Worlds Within Meditation

By Allen Graih

To meditate is liken to a seed, taken from the hand of a gardener and planted to become a beautiful flower. The mind grows through meditation in this way. Nekisshi Nish Kawa – Spiritualist Vancouver 1979


I began to practice meditation in 1976, when in high school I became involved with a group of students that were into New Age spiritualism. My continued studies in Vancouver brought me to a greater understanding of this practice, and I have followed these methods successfully for over 25 years, although have continued searching for methods that would lead me to a deeper understanding of my own mind. In 2005 I took the Sheri Wade online meditation course which greatly added to the aspects of deepening my meditative practice. I remain one of her teachers. The techniques and teachings presented to you in this book will not only give a deeper insight into the practical aspects of meditation, but also show you methods that will allow you go deeper your own mind. It is an honour to begin a legacy of teacher to student, and to teach to you the methods benefits, and attitudes of meditation that have in so many ways deepened my spiritual existence, and improved my worldly life. --Allen Graih 2

Table of Contents

Introduction - 2 PART 1 - Introducing Meditation A Brief History - 9 Meditation Practice in the Western World - 10 The Reason we Meditate - 13 Two Popular Methods of Meditation - 15 The Point to Meditation - 18 Disregarding Ridicule - 20 Keeping to it - 22 Setting your Personal Goals - 23 Meditation as a Lifestyle - 26 Walking Meditation - 28 Grounding(Earth energy alignment) - 29 Cosmic Entities an Astral parasites - 30 Your Inner Voice - 33 Sleep Meditation - 34 World Access Meditation - 36 Energy Circulation(Chakras) - 37
Mind, Mouth, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sexual response nodes, Hands, Feet, Rooted energy center.

PART 2 - Practice and session Work Setting up your Space - 49 Equipment you will need - 50 Setting up a Schedule - 51

Actual Practice - 54 (image pages) Meditation Positions - Sukasana - 54 - Cross Legged - 54 - Laying down - 55 - Bear Grip - 56 - Venus Lock - 57 - Prayer Position - 57 - Kneeling - 58 - Respectful - 58 - Seated Comfortably - 59 - Hands(Mudras) - 60 - Complete Relaxation - 61 Relaxation Exercises for Daily Life - 62 - Count to ten - 62 - Clench your fists - 62 - Practice Calm - 62 - Stretching - 63 - Keeping Busy - 63 - Breathe to relax - 63 - Importance of Proper Breathing - 64 Grounding Meditation Practice - 66 Mantra - 67 Getting Rid of Mental Clutter - 68 Positions to Avoid - 71

Nine Levels of the psyche - 72 Suffering from within to attain outward Peace - 78 Eight Limbs of Yoga (Ashtang Yog) - 78 Ashtang Yog(image) - 82 Continued practice - 83 Problems that may arise - 84 - Doubt - 84 - Attitude - 85 - Procrastination - 85 - Health and Well Being - 86 - Worldly Experiences - 86 - Discouragement - 87 - Excessive Negativity - 88 - Inner turmoil - 88 - Stress - 89 - Sickness - 89 Ambient Awareness - 90 A Place of Peace within(sacred cell) - 94 Attaining Oneness(Spiritual Awareness) - 95 Attacking your Goals - 97 Spiritual Awakening - 98 Inner perfection - 100 The True Self - 102 Out of the Darkness into the Light(dealing with fear) - 104 Aspects of Surrender - 106 Intuitive nature - 108

Part 3 - Practical Applications Mental Awareness - 112 Happier and less Discontent - 114 Everything is Where it should be (But nothing is in it’s Place) - 114 Feeling Worthy of yourself - 116 Self Forgiveness - 117 Pride and Arrogance - 121 Patience and Discernment - 123 Allowing yourself to Daydream - 125 Physical Awareness - 126 - Sleeping better Eating better - 126 - Yoga Exercise - 127 - Stress relief through relaxation - 128 - Benefits of Walking - 129 - Perception - 130 Spiritual Awareness - 132 - Duality - 132 - Universal connectivity - 132 - Awakening of the Spirit - 136 - Dark night of the soul - 137 - Karma and Past Life regression - 139 Dreams, Karma, and the Subconscious Mind - 142

Conclusion Invite a Friend - One to One - 147 - As a Group - 147 - Online Meditation - 148 - Friends and family - 149 Team Leadership - 150 - Patience and Calm are key - 150 - Be more teacher than trainer - 151 - Group concerns - 152 - Don’t be overbearing - 152 - Class levels - 153 The Journey begins - 153 - The single step153 - A continued Journey - 155 - Awareness of your purpose - 156 - Ways and Means - 157 APPENDIX Nekisshi Nish Kawa - Short Biography - 159 Exercises - 161 Personal Sessions - 183 Tantric Dreaming - 198 Glossary of Terms - 205

Part 1 – Introducing Meditation

A Brief History Meditation is a technique of finding peace within ones self through relaxation exercises designed to calm the mind. It has been practiced for thousands of years. The ancient teachers of meditation used to keep their methods a secret, only their students would learn the aspects of Self Realization, a method by which a person could find the truth about their inner being. Although it has been related as a spiritual practice by many religious orders throughout the centuries, meditation began become more popular in western countries in the 1950’s. Methods. Such as Transcendental meditation were brought over to The Western countries from East Asia and India, and have become one of the major activities used to calm the mind and body since 1970. Today, even the medical communities of our Western nations have begun to embrace Meditation as a form of positive psychological exercise, as well as for physical health and well being. Yoga, a form of bodily movement that has also been around for several thousand years is a physical

formatting of body to mind, in which the movements are designed to bring about a spiritual awakening. In essence, this brings a person to the realization of their true self. The true self is the spirit that exists within exactly as is, unaffected by the influences of the outside world. Yoga has been connected to meditation since the beginning of its conception, as it is a form of physically motivated meditative practice.

Meditation Practice in the Western world With the large number spiritual practices that exist in Western cultures it would fair to say that meditation is not only a religious activity in the west. The fact that there are several traditional religions that practice meditation as a spiritual activity; these include Buddhism and Hinduism, both were brought over from Eastern countries in Asia. We define Western cultures as Europe, North, and South America. Although there are many spiritual aspects to meditation there is a growing movement towards staying outside of mainstream religious circles, often

just to find a spiritual identity within for personal reasons. This has created two major categories of spiritual practice particular in Western culture. These are the Spiritualist religion, a set practice of common beliefs and the New Age movement, which allows for complete individuality within a spiritual belief structure. The spiritualist religion teaches us that the Earth plane, the place on which the world exists includes all of our common earthly possessions, all of nature, the sky, sun moon, and stars. It also talks about the Spirit World, which exists within the same space as the world all around, but is visually invisible. Spiritualism teaches an invisible realm sometimes will become visible to people, these are vespers of energy culminated through the death of a person, or thought energy trapped within the ambient space around us(such as in a church or a graveyard). These occurrences are also known as visions. Harmonic laws of cause and effect also drive the belief structure of many spiritualist practices. 11

Within the aspects of the new age movement come a myriad of ideas and beliefs, most of them based upon the religions of the Far East, or Hinduism from India. The teachings are based upon anything that can be imagined or believed, but generally omit the ideals of Christianity. Man is central, and viewed as divine. The North American Feminist movement has also placed itself as divine within human nature, basing their beliefs on either aspects of Wicca or the less popular Kundalini based occultism. Spiritual feminism tends towards the aspects of intuitive thought regarded as the Goddess within. Most new age practices are designed to push ones thinking towards the idea of humankind in an evolutionary process, believing in our own divinity, and that harmony and peace will become a unifying force that will bring humankind together through a mutual acceptance of our own divine nature. Western culture has taken meditation to new levels by delving deeper into the mind, and by creating the ability for people to meditate by their own personal standards. 12

Western based practices do not generally conform to the rigid religious disciplines of eastern cultures, and meditation has become a means by which people can simply enjoy a search for inner peace, or go towards a spiritual awakening if they wish, all done by personal rather than religious standards.

The Reason we Meditate There are many reasons for a person to begin the practice of meditation. These include a need to find inner peace, for medical purposes, or to procure a spiritual awakening or realization of ones true self. Bringing mind body and spirit together allows for a more self directed being, connecting to each other through a universality sometimes referred to as the cosmic consciousness. By this the infinite quality of the universe is better understood, while at the same time the connection to the world around us is seen as illusive and finite. As practitioners of meditation a

disassociation from the influences of the world becomes a priority, understanding that living within it does not have to effect our connection to it. If we regard meditation largely as a spiritual practice, the goal is to bring the aspects of our minds and body together as one. This oneness of self is the goal of every spiritual practitioner. It is achieved through believing in ourselves, trusting intuition, and doing these things so intensely that life becomes a flow that resembles a form of precognition. Practiced as a form of mental relaxation without the spiritual aspects, meditation will improve health and well being, relaxation of the mind and body can stem off conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. It has also been said that meditation can help alleviate certain stomach disorders. Although the medical benefits of meditation have not been fully proven, the practice of it has been accepted by many Medical Clinics and taught to their students.


Two Popular Methods of Meditation Yet the most important reason to meditate is to find a place within of peace and tranquility. This may be achieved by many more than one method. Chanting is a popular method to achieve a meditative state, the name of each chant is known as a Mantra. With Transcendental Meditation a Mantra is repeated, targeting a particular verbal goal, and often it is just a sound that inspires relaxation and peace within. The most popular of these is a chosen Mantra followed by the sound UMMM. When spoken aloud this supplement to the mantra will allow a space between chants that in essence becomes a verbal declaration of inner tranquility. The sound of the word UMMM when spoken slowly and softly gives the speaker a sense of calm while at the same time breaks up the mantra, which may otherwise not achieve this sense of calm within. Another popular method of meditation relates us to a visual aide, such as a symbol or article of personal

significance with some intrinsic sentimental value. This practice focuses our attention on the visual aide; we close our eyes and continue to visualize it within our minds. Concentration on this mental image is intended to bring us to a realization of some truth about ourselves, to put aside our pride to accept what we have learned. The practice of Transformational meditation is one that allows thoughts to flow while we search for a place within from which to see these thoughts as they flow, from an outside or detached position. Visualize being detached from the thought processes, separated from it in such a way as to be able to visualize these thoughts as they move towards you. Let the thoughts flow naturally, and concentrate on the space that exists between each thought. From your place within become the seer of these thoughts. Consider that when walking; as feet make contact with the ground, a space exists between each step. Feel the thoughts in this way, as each step represents a thought; focus on the space between the thoughts, just as a space exists between each step. 16

Allow the body to become completely relaxed, let go of the stress of the day concentrating only on the space in which the mind presently exists. Become a separate entity; mind separates from the body, thoughts flowing freely as if floating, and unconnected. Become the knower of these thoughts allows identifying with selected ideas, connecting to only certain thoughts that you wish to be associated with. Negative thought is perceived as harmful and unproductive; do not identify with these thoughts. Allow Negative thoughts to pass by, such that these will return to the space from which they came. Identifying with negative thoughts will not only disrupt your practice, but disallow that feeling of peaceful tranquility that you are seeking to achieve. Only identify with those thoughts that are positive and productive. As you view these thoughts recognize those that may be identified, becoming the knower of only your positively motivated thoughts. Awaken from a meditation session after a time, feeling calm and at peace, the body and mind 17

settled and the spirit (as knower of your thoughts) is becoming aware of its being. Begin with one half hour sessions and increase the time by 15 minute intervals as you feel comfortable. Sessions should not last more than 1 per sitting.

The Point to Meditation Everyday practice - When sitting down to meditate for the first time it may feel as if nothing happened. Following the technique properly can be assured something did happen. There may have been no physical reaction, but mentally a journey begins in finding out more about who you really are, and ultimately will become. Meditation takes practice that is regular and specific. Setting aside a time to meditate may not always be the best way to go. Sometimes when the need arises very strongly, politely excuse yourself for a quick 5 minute session to take the edge off of this need. Often times after a busy day there will not have been time to sit and meditate in the traditional way, so when its time for

bed, allow yourself to fall into a relaxed meditative sleep, following the techniques outlined later in this book. Your mind will continue to do what you train it to do. If you train it to be relaxed it will consistently work towards that goal, even though it is the nature of the mind to process thought. It is often difficult to find a quiet place to meditate. When this happens learn to be patient with the people all around, simply continue to work on relaxing the mind and a partial meditative state can still be achieved even amongst distraction. It is however by far better to have a quiet place of solitude in which to practice. The important thing is to keep up to finding some way to meditate every day.


Disregarding Ridicule People that are not involved with spirituality or search for well being will often refuse to understand the need to meditate, if it is found out, expect to be ridiculed or made fun of. Remember this one simple rule. Meditate for yourself, not for anyone else. Meditation improves mental fitness, physical well being and attitude towards that which is all around. Meditation allows a perception of the world from the inside (from within yourself) to the outside (where the world exists). You will not stick to it if you allow in a worldly point of view as an influence. My early meditation instructors taught me two simple rules. The first involved an attitude of nonworldliness, understanding that the outside world will consistently seek to reject any type of personal inner peace. So - Keep it to yourself. Those seeking inner peace will find it. It is not part of meditation practice to create inner peace for anyone else. This is known as humility. Second, should it be found out don’t defend yourself. Let other people voice and state their opinion

in any form they wish, even if they poke fun. Most of the time they are trying to get a rise. Don’t allow it to happen. Simply ignore, they soon will leave you alone. Besides this, listening to someone else say that its craziness to meditate will only place negative influences within. They may choose not to meditate. Never live life by the choices of others, but by your own choices. Most people don’t want to hear about meditation, so don’t tell them. The decision to begin a meditative practice is one that is made and kept for life. Once the mind begins to clear and find a consistent peaceful state, there will longer be any concern about what others think. Meditation brings within what is put into practice. Bringing the negativity of others to sessions will leave a feeling of angered doubt . Let the negativity go, pushing it away. When Concentrating on the practice there is a far better chance of wanting to continue. The practice of meditation is designed to bring peace and harmony to one’s self; this is hindered greatly by allowing outside negative influences to interfere with well being.


Keeping to it There are many ways to become distracted during the course of a day that can detract from the need for practice sessions. Discipline will be required to keep to things going in the right direction so that a way will be found to practice on a daily basis. That being said there is also the need for to continue week to week, month to month, year to year (etc). To do this takes more than just scheduling. Wanting to meditate is not enough. Learn to need it, and it becomes your lifestyle. Just as eating and sleeping are needed by the body and mind, meditation should become a part of everyday needs. Sometimes when we overdo things and a build up of negative emotion results, a good meditation session helps to create peace and in harmony within and all around . This should not be the only reason that we meditate, in order to feel good. To meditate just to feel good runs the risk of becoming an addiction to that feeling, and then meditate more and more just to attain it.

The problem is that when the feeling begins to subside you no longer get what is needed from you sessions. This is known as a mind to body burnout. The mind is telling your body to stop because it has become bored by the redundancy of elation in the session. Not all session have to lead to elation. Some sessions will lead to elation, but this is not the end goal to meditation. Find connections between mind body and spirit that will leave you with a lasting inner peace. Elation is just a quick fix. So keep it up, following intuition as you meditate, and never fearing the mind. It is fear of what the mind holds within it that keeps most people away from regular meditative practice, and to face that fear and deal with it will keep you meditating for years to come.

