Example of a Suppressive Person Declare – Mike McClaughry

By “SIX” – Robert Van Heusen

The Church of Scientology practices a form of cherem or ex-communication, called the “Suppressive Person Declare”. It is a political “silencing”, and purely done to keep current members from associating with those that threaten in some way, the CIA front group of the Church of Scientology. It is a Policy that was instituted by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. What follows is a real example of this practice, taken against Mike McClaughry in 2000. Purely for supporting his wife Virginia in factually pointing out, with evidence, that the Church management was not following it’s own technology. Which ironically, in Scientology-speak, not following “LRH Tech” is a High Crime worthy of a Suppressive Person Declare on those people that are doing such. The hypocrisy should not be lost on you. In violation of other specific L. Ron Hubbard Policies, the following Declare gives no real specifics, and in several cases? Just flat-out lies. It also contradicts what was said in Virginia McClaughry’s Suppressive Person Declare. When it comes right down to it, Whatever works seem to be the true watchwords in Scientology. The person is right about what they are saying? Correcting it would cut the CIA slush fund income? Friggy-dig it. “Declare the bastard.”

It is that harsh and it is that coldly calculating.
Welcome to Scientology.

Robert Van Heusen Tabaccanist and author number “Six”

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