Notting Hill William Thacker owns a shop, the Travel Book Company.

One day a woman comes into the shop. William is sure that he knows her. IsWas it possible? Yes it is Anna Scott, she is the biggest film star in the world and she is the most beautiful woman on Earth. And she buys a book in William Thacker s´s bookshop! Then Anna leaves the shop. Now William will have an orange juice. Five minutes later, William leaves the cafe and hurries back to the bookshop with the juice. But as he turns the corner, he walks straight into a woman and spills orange juice all over. The orange juice ran downher shirt. And then he realizessees, that it isagain Anna Scott again. He apologizes to her and offers toher, that she can wash her shirt at his house, as he lives right here. Anna goescomes with him and changes her clothesthe robe. William tellssays her that she is the most beautiful woman in this world and Anna kisses him. But then his flatmate, Spike comes inwhere upon Anna and she leaves the house. On Tthe next morning William looks out of his shop windowthe window in his shop, as a bus goes past of the shop. On the side of the bus was a large picture of Anna in her new film, Helix. He realizes that he cannot stop thinking about her. A few days later, William and Spike go outside to enjoyinto the sunshine. William asks Spike whetherif he has a message for him. Spike cannot think of anything remember but then he suddenly remembers.he knows it again,Hhe tells says to William that a girl calledny Anna has called, and she mentioned something about Ritz and another name which he could not remember.she said something from a Ritz and yet a name, but Spike cannot remember exactly. William runs inside and calls the Ritz Hotel. After sometime he speaks with Anna,and they arrange to meet at four o´clock in the Hotel for a tea. William arrives at the Ritz Hotel withcarrying some roses for Anna. A man follows him asWhen he goes to her room, and man follows him, they are welcome by a womana woman welcomes them in. In the room many reporters are sitting and the woman asks him from which journal he comes. He realizesunderstands what is going on as he sees the magazine Horse and Hound in the table. He responds that he comes from Horse and Hound here and on the table he sees the magazine Horse and Hound , and he responds from Horse and Hound . He has five minutes for an interview with Anna. Anna receives him. Now Jeremy comes in and asks if everything ok, both answer s with yes and Jeremy leaves the room again. William has tomust ask her questions about her film, but as he did not see the film heand asks some general questionsjust something. When they are alone, he asks her if she has time this evening but she says nocancels. Then he leaves tomust go and interview to the other actors to interview. AsWhen he is about to leavewants to go, the woman from the reception tellssays to him, that Anna wants to see him that he comes once again. Anna tellssays to him that she has changeds her plans and that she has time tonightnow she has time. But William suddenly remembers that occur that today his sister birthdays birthday party tonightis. Anna suggests comingthat she comes along with him. The family dosen´tcannot believe that William will bringbrings a girl. Then the doorbell rings and, William and Anna walk into the large kitchen. Immediately there afterA second later it rings again and Williams sister Honey comes in, and then Bernie. Everyone ask William why Anna Scott here is here. The old friends laugh and joke together, and Anna soon feels part of the group. They all have a great and fun ny evening. Then it is time to go and , William and Anna stand up. As the front door closes behind them, William and Anna are hearing the others scream with excitement. William

William pretends to be the room service. a few minutes later he hears footsteps on the stairs. He can t believe his eyes. They can hear a loud conversation from a table just around the corner. As the day passes. at least. She can t stay in the hotel anymore. Spike looks up. His friends are looking for a wife for him. still smiling. Then he leaves the room. Anna sees his face come slowly round the door. The next morning the lie in bed together. still reading. but no on e fits. but the four men can notdon t see her. Anna wants to go in the private garden and.apologizes for his family.withhisheartaches. In the morning the doorbell rings and. This time it was a real kiss. Ten minutes later. She walks back to William. because her boyfriend from America arrivedhere is. that it is Anna Scott is here. William cannot believe it. The people arey talking about Anna Scott. she climbs over the gate in a second. but Anna stops him and apologizes for her friend. He tells says to them that they cannot speak like that aboutso about a real person. The have a wonderful evening but. William meets Anna in the cinema. her hair is a mess and she looks tired and unhappy. The men sit in silence with. Anna goes in William s bedroom and William sleeps on the sofa. his mouth hangingwide open. comfortably. In the newspapers are sex photos from Anna. of course. Jeff is a famous film star. She apologizes that her boyfriend was in the hotel. calms himself down. After the cinema they go to a in a restaurant. After the bath Anna looks calmer. The following evening. Anna stands in front of the house. Anna seems to forget her problems. because outside the hotel are crowds of reporters. their mouths wide openhanging up In front of the Ritz Anna wants that William to comes up.Scott. andhe kisses her. Exactly five minutes later he knocks onat the door of her room.. A short time later William stands up and walks over to the men´s table. William says that she can stay with himhere.hotel. she had thought that it was finished. There in the bath. the n turns his head slowly. They have great fun. After the meal Spike leaves to meet his friend in the pub and William and Anna are left alone. under the trees. But then Anna whispers that he has to leavego. Anna comes too. He goes over the toilet without taking his eyes off the newspaper. He lies in the bed and thinks about Anna. she reaches out and kisses him. and that she only looks good. William. William opens the door and is suddenly coughcaught in the light . Anna asks if he is Spike. it has to end. Now her boyfriend stands comesto thein doorway. They both laughs. Then in the silence of the garden. isn Anna Scott. because she is standingstands behind William. They go along a street with trees on one side. There are four of them. Then William starts walking towards the door of the restaurant. Anna thanks him and goes to taketakes a bath. William helps Anna to learn her lines for the new film. He wants to makebe sure.they say that she only looks good but that she isn tthat she isn´t a good actress. Five minutes later Spike comes in looking excitedly at the picture of Anna in thehis newspaper. behind Anna. She comes in and tells William the story about with the picture. then opens the door again. . He quickly leaves the bathroom. Anna returns with breakfast and the doorbell rings. Anna comes down and they kiss each other. but he can t sleep. The meney laugh about him. He opens the bathroom door.