Setting your Personal Goals Setting goals is an important part of any practice, but meditation is a bit different than most. This is because the mind can only go so far as it is able, and it is continued regular practice that gets results and not

the amount of time spent at it each session. It is better to meditate for 20 minutes every day, than for two hours and 20 minutes once per week. The kinds of goals to set when should be oriented more towards practice in lifestyle than practice in sessions. For example, you may no longer wish to be proud and arrogant. Meditating on this can help you to understand that this goal needs to be achieved, but in practical terms will have to be worked out at in worldly life. Once goals have been set begin to attack them one at a time, until you have achieved them all. Goals should be set consistently higher until perfection is achieved.


Below is a suggested goal setting formula you may wish to try.

Watching what you say - No more rudeness - A lot more politeness - No more profanity - Gibe credit instead of taking credit Dropping the Pride and arrogance - listen more than you speak - allow others to have their way sometimes - speak and do things in a respectful manner - don’t just hear or see, understand the other persons point of view, putting your opinion as secondary. - Realize you do not always have to be right Bettering yourself for the sake of others - Dress acceptably, but nicely - Practice Proper personal hygiene - Speak when spoken to, and don’t talk over others in conversation


- Create a positive atmosphere wherever you go, stay bright and positive, or if need be stay quiet and to yourself. Once you have decided upon the goals to set, begin to put them to practice. It is not uncommon to roll over scenarios within your mind, but just remember that imagination and reality are two different things, and the new you will likely not be accepted or respected at first. Give it time, people will get tired of bothering about your need to change after a while and simply accept that change is occurring. Just keep up a positive attitude. A big part of finding peace within yourself is accepting the world as it is.

Meditation as a Lifestyle Consistently at ease - When you find a place within that is comfortable and settled it is best to keep that place alive within the imagination, and to revisit this place often. Buddhists call it the sacred cell. We will further discuss this in Part two - “A place of peace within.(sacred cell)”

One of the most significant characteristics of meditation is its ability to put both mind and body at ease. As you continue to practice meditation, the mind continues to be at ease. In order to bring this about during a stressful moment of a time when you’re about ready to explode emotionally, simply think back to your last session and revisit how the mind felt afterwards. This allows the peace and relaxation from the previous session to come to the forefront of the mind and can create a calm equal to or sometimes even greater than the one felt the session before, greater in terms of comparing the difference in emotional values from normal to relaxed during the controlled session, as compared to being in a hyper active state and dropping down to relaxed and at ease at a moments notice. Although it is the minds purpose to constantly think, it is also true that the mind does not like to do too much work. It would much rather be relaxed and at ease than hyper active and distraught. Continued practice of meditation trains your mind to accept more of what is all around, and become relaxed about things 27

that at one time would been upsetting. As a result, your practice does not end with the session, but becomes a part of you all day, every day; carry this with you in the way of a refined healthy attitude to share with others.

Walking meditation In becoming aware of the world all around, you first must become aware of your own presence in it. A walking meditation will help to do this. The goal is to focus the mind upon the steps you are taking as you walk, becoming aware if the aspects of each step as you go. Listen to the sound of your walking, feel the vibration of the ground beneath your feet. Notice how things move as you go, realize that it is you that are moving and only a perception that makes it seem as if everything else is moving. Understanding the self centeredness of this perception becomes the key to your mental state, self realization and peace of mind.


Grounding (Earth energy alignment) Grounding is a simple technique that is used by both teachers and students of meditation alike to calm and align the body’s energy centers (called Chakras). It is always a good idea to be “grounded” Gurus will, before subjecting students to a particularly gruelling course in spiritualist practice, ask their students to perform the grounding ritual up to 8 times per day for as long as two weeks before the practice begins. The point to staying grounded is to keep yourself in sync with the force of energy around you, and may also include celestial energy (from the sky) as well. This alignment is needed to keep mind and body together, and it clears away all other energy influences leaving a person feeling contented and at peace within. (See meditation exercises at the back of this book – “visualization and grounding”)


Cosmic entities and Astral parasites A cosmic entity is a somewhat intrusive personality trait that tends to affect how we live or conduct ourselves in our daily lives. Whether we enjoy and nurture, or seek to remove cosmic entities we must discipline ourselves to put them into their proper perspective when we meditate. For the most part benevolent cosmic entities will allow for us to be in the correct frame of mind for a meditation session, as it is in their best interest to do so. Consider too that God is a cosmic entity. There are many cosmic entities that, unlike God, Goddess, or benevolent ambient life forms (AKA from well behaved multiple personalities) that will continuously work towards spoiling your session. These are trying to upset inner balance so that they can feed off the energy that this imbalance creates. Generally they hide in dark corners of the mind and steal what they can get, when you find emotions being tipped away from a point of balance during a meditation session you may be contending with an ambient astral parasite.

These little critters are just that, little, and usually insignificant in their ability to really create anything more than you allow. The best thing to do is identify that you know they are there and send them out of your mind and body, simply making them feel unwelcome by disallowing them any more energy from you. If they refuse to leave ignore their presence and get on with your meditation session, begin to move the energy towards your inner self and away from them so they will either have to leave or starve. These parasites are usually not sentient yet and therefore will detach themselves to look for someone more willing to let them feed. CLARIFICATION - Spirit helpers such as angels, daemons and envisioned multiple personalities are not parasites. They only feed upon the energy within you that is destructive to your spiritual journey, and in essence neutralize such negative energy. These ambient life forms are also protectors of the true self from parasitical non-sentient creatures, and will often 31

disallow them access to energy that is not theirs to feed on. Excess or negative energy is not needed by anyone. Spirit helpers seek to devour it, and neutralize it before allowing it back into a persons psyche. The process is one of some discomfort, but every awakened person knows that however they perceive these helpers that it is necessary to allow them to work within us. That’s what they are there for. To help.

Your Inner voice People have called it their conscience. It has also been described as the heart voice (listen to your heart); the small voice; and psychologist refer to it as superego. For our purposes we will refer to this voice as the inner voice, because this best describes the function of what it does for us. It is quite safe to say that you don’t really hear a voice talking telling things in words; the inner voice comes to you as a feeling or what can be referred to as a hunch, often guiding you to make a correct choice. This inner voice is the beginnings of intuitive thinking. This

feeling is the beginnings of undeveloped intuition, that meditation will assist in developing and hone into a higher conscious state. This is known by perception as duality. During meditation the inner voice may lead into a meditative trance in which a dream like state often occurs. The voice (regarded as intuitive mind) takes on a form that is common or familiar. It is not uncommon for people to report having been taken into a building or structure of some kind, often a cave, to be shown some event that will ultimately reveal some inner truth. Any good spiritual teacher will say to always listen to your inner voice. Drop the pride and admit that you are as your inner voice says and most likely need to commit to a change. Intuition is one of the keys to spiritual growth, and the inner voice commits intuition to a setting intended towards better understanding of ones true inner nature.


Sleep Meditation Meditation is most effective when a trance state occurs. This trance is often restful and relaxing, such that change for the better can occur. A trance like state is difficult to achieve when your body is well rested and can be easily broken by noise or distraction. Yet it resembles sleep in more than a few ways. In a trance state you become mentally unconscious aware only of what the subconscious mind is thinking. Also images relating to fears and desires occur driven by the intuitive process of the mind at whatever stage of development your intuition is at. Bedding down for a good sleep is a great time to allow this meditative trance to occur - for the most part your sleep time is respected by family members so you won’t be disturbed. In order to get the most out of your sleep begin to relax the mind as in a normal meditation session. Continue to relax as sleep begins to occur. Allow all the negativity of the world to slip away, focus on the positive aspects of life, slipping into a very deep trance34

sleep state. It is not a good idea to do this every time you go to sleep. Once per week should be sufficient. Keeping a dream journal to write down dreams during these sleep meditation sessions is the best way to keep track of your dreams, make sure you log a sleep meditation session as a trance state dream. These dreams may at times be disturbing and often seem as real as when awake, so when you awaken make sure to look around and reorient yourself with surroundings, and remind yourself it was a dream. Meditating yourself to sleep is often the most productive way to speak to and hear from the inner voice, because once consciousness has been transcended into subconscious mind, the intuitive mind can manifest itself as something to communicate with directly. This is known by eastern religions as “crossing the river” or “cave meditation.”


World access Meditation Also known as “wigging out” or “taking a mental vacation“, people often do this spontaneously. Instead, do it purposefully, whenever there is a need to relax the mind, and a moment to create this relaxation. Method - Concentrate on any object, focus on it and note any changes that happen. Look at the object as if to stare, and don’t move focus away from it. As the object seems to change notice and remember the changes. Note color changes; solidity often becomes fluid, sometimes the object changes shape altogether. Welcome to world access, a technique of meditation as old as human kind, back when we would stare into the flames of a burning fire, or just up at the night sky. Although there is some ambiguity amongst teachers whether or not this is a bonafide meditative practice, it still follows that you can learn about yourself simply by how the imagination perceives the changes it makes in focusing upon an inanimate object. This relaxes the mind by allowing it see what it wishes, not necessarily

what everyone else sees, becoming an exercise in inner perception. The mind wants to be active, and when it is purposefully slowed and does not have enough to do, the imagination takes over and recreates it’s own perception of the image in front of you. This technique helps to show how perception is controlled by what you think is there, yet what really is there is seen as something entirely different.

Energy Circulation (Chakras) Throughout this course terms are used that deal with the energy circulation. The human body has nine energy points - the mind, mouth, throat, heart, solar plexus, Sexual response nodes, hands, feet and a rooted energy center. 1) Mind - This is the area in which thought takes place, and area that culminates all Karma (past spiritual experiences) and present life experiences. It is located at the top of the head. The mind is a storage area for all of your knowledge, and also is the place in which existence as an ambient being is formed floating within what we

call Your Space. The mind is also an energy processing station. All of the body’s energy flows and controlled by the brain. The brain, being the main contributor to the minds existence, is much like a battery casing in which your mind’s energy is being held. The nervous system is designed to bring this energy to the body committing to involuntary responses, such as digestion and blood flow, as well as voluntary responses, such as walking, or talking. Thoughts, imagination, dreams and desires also exist here, brought together by the human capacity to recognize them as either real or imagined. In this way existence is sentient - the understanding that we exist. 2)Mouth - This is the center of communication. It accesses the minds ability to share what it is thinking, and then relegates thoughts by use of utterances. For example, yelling when angry, or laughing when happy. The mouth is also responsible for communicable language.


Speech is a form of communication that can be processed from our thoughts, and the energy that is created by what is said will be a testament to this energy center. Communication of emotions, to others and from others is usually done through speech, although it is not the only way, it is the most efficient. The food we eat is a direct result of the minds desire to have, the body’s desire to survive and your (AKA your spirit’s) desire to enjoy a good meal. In this way it brings mind body and spirit together most effectively, which is why eating is proceeded by, or even has become a form ritual in many religious practices. 3) Throat – In Yogic practice breathing is a form of energy referral to the body called pranayama. Breathing in brings life, peace and positive energy, life force energy (called prana) into the body. Breathing out expels death, and negativity from the body. The throat is also an area where blood flow is prevalent, we need this flow of blood and air in order to live. but this area is also most venerable.


Vulnerability is an important part of who we are in that our worldly lives are not permanent. The neck and throat are the most venerable area to our bodies, yet the most important to life as well. Your speech center is also located in the throat area. This shows us how life, death, and vulnerability are connected within our being. 4) Heart –The center of love, hate, happiness and sadness, when emotions are compromised the heart area is almost immediately effected. The physical effects of heart energy being out of balance whether positive or negative will affect other energy centers fairly quickly because the heart is the centre of emotions. This can cause a blissful feeling as if you’re walking on air, or a heavy moody feeling, even physical pain or discomfort. Blood is an important part of our life-force, in that without it we simply could not live. It circulates the air and nutrients throughout our bodies. It is the heart that pumps the blood, and as such it is the heart that maintains and cleanses our bodies so we stay healthy. As an energy center it works in much same way. 40

Both positive and negative energy run through the heart first, and then are filtered to the other energy centers. This energy center cleanses unwanted negativity and allows only that which can be utilized to flow through to the rest of the body. Without this we would be crushed under the intensity of our own emotions. The heart teaches us that all emotion is energy, and that in controlling the flow of this energy, we can control the intensity of its output. 5) Solar Plexus – The center for Stamina, inner strength and willpower. Ever have a Gut feeling? This is what happens when the energy center in the solar plexus begins to fall out of sync with the other energy centers. You feel something is wrong, something is amiss. Actually everything seems fine yet you can’t shake the feeling. Usually this feeling is set off by intuitive thinking affecting inner strength. Perhaps a situation has arisen that could be avoided, a temptation should have been resisted, but realize it is too late. A mistake has been made and there are unavoidable consequences. 41

Listen to the inner voice (intuition), becoming diligent in personally motivated activities, especially on someone else’s time. Attaining inner strength comes from watchfulness and awareness of what is happening . Willpower to abstain from temptations comes from inner strength, and ability to succeed in overcoming temptations leads to increased stamina in all that you do. Intuitive thinking strengthens willpower and inner strength. The Solar plexus teach us to know mistakes when we see them and then learn from our experiences. Thus, we avoid making future errors as a result of temptation. 6) Sexual Response nodes – The location of these differ between men and women, and man’s sexual response nodes are located in the anal area and all throughout his penis, whereby a woman’s, also located in the anal area are mostly prevalent in the vagina and surrounding area. The purpose of the energy center is the same. Procreation is one of the strongest emotional desires, and this desire is what brings our sexual needs to a 42

forefront. We can however decide to allow this energy center to be checked in by our hearts, but using our minds to think things through is also beneficial to satisfying our basic sexual needs. This energy center teaches us that even extreme emotional need can be tempered by a bit of love (heart) and a lot of common sense (Mind). In our meditation we do not use sexual desire as a means to its own end. It is a part of our physical and mental makeup, and we accept it for what it is, nothing more. 7) Hands – The center for healing (energy out) and reception (energy in) of divine energy. Religious Leaders throughout history exonerate the use of the hands as a means of taking in as well as distributing divine energy. We define divine energy as energy existing within the earth or celestial stratus, and leave up to the individual the origin of this energy. There are several different “grips” to use for meditation; these are designed to refer energy to different aspects of the psyche, the specific grips will be discussed under the heading “Meditation Techniques” in section Two of this book. 43

The use of the hands is simply to place them in a position in which you can “catch” or “expel” energy more readily, and absorb it into your body. During mediation there may be a flow of energy moving through you as it tries to leave the body. Let it go. Energy that tries to enter can be allowed in through your hands. The healing energy released will find someone that is need and will work to help them heal; just as the energy drawn within you will help your own healing process. Meditation causes negative energy to leave and positive energy to be drawn in. From the hands we learn that we are all connected. As positive and negative, or as fortune and misfortune, we learn a maintained balance. 8) Feet – The energy center in the feet, in located within the heals and ankles. Much of what we do to get from one place to the next consists of using our feet. They represent the world, humankind in motion, whether forward or backwards and cannot walk without them. As the saying goes, “never run when you can walk”. This bit of wisdom indicates we should slow 44

ourselves down when rather than to run at the world’s pace. Meditation does just that for you. It slows you down in an easy and relaxed personal space on the outside, and a happy and contented place within. From the feet we learn that we control the pace in which we walk, and in this way we control the pace at which we live our lives. 9) Rooted energy center – Located at the base of our spine it is the reason for all of the other energy centers to exist. Literally, it is the root of all energy within the body, both physically and spiritually. Physically it is the base of our spinal column, through which every nerve in our body is connected. Spiritually it is the place in which our energy begins to flow for the first time, once we activate the energy centers it flows forth from this area, and continues to be a processing point or which any energy taken in flows through first. This is why sitting in an upright position is best to meditate; it allows the flow to move freely and consistently from the root throughout the body. The first occurrence of an energy flow of this type is sometimes called a spiritual 45

awakening. This will be discussed in more detail in Section Two of this book under the heading “Spiritual Awakening”. Breathing - There are three techniques of yogic breathing that we will apply to meditation. The first is a simple breathing technique known as the complete breath. In this, breathe in filling the lungs and diaphragm until they are completely filled, the SLOWLY let the air out, controlling its exhalation such that it is even and complete, actually allowing all of the air to leave the body until you feel your diaphragm relax. Repeat this technique as you fall into your meditative state. This will keep your mind clear and open. The second is to breath normally, making sure that you are completely relaxed and feel comfortable that you are getting enough air while you meditate. The third is a Kundalini yoga method called fire breath for advanced mediators. Tighten the muscles in your solar plexus while at the same time relaxing your chest. Push the air out from the stomach in short quick bursts of breath, inhaling in the same way after each exhale. This from of breathing is done very quickly. 46

Breathing is important in meditation because it allows us to feel better connected with what is around us. Breathe in-Life, Breathe out-Death. Life within death, and suffering within bliss are both important concepts of the Meditative mindset.


