2012 – Earthquake Swarms and Dangers of Staying in the Northern Hemisphere

S. Seymour Hedke April 23 2011

This is an article summarizing a lot of my earlier work, with graphs showing increase in earthquakes and other disasters It was written primarily with the thought of convincing disasters. my mother of the dangers of staying in the northern hemisphere especially after angers emisphere, Fukushima …and as 2012 approaches 2011 may be a year of big decisions for many of approaches. us. Perhaps this can help those who are thinking about what to do in the near future, or have family members who need to be more informed…

Smoke rises from nuclear reactor #3 at the Fukushima power plant after an explosioni.

Dear Mum, I write to you this Easter time against a background of swarmi earthquakes in many areas of the swarming world; about 700 larger earthquakes have occurred in Japan in the last two monthsii. Videos now ast reveal that the ground in parts of Japan is breaking up and the seawater is rising through the streets.iii Most people continue their daily business as if nothing has happened, even if they now , have to jump over the cracks opening in the ground or wobble ning ground, around the pools of water on their bikes. In many other lands the earthquake swarms are increasing as well. Not all of them are related to known tectonic plates and they are ot occurring even in areas that have no history of eart earthquakes. Strange rifts and holes are appearing in the ground volcanoes are ground, beginning to blow and land is sinking or rising by many meters as if we were on the top of a pot of porridge that is coming to the boil. What is going on? Already this year, to the Easter weekend of 2011, we have experienced more large earthquakes of magnitude 6 and over than would earlier have occurred in one whole year! Comparing the first third of 2011 with the first third of 1973, to the same date of April 23rd1, we can see that 2011 has already brought us 133 earthquakes of magnitude 6 and over, while 1973 - the first year on USGS records – there were only 22 earthquakes of magnitude 6 and over up to the 23rd April 1973. This present level of earthquake activity is in fact quite unprecedented There have never uite unprecedented. been – since 1973 at least – so many earthquakes in the same time span. The years 2007 and 2008 were the first years to reach just about half this number to the same date, and last year 2010 , produced the highest peak of all to date, but it was still only just over half the number we have experienced already in 2011. In other words our Earth is experiencing arth increasing large quakes, and this year has experienced more than five times the number of large quakes in its firs four first months of the year than it was experiencing forty years ago. The increasing earthquakes and earth motions forewarn of volcanic eruptions and more tsunamis and all of these will lead to more nuclear accidents. Tsunami crashing against the turbine buildings of the Japanese reactoriv sunami buildings


1973 is the first year on the data banks of the United States Geological Survey. The U.S.G.S. is the main source of the world’s earthquake news.

The subsequent tsunami disabled emergency generators required to cool the reactors. Over the following three weeks there was evidence of a partial nuclear meltdown in units 1, 2 and 3. (Wikipedia). Japan's Meteorological Agency warned that the country's 20 volcanoes had all been awoken by the massive earthquake.v Just as only six months ago in October 2010 Merapi erupted in Java the Jakarta globe reported similar – and 20 volcanoes in Indonesia were noted close to eruptionvi. Anyway, three days after the Japanese quake a large magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred right under the largest mountain in Japan as reported by the respected website “Volcano News” hosted by John Searchvii. That mountain was the massive volcano called Mount Fuji, if that long sleeping volcano awoke it could tear the island apart.

Image of Mount Fuji from Wikipedia viii My main motivation for writing this now is that I have good reason, after six years intensive research, to expect that 2012 will bring an even higher peak of both large earthquakes and of volcanic eruptions, for that was specifically predicted by the Mayan Prophecy. This shaking of the Earth will cause a most terrible number of nuclear catastrophes. If I am right, then a great many unprepared people may die in a not too pleasant manner. Japan and its tectonic and atomic problems may seem far away from us, but Chernobyl in Russia also seemed far away before the meltdown occurred and spread its cloud over Europe even to Scandinavia and to the British Isles; a cloud that fell silently, like Death itself, into our Mother Earth’s soil and is still a veiled cause of death today. At the time the media warned the British

public not to go out in the rain or to eat that lovely butter from the Irish cows But where are the cows. media that should be warning us now? Unfortunately they too have been warned… ? Fukishima has been raised to Status level 7 the same level as Chernobyl and these two nuclear 7, disasters are the only ones ever to have been placed on this highest level. However, t Fukishima . the nuclear disaster is already much worse than Chernobyl. Officially Chernobyl is now close to having caused a million deaths so far, but who can truly say how many cases of cancer, pneumonia and , other diseases were really connected to the poison still present in our earth and in our food? earth From the nuclear meltdown at Fukishima many millions of people are likely to die of cancer and other terrible sicknesses in the coming years. Nowhere in the northern hemisphere is safe from the years. cumulative effects, as the Jet Stream carr it to us. And more such disasters can happen at any carries moment. I certainly cannot imagine how taking a few household remedies will be enough to remove the unnatural levels of radiation to which we our loved ones and our foods are going to be exposed in we, a very short period of time. Japan itself is sitting on a smashed and broken junction between highly unstable tectonic plates and it carries in its arms a large percentage of the whole world’s nuclear power; there are at least 55 operating nuclear plants in a land that is experiencing hundreds of earthquakes. Will someone experiencing please wake up? Its power plants are not even built to withstand such large quakes Fukishima was ts quakes: ix x built to withstand a magnitude 7.9 but not a magnitude 9. How very well thought out that was!(?)xi Though in fact – how can a nuclear plant be built to withstand such large earthquakes – ow and if they cannot – how dare we build them? It seems ironically that the whole farce about “global warming” and the Kyoto Protocol actually sanctioned Japan’s building of these monsters monsters…

Just look how many nuclear plants there are in the northern hemisphere!

The above chart is probably already outdated but you see the rough difference in the numbers of nuclear plants in the northern and southern hemispheres. How quickly an accident anywhere in the northern hemisphere can be spread over the most highly populated half of the world! Of course this might not be unintentional. Certainly there have been loud messages that the elite groups, usually placed under the heading of the Bilderberg Group, who actually run our world, have been meeting in recent years to discuss ways of lowering the population explosion that has occurred in the last fifty years. In fact videos and leaks from their meetings and members have revealed plans to reduce populations by as much as 80 per cent. To this end Fukushima and natural disasters can only be a great help!

In my life time world populations have more than doubled and since 1800 there are more than 6 times as many people on this planet. Radioactive Fallout Be that as it may, below you see how the clouds of contamination are circulating and falling on the whole northern hemisphere, on Great Britain and on Europe. This is ongoing as I write and can be seen visualized in links given on Weather Online.

Above you see how the RIUxii at Weather Online predicted the Caesium 137 radiation distribution over the Northern Hemisphere in mid Aprilxiii, the emissions have not stopped yet and it has been estimated it may take nine months to get the atomic plant under control.

The last data showing Caesium release from Fukishima was given on 3rd May 2011 by RIU. According to their prognosis the first mid levels of Caesium 137 are just reaching the British Isles and Europe? The amount is increasing to mid to high levels - yellow? But abruptly all data and prognosis is removed and we are told: “The observational data of the CTBTO now show a clear decrease of the worldwide radioactive concentrations outside of Japan … Therefore we now do not continue with the predictions for the northern hemisphere.” It seems likely to me that either their prognosis was completely wrong or they have been told to stop.

The authorities, governments and media, are keeping as quiet as possible about all this, hoping it , will “blow over” ;). Of course what can they do … It WILL blow over. How can they shift millions of do? ow people in the northern hemisphere Where should all these people go? hemisphere? As to the knowledge of the increase in earthquakes that imply more nuclear accidents the accidents… earthquake information we receive is also under government control (USGS is funded by the US quake government, who in turn are now controlled by powerful elite groups so this is being hushed up , groups), wherever possible. USGS has not attempted to warn us of this global increase in earthquakes. In rease fact the main effort is to play down the numbers numbers. More and more people are asking why there are more and more earthquakes and still USGS denies the rise. People ask also about the use of electro magnetic “weapons” to cause earthqu electro-magnetic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which is now also well documented and again of course there is denial. One recent article from April 2010 “No There Are NOT More Earthquakes Normal” supposedly quotes USGS as stating So we have to inform ourselves as best we c can: „ „You wont hear this on any mainstream news (Nuclear fallout) “ is the title of a good video about the Fukishima nuclear disaster by Dr. Helen Caldicott who is a specialist in this area and who I am proud to say recently became a friend of mine on Facebook You can watch it on Youtube. Facebook.

Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2/2 Leuren Moret - PDX 2/29/11 Truth www.youtube.com Leuren Moret is very informed about the long term background of euren Fukishima - an amazing collection of information that connects the event to a staged war behind the scenes involving H.A.A.R. and their ability behind H.A.A.R.P to manipulate weather and even cause earthquakes She Explains how the super powers are earthquakes. playing to control banks, agriculture and mining to create a global government, telling how past nuclear tests and disasters in Great Britain, USA and other places have affected the world and isasters the kind of diseases from which it now suffers A controllable, reduced population is planned. suffers. She also suggests that a move to the southern hemisphere is the best solution if one wants to be out of the line of fire. Another good article is by Dr. Mark Sircus Radioactive Currents and Winds, tells us more about the three damaged reactors at Fukushima, and of the spent fuel rods kept in the storage pools at each the reactor that all contain plutonium. “In the Fukushima reactors, plutonium-239 is a byproduct of 239 nuclear fission and occurs when uranium uranium-238 in the fuel absorbs neutrons. Fukushima has enough plutonium to kill every man, woman and child on our planet if it gets out. He continues that even out.” if a small part gets out it can still kill everyone and ends the paragraph by stating that it is getting out right now. Most of the plutonium isotopes have half lives of many thousands of years and so lutonium will have a cumulative effect when absorbed. Just how many fuel rods Fukishima was harbouring and why it is so dangerous was made clearer in this article: “Alert: Fukushima C Coverup, 40 Years of Spent Nuclear Rods Blown Sky High” by Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo Nimmo.

Our Mother Earth may recover from a few earthquakes or volcanic eruptions relatively quickly but quickly, it is not so likely that she will recover from this radioactive poisoning, especially of the northern hemisphere, that has now begun. Already in early April a few articles told how the fall out had reached the Bread Basket of mid America. It was also suggested that fall out in the USA is in some areas as bad as the fall out in ed Japan. Milk in many US states had also been contaminatedxiv. Below is another video I recently shared on Facebook which shows how much worse the disaster is than it was given out to be be:

URGENT: Japan now admits Fukushima at 154 trillion Bq's/Day and West coast Radiation forecast www.youtube.com

A snippet of the video shows how Xenon Gas with other unseen radioactive fallout hits the west coast of the tive USAand spreads all over it We are told that not 0.69 Bq of radiation a day are being released, Japan and admits a calculation “error” it is not 0.69 but 6.9 Bq!!!! The video tells us that 1 Bq is said to be equal toa chest X Ray. He compares Fukushima to 2000 Hiroshima bombs! st One video by Dutchsinse on youtube.com seems to show that information seen by the public on NILUxv gives much less fall out than a more hidden “true” version seen by mete meteorologists and doctors. Then of course there are many radioactive isotopes that are conveniently not even being measured at all. Hundreds of isotopes are being released: radioactive iodine and caesium are concentrated upon in the news but they have a shorter life span than many that remain ter unmentioned. As Dr Mark Sircus writes in his article “Eating organic or anything uncontaminated is “Eating going to be very tricky starting now in the northern hemisphere.” Of course we can’t change what has occurred, but we can make an effort to take some major action to protect ourselves. One way to prevent further damage by any more earthquakes and . ny nuclear disasters would be to get all the nuclear plants closed before the most dangerous earthquake period that I foresee begins. But that is of course quite impossible if looked at realistically, for that most dangerous period of 2012 begins less than a year away! The plants would have to be closed within the next few months and all over the world and only a world, concerted effort of all people and nations pulling together, could achieve it. Something like that would only be likely if a great majority were absolutely certain of what is coming Which of course coming. they can’t be if they receive no data, or are confused by a lot of different data, a deliberate tactic data, tactic! If there is no overwhelming certainty that closing the plants is absolutely essential to our survival there will be protests among the people who work in the plants or depend on the power. I have been trying for years now to explain to people why 2012 is so dangerous and it is rather like pouring water over a duck’s back. In fact it is just about as useless as going on the demonstrations against nuclear power in earlier years ;) It has brought absolutely nothing.

So let us assume the most likely: the majority of nuclear plants will not be closed for 2012 Despite o 2012! warnings that are thousands of years old of what is coming… sigh. Most people are so flooded by so many different versions of what will occur in 2012 that they cannot decide to do anything. We are left with the option of saving our own skins and of those nearest to us by moving to the safest place, if at all possible, and especially if we live in the northern hemisphere. The move should occur before borders become closed down or panic and sickness sets in. When down, increasing numbers of immigrants attempt to flee their homes because of increasing natural ir disasters, and bring with them likely pandemics and conflicts, then entry into other lands will become difficult, military rule will become more common a borders will close So in this sense , and close. too, the time is now short. Also we would need to consider moving to areas that are far from earthquake faults, volcanic activity and nuclear power plants, as well as far from coasts that could be flooded as Japan’s flooded, coastline recently was, where whole houses were washed out into the sea sea!

March 13, 2011. A Japanese home is seen adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Ships and aircraft from the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group are searching for survivors in the coastal waters near Sendai, Japan. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Dylan McCord/Released) Where will it be safe? One area of safety for the 2012 period was suggested by Patrick Geryl, author of “The Orion , Prophecy”, Prophecy”, as in the Drakensberg mountains, the highest mountain plateau in South Africa. Here there are no nuclear plants and no known earthquake and volcanic activity at this time, and it is high enough – 3000 meters - to be safe against most of the worst possible tsunami scenarios scenarios. There are even a number of caves. Of course that does not mean that there are not other re difficulties, or that masses of fleeing immigrants will be let in…

View of the Drakensberg amphitheatre as from the upper Tugela River, South Africaxvi However, there are some very pretty valleys and thatched hobbit-like houses in this area, rather like like rural England ;) And here’s one place I’d like to stay while discovering more about the area:

Antbear Guest House, in the Drakensberg mountains, South Africa ntbear Still I am rushing ahead of myself as usual Mum, assuming you are on my side and convinced of the , dangers of remaining in London. I claim to know more than the average “weather-forecaster” about what is coming in terms of disasters. Based on a strong and certain foundation of research I can state that t magnitude 9 . foundation the March earthquake in Japan wasn’t something that happens “once in a thousand years as was once years”, claimed in one documentary. The earthquakes around Japan have been increasing in the last years and furthermore disasters generally peak at certain periods in history for good reasons I know for certain that we are reasons. heading for an even higher peak of general disaster, starting in late 2011 and lasting through 2012 and 2013. What I am suggesting cannot be swallowed without adding the reasons, so i the next pages I in want to give you some more evidence The predictions I have made have already started verifying evidence. themselves. So Mum, back in 2005 I discovered nothing less than what I see as the cause of disaster on Ea Earth and it changed the path of my life as you know. I discovered it by noting a connection between the life, Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that occurred on 26 December 2004 and the Mayan

Prophecy about a disastrous end to this world age on 21 December 2012. The connecting piece was the centre of our Milky Way galaxy 26,000 light years away. galaxy,

The Milky Way Galaxy swirling around its Centre showing the position of our Solar System. wirling Credit: NASA Surely, seeing how in this galaxy all moves together like the swirling skirt around one Sufi dancer, it is not difficult to imagine how all solar systems and bodies within them must be ruled by the great power at the galaxy’s centre that keeps them spinning around? The Milky Way is nearly flat like a disc when seen from the side, with a wider bulge at the centre , centre.