William realizes he was wrongnotes that he makes the wrong and all friends run to the car and drive to the Ritz but it is to o late. WhenAs William is allowed tocan ask a question. cameras and lights. Then Hhe goes to sits in a chair to watch the action. He quickly shuts the door again . William sights. Behind the guard William sees Anna walking across the grass. One day Honey comes in his bookshop and givesaves him the number of Anna Scott s office in London. thenand then he closes again the door again. William ask himself. Anna takes the phone.. She has found a nice. Anna says yes and that she stays for a very long time.Tthe room is full with reporters and photographers. But she doesn t revealbetray who he is. While the others are speaking Honey whispers to Spike that he is the man. William asks Spike if he toldells someone about Anna. William goes towards the front of the shop and stops suddenly. and Spike saysasks that he told one or two people in the pub. ready to help her. but than she changes her mindsand then she puts the phone down and walks angrily upstairs. strange-looking man. then Anna goescomes to the door. William puts them on. what he is doing here and. Spike is very glad. But the Spike comes and tells himshouts if he is crazy to leave Anna to go. sStanding in front of a boy. and then she is gone. Anna answers that it was nobody. Then Anna sees him and comes towards him. Anna is very angry. now it is her driver. and one in New York. His restaurant is closing.. Honey has decided to get married.. She apologizes for yesterday and tellssays him that she never speaks about her private life. he asks if there isn any change betweenof Anna and William. if he can ever like her again. William is very insecure but his friends thinkmean that it is was right. William follows her.he walks away. Summer ends and autumnm leaves beginan to fall. Everyone is . That evening the friends meets again at Tony s restaurant. here. The air is full with peopleshout ings. sadly. The man on the desk says that Anna isshe givinges a press conference at the Savoy Hotel before she flies to America. They are making have a short conversation. But William isare uncertain. He likes this and turns toh offer the photographerss the best view of his naked body. Spike opens the front door. She gives him a kiss and leaves the bookshop. Tony s dream is at the end. There in front of him is Anna. An actor asks Anna who was that man she was talking to just now was. Anna says that she is also just a girl. but William he throws the piece of paper with a sight away. She ran s outside. Max tellssays him that Anna is in London againn in London for her new film. a big car stands in front of the house. The street is full of reporters. The following day. She looks beautiful in a long dress and with her hairpilesstyle. asking him to love her. Anna asks himhe. throwing the door shutshuts the door angrily.. There are people all around her. For William was every day is the same. Back in the car they drive as fast as possible to the Savoy Hotel. The conference is in Lancaster Room. She begins to cry. On the day Martin comes to see him in the bookshop and says that a package arrivedis here for him. William apologizes for the way her has been for the last six months and he tells everyone that . Nothing seems important.eEveryone knows who she is. because he lives in Notting Hill and Anna lives in Beverly Hills and. opens it and looks outside.he doesn t think about Anna. he has decided to be happy and not to think about Anna any more. he finds the place where they are filming. andshe looks sadly at William. And then it is spring is here. Harry the sound mansoundman gives him some head phones that William can listen William some headphones.Tthe doorbell rings again.of lots of cameras. on top of her head.

. Her hands moves slowly over her pregnant tummythe baby growing inside her.smiling. The wedding from William and Anna s Wedding is a quiet one just with family and close friends. On a sunny day a year later William sits reading in the garden in Notting Hill and Anna is lying next to him.

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