The cruel and unjust act of slavery played a pertinent part in colonializing foreign peoples into America.

Colonialism, is what started slavery. Slavery started as an institution of hard labor and grew into a cruel act to and of mankind. The brutal institution of slavery made colonialism possible along with stripping away all history and souls of people, victimizing everyone involved. Frederick Douglass, a worked slave himself; started the ³the end´ of cruel slavery by telling his story and speaking out. In order for the British to come to America and be successful, they had to start colonies with plantations on them to make money. ³If you can visualize colonialism it would look like a gigantic factory with a bunch of workers in it.´(Pettengill, 2011) The colonies with these plantations needed hard labor workers depending on what kind of plantation it was being tobacco, rice, or sugar to do the labor. The more product the more money, which of course, needed more labor workers to keep it running. The colonies grew vast and widespread bringing more and more slaves in. The Europeans would bring African slaves in on the way into America buying them as a lifelong investments, because they reduce production costs. This production process spread like wildfire. Slaves were being bought by the wealthy people. The rich were getting richer while the slaves did all the hard work and labor. As the colonies grew in size, the children of the slaves were taken from their mothers and their fathers at a very young age. They were then raised into believing that they were owned by the master or white man. Being a victim of slavery himself, Douglass was denied the ability to read, write or know any of his family members or history. ³Genealogical trees do not flourish among slaves´ (Douglass, 30) ³slavery does away with fathers as it does away with families. Slavery has no use for the fathers or families and its laws do not recognize their existence in

Slavery is ignoble. If it were not for these slaves. 119). he knew many leaders. He ran away from it. Abhorrence thoughts and orders would arise making that household unbearable and uncomfortable to live in. ³Slavery made us enemies. a male overseer or master would be interested or pursue a black female slave as where the white man¶s wife acknowledged it and became jealous and hateful. abusive and unnatural. to being beaten. Leading us arrangements of the plantation. languages. Douglass made himself an icon and an idol in history. Douglass. he escaped from slavery. Meaning« that not just blacks had to suffer in the presence of slavery but the whites and anyone that was around slavery would have suffer in some way shape or form. by standing up for the primacy of the slave or black man. which many were too afraid to do . trying to put an end to the ruthless abuse of an innocent human being. the plantations would never have produced the product. starved and abused. believed that slavery was plainly unnatural. Frederick later became very famous and well-known. Not knowing where or when he was born or who his real parents are. In conclusion. and regulations. and with a system that fails for everyone. From being someone with no identity or knowledge. Douglass spoke up for what he thought was right. The plantation had its own rules.´(Douglass. The system of slavery embezzled identities.´ (Douglass. It is a very inherent part of colonialism! 2 . The master makes all the decisions of all the slave is treated like an animal segregated from the whites. along with taking all the individuals heritage and background. to everyone that is involved with slavery suffers. Many times. and became a speaker for the abolishment of slavery. 40) Slavery stripped everything away that identified him as a person.

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