However, because we are within the disc we see it from Earth as a wide “road” or milky “river” crossing our sky, the ancients associated it with a serpent or dragon like creature Milky Way with Galactic Centre as brighter bulge in the middle. Sometimes they saw it as an

ouroboros that ate its own tail, for seen from a wide perspective it strangely appears to curve over us as if enclosing us within its body.

Milky Way arching above us in a 360-degree Panorama of the Southern Skyxvii degree Below you see a number of versions of the ouroboros or self eating serpent from different areas of self-eating the world.

The Milky Way was understood as serpent, dragon or ouroboros, in the teachings of ancient times. roboros, “Unfortunately” I found all this out about the galactic connection by using an ancient knowledge that has fallen from repute. Hardly anyone seems to be left who is capable of fully understanding ardly understanding, this ancient science of astrology nor are they motivated to treat it with any reverence. astrology, In truth we have fallen from a higher understanding of how our cosmos function and of the functions, macrocosmic body we are a small part of. The Mayan priests over a thousand years ago had known about the Galactic C e Centre that we believed to have discovered first in the 1930s, and they had a very detailed knowledge of other y heavenly bodies too, their cycles and related alignments, and they knew how and when the ir these would cause disastrous effects on Earth Earth. They were not alone in this knowledge for there had once been a global understanding among the knowledge, priests of different lands who studied the heavens especially their study focused on the time now heavens, approaching. the The central beam supporting this whole house of understanding was the Earth’s relation to t disc or plane of our Milky Way galaxy otherwise called the galactic axis. galaxy, The Galactic Centre could be seen to form one “end” of the axis where it was placed close to the d ecliptic (the path of the Sun) between the constellation Scorpio and Sagittarius The other end constellations Sagittarius. was home of the bright constellation we know as the giant man Orion. He stood with his club e xviii raised between the constellation Taurus and Gemini . Two gates were seen to mark these constellations

places of transition, these two extremes of the axis, and they were called the Gate of Man or the Silver Gate and the Gate of the Gods or the Golden Gate. About every 6000 to 6,500 years this galactic axis between Scorpio and Orion aligned with one of the solstice or equinox axes of our solar yearly cycle. Particularly the alignment between the galactic axis and the solstice axis was known to mark a point of major disaster and reversal. The last time a solstice–galactic axis alignment occurred was about 12,500 years ago as the Galactic Centre end of the axis met the Summer Solstice. Then a series of catastrophes struck our planet involving a conflagration and deluge. The beginning of the catastrophic period resulted in the Younger Dryas “ice age” or Big Freeze that lasted 1,300 years. This was so gravierend that the Pleistocene Period ended and the Holocene or Recent Era began, leading to a warming in the northern hemisphere, with further flooding of low lying areas, that has lasted till now. What we don’t remember is how much land was lost at this time, land in the south, which sank or was swallowed up by the rising seas. It is no accident that the final sinking of Atlantis as described by Plato can now be pretty exactly fitted to the time of a real great flooding at the end of the Younger Dryas, c. 11,600 BP.xix The knowledge of these catastrophic Great Year cycles and transitions became occult, meaning that they were hidden from the public and mainstream education. It is not even clear how much has survived even in groups of supposed Initiates into these “Mysteries”, to whom I suppose the highest Freemasons must belong. For there have been many attempts to destroy the knowledge among the people; witch trials and inquisitions, for knowledge is power. One place I am certain that the knowledge has remained is ironically in the library of the Vatican and among the elite of the Roman Catholic Church, two of whose popes have spoken out about what stands beforexx. Now we are at the end of one whole Great Year cycle that has lasted nearly 26,000 years, as the galactic axis of our Milky Way with its centre, referred to by Mayan scholars as the “Dark Rift,” aligns with our winter solstice. Of course the end of this cycle will not be the complete End of the World, it will be a transition into the beginning of a new Great Year. We are now at the omegaalpha point of the Great Year cycle, the place that will begin a “New World Order”. The whole period of transition is an event horizon of a few hundred, perhaps even a thousand years, but the events occurring in just the next three years and centering on 2012 are likely to be a dramatic and cataclysmic ushering in of what one might even see as an “apocalypse”. We have been living in such safe times and fallen into such forgetfulness of our longer history and its great catastrophes that we have most of us no idea what is likely to hit us. So, how does the Galactic Centre cause disaster? Apart from waiting for the solstice alignments every 12,500 odd years, it requires aspects from other heavenly bodies - such as occur in 2012 - to trigger a good disaster. December is an excellent time for disaster as the Sun is swallowed by the Galactic Centre then. It was the disaster in December 2004 when the Sun and GC met that finally enabled me to scent this dragon of disaster down.

Right: Orion constellation by Hevelius Left: Guido Reni's archangel Michael tramples Satanxxi Disaster often “chooses” the time when Sun or Moon, and sometimes both, are in aspect to the Galactic Centre. Of course all this is encoded in the symbolic language of the Biblical Revelations where the galaxy, and the central part most strongly is “the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan” Rev. 20 So on 26 December 2004, as the Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred, the Sun had been conjunct the Galactic Centre at the Winter Solstice and the nearly Full Moon had been opposite the Galactic Centre on the other side of our Earth and conjunct Orion, at what is called the Galactic Anti Centre. The Galactic Anti-Centre with Orion is at this time also aligned with our summer solstice. Incidentally Orion in myth and sacred history, and secretly encoded in religious art, is often the source of the archetypal hero figure with his raised club, sword or lance, who is a great warrior or knight in armour like St. George, or like the angelic leader of the heavenly army Archangel Michael, who fights the dragon or devil. Right: St George and the Dragon. Sculptor: Joseph Edgar Boehm (1834 – 1890) Below we see the Milky Way galaxy simplified as a flat white horizontal line with the Earth at Centre and Orion on the left and a bulge close to the Galactic Centre (G.C.) that from Earth seems close to the tail of the Scorpio constellation.

In the picture on the left, the Milky Way axis is shown horizontally passing between the constellation Orion, who is typically raising his club, and the sting of the scorpion constellation where the Centre, with its recently discovered black hole, is placed. To the Arabs Scorpio was known as the Red Dragon. Of course it was no accident that in one version of a myth about Orion he was killed by a giant scorpion.

Dr. Paul LaViolette suggested that the scorpion, the only deadly creature in the zodiac, along with two other framing constellations of Sagittarius and Ophiucus with a huge serpent, were placed there ith deliberately by an earlier advanced ly civilization to warn of the disastrous effects of the nearby Galactic Centre! On the right you see the signs of the zodiac on the inner wheel and the constellations on the outside, a in one , all graph. Please don’t be concerned about understanding all this too well, but in this graph the turquoise vertical axis represents the axis of the Milky Way galaxy which is aligned to the solstices at this time in history. At the top of the circle the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpio are shown, Scorpio has its tail close to the Galactic Centre. On the inner wheel this is aligned with the astrological signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn at the winter solstice. A “Holy Cross” is also formed at this time as the constellation degree rising over the spring equinox at present this is said to be 5° Pisces which exactly squares the Galactic Axis at 5° of the constellation Sagittarius and Gemini It is on this Gemini. Holy Cross that certain planets are placed in 2012, strengthening it. The Last Holy Cross of this nature was half a Great Year ago c. 12,500 BP – the time of the Younger Dryas “Big Freeze”. (An interesting thought thought, when we could be very close to a Nuclearxxii and Volcanic W Winter now). In 3d we can s see the galacticgalacti solstice alignment like this lignment This galactic–solstice alignment, alignment strengthened by the transiting Sun and

