to earn money to look after ourselves. It has a function of protecting the physical body from harm. This is the part of us that has a concept of death, the fear of losing the physical. It has a purpose to protect the body from harm. However, in the modern age this part of us has become the main force within. It dictates how we act in life it keeps us small and afraid. The thought of the Essence overwhelms it. It begins to feel threatened. It keeps life logical and heavily questions our intuitive instincts to the point of destruction.

Institute of Psychic Development
Institute of Psychic Development

The Power of Essence

Essence is the spirit of who you are. Imagine yourself as a spark of an intelligence. That intelligence knows all there is to know. It has no concept of distance; it has access to every piece of information there is to know. It’s what you occasionally experience as a deep knowing, an amazing inner calm, and a deep faith and trust that all will be absolutely fine.

Most people have lost their Essence. They lost it sometime in their early life. They got caught up in the everyday world. Their own internal truth and faith in themselves disappeared somewhere en route.

Institute of Psychic Development

This isn’t true though for the Sensitive. Even if they’ve never experienced the Essence to a level they can identify, they know it exists deep within. It is near impossible for a Sensitive to remain ‘sleeping’; they do at some point ignite the Essence of who they are. The key though, is to first identify your attributes within the characteristics of the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

It is from this framework the Sensitive Intuitive emerges. The characteristics of the HSP are taken one step further. This isn’t something you will have necessarily chosen to do, it’s a calling from deep within. Once listened to, you’ll find the less appealing traits of the HSP calm down and your inspiring attributes emerge. It is through the development of psychic and intuitive ability that can help a HSP experience the true depths of happiness and contentment. The reason is it helps a HSP to be true to and understand themself.

Institute of Psychic Development

Attributes & Characteristics of the Highly Sensitive Person

Emotionally, Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are often shy, introverted. They can be extroverted when they need to be, but it uses up a lot of energy. They are very aware of other's emotions. Sensitive people learn early in life to mask their attributes of sensitivity, intuition and creativity for fear of criticism or feeling misunderstood.

Physically, HSPs have an increasing intolerance to noise, strong

smells, clutter and/or chaos. They know instinctually when the environment they are in is not working for them and will seek to change it even if it doesn’t make ‘logical’ sense.

Socially, introverted HSP feel as though they don’t quite fit in. They enjoy their own company and are comfortable being alone. Both introverted and socially extroverted HSP often find they need time alone to recover after social interactions. Social stimuli is exhausting for a HSP.

Institute of Psychic Development

Psychologically, HSPs compensate for their sensitivity by either protecting themselves by being alone too much, or, by trying to be 'normal' or sociable, which then over-stimulates them into stress.

Relationships for a HSP are very genuine. In relationships they are confronted with their unresolved personal issues and find themselves changing or cutting out of their life what doesn’t work. They find it impossible after a while, to live a life of compromise. They have to find their truth.

Wounds have a more devastating effect on HSPs than the average person. It is important for them to heal their past hurts, because they cannot just forget them and go on in denial.

Spiritually, sensitive people have a greater capacity for inner searching. It’s a path they find very difficult to deny. This is one of their greatest blessings.

Nutritionally, HSPs need a simple diet. Often they begin to develop food sensitivities and allergies.

Institute of Psychic Development

What Being Psychic Means for You

Highly Sensitive People are naturally psychic and instinctual healers. This ability is never going to go away – sorry if that’s a disappointment for you! It is going to increase as you get older. It might go away for a while, but for sure, it will return at some point in your life, stronger than ever. You will have an increase in psychic activity, your dreams will get stronger, and you’ll start to see things before they happen, some good, some bad. Your responsibility will grow no matter how much you try and reject it.

If you want to manage your psychic ability, and you want to feel less sensitive to the feelings of others and to feel more at peace, not the sense of overwhelm you currently feel when faced with heavy going social situations, then you need to develop your psychic skills.

Developing your inner world means:

You’ll feel more at peace with yourself.

You’ll grow a natural confidence. Nothing forced.

You will heal aspects of your past.

You will prepare for a life of service to others.

You will be of genuine help.

You will achieve peaceful and fulfilling relationships.

Institute of Psychic Development

You will feel very comfortable inside.