Part 2 – Practice and Session work

Setting up your Space Finding a quiet and private place - In order to have an effective meditation session it is necessary to find a sustained quiet within your space. Your space is the physical area in which the meditation environment is created. This can be anywhere, but to practice on a regular basis find a place that is out of the way of family traffic, and then expect of family members to respect that space. If they do not respect it leave the house every time there is a need for a quiet place for a session. For the most part family members tend to be respectful of each other’s privacy, so you may wish to make this into a privacy issue, maintaining that privacy is needed to have an effective meditation session. The space should not be too enclosed, try to find a room that can serve as a fairly open area, perhaps a bedroom or area of the recreation room in which there can be some quiet time for yourself. Once an acceptable space is found, make it a regular space to do your sessions at home. Continue to insist upon this time to meditate, and don’t allow family members to get to you 49

if they poke fun. Once again - meditation is for your own personal benefit.

Equipment you will need A soft cushion on which to sit will be needed. Most professional teachers would suggest a special meditation pillow. These are a bit pricey when it comes to purchasing them, and the right one can be difficult to find. We suggest a simpler solution. An existing exercise mat can serve as a place to sit, an above ground setting would be the best place to practice. When this is not possible, a spot in your basement can be chosen. Make sure you keep it away from the cold floor. You may choose to sit cross legged on a chair or couch, or any other elevated area away from the floor. Also it may be useful to have a blanket to cover you if your basement already has a tendency to be cold. Once you begin to meditate more deeply you may fall into what is known as a trance. This means that your mind has become so relaxed that without falling asleep it has slipped into an unconscious state. This can 50

yield some very rewarding lessons about who you really are if you pay attention to the voices and images while in a trance state. A timer with an alarm to awaken you from a trance like state should keep the session within the pre-chosen timeframe. To sum up – A quiet place, respectful surrounding, a cushion or elevated place to sit, a blanket and a timer to set a limit to your session. This is not a lot of tools, but they are all necessary for the meditative practice to be successful.

Setting up a Schedule The best time to do a meditation is any time there is peace and quiet in your home. Generally this is later in the evening, particularly after children go to sleep for the night. If you are lucky enough to have the house to yourself on a daily basis you can meditate during times when you are alone and the house is silent. We have found the worst time is in the morning, there is too much going on around you, and even if your house is quiet you may pick up on the energy of people living

nearby, and don’t get the relaxation you are looking for in your session. Consider carefully the amount of time to take for a meditation session. At the beginning, not more than 15 minutes to half of an hour per day. As you become more apt, and more comfortable increase the time limit to up to an hour. Meditation for one hour per day is ample time to find peace within. One of the things that must be done is to create a sacred and personal space within that you can go to whenever afraid or threatened. This place is a personal sacred area divine and only accessible by you. Set it aside from all areas of your mind but keep it permanently envisioned within your subconscious. When the hustle and bustle of everyday life becomes too much escape to this place of divine peace and solace. To get there just imagine that you are there. Customize this area to personal adjustments, but we recommend to keep it simple. You may wish to meditate from this place so having self created mental clutter will distract from a successful session. 52

Your practice as stated before is for your own benefit. Not only is it rude, but severely annoying for a person to have to listen to someone else go on about how great meditation is. Remember that the practice of meditation is a spiritual pursuit, and to discus it with family and friends is the same as touting a religion that everyone should become involved in. So keep the aspects, dreams, and inner voice’s lessons to yourself. When you talk about personal spiritual experiences it dilutes their effectiveness each time they are repeated. Protect this aspect of spirituality by keeping spiritual experiences to yourself. No one else needs to know, nor does anyone else likely want to. It won’t help someone else to know what you have learned as a result of your spiritual practice, and it will take it’s toll upon your positive mental energy in the long run.


Actual Practice Meditation Positions




I meditate in my basement, because it is quieter and more confined than any upstairs area of my house.

- Hands - Mudras

Mudras are performed during meditation exercises, and both hands are used. They are designed to give the practitioner a path of action the meditation session will follow. Turned upwards the release mental energy to align with cosmic forces, and turned downwards draw energy from the earth.


Complete relaxation - Although relaxation is not finally the point to meditation it is what allows the acuity of thought to occur.

Relaxation Exercises for Daily Life One of the most important aspects of meditation is that it crates an environment in which you need to relax. Relaxation exercises can be important if there is a problem with just relaxing or sleeping, and can be performed anytime during the day or night. There are five main exercises to assist with daily stress, or problem sleep. 1) Count to ten - Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Without exhaling count slowly one to five, then exhale and as you begin to breathe normally count from six to ten. Another option is take ten deep breaths inhaling through your nose then exhaling through your mouth. 2) Clench you fists – Clenching your fist will help to alleviate the fight response created by a stressful situation, provided you don’t become outwardly angry when you do this. Clench them both tightly for as long as it takes to settle down. 3) Practice being calm- Acting calm in a stressful situation, the effect becomes contagious, and your

efforts will help relax not only you but others as well. Remember – Cooler heads prevail. 4) Stretching exercises – It is a medical fact that stretching helps to increase blood flow and relieve tension. Find a place to stretch regularly. Most work places have a stretch as you go policy, and even stretching in public should not get much attention provided it is not to obvious. 5) Keeping Busy – Understandably when your at work this may not always be an option, but at home, if the stress of the day has you hopping mad, get hopping by keeping busy doing hobbies or chores around the house. The point is to get on with something else to do. A change is as good as a rest. Breathe to Relax - You must maintain a relaxed posture in order to effectively meditate. We all go through times when it is difficult to relax. Meditation helps to find a peaceful and relaxed place within, with continued practice. A peaceful feeling will begin to surface when it is least expected to be calm. People and things that use to create stress no longer bother you. 63

The fear factor goes down a lot when you no longer feel angry or intimidated by life. Importance of Proper Breathing – In the previous section you were shown three breathing techniques that are used in yoga. Yoga is a form of physically oriented meditative practice. In the section we will discuss the importance of breathing. Meditation is most effective when the head is clear and the mind is quiet. Rhythmic breathing helps put oxygen into the body, and brain, giving a clear cool feeling of peace and tranquility in mind and in body. This in turn feels good, so you are able to relax more readily from the session. When breathing in a rhythmic fashion you begin to fall into a meditative state more easily, the rhythm of your own breath is reminiscent of sleep. Once relaxed, slip into a waking trance, in which it feels like sleep, yet aware of all that is around you. This waking trance state is the first step towards a deeper meditative state; proper breathing technique will get you there. Proper breathing gives the ability to see what is going on within your mind, allowing identification only with those thoughts that are 64

beneficial, and letting go of negative destructive thoughts. Breathing commits the mind and body to relaxation; this creates not only a more relaxed body, but a more emotionally stable mindset. Breathing is a natural process we do all the time, whether we think about it or not. We need to breathe in order to live. It connects us to our circulated energy flow, to become one with all of the other energy centers. The mind is used as a control center for breathing, the heart decreases blood flow through the neck and throat area to the brain, the solar plexus relaxes, hands and feet remain at rest. Sexual energy is given a boost, and as the mouth begins to chant madras, energy flows from the root or the base energy center through the rest of the body. It is proper rhythmic breathing that begins all of this to happen. When you control your breathing by proper technique you are in a meditative state – working toward the goal of mind, body, and spirit as one.


Grounding Meditation Practice Grounding is a practice used by the Wicca to send out loving healing energy. Meditation can be more than just finding peace within, it can bring a state of higher thought, an intuitive perceptivity. The Wicca practice of grounding is a way to release healing energy while sharing your spiritual practice with others, usually as a technique to cleanse the body mind and spirit before a spiritual guidance ritual or lesson. To create this energy as a self healing method, understand first that although grounding was designed to be used as a method of pre-ritualized practice it is also beneficial to spiritually cleanse ones self at anytime. Begin by imagining a ball of light above you. The light flows down towards your head expanding from its place of origin. Once it reaches you it permeates you body from the head down and is absorbed as such. As it continues to expand the light becomes a larger sphere as the shape of an egg, encompassing and at the same time permeating every molecule of your body and every ounce of your energy.

The light continues to expand downwards until it reaches the ground beneath you. A rush of energy from the earth flows down through the body from head to feet, taking any excess stress, energy, and negativity down into the earth with it. Continue to be within the light, and remain there for a while allowing the earth energy to rush back up , filling your mind and body with love, life and the confidence to face whatever life gives you. This sphere will begin to fade after this, imagine that is goes back into the earth, leaving your spirit mind and body centered and relaxed.

Mantra Once a quiet meditation mode has been achieved you may feel ready to add a Mantra. A mantra is an utterance of a sacred nature. Choose a statement that holds deep personal significance or perhaps a prayer that will help focus upon a certain aspect within your mental energy. State the mantra and repeat it as a chant, continuing to repeat it, allowing an intensity emotions to overtake the speaking of the sacred words.

The session ends when a desired effect from the chant has been achieved or when a timer stops the session. An example of a mantra would be, “I understand that within every misfortune some fortune exists.”

Getting rid of mental clutter One of the biggest obstacle to overcome when beginning to meditate is the distractive thoughts that are not your own. These can range from things learned as a child to that to newspaper articles that were interesting to read at the time but really don’t hold any relevance. These are what we refer to as mental clutter. This rather distracting self serving thought process can be a huge obstacle in creating a proper meditative mindset. There are two methods to get rid of mental clutter, both are imagination techniques. 1) Garbage shoot – Simply imagine that there is a large garbage shoot in the back of your head in which all of the mental clutter is placed, open the shoot and let it all dump out.


2) Divine intervention – Close your eyes and imagine a comfortable place, somewhere that you would like to be more than anywhere else (perhaps a beach, or cabin in the forest). Then imagine that a divine helper is there with you. It may be a God or Goddess, perhaps an angel, or some other sort of spiritual guardian. The divine helper becomes as the wind, swirling around closer and closer until it becomes one with you. You feel the positive and negative energy beginning to separate within, and as the spiritual helper continues to swirl, this energy within spirals outwards until you are cleansed of all unneeded energy. Whether it was positive or negative in it’s nature does not matter since there is no use for this energy. Simply let them go. After all of those irrelevant thoughts have been removed your divine helper will take you out of your imagined place and returns you to your real world mindset. You awaken from the exercise feeling better for having less mental baggage to concern yourself with.


WARNING - Don’t try this alone - find someone practiced in the art of meditation to help you out with it. This meditation will remove emotions that were long a latent, sometimes the effect of being without these emotions can be quite a harrowing experience. Make sure that you are ready to let go of your mental baggage before you begin the process of removing it in this way. Once it is gone there will be no retrieving it. You must be willing to perform this ritual and accept that whatever is gone is gone, never looking back. Looking back into emotional stresses that have been removed to make room for a peaceful mindset can create a confusion within that may cause physical stresses akin to anxiety attacks. Be careful with this one - Check with a meditation professional before performing it. It is best not to do this alone.


Positions to avoid Meditation is a practice of method thousands of years old. The positions that are generally used are sitting, lying down, or standing (walking as in the walking meditation). For basic stationary mediation it is not necessary to do much more than this. Unless you are actively practicing yoga, meditation positions such as turning yourself upside down, or curling up into a ball are not necessary and should be avoided. We suggest you stick to the basic positions taught in this book. Using positions that you are not sure about can cause mental effects that you may not be aware of. Kundalini Yoga uses positions that relate to surrender and death, and unless you have been spiritually awakened by the power of the Kundalini and trained in these methods you should avoid meditation in any positions that evoke any kind of specific emotional state.


Nine levels of the psyche Base (survival) - The survival instinct is the strongest in minds. It continues to be there within us all of the time. Meditation can bring us to that place within where instinct to survive is laid bare and open, and our reason to exist begins to become clear. Carnal (Procreation-Sexual-Childlike) - At some point in adult life we all act like children. We want and want, without any regard to why or who it will hurt. This is often the case with sexual desire as well, as it often follows this child like instinct. Meditation teaches us self control in these areas of our thinking, that none of us are ever far from loosing that control. We are all venerable to forces within us, but can learn to better understand ourselves by objectively looking at the thoughts these forces generate. This can be done through meditation.


Fight or Flight (bravery or fear) - When an uncomfortable situation exists it can be difficult to relax. Sometimes our minds bring out fight or flight aspects, even if the threat is not great enough to warrant this response. Meditation allows us to keep a calm interior and a controlled exterior in mind and body. When we ourselves (our spiritual true self) is at one with mind and body it reminds us that nothing is so serious that we need to become self preservationist about it. When a real threat arises the fight or flight response will be welcome, but when pride hinders judgment reactions can become distorted and out of proportion. Grounding on a daily bases will help to alleviate extra energy and fill you with healing energy, peace with yourself and confidence in the world around you. Remember always that pride is an offshoot of the fight response, and will almost always create more problems then it solves.


Self Preservation (Paranoia, acting out and talking back) - This is a level of the psyche that is often triggered by the level below it (Fight or flight - the need to stand up to or run from an intolerable situation). These two levels are there to protect , not to cause problems (although they often do). Meditation shows that although you need to protect yourself from being taken advantage of, getting into someone’s face or becoming obnoxious is never a proper way to go about things. Keep calm and cool, and mind about yourself. Playfulness (Free and easy, no need for fear, contentment) - As we enter the higher minded emotions the need for fear begins to fade. Playfulness comes in many forms; a hobby or book, perhaps a sporting event. However you choose to play, it will always be good to do so. Meditation allows freedom from tension and an understanding that while work is a way to get things done play is a way to let loose and be free from the rigors of work for a while. Find some time to play every day. Learn to laugh a little too. 74

Secondary Intellect (Ordered and controlled) - We all need to be organized. Those that are not naturally inclined to this will need to work a little harder at it. Organization takes discipline and requires a person to simplify personal space, the places where they keep their things. This can often be an emotionally painful process. Meditation helps to surrender these items as unneeded, and provides an understanding that the past is gone and it is time to let them go. Letting go of items that are a reminder of the past is the best way to simplify not only your space, but also your life. Let it go. As the physical clutter is removed, the emotional and mental clutter will go as well as well. Spiritual (Understand there is more to existence than we understand with our five physical senses) For that believe in a higher power, or at least in some sort of spiritual activity on this earth there is often little understanding of the spiritualism that goes on within us. The person that you think that you are is not true self, but a culmination of what has been taught or expected. Meditation will help get mind and body into

touch with the true self, so that you do not need to be what other people want you to be. Continue on with the same life, but personally live it on your own terms. Logical (Data collection and pursuits of an intellectual nature) - We are reaching into a part of the mind now that does not change much as a result of meditation. It just gets more use. Meditation begins to free up space within the mind, and as the clutter begins to clear new ideas begin to replace them. Logical systems of methodical thought begin to form as an analysis of what is happening to you begins. Intuitive nature become a part of this method, working within it to create a harmony between the worldly and inner self, utilizing logic and common sense to actively experience it. Experience becomes its own teacher, Logic dictates your experiences by priority, but intuition shows how to experience what to avoid. Intuitive Mind (almost precognitive in its nature) Once Logic begins to work out the truth within your mindset it is logic that works with the intuitive higher mind. This interaction allows you to build a sort of 76

instinctive nature, accessing information from intuitive mind that has been passed down from generation to generation. The human animal has become complacent in it’s ability to live by these intuitive instincts. As a result the mind needs to become focused and quieted by our own need to survive, running through the emotional spectrum. Eventually it becomes the beginning of our journey to inner awareness, followed by a spiritual awakening. This knowledge will come to you through a continued practice of meditation. Meditation brings the mind to its highest level if you continue to practice it. Intuitive thinking is the highest form of thought. Prayer comes from this area of the mind, yet is restricted by it’s own structure, accessing higher mind only while a person is praying. Meditation can access this part of the mind all of the time, opening recognition of a universal connection, that as you live within the universal flow are connected to it.