Moon, was a main cause of the December 2004 earthquake. Of course there were other planetary involvements and aspects that were significant. Briefly, the worst periods for disasters are when all of the outer heavenly bodies – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and perhaps others we have not yet discovered in the depth of space, align and aspect the Galactic Centre, as they are doing between 2010 and 2013. Pluto remains through the 2012 period conjunct the GC, Neptune is sextile and Uranus is square, or T square – aspecting both ends of the galactic axis. From October 2011 and through 2012 and 2013 Saturn will also form the most powerful aspect of all – the bow to the Galactic Centre and Pluto at the Winter Solstice. THE BOW and the T- SQUARE of 2012 Here on the right you can see the “bow” aspect between Saturn and Neptune pointing to the solstice with Galactic Centre and Pluto and the T square of Uranus to the Milky Way and Pluto that exists in 2012. All of these aspects I have studied the effects of in history. In my book I particularly note disasters in the United Kingdom associated with Saturn-Neptune aspects. Pluto has had a major influence on the worst earthquakes and tsunamis in history: the Tsunami of 2004 occurred as Pluto was conjunct the Sun and Galactic Centre and other worst tsunamis remembered in history occurred under similar major aspects of Pluto to the Galactic Centre. 100,000 people died in an earthquake and tsunami at Messina, Italy on 28 December 1908, as Pluto opposed the Galactic Centre and the Sun was conjunct. By the last conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Centre the Lisbon Earthquake and Tsunami occurred in 1755 and the Great Myanmar Earthquake and First Recorded Tsunami in 1762. Pluto trine (c. 120°) the Galactic Centre in 1960 produced the largest earthquake ever recorded in Chile with a widespread tsunami. In 1958 the same trine of Pluto and a number of powerful bows, including a bow to the Galactic Centre conjunct Saturn and involving Neptune as in 2012, caused the highest ever recorded mega tsunami of 1,700 feet in height in Lituya Bay, Alaska. The Galactic Centre can be seen to have been connected to all other worst disasters in history through similar involvements of Sun, Moon and planets. It was the root reason for the Mayan Prophecy about a disastrous end to this age on December 21 2012. Yet as this idea is quite new to the modern world, it became important to collect enough evidence, showing how my predictions have been relatively correct. A lot of this evidence is in my large book of over 530 pages and now over 80 articles written for the internet and further graphs and images shared on Facebook. I found support for my new discovery in the work of a German astrophysicist called Gerhard Die Löbert and his book: “Die Erde Spielball der Galaxis Neue Erkenntnisse der Geo und Astrophysik Assozationen zur Apokalypse”, who showed that the times of day when seismic activity occurred with most intensity on Earth were times when the Earth was aligned with the

Galactic Centre. He attributed this to gravitational waves coming from the centre of our galaxy (p. 108). Independently, a Greek astrophysicist called Dr. Paul LaViolette, had been making discoveries along similar lines. He wrote a bestselling book “EARTH UNDER FIRE” on this revolutionary theme of the influence of the Galactic Centre on Earth. He had studied ice core samples since the 1970s, finding that interstellar dust coming from the direction of the Galactic Centre visited Earth at regular periods in its history and had also found evidence for a physical influence on the Sun and on Earth from the Galactic Centre, an influence recurring at regular intervals in the Great Year through what he called “superwaves”. December 21 2012 marked not just the end of one solar year but for the ancients signified the end of one Great Year cycle as the Galactic Centre area of the Milky Way, called by the Mayans the Dark Rift, aligns with the Winter Solsticexxiii. LaViolette and I also found evidence of an influence coming directly at us in December of 2004, a likely effect from the direction of the Galactic Centre in which gravitational waves created a “galactic tsunami wave” that hurtled through space causing a blinding flash of light noted by astronomers hours after the enormous quake. As gravitational waves travel faster than light, they would have arrived early enough to trigger our earth quake. “Was the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami Caused by a Stellar Explosion 26,000 Light Years Away? Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravity Waves, and Earthquakes”xxiv February 2005xxv

Having made the discovery of the disastrous effect of the Galactic Centre in February of 2005, I made a detailed study of the kind of planetary aspects that triggered particular disasters, the conjunction of the Galactic Centre with Pluto around 2012, the square from Uranus, a bow aspect between Saturn and Neptune pointing at the Galactic Centre and Pluto between October 2011 and continuing most of 2012 and 2013. I reasoned that the coming years would be full of natural disasters, I wrote about the worst floods of our past and the worst oil disasters, the worst tornadoes and the worst hurricanes and storms in history and discovered in all areas an increase in these and many other “worst -evers”, and showed the reasons for them, all connected to planetary aspects to the Galactic Centre, and in all of these disastrous areas we have seen an increase in the last years: increasingly bad floods, especially in 2010, when according to some sources, that have not deliberately reduced the numbers of fatalities, 2010 is one of the most deadly year in recent history for natural disasters and already in 2011 an alarming number of floods are occurring. The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System has recorded already in the last two months a large number of floods:xxvi Flood Indonesia 23 Apr 2011 Flood Syria 23 Apr 2011

Flood Brazil 21 Apr 2011 Flood USA 18 Apr 2011 Flood Venezuela 15 Apr 2011

Flood Tanzania 9 Apr 2011 Flood Columbia 1 Apr 2011 Flood Kazakhstan 1 Apr 2011 Flood Namibia 15 Mar 2011 Flood USA 1 Apr 2010

Just recently, this April 2011, a series of tornadoes in the USA killed 319, making it the highest death toll since 1932. Now at the end of April the Mississippi River may also be experiencing its worst flooding since 1927. As for oil disasters, many claim the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was the worst oil disaster ever, it depends on what figures and criterion one uses to judge it. Still all this is “small-fry” compared to the earthquakes. Especially the earthquakes are increasing, earthquakes and with them the danger of tsunamis. The largest magnitude 7 and over earthquakes have increased globally in the last years as the following graph shows and especially in the last year of 2010 when there were a record breaking 22 of the largest kinds of quakes, as I predicted there would be. Even though USGS wrote “Although it may seem that we are having more earthquakes, earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant throughout this century and, according to our records, have actually seemed to decrease in recent years.” The graph below shows the true stand of things on January 4 2011 according to their own records. I predicted on my website and in a number of articles that there would be more large earthquakes globally in 2010 than ever before.


Many earthquakes were reduced in size in 2010. But using the records2 of the USGS data bank can be taken back to 1973. Dr. Michael Mandeville as also Geoff Stray have done graphs of earthquake increase since 1973 to 2004 both showing through their independent work a steady rise also in smaller earthquakes from magnitude 2.5 upward globally. Still if one looks back to a time before 1973 when figures were also collected, but maybe not so accurately, one still gets the impression that we are seeing the very highest part of a mountain peak of earthquakes.

Below: Earthquakes of M 6 and over between 1973 and 2009


Accurate records? Many of the earthquakes in 2010 were lowered by USGS, many from above 7 to below 7, or from above 6 to below 6 or were completely removed. So the number of large earthquakes in 2010 might have been originally somewhat higher. As this is a new tendency by USGS to change and lower so many quakes I and others can only assume they are trying to delay panic among the people, something most people are also quite happy to have delayed ;).

Moreover in 2010 I followed the motions of the Moon and Sun in relation to the Galactic Centre, predicting that the aspects would produce more large earthquakes than ever before, which they did. You can see on this graph below how these largest earthquakes in 2010 were connected to aspects between the Sun and Moon and the Galactic Centre, without adding any of the other planets.

If you can’t be bothered to read the whole chart above, just consider that not only was the deadliest earthquake in January – in Haiti - connected to a conjunction of the Moon with the Galactic Centre (predicted by me :), so was the Baja earthquake in California in April and so were three magnitude 7 and over quakes in the Philippines, and so on.The opposition of the Moon to the Galactic Centre caused the New Zealand earthquake on September 3 and the 7.5 in the Nicobar Islands in June and the 7.4 in Japan on 21 December, while the trine (120°) caused the largest earthquake of the year in Chile in February (and a deadly quake in China where over 2000 died on April 14 that was not over magnitude 7 so not included). After telling us through much of 2010 that the earthquakes were not increasing and doing their best it seems to make it seem so, the USGS should at least have the decency to admit they were wrong now when their own figures have not managed to cover it up.

