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Recon Platoon & LRRP Team

(MOS 113/11F4P/V/S)
Copy of card/pocket patch designed by Carley, Hatcher and Spickler (3rd
Scout Squad)

50 of these patches were designed, purchased and worn by Combat Jones in

May/June 1966...anyone having one please scan and email
Headquarters Section
Platoon Leader: MSG Donald Johnson, SSG Robert Grimes, Jr

Platoon Sergeant: MSG Donald D. Johnson, Ranger SFC Roger McDonald


Medic: PFC Charles Turner

1st Scout Squad

Squad Leader: SSG Robert Grimes, Jr. (Chinese Bandit 11)

Team Leader: SGT James Lester [KIA Nathan Hale], SGT Honorio Ramirez
[KIA Nathan Hale], SGT Robert L Hoskinson, Jr


Senior Scout: Donald Woods

Senior Scout: Robert Carriger

Senior Scout: SP4 Jacob H. Cunningham III [KIA]

Senior Scout: Charles E. Roberts

Senior Scout: Paul Sneed

Medic: Bill Hobday

2d Scout Squad
Squad Leader: SSG Terry W. Lawson, SGT Joe Musial (Chinese Bandit 12)

Team Leader: SGT Sam Brown, SGT Chuck Knott

RTO: Ted Hale

Senior Scout: SP4 Keijo Hyvonen

Senior Scout: Frank A. Bishop

Senior Scout: Ronald Watson

Senior Scout: Duke Barrett

Senior Scout: William Winchester (Special Forces Medic)

Senior Scout: John F. Dodds

Senior Scout: Eugene Brown

Senior Scout: Maurice Wellington

Senior Scout: King [KIA]

Senior Scout: Finney [KIA]

Senior Scout: Slater

Senior Scout: Rooney

Senior Scout: Mike Farnsworth

3d Scout Squad
Squad Leader: SSG Cele L. Blease, SGT Robert E. Locey, SGT Jerry Conners
(Chinese Bandit 13)

Team Leader: SP4 John Spickler, SGT Louis Sepulveda

RTO: Terry C. Stevens

Senior Scout (Point Man): SP4 Louis Tyler

Senior Scout (Point Man): PFC Gerdell Hall

Senior Scout (Rear Security) : SP4 Carlos R. Hatcher [KIA Bong Son]

Senior Scout (Machine Gunner): PFC Raymond Carley [KIA Nathan Hale]
Senior Scout: PFC David W. Hall

Senior Scout: Glen H Winnescheck

SeniorScout: Frank Cunningham (Rear Security and Point)

SeniorScout: Randall Campbell [KIA]

SeniorScout: Jose Hernandez