Suffering from within to attain outward Peace. This really is not as ominous as it sounds. Meditation often brings out negative aspects of daily life. As these pass through the mind as thoughts, intuitive mind may enact a sort of dreamlike state replaying these trying ordeals for a while before they are allowed to move away from you. The mind is trying to understand this ordeals, and will continue to replay them until it figures them out. Like all negative energy, this is destructive. Intuition has become locked into displaying these events, yet you may choose how to relate to them. Refusal to associate with this energy will eventually allow it to burn itself out. As the negativity passes from you simply let it go, and continue to refuse any association with it. There is no justification for any of these thoughts. Allow them to pass through your mind and be absorbed by the empty space that within you. Some people like to create a place in which they actually suffer within, a place to relive misfortunes that have occurred in their lives. Meditation allows these 78

places to dissolve peace flows within, there will no longer be a need suffering as a part of thinking. Letting go of past misfortunes is often difficult, but these experiences do not help us understand who we are any more than they define who we think we are. They are worldly memories of intense negativity, most of the time they have been intensified and are no longer even what really happened - the result of delusion. This sort of mental clutter and should be allowed to pass away from our minds. Negativity must always be allowed to pass, and be replaced by a positive mindset.

Eight Limbs of Yoga (Ashtang Yog) The first limb (yam) deals with non-issues within us. This limb is to improve upon the mind. We must endeavour to be non violent, and not be deceptive – to ourselves or others. Don’t cheat or steal from anyone. Keep your focus upon the higher mind, less towards worldly affairs.


The second limb (niyam) for purification of body and mind, and to accept whatever comes your way. Be happy with what you have, work hard to learn to become free from ignorance. Surrender your will to a higher power than yourself, keeping away from worldly indulgences. The third limb (aasan) called the Seat, attain a sitting position in which you are comfortable and content. This is known as the perfect posture. The forth limb (praanaayaam) is to master breathing control techniques, so as to balance you energy. The fifth limb (pratyahaar) Focus your attention on the source and master the senses The sixth limb (dhaarna) Keeping the mind unchanging, in a stable position within or without the body. The seventh limb (dyyaan) Not breaking your focus upon a thing or person, perceiving only the object without any surrounding features.


The eighth limb (Samaadhi) Merging mind with its own space. Once a person meditates such that mind and mind-space merge as one, they have reached a state of Samaadhi).
It is important to note that the Ashtang Yog( 8 limbs) are not levels of the psyche, but more of a guidepost to follow as a greater awareness of self in attained. Each limb is designed to attain a certain level of awareness and thus “climbing” to the next limb becomes a new priority in practice. These guidepost exist in meditation as well as in yoga practice. Yoga and meditation are excellent companions.


Ashtang Yog - or eight limbs of yoga are represented ate the bottom of the diagram - Samadhi - Levels towards attaining oneness at the top.

Physical Yoga practice has levels of achievement as well. Make sure that these levels are mastered before moving to more difficult yoga positions.

Continued practice A continued practice of meditation is necessary for oneness of spirit to be attained. Yet sometimes zeal can outweigh common sense. Attaining your goals through meditation takes consistent practice, you want this to be a gradual process. This requires perseverance and patience. The mind will only learn what it is able to process at one time. The point is to relax the mind, not contradict its ability to think. Some of the symptoms of too much meditation include forgetting things, or a mixing up of numbers (You may think 2 4 6, but write down 2 6 4). Short term memory becomes compromised as well, as in a daze, as if halfway into a meditative state all of the time. Inversely, there are problems associated with skipping days. The mind and body becomes used to the

energy regulated during meditation. Once you slow down your practice, you begin to revert back to your old habits. Anxiety may begin to occur within because your need to change is being compromised by your lack of will to do something about it. Meditation is about finding that place of balance within, not to much, but enough to feel content with who you are, and where the meditative practice is taking you.

Problems that may arise There are certainly other issues and obstacles to overcome as the mind continues to change as a result of your practice. Doubt - One of the most common issues is doubt. Meditation is designed to find inner peace. Doubting this outcome will greatly hinder the ability to attain any spiritual goals through meditation. Alleviate this condition by recognizing what meditation does do for you. Find some alone time just to sit and relax, and become separated from those

stresses within that are creating your doubt. Just relaxing and allowing the stress to slip away from your mind will energize and refresh you, meditation will be easier now, for you have cleared your mind for it and can continue your search for inner peace. Attitude - During the course of your day, search for the benefits and positive influences within everything that you do, realizing it is the practice of meditation that keeps you on the path towards this goal. Meditation in itself does not give you inner peace. What it does is help you to rest your mind and body, so as to perceive things from a different point of view – one that is content and relaxed, not stressed out and angry. It’s not about ritual, its about attitude Procrastination - Don’t procrastinate. We have already covered the extreme importance of not skipping sessions. The benefits of meditation won’t happen without practice, such as not being able to play a musical instrument unless you practice with it regularly. 85

Find it within to become interested in doing your meditation session. This does not require a great effort if you just do it. Health and Well Being - Eating properly and keeping the junk food to a minimum will help with the attitude. What your mother said about eating your vegetables was completely true. Replace junk food with healthy food. It makes all the difference in how you feel. Try to stay with people that are good to be around. Don’t hang around with people that are generally nasty, or that encourage meanness towards others. Negative energy must be purged in order for a proper meditation session to occur, and this happens less frequently when working against positive change. To find the true self within you, means not to copy someone else, especially if their behaviour is less than acceptable. Worldly experiences - Keep life in the proper prospective. Remember that going after sensational experiences, or items that make you feel good about yourself is an illusive activity that is based in your perception of the item as something that will make you 86

happy. Recognize that the reality of your contentment lies within you and not in some object. Your happiness cannot be found in something that will not permanently hold your contentment. Discouragement - At the beginning of this book we covered a short massage on beginning your practice. Do not become discouraged if sessions seem to be going nowhere. Although there may be something missing in your technique, it is likely that impatience for a result has become a priority in your session. Patience is a virtue, impatience relates towards doubting the prospect of a meditative mindset. This is a lifelong endeavour. Surrender to the idea of working towards a goal of attaining oneness, peace and self reliance within (That is the bringing of mind, body and spirit together). Stop resisting this idea, and accept that this is something for your whole life. Your perceptions may have already begun to change despite your self imposed ignorance. Impatience looks beyond what you have achieved, and not at what has already be accomplished. Ignorance looks away from what has been achieved, not 87

recognizing what has already been accomplished. Take a step back, and realize that progression will happen at its own pace, not at a pace that anyone sets. Excessive negativity - Negative feelings towards your practice will create a attitude of quitting. Begin a regiment of grounding exercises, grounding up to 8 times per day to alleviate this excess energy. Find the source of this attitude and keep it away. If keeping it away proves difficult or impossible, find the inner strength to resist, and realize how often the road to inner peace is paved with turmoil. Inner turmoil - Meditation will never in itself be a detriment or cause any kind of inner turmoil. Inner turmoil is just fears within coming to light. Fear is not an enemy, but not a friend either. Learn to face and accept fear for what it is, that being an illusion of misfortune that has not and probably will never occur. It is not as if your practice is creating your fears, just bringing them to light. Facing these inner fears is part of the growth experienced as a result.


Stress - Sometimes, especially when tired from a stressful day, keeping your focus as you meditate will become a problem. There seems to be no way to get a handle on the moment, just slipping in and out of mental spaces unable to focus. Stop trying so hard to make the session work. Let it all go; just be there, just be. Allow your mind to flow free. Meditation should free the mind, not exercise it. Sickness - This last one is a hard one to do, to find the strength within to meditate when your not feeling well. A cold or flu it can make it difficult to maintain any sort of long term session, so until it passes keep to shorter sessions. Groundings are easily done from bed rest, understandably walking meditations would be out of the question. We suggest that grounding is the best way to bridge the gap between illness and a time when you are healthy again. It will take discipline and perseverance to keep going, and at times a simple bull headed stubbornness may be required. Grounding while you are ill will keep up a positive attitude, and may even help with the recovery process. 89

Continued practice is the key to overcoming any difficulties pertaining to mental issues for as long as you maintain your ability to practice. Ambient Awareness Once a point has been reached in which quieting the mind becomes a part of meditative practice, it is important to note that you are not the only sentient being that notices the change in energy. A quiet mind puts out a particularly strong energy signature; these are like a beacon to any ambient life forms looking for a quick energy snack. An ambient life form, or astral parasite as they are sometimes called, are intelligent energy beings that feed on the energy from peoples minds. They will often enter into the body through energy circulatory systems, and when they reach the brain they will hide within the mind to feed off of the mental energy. You do not want this to happen. The best way to avoid these creatures is to ground yourself regularly, filling yourself with earth energy. They prefer ambient mental energy, already processes by 90

the mind, and easy to absorb. Doing grounding exercises only before a session may not be enough. A disciplined regiment of grounding at least 5 times per day will keep them away from you, and it is most important that you do. Ambient life forms can become a real problem when they become strong enough to communicate, and will often be difficult to get rid of once they have attached themselves to your psychological makeup, developing mental disorders related to DID (disassociated Identity Disorder). These disorders occur because the energy that keeps the mind stable is being taken to feed another area of the mind, causing mental imbalances in the natural ability to process thought. It also helps to be aware of an astral parasitical presence as you fall into your alpha state of mind. They operate by stealth, and it is less likely that they will be interested if it is clear their presence has been detected . Be mentally watchful. Imagine the room as if there is a danger within it that you are searching to find. Rest your eyes on certain areas of the room as if to find 91

something, even if you haven’t. It will make these ambient parasites nervous that your even looking for them, and help to keep them away. Once you have protected yourself you can begin to meditate. As you become aware of the space within your mind recognize this as ambient space. Ambience is the atmosphere surrounding an area that makes it feel a certain way to be there. You have this type of space within your mind. This is your space. Being aware of this is important because it points the direction to who you really are. This space is where you’re true self exists, it is the essence, or atmosphere surrounding your mind, and this essence is the cornerstone of your true self. (See section 3 - “the true self – who you really are”). The energy within the mind and the energy around the body are actually the same energy. The world around you that is visible is no different from the world around you that you cannot see. The only difference is your perception of it. Remember always, just because it cannot be seen, does not mean it is not there. For example, the wind, the sunlight, or the air you breathe, 92

are invisible to the eye. As such, the mental energy left behind by people or animals that lingers until it is absorbed by someone or something. Mental energy is akin to our life force, it is the kind of energy that can never be destroyed. This energy exists within the mind, and yet we become acutely aware of a connection to an outer consciousness, an ambient space that is not necessarily within us that we are connected to through our intuitive imagination. A seminar speaker put this into prospective best in the following way. “Imagine an ocean, water and waves as far as the eye can see. Where are you right now, here at the seminar or out over the ocean. Your mind went out to the ocean; it connected to that ambient space that allowed you to see a vast body of water. Yet you stayed here in body. Good thing too – what would we have done with all of that water!!” As you achieve the state of a quieted mind (Samaadhi), allowing this energy to be absorbed and processed within your own space will occur naturally, creating energy and contentment within. The body will 93

absorb this energy and feel better as well, at peace and relaxed. You will feel vibrant and alive, mentally and physically, bringing closer a place in which the spirit will want to be a part of who you are becoming as a result of your practice. You are becoming one. Mind, body, and spirit are coming closer together all the time.

A Place of Peace within (sacred cell) One of the requirements of all practitioners of meditation is to have a place within of rest and refuge. This place is somewhere to go within the mind that is safe from the influences of the outside world. This is also the place to find the true self. The most important part of meditative practice is that goals and priorities all lead towards your acceptance of what will actually be achieved. To just have some quiet time, for stress relief or to find inner peace, are all meet able goals. Meditation is designed as a form of mental conditioning, a spiritual practice first and foremost, a practice of the mind second, and a practice of the body third. The spirit is there to find, if there is someone there to look for it. 94

The Sacred cell represents the place that you most want to be. It should be exclusive, and personal. It is recommended that there be some sort of structure or building in which to keep this very personal portion of space within. Windows are also recommended, but at least make sure there is a door to enter in. There should be a table, some chairs, and even a shelf to put things on, but no electronic devices. Keep it simple, lighting it with an oil lantern of set of candles should be sufficient. The type of structure and size is up to discretion, but it is recommended that it be fairly small, no bigger than an average cabin or hotel room. As you frequent this place, the intuitive mind will send a representative, usually in a trusted form. A journey now beckons, and there is almost always a lesson within such a journey. There are many lessons to learn as you grow from within, and although some of the images may be disturbing, will undoubtedly teach something you needed to know.


Attaining Oneness Spiritual Awareness - One of the goals of meditation practice is the bringing together of mind body and spirit. What this means is that there is a now a perception of the world from only three points of view. For example, there is a tree, perceived as real, you touch it and feel it. Now, mind and body has experienced the tree. Realizing that it is alive as well, that it gives the air you breathe, and possibly some fruit to eat within its branches allows a living connection between yourself and the tree. Your perception of life came from within, although you did not need to be told it was alive, your experience had taught you this. The connection comes from the realization that you are both alive, and that you are connected by life. It is this attitude, seeing all things as connected by life that begins an awakening, more of an awareness at this point . Attaining this state is often referred to as “just being” and in this state everything becomes as a movie, watching life go on all around, connected to the worldly aspects of it, rather to the universal oneness of the flow 96

of life in general. It is a place of perfect peace and serenity, very close to finding the true self. Mind body and spirit are really never separated within. The difference that meditation makes is that it allows the foundation of peace within, and thus to discover this. The journey is not over. It is just beginning. You are spiritually aware, although not yet awakened. Attaining oneness is possible within your lifetime. What you must do to maintain oneness even after awakening may take many lifetimes to learn.

Attacking your goals Having the courage to change is the most important aspect in achieving spiritual goals set by this need to change. There is a simple method that is used to help this process. While you meditate upon your goal, think about how you should be acting after the goal has been tended, as a trance state is being achieved surrender your will to this aspect of change. Once awakened from this sort of meditation it is not uncommon to feel

emotional, often tears of joy begin to flow as a result of knowing that you can be better, and reach a new level of consciousness. Reach always and only for your highest potential.