UNPRECEDENTED INCREASE IN THE USA So Mum, globally the earthquakes have indeed increased and especially in the last few years since I first worried you with such negative prognostications back in 2005 and I can explain why. In fact it is hardly necessary to explain at all because more and more areas on the globe are shaking and “speaking” for themselves. Perhaps the only thing left for me to explain really is what it is all about in the long term, the rise of the land that sank half a Great Year ago, which is why I am now writing “ATLANTIS MERU RISING the Volcanic Prophecy of 2012” Look at the increase of earthquakes in the USA just last year (graph below). One sees an increase from just over 5000 quakes in 2009, to just over 8000 earthquakes in 2010. They are caused by magma rising in the Earth. The USGS has a similar chart on their internet side, but they have cushioned the increase by adding earthquakes of 0 magnitude to the figures, of which there are a great number given in the first years of the decade and practically none in the last. This evidence from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) serves all the world’s news and encyclopedias. Number of Earthquakes in the United States for 2000 - 2010 Located by the US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center

Magnitude 200020012002200320042005200620072008 2009 2010 8.0 to 9.9 0 7.0 to 7.9 0 6.0 to 6.9 6 5.0 to 5.9 63 0 1 5 41 0 1 4 63 0 2 7 54 0 0 2 25 0 1 4 47 0 0 7 51 0 1 9 72 0 0 9 85 0 0 4 58 0 1 8 71

4.0 to 4.9 281 290 536 541 284 345 346 366 432 288 647 3.0 to 3.9 917 842 15351303136214751213113714861492 3581 2.0 to 2.9 660 646 1228704 133617381145117315732379 4121 1.0 to 1.9 0 0.1 to 0.9 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 1 0 2 0 7 1 13 11 0 22 13 0 20 26 1 14 36 0 12

No Magnitude415 434 507 333 540 73 Total

234222613876294635503685278327913618 4262 8477

The chart on the left shows the figures I receive received in January 2011 from the Earthquake Fact and Statistics page of the USGS, and the chart resulting after removing the confusing “no magnitude quakes” and calculating only from Magnitude 1. The figures now given(from May 6 2011) show in fact an even larger increase! 2342 in 2000, 2261 in 2001, 3876 in 2002, 2946 in 2003, 3550 in 2004, 3685 in 2005, 2783 in 2006, 2791 in 2007, 3618 in 2008 and 4262 in 2009 to 8477 in 2010 the increase is almost exactly DOUBLE!!! 8477 is more than the 8149 I recorded in my graph on the left! The increase is of course even more profound if one subtracts the hundreds of no magnitude quakes given. This year in the USA seems to be beginning even worse, already between April 10 2011 and the time of writing, over 400 earthquakes have ver occurred in Nevada, USA, ranging from magnitude 1.0 to magnitude 4.6 and many other areas in the USA are swarming swarming. The last year noticed discrepancies between earthquakes, as given by the government funded USGS and those given by a few still independent local seismic recorders On the recorders. right a search for earthquakes a around Beebe, Arkansas, after an unexplained falling of over 1000 birds from the sky and an equally unexplained swarm of earthquakes in the area, showed that USGS had discontinued their data from July 2010. Another very disturbing case was picked up on when the USGS removed a swarm of larger earthquakes that had occurred over Yellowstone Super-volcano, yet they didn’t volcano, wipe their tracks completely clean as they were still recorded by one server at Yellowstone (as Dutchsinse notedxxvii). Right: increase in earthquakes in a circular uakes search area near the town of Beebe in Arkansas and close to the New Madrid Fault

Line. My main thought about these earthquake swarms is that they are of volcanic nature. O.K. so you think that what happens in the USA doesn’t need to affect you or Great Britain? Well Great Britain has fewer quakes than most places, yet nevertheless there have been 11 significant quakes recorded in the last five years between 2005 and 2010 in the UK. That’s a lot for the UK, in fact it is about TEN times the normal number of significant quakes, when the average works out to be only about 1 earthquake in a five year period over the last 200 years! Already this year, to April 2011, the UK has had another three earthquakes, (one of which - a 3.5 - was in the English Channel), where 1 significant earthquake in a five year period would be the norm! So Great Britain is having many more quakes than usual too, seemingly more than ever beforexxviii. However, there are other reasons why your home town may be affected by earthquakes. One of these is the danger of tsunami, and tsunamis are also on the increase of course. Already three Decembers in the last seven have caused earthquakes with a tsunami warning and some level of a tsunami waves: 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean, 26 December 2006 in Taiwan, and 21 December 2010, Bonin Isles, Japan. Both the earthquakes and tsunamis can affect Great Britain also because the lands they occur in may also be covered in atomic plants! In December 2006 the Taiwan earthquake led to an emergency shut-down of three plants with some difficulties in one of the plants. Japan is particularly endangered and has a long history of destructive quakes and tsunamis and as Amory Lovins put it: “An earthquake and tsunami zone crowded with 127 million people is an unwise place for 54 reactors”xxix Damage occurred already between 2005 and 2007 in three Japanese nuclear plants, the latest being the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant. The accident was also caused by an earthquake. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also expressed concern back in 2008, that even an earthquake with a magnitude above 7.0 could pose a 'serious problem' for Japan's nuclear power stations. Yet have you heard that they have forbidden Japan to build more, or to use these plants that are inadequate to deal with a magnitude 7 quake?? I certainly havnt, and all the Japanese authorities seem to be concerned with is how long it will take to rebuild and carry on – what a trap man has fallen into! It is interesting that exactly one moon cycle after the magnitude 9 earthquake on March 11, the next largest earthquake occurred – a magnitude 7.4 on April 7th, again the tables shook in the high rise offices, the building swayed, tsunami warnings sounded and the people rushed out and up the nearest hills. The Moon was in the same place in the heavens to about 1°. How many warnings do we need? I have more evidence that earthquakes are connected to the heavenly aspects and especially to the Galactic Centre, which is important to convince you that the next years and particularly December 2012 could really bring the most serious disasters involving earthquakes with consequent tsunamis, AND fallout! As I said the Sun crosses the Galactic Centre each December, the Sun and the Galactic Centrexxx are most exactly conjunct on December 19 each yearxxxi. Disasters and earthquakes especially in December increased as Pluto also moved to conjunct the Galactic Centre in 2002. Pluto, named after the god of the Underworld and associated with endings and major transformations, will remain conjunct the GC until about 2014.

Surely if I can show you there has been an increase specifically in this one month, when the Sun crosses over the area of the heavens in which the Galactic Centre is placed each Decemberxxxii, this is irrefutable evidence that the Galactic Centre is involved? What do you think? Here is the graph from the December data of the last 18 years given by the United States Geological Survey, and it shows a major increase in the last nine years, since Pluto began to conjunct the Galactic Centre. In the nine years from 1993 to 2001 there was just one historically significant earthquake in the whole nine year period. So you can see that just the last eighteen years, nine before and nine after, there has been a sudden and phenomenal increase in historically significant earthquakes in one month - in December! I placed my bets that the increased number of quakes in December would continue back in 2005, and I have been right for five years, will you now join me in suspecting that the next couple of years could produce equally bad, if not worse earthquakes? There is no recorded period in history with a similar peak of earthquakes occurring in this one month. It shows no signs of abating, with December 2012 – the month of the Mayan Prophecy just around the corner. 2010 produced more than ever before – a monstrous SEVEN earthquakes given by the USGS as historically significant! There have never been seven significant earthquakes recorded in one December. If you say it is because we have more instruments than in the past, the suddeness of the peaking between the nine years before 2002 and the now nine years from and after 2002 when Pluto began his conjunction, is not explained. Just look at the difference in the chart above! Below is an older chart of a 200 year period showing the significant earthquakes in December, I made it at the beginning of 2010 with USGS data showing the increase from 1800 to 2009, and had placed a question mark for 2010, 11 and 12. Now I can add the year 2010 in red. Before this time the largest number of historic earthquakes were 3 in one year in the mid 1950s, never 7, and never did the period of increased earthquake activity in the one month last more than a span of two to three years, where this one has now lasted FOR NINE! The Galactic Centre and Pluto were also involved in the earlier peaks, so that the mid 1950s showed Pluto trine the Galactic Centre. And those first four quakes in the 1800s were caused by the New Madrid earthquakes when Pluto squared the Galactic Centre.

