November 1998 –April 2008

By COL Leonard A. Blascovich, CAP Historian
“Give me some Men, who are stout hearted Men”

Background: In 1947 based upon the Civil Air Patrol cadet training program which required proficiency in standard drill "without arms". General Lucas V. Beau the National Commander instituted the National Drill Competition with rules set up by the U.S. Drill Competition Committee, United States Air Force Ceremonial Detachment located at Bolling AFB, Washington DC and current practices used by the Army ROTC program. Note: The first National Drill Competition was held in 1948, at Mitchel, AFB, Garden City, New York the winner was the team from New York Wing, the team Commander was SGT George Cohn, No award was given just a certificate and announcement in the CAP Weekly Bulletin. This New York team went on to represent CAP in the first International Drill Competition held in conjunction of the inauguration of New York’s Idwild International Airport, later to be changed to John F. Kennedy Airport Starting in 1949 the National Winners would receive the Colonel George A. Stone Memorial Trophy, donated in 1949 by Captain Frank Satenstein of the U.S. Drill Competition Committee staff, to be competed for annually. Winners may hold it until June 30 of the year following their victory. Smaller replicas were presented to the winners starting in 1950. The design was made by the Revere Silversmiths, Masochists it approximately XX inch diameter and xx inch high. The base is hallmarked Note: Colonel George Andress Stone, CAP 1902-1948, was the first Chairman of the CAP Board, August 1947 to August 1948 served as Ohio Wing Commander from 1942 to 1947. Colonel Stone was one of the authors plus an instrumental force in preparing and lobbing to get Public Law 476 passed. It was approved, and signed in to law by President Harry S. Truman on 1 July 1946. COL Stone was killed when he and the Ohio Wing Liaison Officer Captain Harry Lee King, USAF were leaving National Headquarters at Bolling AFB to return to Ohio when their airplane crashed just outside of Washington DC in August 1948. Colonel Stone and Captain King are buried in a common grave at Arlington National Cemetery the inscription on the headstone is "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die".

COL STONE NDC TROPHY 1998-2008 Page 1 Col Blascovich CAP/HO

YEAR 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 LOCATION Lowry AFB Hill AFB Andrews AFB Mitchel, AFB Mitchel, AFB Minneapolis-St. Paul AFB Clinton County AFB Amarillo AFB Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center CITY Denver Ogden Maryland Long Island Long Island Minneapolis Wilmington Amarillo New York New York New York STATE CO UT MD NY NY MI OH TX NY NY NY WINNER New Jersey Utah New York Puerto Rico New York Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Utah Hawaii New York Hawaii TEAM CAPTAIN SGT Arthur Barton CPT I. B. Abrams CPT Jorge Luis Montalvo CPT Andrew O'Rourke CPT Francisco Toledo CPT Samuel Colon 1LT Roy Cundick CPT David P. Kalani III CPT Henry Olynik CPT David P. Kalani III

The Col George A. Stone, CAP National Drill competition trophy was retired after the 1959 National Drill Competition. And currently resides in a display case at Civil Air Patrols National Headquarters Maxwell AFB, Montgomery Alabama. By the authors insistence it was displayed in 1994, and again in 1996 at National Cadet Competition awards ceremony held at Maxwell AFB. Note: The author has tried unsuccessfully to locate a miniatures’ Stone trophy that was presented but to no avail, it’s probably sitting in some ones china closet.

National Drill Competition Ribbon

Late In 1955, four new ribbons were designed by the Heraldic Branch, Office of the Quartermaster General, US Army. And approved as was notified by Weekly Bulletin No. 32, 23 August 1956. One of the four was the National Drill Competition Ribbon, a ribbon was now authorized for wear to show one’s participation as a team member, drill instructor, camp supervisor or escort in the CAP National Drill Competition. In October 1961 this ribbon was re designated as Special Activities Ribbon and a new one was selected from a sample submitted by S. Mitchell Military Supplies catalog National Drill Competition Ribbon (New) Oct 1961

The above ribbons and awards policy remained in effect until publication of CAP’s Monthly Bulletin No. 11, 18 November 1970 (Black Wednesday) I quote "In keeping with the CAP and USAF policy of a clean-line, uncluttered uniform, the National Commander BG Richard M. Ellis, USAF (Nov. 69 to Oct. 72) directed that we evaluate the excessive number of ribbons authorized for wear on the CAP uniform”. The Monthly Bulletin now established a maximum of 16 ribbons for cadets and 19 for seniors. It also removed all U.S. Military ribbons and ROTC ribbons from wear on the CAP uniform. The above two ribbons were stricken from CAP uniforms wear forever lost


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Col Blascovich CAP/HO

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