Spiritual Awakening This is an event of extraordinary power and influence upon the will. It usually occurs shortly after becoming spiritually aware. An energy build-up begins in the feet and lower legs as the drawing of earth energy begins to work its way up to the rooted energy center. Surrendering your will completely to this experience will be a wonderful feeling, like a rush of clear warm water tingling through your body from feet to head, and then back again. The flow of energy will continue to circulate through the energy centers, turning them on so to speak. This path of action is what we call opening the energy centers. This continues until it has completely permeated your body, mind and spirit. The energy circulation centers remain open at this point so that life energy can flow freely throughout your body.

Problems can begin to manifest themselves whenever there is a refusal to surrender to the will of this energy flow. A spiritual awakening aligns all of your energy with a universal energy flow. To go against this flow during an awakening experience can make the experience become violently rough, arching your back and lifting your body into the air. When the initial experience is over the emotional strain is a painful reminder that although Awakening has been achieved, oneness comes only to those that are willing to change. Keeping to the flow is difficult at first for this is no easy task. It takes time, and practice. Follow the feeling within that tell what to do to, this is intuitive guidance. An awakening occurs when mind, body, and spirit become one, awareness of your universal connection becomes a priority, and a realization that the world does not have control anymore, you make your own rules. The awakening process wastes no time deprogramming worldly teachings, and quickly begins simplifying how the mind perceives new lessons it must learn.


To surrender to this place within will reveal the true self, mind becomes one with who you really are, body a sacred vessel carrying that oneness for the remainder of this lifetime. The next step is a recognition of the need to dump everything you have been taught up to this point. This becomes a must, to relearn how it is you want to live, relearning your entire mindset. the process of achieving inner perfection has begun. But this does not mean that you are perfect just yet.

Inner perfection There is a saying amongst spiritualist that only God is perfect. If we take this analogy and apply it to ourselves we can better understand the meaning of perfection from a spiritual point of view. Perfection is a goal. It is not something that can ever be completely attained, yet it becomes a goal for a continued attitude of self improvement. The first step is the hardest. Accept that you have issues with all of the things about yourself that are unacceptable. Most of your problems in this area can be 100

solved be letting go of two main issues that are taught by the world as being “ a good way to behave in tense situations”. The first is pride. Pride can cause a myriad of inner turmoil, everything from sore stomachs to headaches, backaches, and even hypertension can be related to a prideful attitude. The “I’m always right and even when I’m wrong I will still argue my case” attitude has absolutely got to go. So much can be accomplished by dropping the pride and never picking it back up again. Allow others to have their way, for as long as it makes no difference to the outcome, and does not hurt anyone you will feel better to opt out of a fight that can be avoided. Remember that it is our goal now to maintain inner peace now that we have found it, and this means no fighting for no reason at all. The second is arrogance. That means that you do not always have to be the one that gets the credit because you insist upon doing everything yourself. Or at least you feel as if you are simply better than everyone else. You are not better than anyone else. Everyone and 101

in all things are equal. Believing you are better creates an imbalance in whatever the situation is, as well as an imbalance within. Generally this deluding of self is what amounts to a self inflated lie. Drop the arrogance and the pride, and a lot of better qualities will begin to surface. That puts you two steps closer to perfection. Bare in mind as well that the road to perfection is paved with lies, deceit, arrogance and pride. There is great importance in understanding that all of this negativity is for the most part self induced. In realizing your own self deceptions the ability to find lies and deception within that are not self induced but rather learned can be developed.

The True Self This is a topic of some discomfort for most people. Most people are expecting to be awakened as perfect spirits of light and love, ready to go to the great universal plane in some ambient dimension where peace and serenity exist for all eternity. There is a big downfall in momentum when a person is awakened 102

only to find that they are in darkness, they feel cold abandoned and spiritually alone. Welcome to the real advent of the true self. You are still under the impression your Karma left over from previous lifetimes. The feeling of dark despair is a part of the true self experience that cannot be avoided. It is called the dark night of the soul. This is not a real event, but abjective Karmic memory, do not treat it as real, even though it feels real. In the case of the dark night of the soul, fear becomes a most real enemy. Do not succumb to fear at this time or ambient parasites will attach themselves and feed off the energy your fear is generating causing emotional stresses leading to more fear. Your true self is alive, and well. It exists here and now and is aware. Embrace life with renewed vigour, loving that you are alive, and expressing this new found gift with creativity. Be creative, and revel in all of creation freeing your mind of fear, for all of creation is connected, and this connection becomes your legacy.


When you go for walks or rides take in all of the creation that is all around. The miracle of the universe is that you are connected and nothing can ever take this away if you won’t let it. You are truly within yourself, and all that is within you is real. Allow the universe and all of its wonders to be a part of who you are. This is your space. It is your rite.

Out of the Darkness into the lLght (dealing with fear) Now is the time to get into some real and intensified meditative practice. Existence is still a darkened area within, and in order to enlighten this existence start to meditate with attitude. Use madras that state that the darkness is nothing to be afraid of, that enlightening your mind has become a priority. Continue to mediate like this regularly; you can now not afford to allow your practice to fall into disarray. An awakened being puts out an energy signature like a lighthouse beacon on a darkened night; ambient life forms have a clear and easy path to get into your mind for as long as your energy centers are open. 104

Ambient astral parasites in particular do not like an enlightened mind; it is energy they cannot steal because it is to pure and processed. If the dark corners of your mind are allowed to persist these little critters will find a way to keep you in darkness so that they can continue to feed unfettered by the enlightened energy you now control and possess. Continued practice will bring you consistently out of this inner darkness, follow intuition in your meditation, as in daily life, continuing to be enlightened as you go. Always remember that there are dangers within the dark areas of the mind. If you feel in any way intimidated by something dark and sinister within this darkness, seek out an expert in the field of spiritual engagement before continuing. Sometimes it is best to leave these areas be until you are ready to face the fear they generate. There will never be a time when all of your fears and inner demons have been defeated. New fears come to light within the practicing mind every day. Part of being awakened is to be a self motivated warrior, fighting and battling these fears with the goal of defeating them. 105

Accept that there will always be fear within, yet by facing fear you take away its control over your mind. Fear is just negative energy that is generated from within keeping you from doing something that may be dangerous. Accepting that this is really an illusion in itself will keep fear from controlling you. Beat fear at it’s own game. Always take the middle road in life. This is the road on which there may be some risk, but on which there is no amount of danger that you can not handle. It really is that simple.

Aspects of Surrender Meditation practice is the best place in the universe in which you can surrender your will to becoming a better person. As your practice continues, and you face your fears, you have to realize that sometimes fighting to overcome them is not the way to go. You may have to “lay down your sword” so to speak and surrender to your fear. This will have a freeing affect upon you mind.


Once you do this you accept that you are afraid of something and that you cannot be anything but afraid. What you must do in this case is take clear-cut obvious steps to avoid what is making you afraid. Your fear of something you need to avoid will actually help you keep from being tempted to do things that would create misfortune in your life. The other aspect of surrender comes from deeper within, from within true self. The imperfection inherited in your previous lifetime is still there, and must be surrendered to proceed towards perfecting this life. Surrender all of the issues and problems, the pain and the suffering, the good and bad, any ideas of being more that what you are. The simple fact of the matter is no one can change the essence of true self. It is what ultimately defines oneness within existence. Realization of self means there is no longer a need to copy anyone’s behavior to be happy. You are what you are - nothing more nothing less. Accept it. Surrendering to this realization of self will bring you to a lifestyle living for


each and every moment as they happen, for every moment is precious.
lan for the future, and learn from the past, but live within each moment that is given to you, for each moment of life is precious and should be savoured. Nekisshi Nish Kawa – Spiritualist Vancouver 1980

Intuitive nature The intuitive mind is a bit like a beacon, a light within the darkness. Think of the world around you as a dark place filled with pitfalls. By trusting the light of intuitive nature, and following without doubt, it will guide in areas of life in where there is misfortune, and also to where fortune is there waiting. Understanding that misfortune does and still will occur in life is paramount to trusting intuition. Once a realization occurs that fortune and misfortune occur in balance to one another there will be a complete change in attitude towards life.

A man lost his son in a war. Yet he did not grieve for his lost child. When his neighbours asked him why he is not saddened by his son’s death he answered, “Of course I am saddened by the death of my son, but I will not grieve the loss. He died fighting for my freedom. My son is dead. That is my misfortune. But we are still free. That is our fortune.

This story underscores how the intuitive mind works. By understanding that every misfortune creates fortune we learn that from every darkness there is a light burning within it. Intuition is the light that comes from within the darkness. Look to find it, and follow its lead.


Part 3 - Practical Applications

Mental awareness Improved mental state (less aggressive more receptive) Receptivity in all that you do is one of the basic assets of meditative practice. Meditation over an extended period of time has proven time and time again to relieve not only stress as it happens, but the aggressive after affect created by stress. As the ability to concentration gets better, a clearer more receptive mind does not wonder as frequently as one that is filled with aggression. The aggressive mind continues to search for conflict, and in order to feed this conflict usually finds it everywhere it seeks. However, the practicing mind does not search for anything in particular; it comes to rest upon a state nothingness, finding contentment in being rather than obstructing. Earlier we discussed how the mind searches for elation to “quick Fix” its way to inner peace. Train the mind to find more permanent paths by relaxing the body when elation comes. Allow the emotion of elation


to spread evenly throughout the mind and body more so that the spirit can take the time calm itself. Improving mental state also means improving the physical body. Eating well empowers Mind body and spirit by creating a healthy vessel, free of aches and pains so distracting to meditative practice. When the mind and body to continue to function at peak capacity at all times, the spirit is more content. Meditation also gives that feeling of peace and tranquility within to set goals for change. With this will come the awareness that there is never anything so important happening in life that there is a need to get upset over it. Without aggression building up will be less conflict with others, and an open minded attitude receptive to listening to the other person’s point of view. A change in perception takes place allowing someone else’s opinion to be equal to or greater, but not less. Receptivity is part of meditation practice. Be being receptive and open to your own mind, and accepting what it has to teach makes it easier to be receptive to others. Awareness of personal flaw allows an acceptance 113

of flaws within others. Remember always that in tense situations it is better when cooler heads prevail.

Happier and less Discontent Discontentment is a most unpleasant state of mind. By accepting this as a state of being it becomes impossible to find inner peace. Everyone needs to feel content within their place in life. Finding and understanding our place, and accepting it for better or worse is paramount to finding inner peace. In any given moment be exactly where you should, because this is exactly where you are. Everything is Where it should be (But nothing is in it’s Place) Searching for true happiness will only happen when a decision is made to be happy. Life is about choices. Choosing to meditate was a choice. Make up a list of new choices. Toss out that list of other peoples goals and start living by a personally motivated set of standards.

Ask yourself - why meditation. Also, ask yourself how life would be without meditation. Make a list of goals based upon the answers. Include ideas like learning to be more diligent at the workplace, and sticking to rules you still must follow. It is important to remember that rule of law and safety regulations are for everyone’s best interest. The goals and ideologies set for personal existence have nothing to do with what the world has set down as rules and regulations. Become a positive thinker, acting in a way that consistently forwards ideals that creates happiness, make positive personal choices, follow your own heart and most of all, follow intuitive nature when it comes to everyday thinking. Meditation creates a state of peace and serenity, and continued practice keeps this serenity happening even when meditation is not. Happiness occurs when the mind is filled with serenity. Discontentment occurs when the mind is filled with doubt. Put the mental house in order by recreating the way thoughts flow. Meditation leans towards happiness and contentment. 115

Focus on these positive aspects of your thinking, and let go of the doubt and fear, and discontentment will go with it. Now things are where they should be, and in place.

Feeling worthy of yourself When awakening to a new day, ask this question. Who am I, and what am I here for? Answer it in the following way.
- I am a terrific person and am here to share the love and joy I feel with everyone around me. The discomfort felt by this statement is created by a trap in which you no longer believe in yourself. Self esteem has taken a fast vacation, and there is no longer a sense of self worth . In order to feel worthy of ones self there must first be a belief that there is something worth believing in, that you are a worthwhile person. Reaffirming this when awakening to each new day disallows the stresses of life to knock down that self esteem, and it will return. 116

Believing in your “self” means exactly that. Believe the true self is there within and that no matter what others say that it is there, you exist. The next step is to believe that no obstacle is too large that it cannot be overcome. This is the beginning of facing inner fears that erode the spirit, negative Karma often imprinted upon the spirit by past lives. These fears are unfounded because their based upon memories within the true self that are no longer relevant to continued existence. The name for this sort of fear is doubt. So go forward with confidence without doubting every move. Making mistakes is human, own up to them and take responsibility of those mistakes. Begin to act upon the moment, and stop planning for every contingency. Once again, it is better to live for the moment and make a mistake than it is to plan every move and loose out on an opportunity because you were so busy planning for every contingency that the time for opportunity passed you by. Once a decision is made to stop doubting, begin to believe in your own abilities, making informed 117

decisions, acting on the moment , and then taking responsibility for the outcome. More times then not acting upon an informed decision(without thinking about it to much)will create positive results. Make sure to responsibility is taken for the things that go right, and self esteem will follow.

Self Forgiveness There is an area of life and existence that can only be answered to by one person, and that’s you. Not the person that was taught to be a certain way, be who you are, the true self. Karma can become a hindrance and therefore must be relieved of it’s influence over personal mind and desire in this lifetime. Simply allow it to be as it is, memory of past traumas, imprinted upon the spirit. Accept it is there, and isn’t going to go anywhere, and move on. Karma exists to remind the you are not perfect and never were, accept it’s lesson and move on. Past lives are over, they have absolutely no bearing upon present existence. Karma allows that the flow of this life be brought into line with existence, so that you may

remember the imperfections of the past, yet strive for maintaining a better future. As for this present life, there is some work here yet to do. Many mistakes are made in life, many people have transgressed against you. The easy part is forgiving them for these transgressions. The hard part is forgiving yourself for allowing them to happen. When someone is forgiven there are no personal hassles to live with, but forgiving one’s self means to live with our mistakes, stupidities, and self determined transgressions. Forgiving one’s self means to accept and cast off our personally determined transgressions, and put them behind us. Once again a dark night of the soul can hold us back, because we have learned to revel within our own iniquity, and casting it of leave a void of unfamiliarity, an emptiness. This emptiness is the point of meditative practice, to strive to achieve simply being, without positive or negative, balance perfectly between the two.


This short exercise that will help with self forgiveness. - Close your eyes and begin to clear your mind, only focusing on the issue that is poisoning your spirit with it’s hate of who you really are. - Say to yourself that everything is fine now, look into the space before you and say to it’ “I forgive you.” - Keep doing this until you feel the warmth and love of acceptance of this forgiveness flow through you. - Never bring the issue up again in meditative practice and continue to work towards letting go of negative influences when not meditating. This means to no longer give it credence when it comes to your mind, push it out knowing it has been dealt with it, let go of its influence over you. Continue to repeat this exercise as a part of daily practice until issues of this sort stay away by proximity to the true self. Fear is an enemy within the mind, keep it away by refusing to associate with it. Self forgiveness creates a higher self image, loving who you are creates a better awareness of just being. 120

Pride and Arrogance These are the two aspects of the psyche that are never really gone. A prideful nature is one that can be most self-destructive if it is allowed to get out of control. Once pride sets in it constantly goes after everyone and anyone that contests personal “authority” over just about everything. Not that this authority ever existed, yet a personal perception of it continues to believe everyone should listen because you are always right. This will eventually lead to disastrous results, because no one will want to put up with it anymore, and after a point will even defy this so called authority in an attempt to make themselves look good at your expense. Now perception changes as a realization of what you look like to others occurs.. Pride breeds fear, this being because of a belief that personal weakness can be covered by arrogant behavior to some degree. It is this perception that creates fear within the prideful person. Everyone else around you knows it too.