As if giving us another warning about what may come in future Decembers, it was the full Moon opposition the Galactic Centre and the Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre that triggered another large earthquake on the 21st December 2010. There were the same solar and lunar aspects as had caused the 9.3xxxiii earthquake on 26 December 2004, for this same heavenly configuration between Sun, Moon, Earth and Galactic Centre produced a large earthquake over magnitude 7 with small tsunami in southern Japan by the Bonin Isles on that date. Hardly anyone seems to me to want to admit that YES this is serious, this is far beyond chance! The warning quakes over the last nine years have been large enough and were often deadly and a great number have clustered near the solstice time or just after. On 26 December 2003 an earthquake in which 43,000 people were said to have died occurred in Bam, Iran. How much worse does it need to get? We have one more December to go before December 2012 and December 2013 is still a possibility. We should be at maximum alert now as all this intensifies. While I was writing my book I also recorded that the Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre was not the only option to cause earthquakes, Every year I noted how the largest and deadliest quakes occurred with the Sun either conjunct, or opposite or square to the Galactic Centre. Fukushima occurred as the Sun was square to the Galactic Centre.

Fukishima occurred as the Sun was in 20° Pisces just beginning a square aspect to the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagitttarius. Other bodies close to the Sun reinforced the square with also T squared the galactic axis.

Even Fukishima could be a warning that would save life if it would get people moving out of the most endangered zones. Of course its not just the coming earthquakes. Some are concerned about the return of a comet, or comet like planet in 2012, while others fear that a star in the constellation Orion is about to go Supernova. There is also the possibility of some kind of polar shift, perhaps triggered by the Sun. 2012-2013 will also bring a sun spot maximum that many scientists are worried aboutxxxiv,

Images of solar flares credit: NASA

Magnetic storms could fry our electrics and if they are not repaired fast enough then th could this be another reason for nuclear disaster: nuclear plants will not be cooled and will go into uclear meltdown as well. We have also had solar anomalie in December. In December 2006, an enormous wave swep anomalies swept over the entire solar surface. Minutes later a tsunami-like shockwave erupt from an Earthlike erupted size sunspot. That particular storm didn't have a major impact on E Earth, but if turned the right way, it certainly could, as Rena Marie Pacella warned in an article from May 2007 2007.

The solar activity may have a number of other effects including triggering volcanoes to erupt erupt. Will Hart and others have noticed a correlation between sun spot peaks and volc volcanic eruptions. Even without such a solar peak activity, that some fear could be the largest ever in 2012 to 2013, the volcanoes are becoming steadily more active. The last year of 2010 produced another big advance in their awakening as I had predicted i my in article “2010 the Year of the Volcano” in which I foresaw an awakening of the volcanoes in 2010 and especially in the spring ecially of that year when the S entered Sun Aries. It was indeed exactly the day that the Sun entered Aries – 20 March – that the Icela volcano, called Iceland Eyjafjallajökull, Eyjafjallajökull began erupting. As the Moon joined the Sun in the s fire sign of Aries on 14 April the volcano went into phase 2 of its eruption, grounding planes all over Europe. This involvement of the fire sign Aries can be shown to have been involved in the worst volcanic eruptions in history, when the heavenly bodies in Aries are also aspecting the Galactic Centre. Uranus will be squaring the Galactic Centre and Pluto all the time from Aries in the next couple of years. Uranus entered Aries in 2010 so I knew that they wozuld awaken. ed

I wrote a lot about volcanoes in my first book after discovering that not just Uranus and Aries out were involved with volcanic eruptions but nearly all the Pluto conjunctions with the Galactic Centre every c. 250 years, for the last 2000 years, seemed to have brought major volcanic eruptions. Often these volcanic eruptions semed to have been the main cause of a period of plagues settling on the mid northern latitudes. Richard B. Stothers found at least five cases where within one to five years of a major volcanic five episode the climate was affected and plagues were the result. This was particular obvious in the catastrophic Sixth century where Krakatau is thought to have erupted and blocked the sunlight. h A number of volcanoes and even super super-volcanoes, both in the northern hemisphere, like Iceland misphere, and Alaska, Japan, Italy and the USA, have shown signs of awakening in the last years. USA, Just imagine the cloud of poisonous volcanic AND atomic fumes travelling all around the northern hemisphere after a few more earthqu earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred! Then it may amis really be as in the Biblical Revelations …

The article written in June 2009 “2010 the Year of the Volcano” also made a number of correct predictions about other disaster increasing, disasters telling of things like increasing riots, they certainly did increase as you see on the right they almost tripled! I also included in that article as well as in my book the predicton that a large earthquake and tsunami would be triggered on December 21 2010. I made the prediction also the front page picture of the article “Galactic Tsunami Alignment Solstice 2010” showing the line up of wing Full Moon, Earth, Sun and Galactic Centre that would occur on that day! I did not expect it would be deadly as there was no powerful bow and aspect pointing at the Galactic Centre and Pluto as there had been in 2004, but I wanted to make my point that this was the cause, and it should have worked… perhaps it would work better with my own TV show and a lot of money invested in the idea. 2010 the Year of the Volcano is perhaps not one of my best articles but it is one of my most read with read, 22,000 reads and 261 downloads from altogether 137,180 reads of my 79 articles that I began to place in 2009 on Scribd. 2010 really was the year when the volcanoes awoke, the news was full of them, also volcanic earthquake swarms occurred in many places like Yellowstone. s I could add a long list given elsewhere of volcanoes en as they awoke month for month through that ke eventful year of 2010. On Facebook I greeted the New Year with a volcanic firework image I created, knowing what we would be seein very seeing soon. Some people from Indonesia joined me on Facebook after hearing my predictions and as Mount eople Merapi erupted in October.

January 19 the National Geographic published an article about the increased earthquake activity in Yellowstone, that included a swarm of quakes beginning December 26, 2008, and lasting to January 8, 2009, ie the time the Galactic Centre was conjunct the Sun. Some 900 earthquakes occurred in the area around Yellowstone Lake. The last two years have also produced some swarms, and since 2004 the ground is bulging. Last year as also late in April this year the Tungurahua “Throat of Fire” volcano in Ecuador, South America, had a large eruption. This April an orange alert affecting 25,000 people. As I still havn’t published or sent this article on May 3 a Facebook friend sends me the news that the Shiveluch volcano in Russia is now spewing ash 6000 m high (over 18,000 feet?) in the air! A number of volcanoes in Russia have become active again. The only place in the world I have not heard of earthquakes and volcanic awakenings, (maybe I missed something?) And where there is only one atomic plant, as far as I am aware, is South Africa. Wikipedia lists two volcanoes for South Africa, but only one has been active in recent history back in the 19th century and it is on Marion Island far out to sea toward the Antarctic. Right: Live Internet Seismic Server of the United States Geological Survey recording seismic activity all over the globe on 21st to 22nd December 2010 as the Sun was conjunct and Full Moon eclipse opposite the Galactic Centrexxxv

On my website I connect 2012 to a volcanic story. I see 2012 as about the fall and rise, or return of a central volcanic mountain that has been here before and whose loss was connected to the loss of the land that we know through Plato as “Atlantis”.

