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Dear Sir/Madam

Please spend a few minutes from your valuable time in answering the following
questions by a Tick mark √ in appropriate column or ( ). I would be thankful to you, If
you do so your valued command help us to access, Candidates Recruitment Process extend to
Planman HR Consulting Pvt, Ltd., - Egmore

Name :

Designation : Staff Assistant Manager Zone Manager

Company :

Location :

Male Female

2. AGE :
20-25 26-35 36-55

3. Qualification level:
+2 Under Graduate Post Graduate

4. Experience level:
Fresher 1-5 Months 1-5 Years 5 Years Above

5. Salary
5000-10000 11000-15000 16000-25000 25000 Above

6. What source you adopt to source candidates?

Employee Referral Campus recruitment Advertising Job portals

7. How many levels involved in selecting stages for candidate?

One Two Three Four More

8. Is physical fitness of a candidate important for the recruitment process?

Yes No

9. Mention the critical round where most of the candidates are screened out?
Group discussion Voice and Accent Aptitude

Technical Skill HR Interview

10. Does a career path and growth aspect play a role in attracting candidates?
Yes No

11. Mention the ways which influences the candidates to appear for interview?
Place of interview Brand Name Flexible timing

12. Man power Recruitment in your department is met through?

Internal External Both

13. How do you track the sources of candidate?

Manual Software Online Ms-excel Ms-office

14. Mention the reasons for not joining after the offer letter?
Personal problem Salary Problem Better offer Elsewhere

15. If you take any technological support for the process of recruiting?
Telephone Video conferencing Online support Other

16. If you have do any cost collecting recruitment time for candidate?
Yes No

17. Mention how many candidate selecting per month and join the job ?
15-25 25-50 50-100 100 Above

18. Mention which website mostly use, are you collecting the reference in Online?
Naukri Monster Times jobs Jobs ahead

19. Mention feedback on assistance provided by other department in recruitment process?

Yes No
20. Mention the source that could afford you the best suitable candidates for different
Job rotation Consultancy walk in Advertisement Employee reference

21. Do you give preference to relative’s relationship while recruiting candidates?

Yes No

22. What factors have caused the recruitment difficulties?

Lack of Applicants
Lack of applicants with required work experience.
Service Agreement.

23. What action have you taken to overcome recruitment difficulties?

Increased recruitment efforts
Recruitment from Non- traditional sources
Improved pay and condition