A meditative mindset will never allow this to go so far. Meditation allows a person to see themselves as they truly are. Once the mind begins to act upon the nature of the true self the old and prideful self begins to fall away. The choices made regarding personal change will cause the arrogance to fade into the back of the thinking process. Continuing to meditate allows acceptance of things about yourself that which you know to be true. Once realized that there is more strength in spreading love than there is in always being right people will be more receptive to your ideas. The original goal was to get people to listen. This goal is far more likely to be achieved if a decision is made to drop the pride and listen to what they have to say, and then add to it. If a choice to listen to others is made in this way, a discovery that they know thing too will also be made. Respect this discovery.


Patience and Discernment Discovering the inner workings of the mind can be an exciting and rewarding experience. There is however something to continuously bear in mind as you continue to practice meditation. Everyone’s meditation experiences are different. Expect the unexpected as intuition comes to bare in different forms. It may transform itself as a guide, a person or animal, it may talk, or simply lead. Follow and ask questions, and accept answers as truth. Often while sleeping, a dream occurs that gives insight as to personal growth as of your person. Understand that this dream was not just a random occurrence, but a lesson designed to lead you to a personal truth. An example of a standard truth is “Everyone is an individual” . This truth has been lost within the minds of many people. The practitioner of meditation will become aware of their individuality, when this happens a connection to this truth is made. By understanding our personalized individuality we can become knower’s of our own thoughts, identifying with those that are

positive influences, and allowing negativity to pass us by. As we train our minds in this way we begin to discern what is positive(working for us) and what is negative(working against us) both within our physical and spiritual lives. This takes patience. When patience and discernment are practiced within yourself as within daily life an amazing thing happens. Patience becomes a part of lifestyle. Partly this is because the ability to discern positive from negative and only identify with positive aspects as an application of meditative practice overflows into worldly life. This will happen naturally. As your mind begins to relax, it is no longer restricted by outside distractions. Patience is defined as a willingness to put up with annoyances without complaint or acting out in anger. Notice the word willingness. Patience is an act of the will. It is a choice. Discernment is so much more an act of the mind. It means there is an understanding of personal thoughts as they are processed by the mind. This thought process still needs a personal activation(you choose to think about it), but 124

understanding occurs when this process has reached a successful conclusion. So in order to reach a point of discernment you must be patient and think things through.

Allowing yourself to Daydream Daydreaming has always been looked down upon by our Western society. This actually is a form of mental relaxation – a form of meditation. Daydreaming can be a beneficial aspect of the mind’s need to wonder, but make sure that the time and place are appropriate. A wondering mind will find what it is looking for eventually, what is important is to understand how it reached its destination, and why it took the long way around to get there. Daydreaming, according to psychologists is imagined memory, in which a smell or sound triggers that memory, and the mind takes over from there, creating a story around it. Some meditation techniques require you to stare at an object, or burn an incense stick. The point of this is to trigger an imagined memory.

Daydreaming is considered to be helpful in that it clears the mind of abjective memory, and also because it constitutes a natural and healthy way of thinking. In extreme cases you can begin to confuse imaging in daydreams with reality. Delusion or hallucinations of this type are known as psychosis. Some common psychoses are schizophrenia, or acute paranoia. Physical Awareness Sleeping better Eating better - It is a medical fact that unhealthy food make you feel unhealthy. Proper eating can be done in many ways, so it is important that culinary choices fit lifestyle and diet plan. A properly fed body feels better, the blood flow is better, and thus energy levels are more consistent. Anxiety is not something one should deal with because of a poor diet. Cut out the junk food, replacing fattening foods with healthy alternatives. An example of this would be to replace beef and pork with Chicken and fish in least three meals during the week. One must maintain hydration; it is recommended that you drink six to eight 126

300ml glasses of water each day. These can be taken at mealtimes. One glass of water before sleep and one after you get is also recommended. Yet the most important part of a clear and contented mind is a well rested body. Always make sure to get enough sleep, generally this means a minimum of seven, but preferably eight hours in one sleep cycle. Also, make sure your sleeping area is quiet and comfortable. Sleep is a big part of meditation practice, this being because dreams occur while sleeping, and often reflect upon in a meditative session. Yoga Exercise - Yoga is a form of meditation practice involving the use of certain bodily motions and positions designed to create positive mental and spiritual flow throughout the physical body. The eastern practice of yoga has grown into many different facets, each displaying a different formula for oneness of mind body and spirit. If a form of yoga is chosen which brings the practitioner to awakening, this form should be adhered to throughout a persons lifetime, for this is the format that has awakened the true self. The mind 127

thrives on familiarity, and so long as familiarity has gotten positive spiritual results there is no reason make a change. Stress relief through relaxation - Stress occurs as a result of information and emotional overload created by worldly situations in which we have no control. Although stress has been a mainstay of the human psyche since the beginnings of human sentience, medical studies have only recently brought to light the dangers of stress upon our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Stress is one of those mental issues that is ever present in the human mind, and escapes no one. Even the most practiced spiritual individual can’t escape the basic rule of the human psyche. When we are charged with a difficult situation our system is designed to either deal with it through confrontation, or back off and allow some sort of surrendered compromise, even to be oppressed by it. The human mind has no other form of dealing with stress.


What meditation does is allow for us to lessen the degree by which stress effects our psyche. Learning to relax in a tense situation allows for a person to take a step back and see it from an objective point of view, and much like becoming the knower of the thoughts within the mind, may choose which aspects or emotions will be activated to best deal with a stressful situation. Meditation does not help to control stress, only our personal reaction to it. Walk if you can (the benefits of walking) Walking provides us with a means of transportation over short distances. During a walk to the corner store(for example) one may wish to figure out next months family budget. The more things that can be decided in life by taking a relaxing walk, the less there will be on “life’s plate” to digest when it comes time to have to do something. Walking is also a metabolism booster, and good exercise for the body. It allows the mind to take mini vacations, and the spirit to rest a bit from the rigors of everyday


life. Going for a walk provides a “break in the action” of life, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to slow down and select a pace that is personally appropriate. Perception - How is it that attitudes are discerned? Why do we act a certain way in a given situation? What is it that causes us to see everything differently from everyone else? The answer is perception. It is most important that we base how we Perceive see, analyze and understand a situation based upon what it is we know to be truth. Once again truth is a concept of the individual, that which exist with a state of awakened being. Once we are awakened our perceptions change. Meditation allows for those who are awakened to continue to perceive what happens in the world as illusion, and although much of what takes place in the world is immediately important, our spiritual future does not depend upon it. Reality is defined as anything that exists independently from the ideas that concern it. Illusion is defined as perception that is deceived away from reality. 130

Reality by definition can only exist within the mind, because it is in the mind that things can exist independently from our ideas about them. Meditation creates this ability, we exist outside of our thoughts, existing independently from the ideas that are of concern to us. On the world there is only illusion. Ideologies and distractions designed to turn our minds away from the truth within, to herd us all into a single mentality of worldliness. These things are not real. They are self serving, existing to serve the concerns of their own self motivated ideologies. We must turn away from the illusion of the world and find the truth within. It is the first step towards universal oneness, a step to which our eternal existence can continue.


Spiritual Awareness Duality - The understanding of spiritual matters by the worldly mind, and visa versa creates within a person a kind of confusion. This confusion is often referred by the mind as a person or image, the mind does this in order to better understand its own intuitive nature. Intuitive nature is often undeveloped within the mind because it is connected to the thinking process of the true self within. Once a feeling of intuition, a gut feeling that something is not as it seems begins to surface a duality of mind has occurred. Everything that you believe to be true seems right, yet intuitively there is something nagging away that says it is not. Spiritual awareness has begun, and when this inner voice has begun to turn itself upon personal conduct, a spiritual awakening may be in the works, but until it happens, a dual personality is created. Universal connectivity - The fact of the matter is that we already are connected to this universal oneness. Yet we need to be so much more than just aware of it. Yet if we desire it we will not be accepted. To let go of all desires is the only way to find peace within the light of 132

universal oneness. The practice of meditation begins by clearing away all thought and staring into the darkness of the ambient space within a mind that is before you, and asking forgiveness of your iniquities. The universal oneness is in that space, created for us, it is the place in which we connect to it. Every time meditation is practiced we come closer to maintaining this connection and as we allow the illusions of the world to fall away the only desire our spirits face is to connect to this place of peace, and harmonious unconditional love once again. We must not live within this desire, yet let go of worldly attitudes, continuing to live within our spiritual and worldly associations. In this lies a danger for all practitioners of meditation. The point to meditation is to come closer to universal oneness through a connective association within the universal. Many people fall into the trap of disassociating from the world at large, and miss the whole point of the world’s existence. We need to live upon the world, work, eat, sleep, make love, and enjoy our lives. 133

This does not mean that we need to indulge our bodies and minds with frivolous worldly practices and ideologies. Think about the world as a proving ground, a place where all indulgences can be realized, and yet personally abstained from. The truth is not found by indulgence of any kind, so indulging oneself in the practice of meditation can be just as dangerous as indulging in the ways of the world. We should strive to live on the world in such a way as to find contentment, realizing contentment can exist within illusion. We must also realize the seriousness of personal spiritual condition, and that keeping an open connection to universal oneness is a priority. But only a priority, not an addiction. Being one within ones self does not take material wealth or a "filling" of the spirit into accounting. Most Religions utilizes a deity or some type of spiritual structuring to fulfil, or fully fill the spirit. The problem is that we aren’t sure what is filling us, just that it makes us feel good. 134

Fulfilment of the spirit becomes like a drug to the true self, disallowing any reality from being created from within, much like a drug in the physical body disallows the essence of the real world around it. Let go of these ideas until the physical, metaphysical, and consciousness of the mind no longer really matter, and only the truth and the secrets within that truth remain. What follows is an enlightening process that does not fulfil the true self, yet exposes the secrets within it to be revealed and in essence empties it of unnecessary Karmic influences. We were put here to enjoy life to the fullest, so that we could create a spiritual existence void of fulfilment. Our true selves need not be fulfilled, truth is it’s own fulfilment, and leaves the spirit quite contented. Any more would be imperfect, and an affront to God. When he does come, that would not be a smart way to present oneself before him.


Awakening of the Spirit - There comes a time within each lifetime that the true self may be awakened. This awakening should not be tendered by anyone but the individual, yet far to often is tended to by Religious orders and spiritual practitioners that have no idea about truth, except that which has been taught to them by others. Once again, no one can find the truth within themselves by following the ideologies of someone else. Once the true self awakens it is like an empty vessel waiting to be filled with information that will help it to seek out and reveal those secret places within that hamper it’s moving forward into the universal oneness. When it is opposed by religion the usual response is to shut out all that is being reigned down upon it effectively creating a series of multiplicities with the psyche known as psychic influences. These come into the person’s mind working towards reinstating it’s trust in the personal aspects of the psyche. They are a common factor within an awakening experience, and will take on whatever form needed to get the awakened person to listen. Angels, demons, and banshees are

common forms of communication, usually because they are respected by the practitioners of the religions, and allowed to speak to their new found member. When a person is awakened without such influence, these helpers tale on a form pleasing to the newly awakened being and begin a process of teaching them the way to find the universal oneness that brought them into being for your sake. Spiritual guides are inevitable, there would be no way to access the universal oneness without them. Dark night of the Soul - There is some disparity between what we teach in this book about the dark night of the soul and what is commonly taught. It is commonly referred to as a period of desolation based within the transition from worldly to spiritual life. Our teaching transgresses this ideology a bit. The dark night of the soul is a self actuated mental process, based upon the need to feel some kind of familiarity within the mental process. As awareness gives way to awakening there will be events, hobbies,


ideas, and activities that will begin to lose their meaning, as your need for distractions begin to fade the familiarity of memory kicks in. This is a continuous process and must be continually checked against throughout persons lifetime. (It is too easy to fall back into familiarity, and this will only leave one feeling stranded and miserable. Like everything else within a spiritual existence the Dark night of the soul is a choice. A person can choose to cast of those things that were negative influences and move towards a positive spiritual being, thus connecting to the universal oneness, or continue to find connections within their negative worldly existence. Meditations creates a void within the mind allowing that negativity to pass into it, and remain there. When a person choose to retain those old ideas we call it jumping into the void. Another expression is “To get caught between a rock and a hard place”.


I walked the path of righteousness tuning my face towards the east looking towards the sunrise. Yet would I have known the closeness of the darkness behind me would have hastened my pace. The sunrise seemed to be escaping my sight, yet for as long as I could see it I felt safe. I set upon a log and rested for a moment and the darkness was upon me. I became lost an knew not the east, panicking as I ran haphazard through the forests. In this desolation I threw down to the ground in despair weeping - for I was truly lost. A long while past and I looked up. The darkness had faded and the light returned. But in my panic I had lost the path of righteousness. All I had to do was patiently wait it out. All darkness is followed by light. Now I could revel in neither. - Excerpt from Kala’s Calling - yet to be published


Karma and Past Life regression (correlating the two) Karma is an imprinting upon the spirit that defines the future of ones life to some degree. For example, if our parents are financially well off, yet never make a successful financial future for themselves, we are at that point predetermined to do the same. The layman’s term is their bad attitudes towards money “rubbed off” onto you. This predetermination is often difficult to shake but not impossible. If negative karma is imprinted onto a person they can help to alleviate it’s affect upon their lives through meditative practice. Although a negative attribute that has been imprinted upon a person will always be there, it does not have to control conduct in life and subsequent generations do not have to suffer the same fate if the karma is kept within, rather than displayed for all to see. Past life regressions, usually come to people in dreams during sleep cycles, and are spontaneously motivated by Karmic influences that have stayed with a person from past lives. The problem comes in when our

minds try to make sense of the few imprints they have. Often the impression is more of an emotional response, sometimes an image or short memory. The human mind is a working computer. It crunches images and ideas through our sentient human natures, yet is seldom accurate when creating a story that came from Karmic impressions. This is because all it has to work with as far as accuracy is concerned is the impressions, and will take information from this lifetime to fill in the gaps and create a story around those impressions.

I have the benefit of working with spiritual forces that tend to imply their influence upon me from time to time through the use of dreams and memories that had nothing to do with my Karma, but rather much to do with their own. In 1975 at age 14 I was bothered by a bully and called upon a dark helper. In old Irish tradition a banshee helper can be brought to bear upon one in trouble, known as the “Kiara” (small darkness). Kiara, once attached to my psyche 141

shares consciousness and Karma. In a past life of hers she was a 15 year old girl in a Celtic settlement in southern Spain that was attacked and pillaged. She was then imprisoned, raped and murdered by the Romans. According to Kiara that was true. The story my mind created around this impression was huge and epic having her move from a fugitive on the run to a hero of the Roman empire. That was the story my mind created. I was into epic movies and novels at the time. AKA - personal note Allen Graih Dreams, Karma and the Subconscious Mind I am a subscriber to the theory that dreams are most times created by people in other dimensions living their lives out while our minds connect to them through a desire or fear utilizing a conduit system known as ambient space. The theory goes that when they dream, and a certain desire or fear comes into play they connect with our lives, and for a short period of time share our lives through either seeing us live them from a remote

point in space, or actually being within our minds, and seeing what we see, hear, and feel. Conversely, our dreams can connect to persons from other dimensions through our fears and desires. It is the vibration of frequency of the dreamer that attracts them to a person with an identical mental vibration of frequency of desire or fear. We are dreaming someone else’s life, and other people are dreaming ours. Meditation can allow us into greater control of this process by disciplining the mind to pick and choose our desires and fears. Once we empower ourselves to control this process then are able to dream our own path, not the path of another. Cosmic Consciousness - It is believed by some that there are many universes with different outcomes all taking up the same place in space and time, yet operation on separate frequencies, or cosmic vibrations. Within these universes is a vast area of ambient space that holds all of the thoughts and dreams, desires and energies of everyone that has ever lived. This area of ambience or “mood space” can be 143

accessible to anyone that cares to search for it, by utilizing meditative practice, and blocking out all other influences our minds drift into this space, allowing us to be in contact with universal oneness for a short period of time. It is not as if we have become a part of this consciousness, since our true selves our still grounded to a mind and body, but it gives a person reason to believe that such a consciousness does exist. Drugs are often used to attain this contact, but are absolutely frowned upon in meditative practice. Persistent practice and an attitude of change will bring one there for a time. In spiritual practice one may never obtain anything by desiring it, and must allow all desire and fear to pass by them, if they are to attain even a brief look into the infinite.