I see all the earthquakes and the beginnings of volcanic activity as signs of that coming return. Volcanoes really do erupt as regularly as clockwork, one just has to be able to read the heavenly clock to understand when that will be, the longest ages were read using the galactic arm of the clock. The world volcano fell half a Great Year ago and is due to rise again now. The truth does not have to be what we wish it to be, to be nevertheless true, but if we listen to it and attempt to align ourselves and adapt we may have better chances of survival than if we choose to remain ignorant. In 2010 the Year of the Volcano a number of other correct predictions are made. I claimed 2010 would be the most disastrous year so far and according to a number of articles 2010 was dubbed the “year of disaster”. However, back to the earthquakes. Apart from the large earthquake on 21 December 2010, another earthquake occurred on the 21 December 2010 in the UK as well. The 21st was the only one in the UK noted as significant but between the 14th December 2010 and the 3rd January 2011, the very time the Sun was in orb of the Galactic Centre, there were seven earthquakes registered altogetherxxxvi. The earthquakes began swarming all over the globe from December to January, and especially on that winter solstice from 21st t0 22nd , as the Live Seismic Server of the USGS held on record (see above right). In fact Russian scientists and NASA noted that the core of the Earth had actually shiftedxxxvii. Not only did the earthquakes increase as generally predicted, I also predicted the exact dates of a large number of the worst earthquakes in in 2010. Even those earthquakes and other disasters I did not predict I could nevertheless easily explain according to my model - my laughable “galactic astrology”. So I predicted for instance the most deadly Haiti Earthquake of January 12

2010xxxviii when the Moon was conjunct the Galactic Centre, and to save you from a long and boring list which Im sure would not hol your attention, (I’ll add some details in the hold xxxix appendix ) I also predicted the Magnitude 7.4 New Zealand Earthquake on September 3 2010 (UTC) in the article entitled

“A Possible Disaster on September 3 2010 and Galactic Astrology A Astrology”
I began the article by writing: “The most likely source of a major disaster , seen from the perspective of my recently discovered The “Galactic Astrology would be an earthquake.” Galactic Astrology” In an earlier article I also suggested the liklihood and the correct latitude and longitude. I also wrote in 2009 about the liklihood of major earthquakes striking New Zealand in the near future Earthquake in New Zealand: strong likelihood of a Coming Disaster The earthquake on 3rd September 2010 occurred with the Moon opposite the Galactic Centre. opposite This was the 530 page book I wrote about my diiscovery that can be bought through L ery Lulu.com or Amazon.com.

THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December

Of course the Mayans and other ancient cultures also knew this age would end w with massive earthquakes thousands of years ago, they knew about the Galactic Centre. It is not strictly true that the Spanish destroyed everything they found there, some of the higher priests recognized yed that they were telling the same story and merely added their books to their extensive libraries, as had so often been the case. We are talking in fact about the remnants of a very ancient global prophecy that has been largely hidden away. The Bible too is largely a prophecy about a terrible

end coming in the future. Revelation told of it and Jesus too told his disciples as they asked him ciples in Matthew 24 of the great earthquakes that would shake the Earth at the End of this Age or Eon. The Mesoamerican cultures also knew that each age was destroyed by its ruler and the Mayans ach knew this age was ruled by earth (calling it 4 Caban). The Aztecs called the Age – Ollin that can be translated as “Sun of Earthquake”. The last age before ours was destroyed by a Great Flood and was the Age of Rain, over 500 cultures seem to still share memories of that Great Flood. Well Mum, at first you tried to follow me, as I began writing, that was kind of you. You read t some early sections of my book Even though you had much rather seen me oing something more cheerful. You hoped the future would be positive, but have you not experienced your own share of positive, disasters in the last years? Is the world faring any better in terms of disasters? s You may see my point about the earthquakes but are there any other reasons why London or earthquakes, even the Northern Hemisphere in general might be a less fortunate spot to live around 2012 than certain areas in the Southern Hemisphere? I know how you dislike the Cold! Despite all the talk of Global Warming I warned in my book and in articles that the Northern espite Hemisphere was on the verge of an Ice Age he Age. OK this may sound rather funny now, when as you read this the thermometer is probably climbing up the wall and the news is of fires, draught and heatwave! Yet still I sa say we are on the verge of the Big Shift which will be instigated with the help of changes in the Gulf Stream and volcanic eruptions. Remember back to last December 2010 the MET the British meterological office measured the coldest December since records began It was part of my discovery gan. of the affects of the Galactic Centre (the Mayans called it the Dark Rift) moving near to alignment with the Winter Solstice, something that occurs once in one Great Year (or c. 26,000 years)xl. The last two winters have been extraordinarily cold or snow en laden in much of the Northern Hemisphere, also in England. In January 2009 Great Britain looked like this: Snow Across Britain on Midday 7th January 2010. Credit NASA/GSFC

Even parts of the sea froze over. North America suffered perhaps even more than Britain from North the extraordinarily and often record breaking cold and snow in the last two winters winters.

A new satellite map by the government agency NOAA shows the extent of the snow blanketing a vast area from the west coast of Cana to eastern China at the beginning of February 2011xli xlii Canada

50 US states were covered in snow last winter and 49 the year before. Changes in the Gulf 0 . Stream are occurring which was aided by the Deepwater Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year. One funny person claimed the Ice Age was not Coming it was already here! The Gulf Stream weakened, was disrupted broke and divided with much of it moving now no disrupted, longer over Great Britain and Europe to keep them warm but turning south over Africa where er deserts have begun to be flooded with rain as in Namibia. A massive climate shift is occurring. rain, Even places one doesn’t associate with cold like Hawaii and India got snow last winter. Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian clairvoyant also known as “The Blind Prophetess” She predicted lso Prophetess”. for 2011 showers of nuclear fallout in the northern hemisphere affecting loss of animals and vegetation. By 2014 Most people will suffer skin cancer and other skin diseases and by 2016 Europe will be almost emptyxliii. The famous “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce predicted around the new millennium a shift in dgar the world's axis leading to inundations of many coastal regions, caused by a drop in the landmass of about 30 feet combined, a melting of both polar ice caps, and the loss of much of dmass England and Japanxliv.

Is it possible that England could sink?
In case you think it unlikely that England could be affected in a similar way to Japan, there has been some concern that England is in fact sinking. In October 2009 the Telegraph brought an article entitled “England is sinking while Scotland rises above sea levels, according to new study” Scotland

How high is London above sea level? Depending on where it is measured that ranges from about 30 feet above sea level to 157 feet, which of course is nothing. The Thames Barrier was built to protect the city against a gradual rise in sea levels caused by global warming. It is having to close much more often than planned and the level of protection is quite inadequate to protect against a large tsunami wave. On the night of July 9, 1958 an earthquake along the Fairweather Fault in the Alaska Panhandle loosened some rock which fell, causing a tsunami wave 1720 feet tall in Lituya Bay, Alaska. That was the time when Pluto trined the Galactic Centre, and there were similar aspects in the heavens to 2012. I have included the chart ad more details in my book. In deeper history there is evidence of even higher waves, according to some theories the worst tsunami imaginable could be caused by a shift of the crust of the earth (Charles Hapgood – this theory is used in the Roland Emmerich film “2012”, which might generate a “much larger” tsunami. The film about 2012 is very positive, in a way; it includes nothing about the effects of nuclear reactors going into meltdown and all the stored Plutonium being released… Even a holiday home in a safer zone of the southern hemisphere could reduce the 2012 worry. In fact we could take all the disasters occurring particularly in the northern hemisphere recently like the extreme cold weather in some places in the last few winters, as a positive warning to fly south. In the year 2012 there will be aspects similar to December 2004 but they will go on for much longer suggesting a whole series of recurring disasters, especially earthquakes. From October 2011 there will be a bow between Saturn and Neptune pointing at the Galactic Centre, Solstice and Pluto area. At the same time Uranus will be T squaring the galactic axis. This will bring many more disasters than the relatively short lived aspects between Jupiter and Neptune that helped to cause the Indian Ocean Earthquake in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina. In 2013 Jupiter will shoot an arrow in the bow pointing at the solstice area. In September 543 AD an earthquake occurred that shook the whole world according to a number of encyclopediasxlv This time in the sixth century was most similar to this period around 2012, and they didn’t have nuclear reactors! I believe that major shifts occurred between 12,900 and 11, 600 years ago as noted by geologists, it destroyed a high civilization of which only occult traces have been kept alive by secret brotherhoods and priesthoods. The end result of the catastrophic period was a rising of sea levels and a warming of the northern hemisphere, the ancient civilization was brought to its knees and chaos reigned for a long while, only a few left in time as “Atlantis” was swallowed up by the sea in a likely volcanic episode in a day and a night. Now we have come to the place that high civilization once reached - the process is reversing and the end result of this present shift will be a freezing over of much of the northern hemisphere that will be sent back into a Great Winter sleep. In new areas that have lain under ice and snow and beneath the seas in the equatorial zones and in the southern hemisphere a new Earth will rise. Yet I do not think that many living in the northern hemisphere will live to see that new Golden Age.