You will drop old fears and embrace new ideas.

Your life will move forward.

Do You Feel Stuck?

No doubt you are currently experiencing frustration and a sense of wanting life to move on, to push forward, even though you’re not quite sure what you want it to do. This is what happens to you when your psychic abilities are trying to push on through, and you are resisting.

Blocks to Your Psychic Awareness

Many people ask me what the possible blocks to psychic awareness are. Some make comments about an interest in psychic awareness, but feel as though they have no psychic powers at all. Others seem to know they have psychic awareness but currently feel blocked or as though they have reached their limit of psychic development.

One of the key aspects to psychic awareness is to embrace, rather than avoid, an open curiosity and fascination with human life. Therefore, two of the main blocks are avoidance and denial.

Institute of Psychic Development

If you try and hide from life, determining there must be a bogey-man the size of an elephant in your cupboard, then psychic awareness is not going to be easy for you, no matter what your natural gift.

Believe me, no one has anything in his cupboard he cannot face; faith and trust are all that is required. Many of the most sensitive and psychic individuals walking the planet have not had an easy start, either physically or emotionally. You may argue that some people do have drastic things to avoid and bury deep in the psyche, never having the courage to face. The answer is, facing them with trust in the self, will get a person positive results every time.

Are You Ready to Grow?

If I had hidden myself in the depths of where I wanted to, you would not have the opportunity of reading this information today. Like every other deeply sensitive person I am naturally a shy, retiring type. Speaking up, facing the world was not something I ever wanted to do. Like you, I feel everyone else’s feelings. Negativity actually physically hurts my head.

Institute of Psychic Development

I woke up one day with the feelings you have right now. I wanted to do something with my life that had meaning, purpose, and I wanted to know myself better. I wanted to feel more confident in this world and less sensitive. I wanted to understand the psychic experiences I was having, but I wanted to have information I could trust, relate to, and feel safe with.

I couldn’t find that easily. I found my psychic ability before the

invention of the internet. I had to negotiate the prejudice of friends and family that experiencing psychic phenomena was a wacky thing

to do.

I did though ‘get over myself’ in order to provide other sensitive

individuals with answers. I have since 1996 worked full-time to bring psychic development for the sensitive person to life. To give psychic awareness for the sensitive person a level of understanding

awareness for the sensitive person a level of understanding where you can truly grow. If you

where you can truly grow.

If you are ready to take up the challenge, to ‘get over yourself’ and to step into your true self, then I urge you to take a look at my psychic development opportunities.

I Don’t Like Home Study, I Prefer Classes

Institute of Psychic Development

I can hear your thoughts. You are a sensitive, no doubt a clairsentient type. You like to gain the feel of something. To sit there quietly at the back, to discover if this is something you can trust. You like to get the feel of it, to understand it because at school you were the one who sat there not sure if it was OK to ask. You assume you’re not good enough and find it very difficult to use the word NO especially if the person asking is a head-strong or bossy type. When though you’ve decided on something, I mean really decided, you commit to that wholeheartedly. The bossy type can shout all they like at that point, your mind is made up and you’re sticking to it.

Am I right?

I do teach classes and workshop programmes so that is something you can pursue if you want to. But to begin with I do urge that you complete one of my home study courses.

The reason is so you get used to how I work, and so you have enough preparation to be able to really get the best out of an attended event. It is an intense format, you will gain results. You will also have a strong element of support and it will feel as though you are receiving one to one time. I promise you.

This is a proven system. If you do the course which is presented in an easy to follow format and designed for a busy life, you will

Institute of Psychic Development

achieve a level of psychic ability and understanding that you currently haven’t accessed.

and understanding that you currently haven’t accessed. Psychic Powers The Six Week Psychic Home Study Course

Psychic Powers

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Designed for a busy life to fit into daily routine

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Easy to find what you are good at

The relaxation meditation helps to improve sleep

The sound behind each track is to the specific brain waves to help you quieten the mind quickly and efficiently, an essential part of psychic development

Institute of Psychic Development

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of Psychic Development Psychic Powers Psychic skills are not reserved for the lucky

Psychic Powers

Psychic skills are not reserved for the lucky few, it is something natural, but as a sensitive you will find the skill easier to develop than the average person.

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