Warnings - Unless you are a guru or meditation specialist, never meditate for more than an hour at a time. The human brain is designed to think aggressively, and longer sessions of meditation regularly practiced can actually be dangerous to our psychological states of mind because meditation relaxes our thinking processes. It is best better that sessions are kept to no more than one hour at a time because our busy lives do not allow for the mind to be in a trancelike state much longer than this. Meditation of this sort has been know to effect work related performance and memory, and would not be psychologically healthy for anyone that is not mentally and psychologically able to handle it.



Invite a Friend (Meditate with a friend or a group) One to One - Teaching someone to meditate is a wonderful experience. It allows you to help another person grow and change for the better. Meditation is a private and intimate thing and should only be done between two people that are in the very least close friends. Karma is a tricky thing and at times can create some pretty disturbing images. These must be shared, but only from student to teacher, and visa versa, and only to help each other understand the value of lessons learned through meditative practice. As a Group - There are two was to meditate as a group. The first is when everyone sits in a circle and joins hands. This facilitates a sharing of energy between practitioners and will result in a closeness created within the group, allowing the entire group to experience the value of group sessions. There is a danger of a group such as this isolating itself from the outside world too much, and creating a personalized 147

belief structure based upon the experiences of the meditative practice within the group. We call them cults, the word coming from occult. Cults are often mislead by people seeking oneness without proper direction, so this sort of group meditation is not recommended. The other is to utilize a teacher trainer that is experienced practitioner of meditation to help guide the group into self imposed expressions of meditative practice. Meditation is personal and intimate, and when it is passed on from one person to another the person passing down the knowledge should be well versed in the theory, practice, and potential dangers within that practice. Online meditation (in real time) - Be careful with this. Unless an online instructor can show some credentials as to their teaching ability,( a course certificate, or personal reference) it is better that meditation is learned through books, or better yet from a practiced meditation instructor.


Friends and family members (You may know a friend or family member that wants to join in) Family members of teachers will often wish to join in a meditation lesson. Unfortunately their efforts are often to scuttle the lesson and spoil it for the rest of a group, in order to discourage the teacher from continuing. It is not recommended that friends of meditation instructors become students. Friends are on an even keel with one another, and a friendship can be scuttled when one friend has to become subordinate to another. Also, friends and family members of students may wish to join in. Although their intentions are mostly honourable, there will be a few that may detract from the lesson. Each student must before bring a friend or family member into the lesson become a teacher, and show them what they need to know in order to be an obedient student. Sometimes a lack of knowledge and avid excitement gets the better of new students. This is a good thing, but new students must learn to control their enthusiasm. Meditation is about becoming relaxed, not being over excited. 149

Team Leadership Don’t be bossy - As a human being living a life on this earth it is always a good idea to keep bossiness to a minimum. As a practitioner of meditation it becomes a must to eliminate it altogether. People learn best about how changes occur within someone by experiencing those changes first hand. If someone that is practicing meditation becomes bossy and obnoxious it throws a negative mood over the whole idea of meditating for everyone around them. Become a teacher and instructor around other people, not a boss. People respond better when they ask for assistance because of a persons knowledge, rather than to have that knowledge imposed rudely upon them. Patience and calm are key (walk the walk and talk the talk) - Meditation is about becoming calm, relaxed and at peace with ones self. Once a person begins to purvey this attitudes others around begin to take notice. Question like how does he/she stay so calm in a tense situation, or comments like I couldn’t have kept my cool around that person, crop up from time to time. It 150

is best to keep modesty at the forefront and wait patiently for someone to ask directly what it is that relieves the stress in your life before mentioning meditation to them. This way they have already decided that you have a superior method of keeping your cool, and allows for them to become curious about it. Be more teacher than trainer - The greatest saying about being a teacher is that a good teacher shows their students what to do with accuracy and efficiency, but a great teacher does this without imposing upon students their own influence. Showing a person how to meditate is more than technique, procedure, and achieving results. Each person learns at a different rate, depending upon their personal abilities. It is recommended to teachers of novice students that before attempting actual meditation that concentration and memory exercises be created, for example, asking students to keep a dream journal. Understanding that each person in your group has come to learn with a different level of knowledge from each other is paramount to dealing with individual concerns. 151

There is no one blanket able answer to meditation concerns. It is generally accepted by teachers of meditation that every individual has a separate experience, and those that are having trouble with getting deep into themselves may need to be in a novice class, should they have taken the wrong class level. Understanding group concerns - Sometimes there is a group problem, in which something the teacher is doing(or not doing) has been noticed by students in the group. Once this concern is brought to the attention of the teacher it becomes the teachers decision what should be done to settle the issue. Remember that student generally pay for their lessons, so an issue must be settled and quickly, or one may find themselves as quickly without students. Don’t be overbearing - a teacher should never act as if someone that does not understand is ignorant. Patiently explain until they do understand. This is fairly self explanatory. You can’t teach a person to change into a calm and peaceful person if you as a teacher are not one yourself. 152

Class levels. My course has 4 class levels. Beginner(novice), intermediate, middle, advanced. Students should be interviewed before they are placed into a class.
The Journey Begins A Single Step (Even the longest of journey begins with a single step) Take that step The first step to realization comes when a person makes an assessment of their life a finds they are no longer happy with the direction it is taking. This can’t happen until the step is taken. Make a list of pros and cons for lifestyle, and a separate section on the list for ideas how to change those cons onto pros. Once this is done be brutally honest with yourself. Blaming your job, kids, friends, and neighbours for your lot in life will not improve it. Perhaps it’s all the governments fault. And perhaps these problems are created by associations with people in life.


Unless you plan to move to a cave and become a hermit these issues are not going to go away. These are things beyond anyone’s ability to control. What is controllable is your attitude towards these things. Negativity is a huge issue in western society, stress levels are giving people health problems, causing marriages to break up and children to disrespect their parents. Much of the stress that causes the ills in our society could be avoided if we could see a situation from a separated point of view. Once again make a list of issues and how you continue to respond. In a separate column, and one again attaining that brutal honesty, decide how many of these can be let go of, because they really don’t matter or even affect you directly. One of the largest causes of stress is allowing other peoples issues to bother us. An example of this is news media. When the news media reports a story it is negative 99 percent of the time. When a person listens to all of this negativity for too long they become overloaded and frustration and a sense of not being in 154

control sets in. The fact of the matter is that there is no need for this frustration because most of the news media is about negative things, you know this, so stop watching. An imperative to know what is going on can become like an addiction. I’ll restate that a different way. We can become addicted to negativity because it is our only source of information connecting us with the outside world. So why is it that we need the outside world. Simply put we don’t. Allow for all of that mental gunk to be scraped away by becoming aware of how it is damaging your mind and body, not to mention your eternal spirit(true self). Karma is created by mental impression imprinted upon one’s true self within each lifetime. Don’t create more impressions than need be, especially if they are negative impressions, and not even personally motivated. Meditation is the way out of the world. Learning to change is the way into the true self. A continued journey - Life is a gift that should not be wasted by frivolous worldliness. God will come to this world one day. Those who meditate and come into contact with his cosmic consciousness have a much \ 155

better chance at being spared his wrath than those who waste their lives with unpretentious, and useless endeavours designed only to forward their own personal agendas. Every time we are placed into a living body our ability to become sentient is exemplified. The true self, short of a living body simply exists, does not grow or shrink, and cannot know of it’s own existence. This is the point to our lives. To remove the layers of outside influences until our true selves are revealed and become sentient within our minds, awakening to all we were, and becoming more than ever thought possible. Whether based in darkness or light the true self, once awakened seeks to be at peace and in balance with the universal oneness. Awareness of your purpose - Here is an area of existence that for most people is hard to pin down. Because of religion people’s purpose for their existence is given to them, rather than allowed to be discovered. This is a exercise in defeating the purpose. We do not subscribe to the ideology that it is everyone’s purpose for existence 156

to help everyone else find that purpose. Religions continue to seek a purpose for others which defeats the original idea of searching for the individual purpose of existence. So what is the purpose of existence. Achieving oneness with the almighty universal oneness we call God is not a purpose. It is a goal. Individual purpose for existence depends upon the ways and means of achieving this goal, what is known as a spiritual journey, and differs from each individual insomuch as no one can impose purpose upon another. Ways and means - Spiritual journeys come to us within our lifetimes, and as stated the true self requires a living body and sentient mind to become awakened. How we go about this journey is largely up to choice, meditation clears away the choices others have made for us, allowing our own choices to become choices for our continued existence.

---End of Book---


If you really love people don’t pay attention to their teasing. If they tease you it is because they like you.
---This pearl of Wisdom comes from my mother.---


Adjective to Nekisshi Nish Kawa Nekisshi was my personal spiritual trainer in Vancouver from 1979 to 1981, and in Winnipeg from 1981 - my marriage in 1983. Her words, thoughtful council and empowering teachings have stayed with me over the years, and although I admittedly have at times trouble staying upon the path towards oneness, it is those teachings that continue to help me find my way back, and continue this journey. She was born in Hawaii in 1927, and moved to Victoria city in Canada as a result of World War 2 in 1944. Once there she met Janine Macalister, a mentor and teacher of the gypsy Irish way. From there she moved to Vancouver looking for work, and finding none became heavily involved in Spiritualism through BDSM, meditative practice, and the Chinese Martial art Gung Fu. By 1977 she had become a respected underground Mistress of the Dragonfire way, her intention to bring the ways of the geisha to Canada, with her own experiential twist. I was indoctrinated into her 159

personal care in 1979 in order to learn the ways of Dragonfire, but she died in 1984 before my training could be completed. Left alone and without a mentor I continued to follow the ways and philosophies that had become such a part of my life. Then about 10 years ago a vision of her sitting in the old Vancouver basement apartment I had become so accustomed to in North Chinatown reminded me that once a mentor dies their student becomes the teacher. “Take what you have learned to the world. They need to know”… . Was all she said.


Visualization and Grounding

Meditation - is mind relaxation technique, and can take the form of sitting and concentrating, painting or crafts, or even playing a musical instrument. Meditation accesses your sub-conscious higher mind, allowing your conscious lower mind to relax. Visualization - is imagining a particular item or event, and then concentrating on that item or event in a meditative state. Breathing - In order to get yourself into a meditative state it is important to breathe correctly. Sit or lie down (sitting in preferred) In a comfortable position so that your abdomen and chest are straight. Lie on your back if you must lie down, hands above your head, crossed. Sitting in a crossed legged position, or with the bottoms of your feet together works good, if you can’t mange this sit with your legs draped over something(like on the end

of a bed, or a chair)comfortably with your feet on the floor and your hands on your lap clasped together in front of you. 1) Begin breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth, taking slow deep breaths. 2) Fill your lungs, chest and abdomen, taking as much air into you whole upper body as you can and then slowly exhale through your mouth. You will feel your head clearing and your body become relaxed. When this happens make an effort to concentrate an the exercise you have chosen to perform. Continue to breathe in this way throughout the exercise. It keeps the mind and body clear so that the spirit of true self can be accessed more easily

Grounding and Purifying - Here is a Grounding method for the novice. It works great. I use it all the time and it can be done as often as you like.
1) Begin by being for yourself in a meditative state It is best to keep your feet on the floor or ground, at any rate pointed towards the earth. 162

2) Begin Breathing slowly and rhythmically in through the nose and out through the mouth. Continue to breathe in this way throughout the exercise. 3) Envision a bright pure light above your head suspended there. The distance is not as important as that the light is there. Allow yourself to feel its presence as if its warmth is upon you 4) Envision the light expanding throughout your body now, beginning with the head as it moves through and purifies you and your chakras one by one. 5) Beginning with the head chakra you become intently aware of the light’s presence as it purifies your mind, slowly expanding downwards into the third eye, purifying as it goes. 6) As it reaches your throat chakra you become consciously aware of your breathing, as it purifies this chakra you will feel the air within your body cool and clean, the light continues to move through the next chakra, one of the toughest ones to see into, tour heart chakra.


7) As the light moves into this area of your body it is not uncommon to feel ashamed or uneasy, purifying the heart always leaves an impression of unworthiness, but after it is done it is the experience that it is always good to be healed by the purity of the light. 8) The light continues to move through your abdominal area and the purity and healing at this point fills the entire body right down to your toes. Feeling a bit of tingling now? Depending upon the amount of healing your spirit need your tingling sensation will range from fingers and toes to the vibration and resonation of your entire body. 9) The light continues to expand and fills the chakras in your hands encompassing them then moves though your pelvic area to purify the two chakras there. Now you will feel a rush of internal energy as all of the chakras in your body align. The light stops expanding for a few moments while this is happening. 10) As it continues to expand it moves down through your legs and into your feet you feel the light as it has now encompassed your entire body but you still sense it moving below you. 164

11) You will know when it reaches the earth energy. You get a jolt of energy from the Earth a bit akin to an electric shock, but it feels so good. The mind and body are now purified and the spirit is at peace. Congrats!! You’re grounded!! 12) Continue your breathing and allow the light to remain around you encircling you like a cocoon for a few minutes. You are now encircled in a cocoon of pure light. Allow it at this time to be absorbed by your body, your body becoming like a sponge absorbing the purity, so that the purity will remain within you.

Grounding to remove unneeded emotion Ground yourself before going into an event in which you know stress will occur, or before you go to sleep on a Friday night, that is the end of the week and the proper way to enter the new week with a fresh and new perspective. Do this particular exercise at least once a week and twice if time allows. Do the grounding (2) when pressed for time to do the (1) exercise.


1) Lie or sit down in a comfortable position 2) Close your eyes. Relax body and mind completely 3) Imagine yourself in a happy place with a higher being that has your best interest at heart You will leave your consciousness and “float” downwards to this place You are floating through the Cosmic consciousness to your place of serenity. It can be a beach, or some enclose or enclave that makes you feel safe. Try to make this place out of doors, walls restrict the experience. 4) Imagine this is where your Devine presence waits for you. Feel the love from this higher being as it permeates throughout your body 5) The warmth and love flows in through your body beginning at the back of the neck and through your head, then down throughout your entire body right down to the toes. Notice the isolation of Negative energy in your stomach area. It feels like a hot knot in your stomach. 6) Release the bad energy to your divine being and as you do the positive forces begin to rush throughout your body and build pressure to escape. Release it all. Your 166

divine being will take it from you, leaving only that which is to you, that which is yours. Contrasts – You’re grounded 7) Now it is time to wake yourself from your trancelike state. Settling down You will be a bit emotional, relax, and when you are completely calm and relaxed, as when you began you must leave your comfortable place and return to the place you were before you began, floating upwards through the cosmic consciousness back to your own body. 8) You will be aware of your body and spirit at the same time but don’t open your eyes until you feel your spirit settle into place within you. It kind of feels like it’s floating just above you until it goes right through you. You feel a kind of a “click or jolt when it’s all back in place. 9) Open your eyes and understand what just happened you may feel a bit disoriented from the experience, so get your bearings to you recall where you now are.