Credit given was Public Domain, image slightly intensified, original likely from the US Navy.

Between January 1st 2011 and April 30 2011 there have been 688 earthquakes of a medium-large moment magnitude of 5 or over within a 1000 km radius of 37° N and 140° E which is the main epicenter of the Japan earthquakes.



JAPAN IS SINKING.. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG EVACUATE NOW ( UPDATE) www.youtube.com Original video: http://www.youtube.com/user/pimpnoddy This video illustrate old and new regarding Japans fate. dont be confused. There is no room for denial. The Empire of Japan is on its last breath.

http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/04/24/unreleased-tepco-videos-photos-japan-fukushima-nuclearreactor-20014/ v http://hken.ibtimes.com/articles/132419/20110408/japan-warns-of-massive-earthquake-and-volcanicexplosion-after-the-april-7-earthquake.htm vi http://volcanism.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/twenty-indonesian-volcanoes-ready-to-erupt/ Volcano News - John Seach A large earthquake (mag 6.2) occurred under Mt Fuji Volcano, Japan on 15th March at 10:31 pm, local time. The epicentre was located 7 km SSW of the summit.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Satta_yukei.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Fuji ix http://boingboing.net/2011/03/12/japan-fukushima-oper.html x http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_power_in_Japan xi Four different major tectonic plates meet at Japan. Additionally the HERP report contains information on 98 major crustal faults, 178 minor crustal faults, and 47 subduction-zone segments in and around Japan.


Rheinisches Institut für Umweltforschung an der Universität zu Köln

http://www.eurad.uni-koeln.de/ xiii http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/weather/news/fukushima?VAR=zamg xiv A “purpose” behind all this contamination is suggested in Leuren Moret’s video.
xv xvi

NILU = Norwegian Institute for Air Research

Taken by Rudolph Botha on 21 October 2006and released to the Public Domain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Amphitheatre_Drakensberg.jpg xvii http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:360-degree_Panorama_of_the_Southern_Sky_edit.jpg xviii The bull’s horn El Nath is the closest star to the Galactic Anti Centre – the Bulls’s head is in front of OrionÄs club, which he raises as if to club it.

This is a subject that is too complex to continue here but is the subject of my second book “ATLANTISMERU RISING.” If I am granted time to finish it ;) xx I mention this elsewhere, in my book, on my website etc… xxi In the Capuchin church of Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome, 1636. xxii http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_winter xxiii The Galactic Centre, as we see it as being at the black hole in Sagittarius A, is not exactly on the ecliptic of the Sun’s path, which is where we measure the winter solstice, so the Galactic Centre and Solstice markers do not make an exact conjunction, but the end of the galactic axis containing the Galactic Centre does cross the ecliptic and in fact has already been most exactly conjunct in 1998. A number of events did occur in 1998: according to some scientists global warming ended in that year and a global cooling set in…and so on. Yet only around 2012 are the planetary aspects supportive of a larger event.











xxv xxvi

I wrote about this in more detail in Chapter 4 of my book. http://www.gdacs.org/
PROOF! YELLOWSTONE earthquakes being censored ! UNDENIABLE SCANDAL !


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_earthquakes_in_the_United_Kingdom Wikipedia.org nuclear power in Japan xxx at Sagittarius A (the black hole). xxxi the Galactic Centre is not calculated as quite centrally placed on the galactic axis but the galactic axis itself is already just past its exact conjunction with the winter solstice, having made its most exact alignment in 1998 according to astronomers. xxxii The Sun passes most exactly over the Galactic Centre on December 19 of each year but there is a wide orb of influence from at least mid December on into early January. xxxiii Combined agencies gave 9.3 to the Indian Ocean Earthquake, only USGS stuck by 9.1. xxxiv http://peakoil.com/enviroment/worldwide-nuclear-meltdown/ xxxv http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml xxxvi I am afraid here I don’t have the data source from the adapted graph created. I only know that a few of the earthquakes were magnitude 3 and over. xxxvii http://reinep.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/russian-scientists-are-reporting-that-the-earth%E2%80%99score-has-experienced-a-mysterious-shifting/


Evidence for instance in a review of my book written by Wllard Van De Bogart. Here are a few of the major events of 2010 connected by aspects of the Moon and Sun alone to the Galactic Centre with a following graph that contains more details. On January 12 2010 Moon conjunct Galactic Centre caused M 7 earthquake in Haiti with large damages and fatalities. On February 27 2010 nearly Full Moon in exact trine (120°) to the GC caused M 8.8 earthquake – largest of year with large damages and fatalities. On March 8 2010 Moon conjunct the Galactic Centre caused an M 6.3 earthquake in Turkey with fatalities. On March 20 2010 Sun square the Galactic Centre – a volcano in Iceland awakens On April 4 2010 Moon conjunct the Galactic Centre caused the Baja Earthquake, on California-Mexico border, a magnitude 7.2. On April 14 Moon and Sun in exact conjunction and exact trine to the Galactic Centre caused Yushu earthquake China with c 2,700 fatalities and Iceland volcano went into phase 2 eruption causing planes to be grounded all over Europe. On April 19, with Moon opposite GC and Sun exactly trine the GC, a 5.7 earthquake hit Afghanistan with damages and 11 fatalities. April 30 –May 1, Moon conjunct GC, 2 large earthquakes M 6 and over and a “Thousand Year Flood” in Tennessee. c. May 15, Moon opposite GC, worst flooding in Poland in 200 years. May 29, 3 volcanoes erupting and Storm Agatha in Guatemala, c. 300 fatalities, sinkhole after appears. June 12 Moon and Sun conjunct and opposite the GC caused a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Nicobar Isles. Great number of floods as Sun moved through the Milky Way opposite the GC in June


June 26 Full Moon conjunct GC, Sun opposite, three storms around Central America appeared, one became first hurricane of season, very early. Two earthquakes in Indonesian area, originally M 6.3 Java and 6.9 Solomon Isles. July Moon opposite GC M 6.3 earthquake Marianne Isles. July 23, Moon conjunct Galactic Centre, three earthquakes of over M. 7 in Moro Gulf, Phillippines. And so on… as shown below.

It is usually suggested that the Great Year lasts between about 25,776 and 25,920 years though I think precession is more variable and the Great Year is actually shorter – closer to 25,000 years). World of two halves! Map shows most of Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and ice. By Daily Mail Reporter. Last updated at 11:00 AM on 3rd February 2011. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1353073/Winter-storm-Map-shows-NorthernHemisphere-covered-snow-ice.html#ixzz1KcU3T3QI



xliii xliv

The word used as lonely but interpreted as empty. Read more: religion.com/Paranormale/Prophecies/edgar_cayce_prophecies.htm#ixzz1L6JjNQlC xlv I first noted this in my „Encyclopaedia of Dates and Events” Edited by L.C. Pascoe


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