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Grade 1D - Weekly Planner

Week 30 - 7th May 2011

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Math Science Art Art English: Phonics Qur'an English: Spelling Arabic

Chapter 10 Lesson 5
Chapter 12 Lesson 3 Phonics & Spelling
Estimating and Practice Book 1.2
What tools can you use Qur'an Practice Book Arabic
Measuring with Art Art Long i: ie, igh
to make dinner? ‫القران الكريم‬ Long i: ie, igh ‫الغة العربية‬
Centimeters Page 93
Pages 348-351 Pages 86-87
Pages 375-376

P.E. I.T. Math Science English: Reading & Comprehension Social Studies Arabic
Reading Street 4:
Chapter 8 Lesson 1 The lady in the moon

Chapter 10 Lesson 6 Chapter 12 Lesson 4 For A Better World

what is a Database? Pages 102-117
Understanding How do builders get Chapter 3 Introduction Arabic
P.E. Opening the Database
Perimeter wood for a house? Around the World ‫الغة العربية‬
program Comprehension:
Pages 377-378 Pages 352-355 Pages 24-25
page 116-117 Practice book 1.2
Page 94
Qur'an Science English: Grammar Arabic Math English: HFW Islamic Studies (English) Social Studies

Practice book 1.2

For A Better World
Chapter 16 Chapter 10 Lesson 7 above, eight, laugh, Chapter 28
Qur'an Chapter 12 Arabic Chapter 3 Lesson 1
Color, size & shape Look back and Check moon, touch, poems, Kindness to parents
‫القران الكريم‬ Lessons 3 & 4 Review ‫الغة العربية‬ What is a Globe?
Pages 153-154 Pages 379-380 treasures Pages 141-144
Pages 26-27
Pages 96-97

Arabic Arabic Math Science I.T. English: Grammar English: Phonics Handwriting

Chapter 10 Lesson 8
Chapter: 4 Lesson 1 What
Estimating, Measuring Chapter 12 Adding Details & Practice Book 1.2
Arabic Arabic Are the Internet and the Writing m, n, p, r
and Comparing Lesson 3 & 4 Synonyms kn/n/ and wr/r/
‫الغة العربية‬ ‫الغة العربية‬ Web? Pages 114-117
Capacity Game Review Pages 155-156 Page 95
page 62
Pages 383-384

Math English: Spelling Test Islamic Studies (English) Library P.E. Arabic Islamiyat (Arabic)

Spelling test on:

Chapter 10 Lesson 9 Library / Activities
lie, tie, high, might, right, Chapter 28 Arabic Islamiyat
Cups, pints and Quarts session. P.E.
night, bright, light, pie, Review ‫الغة العربية‬ ‫ توحيد‬/ ‫فقه‬
Pages 385-386 Includes show and tell.
tight, above, laugh
Grade 1D My Homework Week Commencing 7th May 2011

Spelling Test on Wednesday 11th May 2011 Please memorise the spelling of these words for a written spelling test:

lie, tie, high, might, right, night, bright, light, pie, tight, above, laugh

English: Phonics and spelling practice book,

Saturday pages 85 & 88. Science: Science Workbook Page 128A.
Math: Math Workbook, page 119.

English: Phonics book 1.2, page 108.

Sunday Science: Science Workbook Page 129A. Math: Math Workbook, page 120.

English: Harcourt Language Workbook

Social Studies: For a Better World Workbook Pages WB 17 &
Monday Pages 49 & 50.
WB 18.
Math: Math Workbook, pages 121.

English: Phonics book 1.2, page 109.

Math: Math Workbook, page 122.

English: Harcourt Language Workbook

Wednesday Pages 51 & 52.
Math: Math Workbook, page 123.