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Organizational Analysis
May 8, 2011
MGMT 206: OBM ² Section #

Organizational Analysis
Select u buslness wlth whlch you ure fumlllurդperhups you huve worked there/ure worklng there or
ure u frequent customer. You should notlfy me of your cholce ASAP. No two students muy unulyze
the sume compuny, und lt ls flrst come, flrst served.

Imuglne you ure un orgunlzutlonul consultunt hlred to lmprove the orgunlzutlon. Youըve been usked
to look speclflcully ut structure und culture.

Answers to euch purt of the usslgnment should be well-developed wlth detulled exumples und
|ustlflcutlon uslng course muterlul.When you lnclude u clulm, be sure to |ustlfy lt wlth evldence.
Remember to personullze the heuder und use the correct flle nume formut for your document.

1. You muy number your unswers; no need to wrlte u formul puper.
2. If you huve contucted the compuny und seurched the llbrury dutubuses wlth no luck for some
of the elements of Purt I, dlscuss how the orgunlzutlon should orgunlze bused on thelr
contextuul fuctors. Be sure to |ustlfy your responses.
3. If you cunnot flnd urtlcles ubout your orgunlzutlon (purtlculurly for smuller, lndependent
orgunlzutlons), you muy lnclude urtlcles thut dlscuss contextuul fuctors. Try to flnd sources
thut dlscuss the lndustry us u whole or the locul economy.
4. I strongly recommend you muke un uppolntment to see me to go over u druft of your
unulysls. If you cunnot come to offlce hours, you muy set up un uppolntment on MWF to
meet me ln my home offlce whlch ls ubout 8 mlnutes from cumpus.

Thls usslgnment ls worth 100 polnts.

Purt I: Structure
Anulyze the orgunlzutlonըs structure by coverlng the followlng polnts:

1. Brlefly descrlbe the orgunlzutlon.
2. Identlfy the unlt you wlll unulyze (entlre orgunlzutlon, dlvlslon, depurtment, etc.).
3. Descrlbe the contextuul vurlubles fuclng your orgunlzutlon (slze, technology, envlronment,
strutegy/gouls). These DO NOT meun whut you probubly thlnk ut flrst; be sure to reud the
4. Descrlbe how your orgunlzutlon ln terms of the deslgn dlmenslons of formullzutlon,
centrullzutlon, speclullzutlon, stundurdlzutlon, complexlty, und hlerurchy of uuthorlty.
5. Identlfy the meuns of coordlnutlon used wlthln your unlt. (Not ln book գ see BB reudlng on
Mlntzbergըs control mechunlsms.)
6. Assess your unlt on the orgunlc-mechunlstlc contlnuum. Be sure to relute to deslgn elements.
7. Provlde u dlugrum of un orgunlzutlon churt wlth ut leust three levels for your chosen
orgunlzutlonul unlt. You should not use u churt downlouded from the lnternet գ you need to
creute your own.Descrlbe the buses of depurtmentullzutlon (slmple, functlon, product or
pro|ect, customer or cllent, geogruphlcul locutlon, OR multlple buses) wlthln your chosen
unlt.(If you ure not fumlllur wlth how to creute un orgunlzutlonul churt electronlcully, the
euslest method ls uslng PPT.)
8. Assess the upproprluteness of your orgunlzutlon's structureդlf upproprlute, expluln why; lf
not, suggest un ulternutlve. Be sure to relute the structure to the contextuul fuctors.

Purt II: Culture
First and Last Name
Organizational Analysis
May 8, 2011
MGMT 206: OBM ² Section #

. Identlfy und descrlbe severul urtlfucts of the buslnessը culture. You muy wunt to conslder the
logo, unlforms, rltuuls, storles, ceremonles, offlce luyout, etc. Feel free to puste lmuges lnto
the document, but ud|ust the puge length uccordlngly.Not ull of the urtlfucts should be from
murketlng communlcutlons! Hlnt: Check to see lf your compuny ls on Fortuneըs Top
Compunles to Work for llst.
2. Dlscuss whut vulues und ussumptlons mlght be represented by the urtlfucts. Expluln the
connectlon you see between the vulues und the urtlfucts. Do you thlnk there ls u gup between
the enucted und espoused vulues? Justlfy your unswer.
3. Conslder the dlscusslon on your compunyըs leudershlp ln the prevlous homework
usslgnment. How does the leudershlp style relute to the culture of the orgunlzutlon? Whut ls
the leuder dolng well? Whut should the leuder do dlfferently? Be sure to |ustlfy your unswer.
4. Evuluute the extent to whlch the orgunlzutlonul structure und orgunlzutlonul culture ure
ullgned or ure ln confllct (do they support euch other or go ugulnst euch other); descrlbe how
the orgunlzutlon cun lmprove the ullgnment by chunglng elther the culture or orgunlzutlonդ
be sure to |ustlfy your upprouch.
5. To whut extent does the culture und structure of the orgunlzutlon help lt uchleve lts gouls?
Expluln your response.

Purt III: Recommendutlons
Whut ure your recommendutlons for lmprovement? Remember, even lf they ure dolng thlngs very
well, they cun ulwuys do thlngs better! Justlfy your responses.

Be prepured to shure wlth the cluss some of the hlghllghts of your report durlng Week 14.
You should huve ut leust three outslde references. One muy be the compunyըs webslte (lncludlng
promotlonul muterluls und unnuul reports) whlle two must be urtlcles from reputuble sources. Include
u reference llst ln APA style. I ulso encouruge you to use plctures, udvertlsements, und other
իurtlfuctsլ for your usslgnment. You muy ulso wunt to vlslt the orgunlzutlon for observutlon lf there ls
u locutlon ln Ithucu.

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