A Letter from Lisa Romanek

Hello friends. My name is Lisa Romanek. In light of how many people are following me on Scribd, I figured, it was time to write an article of introduction. OK, so in all honesty,I thought I only had maybe six people following me, turns out I have 245. So this letter is for all of you, who I am blessed to be able to call friends. Many of you know my husband Stan, but few know me. For those who follow Ufology, the name Stan Romanek is a familiar one.For those who don t, here is an introduction. My husband began having contact with extraterrestrial beings in December 2000. A full two years before I married him. Now, you may be wondering why in the world did I marry him. Was he 1) crazy, 2) an out-right liar, or 3) an alien abductee. Or better yet, 3) a lonely fella who needed attention. Well, my answer, is: Because he was cute! He wasn t crazy, and he s not a liar, but of course he did need attention, what man doesn t? UFO sightings and alien abductions have been a frequent occurrence in our lives for the past ten years. Stan was not a believer in UFOs let alone aliens. I on the other hand, being smart, and a woman . never doubted for a second that aliens are real. But in September 2001, Stan got a wake-up call as he stood face to face with three aliens, who quickly and easily removed him from the safety of his apartment. His reality bubble, shattered. He found himself attached to a wall, in a strange blue lit room devoid of anything familiar. At first, I thought he was whack-a-doodle, too. My boyfriend, was an abductee, really? Come on, give me a break. My doubt only lasted about a second; the proof

is in the evidence, not in the story. Stan shares his harrowing accounts of alien contact in his book, Messages: The Worlds Most Documented Extraterrestrial ContactStory, published in 2009 by Llewellyn publishing. But his story isn t only about UFO sightings and claims of abductions. His experiences has been validated by scientific testing on physical evidence, photographic and video documentation as well as verified by 100 s of witnesses who have been with Stan as many of these events took place. In 2008, my life and that of my children became an open book. Stan was not the only one to feel the effects of his appearance on Larry King Live, and many other well-known T.V. programs, and became a UFO household name. After that, the proverbial cat was out of the bag. Once let lose, it couldn t be stuffed back in and ignored. You just can t say, oh I saw an alien in the window on national television, and expect to hide away in the corner that had for eight years been out safety. Then the worst possible thing happened. An outpouring of love, appreciation, approval, and support letters as well as hate mail began pouring in. How is that the worst possible thing? Well, because after that, Stan would not shut up. He knew people were ready to hear what he had to say! So, spurred on in spite of the negative critics, Stan began speaking at conferences, outside of Colorado. I am not a brave public speaker, but I

contribute comedy relief to Stan s presentation. I try very hard not read nor to feed into the Negative Nancy s type blogs, but it is hard. I want people to like me, and Stan. I understand that a lot of the hatefulness and disbelief that has been directed at us, was done out of fear, and not knowing the whole story.

The rest of the story is finally being told on many levels. Stan has written two more books, and I have written one as well. I figure, if he can tell his story to help abductees, then I can damn well share mine to help the spouses of abductees. Stan s mind boggling contact with these extraterrestrial beings continues, even today. We have just observed the tenth anniversary of his first encounter. With the latest contacts occurring on April 23rd and 24th, 2011. Stan began working with, R. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D. a well-known counseling psychologist and hypnotherapist, in 2006. Stan s second book, The Orion Regressions, published by DreamSpeaker Creations, LLC, 2011, is the complete transcribed collection of those regression sessions where an extraterrestrial being, who shares his knowledge not only with Stan, but through him, with a profound message, This, message is for everyone. Why me? As Stan s struggled to answer this, his most daunting personal question, the answer was bigger than he could have imagined. Its implications more far reaching than anyone could have dreamed. He is a messenger.Answers: The Worlds Most Documented contact Story Continues, addresses the worldwide concerns around 2012 and planetary calamity, drawing from actual experiences of Stan Romanek with ETs giving him glimpses of the future of planet Earth.Stan is not alone in his journey. Stan s journey involves the entire world. The information he shares, affects all of humanity on a level that will raise you to the heights of heaven itself. Is there an ET agenda? Who was behind his abductions? What did they want with him? And why have Black Ops been so bent on shutting him up? What threat could he possibly pose? We now find out.

As Stan s wife, I, too, have written a book, and it will come out this summer as well. From My Side of The Bed. Pulling Back the Covers on Extraterrestrial Contact: A Souse s Point Of View, is a true account of extraterrestrial contact but for the first time

from a spouse s point of view. I address deep and biting questions that have rarely been addressed in public dialog all the while taking you on my journey as an abductee s wife. Families are being torn apart by the trauma, shame, and stress of discovering their lives have been invaded by uninvited "guests" who seem to be ignorant of the chaos they leave behind. From My Side of the Bed, unveils both the dirty secret and the profound implication of global transformation from an intimate, personal, humorous, yet hard-hitting exposé of what happens to the families of alien abductees. Are you ready to be a messenger? The most amazing events in human history are fast approaching our world. It has already begun my friends, so why wait for 2012 to accept the truth. Please buy the books. www.stanromanek.com