Cave Meditation

This is a meditation that you will really be able to get into. Literally. Generally you enter into a cave or cavern where some truth is shown to you. I do not recommend it too often because it can bring back some pretty disturbing and often quite distressing images of your past in this life. What it does is allow you to see yourself in situations allowing a new perspective. The images are often years ago and are generated because of some problem that existed at the time that remained unresolved, and your mind shows you what the real story is and gives you clue of how better you could have handled the situation. Find a quiet spot for this one you do not want to be disturbed in the middle of an image. The images and “Movies” come at random so you may not get to see the one your viewing again for a while if you’re disturbed. 1) Begin your breathing into a deep meditation 2) Imagine yourself in a cave; make the cave deep and dark. You are alone there except for what we’ll call your intuition. 168

3) Before venturing into the cave you must allow your intuition to take a form. Accept any from that it takes, and intuition will guide you. You may ask questions of your guide if you wish, answers are often vague, but they will be tendered. 4) Venture into the cave until you are fairly far in and it has become dark all around you. The darkness reveals secrets that will not be exposed in the light. 5) Begin to reflect upon your life as you have lived it and accept whichever image or “movie comes before you. You will be seeing it as if you are an impartial observer watching it happen. A lesson will be learned from watching yourself make a mistake you did not realize(until now) you’ve made, or something will be revealed to you that will lessen or eliminate a problem created by something you did or did not do(but should have done). 6) Look at the images set before you and accept them for what they have shown you. Rekindle your goals and aspirations regarding this experience, and if you need assistance to understand better what it is you are 169

supposed to learn, ask your guiding intuition for it. This self discovery brings back memories of things you have consciously forgotten, but may have been bothering you subconsciously for years. 7) Do not allow fantasy to alter these images, accept them for what they are. 8) If they have disturbed you in some way begin to focus on the darkness in the surrounding cave and calm yourself, allowing your intuition to guide you from the place you were in. Open your eyes only when you feel you have been brought back to the place in your mind where you began. 9) Reflect on what you have learned and seen and document the experience. Another aspect of this meditation is one in which you remotely view an experience in your past that allows you to see more than when you were actually there. Your mind senses so much more than you actually see, so you can look around rooms and areas not available to you at the time of the experience. Depending upon what you 170

find, much can be learned about the situation. This is a called remote viewing
Building your Special Place (Also called the Sacred Cell)

1) Close your eyes and Visualize the room around you melting away into waves, dissolving as if consumed by a spiritual ocean. Allow the waves of this ocean to carry you to a shoreline somewhere within the cosmic consciousness we all share. Your intuition will come along for the ride and guide you to that perfect place in which to build you “Place” I use the word place in meaning that this is where you belong your Place in the realm of consciousness. I have heard it also referred to as the Sacred Cell. 2) Understand your intuition as a being of person that can guide you. Accept whatever form it takes and remember that it is your guide to your sacred cell always. Your intuition may not take the same form each time, but again do not allow fantasy to interfere with the form your intuition takes.


3) Visualize a ball of light energy approaching you. From wherever you are concentrate upon it. It will create for you your own perfect personalized space. I Advise you to keep this space simple, a shelf for books, a Table some candles and maybe even a fireplace. (I am really sorry for those of you who wish to have technology, I don’t know of any running water or electricity in the cosmic consciousness, so you’ll just have to do without!!)At any rate you can personalize it how you like but keeping it simple leaves less distractions around you. 4) Once you have constructed this place you will use it for basic meditation, reflections that need no explanations, or just plain kicking back in the recesses of your mind. It is your place you can go whenever you like. 5) But be aware that the more time spent here the more you will be at peace with yourself. You are in a place that is exclusively yours.


6) With enough attention given upon being here you will at some point begging to feel the presence of an invisible companion. Actually this is you being manifested into a higher state by your presence here. When you can see this presence step into it, it will appear as a bright light white and pure silhouette, you will be transformed into a being of spiritually pure white light. This visualization allows you to become one with intuition in a realized manner The goal is to learn to trust your intuition so much that you are “transformed onto a being of pure light”. This is after all only a visualization designed to help you realize intuitive empowerment is absolute an purely perfect in it‘s essence.

Chants when spoken in their original language (once you understand them) are powerful and amazing to behold. Also take it upon yourself to ground regularly and visit your special place with the proper intentions.


This is definitely an exercise in which you must learn to trust your intuition. Here are a few of the “proper intentions” you will need when you go to your special place. -Reflect on the day, week, month(etc) -Reassert your goals and decide what you will do next in the face of challenge -Work out the logistics of your life, or at least try to understand why things happen the way they do -Come here to create for yourself a positive attitude that you can take back to the world you live in -Never bring negativity into your special place. Ask your intuition to leave it at your starting point. Don’t even bring negativity along for the ride.
Emotional Clearing

1) Lying down on your back, Close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breathes. 2) Go to your perfect place within yourself, and stand in a clear area in the middle of the room. Imagine that you hold your hands out from your sides and take several 174

more deep breathes (Take these deep breathes in the real world as well). 3) Imagine that you feel a force of light penetrating your body from the back of your neck and filling your head. 4) Allow this energy to flow and transmutate into a liquid form, this liquid represents all of the positive emotions within you that you have, but no longer use, emotions that are just there taking up space. 5) Open up imaginary “valves” at the tips of your fingers and toes and allow the “emotion liquid” to flow out from you until you have emptied yourself of it. 6) Notice a hard ball in the pit of your stomach is beginning to form like a knot. The ball becomes uncomfortably warm, although it is not really hot. These are negative emotions, useless or otherwise, you want these to be cleared as well. 7) Imagine that you can reach into your body and take the negativity out; it will resist, so pull it out fairly briskly. 175

8) Once you remove it cast it into the air above you and watch it dissipate into ambient space, neutralized by the perfection of the place you are in. 9)Once you have removed all of the unneeded emotion only neutrality, and necessary positive energy remains within you. 10) Begin the process of returning to the real world, when you feel yourself settle into this body(like a click into place) open your eyes, reorient yourself with what is around you 11)Take Several more deep breathes until you feel calm and relaxed
Basic Meditation exercise

1) Begin by sitting in a cross legged position; close your eyes and take several slow deep breathes. 2) Place your hands upon your knees. Place your palms in an upward position to draw celestial(from the sky) energy, or downward position to draw earth(from the ground) energy. Touch your middle finger to your thumb. 176

3) Choose a mantra(chant) in which you wish to focus the energy on, repeating it over again, each time the chant has been completed recite the word UMM. This word is a particular sound that helps to relax the body and mind, allowing you to go more deeply into your meditation. 4) You begin to feel as if your mind is becoming cleared, at this point you may continue chanting out loud, or simply think the chant to yourself. 5) You feel as if there is a tingling in your hands, and a rush of energy courses through your body. It may not be very pronounced, maybe just a light shiver. 6) Keeping your eyes closed look deeply into what may at first appear to be darkness. You will notice bits of lightning and images, maybe even hear a voice within your mind recalling a past event. These are your thoughts. Notice these things and accept them as being there. 7) Begin to look past the images and voices, concentrate only on the space between the thoughts, and begin to identify with this empty space, allowing your mind to clear and become relaxed accordingly. 177

8) It is not uncommon at this point to “trance out,” something like falling asleep, except you remain in your upright sitting position. When this occurs you loose personal control of your session, don’t be afraid, surrender to it. 9) Once you come out of the trance you will feel relaxed and euphoric, should time be a constraint, set an alarm to wake you from your session, although it is best that you wake on your own. 10) Once you awaken begin the process of “turning your brain back on”, purposefully thinking about stuff that you have to do or will do into the near future. 11) Once you feel fully cognizant open your eyes and stretch your back and arms from your sitting position. Make sure you rise to your feet slowly, a bit of dizziness may occur if you’ve been sitting for a long time. 12) You now feel aware and awakened. Things will seem brighter and more colourful, you’ll hear more clearly, and your concentration will begin to improve over repeated Meditation sessions.


Lots of Inner Love and positive energy can be crated for you here. Let go of the fear and doubt, and embrace the love within your positive being.
Quick Meditation Exercise(neutralizing energy flows)

Ambient energy is neither positive nor negative; it is just neutral and floating. (do this wherever you are, sitting, standing, waiting for a bus etc.) 1) Close your eyes and relax 2) Try to remember everything that happened to you, everyone you saw or met in the last 2 days 3) Surrender you need to fight how you feel about these people or events and simply accept them for what and who they are 4) Once you feel comfortable and secure in this, open your eyes and don’t give it any more thought, you don’t want to reverse the ambient energy you’ve just created by thinking about it too much.


***For those that have trouble with meditation try this *** It allows the mind to get started, or rather un-started!!

Everywhere you go, and everything and everyone you see, look at them without judgment or cause, only accepting that which is in front of you. Discipline yourself to have no afterthoughts, remembering only the acceptance of what is there, and not having thought about it.
Controlling your anger – Breaking glass visualization

Warning - Do not enact this as an experience - When I acted out the below visualization I needed immediate medical attention. I still have the scars from the 143 stitches to remind myself of that stupidity.
When I was 19 years to I went to Vancouver for spiritual training, and thus became involved with a group of dominant/ submissive minded people that took me in. One of the first things they realized was that I was a violently angry young person, so, one evening, they set up 9 large glass windows in an


old concrete underground garage, gave me a baseball bat and told me to take my anger out on the glass. I protested that I would become wounded by flying shards of glass. They suited me up in gloves and a heavy shirt and facemask so I went to it, smashing all of the glass, then spending most of the night cleaning up after the mess I had made. My Domina came to me the next morning and told me these words which I have never forgotten. “Do you see those shards and pieces of broken glass? That’s what you do to people that love you and that you love when you lash out at them in anger. Look at your hands – cut through the gloves from cleaning up after your mess. This is how you feel after you become angry – tired, in pain, depressed and guilty. Your hands will take a long time to heal but you will heal, but what of those that you have destroyed with your rage. They are destroyed inside, just like those windows, you have broken them, and they can never be put back together again.” I was given some time to reflect upon this and then taken to a private infirmary for medical attention. The following day my task master put me to work as if nothing had happened.

Lesson - The world will make you do many things you do not want to do, task you just as above, and coldly and callously does


not take pity on you or your emotional problems. The world just wants to enslave you. If you in your frustration towards this lash out in anger all that it serves to do is to destroy what little fortune that you have, so hold tightly to that which is real.

Love, Honour, Respect, Patience, and Understanding – are all reality Family, Friends and work relationships are important, but are mostly role-play. Remember always that it is our grasp of what is real that makes playing these roles worthwhile, and keeping to what is important, accepting it all for what it is will make all of the difference in your life. Still angry? Visualize the above, and realize what your anger does to those you love. You won’t want to stay angry for very long after that.


Personal Meditative Practice Some of my personal meditations and dream scenarios that I am able to share. Cave Meditations, Dreams, and Visions
A cave meditation is one in which the practitioner imagines themselves in a beautiful place, usually one in which nature abounds, a forest, or glade, even a field of open meadows and flowers. Within the scenario there is a cave or opening within the ground, or perhaps on the side of a hillside. For more intense experiences imaging the cave to be in the side of a mountain. Once the cave is entered the practitioner has in essence entered a hidden area of the mind, in which fears and desires lay waiting to be uncovered, discovered, and dealt with. Usually there will be a guide waiting within the cave, an intuitive personality, intuition taking on a form that can be reckoned with, so that discussion of 183

the experience can take place. Sometimes, when fear is a part of the meditation intuition will take on the form of an aggressor or adversary. In any case the session is designed for a lesson to be learned, mostly about ones self, but also lessons dealing with attitudes towards the outside world can occur. Keep these in a dream journal as controlled practice, separate from dreams that occur spontaneously.


1 - Fire path dream - Age 16
I walked along a very beautiful garden path until I cam to a rock covered well. I looked into the well and could see an orange light flickering within it. As nI remover the stones O found myself slipping, falling towards the light. The ground was hard beneath me and as I hit there was some time on unconsciousness. I awoke to find fire and blazing heat all around me. As I walked through the burning walls, ceiling and floor beneath my feet did not allow for me to burn. As I recalled my fire walk 20 years before an old familiar face appeared to me, the old crone I had seen during my real fire walk appeared to me in my vision. Once again she accosted me grabbing my clothing and shaking me, looking earnestly into my eyes. “The abyss is cold and dark, emptiness is there, you will not find what you are searching for. If you are to be free you must walk the fire-path. Goddess awaits you. Take the path to least resistance. Leave fear and loathing behind, allowing them to burn away beneath your feet. It is faith that 185

keeps you from harm. Walk the fire path. Then and only then shall you be free Lesson - The fire path is a place within one’s life whereby being tested becomes the rule rather than the exception. The dream was telling me that in order to be free I had to put myself into a situation in which I would be tested. I had become to complacent with the familiarity within my life, and needed to find some way to create personal growth.


2 - Keeper of the Keys - age 24.
My first meditative cave session came as quickly as it passed. I fell into a trance and found myself awakening in front of a large cavern, rather than a cave. I quietly said, What’s this” A soft echoing female voice came forth from the cavern - That’s one question, the answer is you are here to ask questions, I am the cavern of truth. Ask two more, and I will answer them with complete honesty.

Question 2 - Why have you brought me here Answer - I have brought you nowhere, you have come to this place upon your own accord, you are here because you require answers. One more question. Last question - What is it that I can do that will make me free. Answer - Freedom is an illusion. Those things that we hold to that we cannot have enslave us, becoming our only vices.

An echoing thunder from above my head boomed loudly, and it began to rain.

Continued answer - One more thing(voice from the cavern) do not be saddened by illusion, it will pass as the rain. Know what is real, there will never be a time in which the world is real. All that is real exists from within. It is where love begins, and oppression is uncreated.
With that a loud low male voice from above commanded - NOW AWAKEN!! I did - with violent results writhing upon the floor, unable to breath. I felt a softness come over me as a familiar voice spoke softly to me. It was the voice from the cavern in my session. But I was fully and consciously awake. “Be settled, there is no profit in suffering. The world cannot be real no matter how much you wish it. Let it go, I will love and protect you. I am for you Allen Graih”.

Her name is Kaili, it means “Keeper of the Keys”. 188

3- Family is the Enemy - Age 26
Although I began this session as a cave meditation a dream began the session, an introduction to the cave scenario. I was a young girl perhaps 9 years old, living with just my mother on Vancouver Island in a suburb of the city of Victoria. It was horse and buggy days, perhaps late 1800’s. We had recently immigrated from Ireland and with just me and mom I was happy and carefree, making circles with my arms in the air until I became dizzy and fell down. Then my 3 sisters came over with my father. Mother was ecstatic because we were a family again. I was not, because I now had to fend for my own time, and mother’s time was taken up by family matters. I began to hate them, acting bratty and angry. Family was the enemy. With the dream ending my crying on my bed feeling sorry for myself things fades into a darkness in which I would just Be, until my mind was cleared of the last image. Cut away 25 years, and I had grown up to age 34 189

years of age, becoming a spiritualist and psychic healer. I was heavily into Wicca and was beginning to juggle the ideal of starting my own coven. My sisters were always supportive of my efforts to move my beliefs forward, and set up a ceremony place, bringing me there to be inducted as head priestess. Most of the towns Wicca came, many to join and be a part of what I was doing, and where my path had taken me. I was led to the area on the premise there was going to be a picnic, and when I saw all of the towns respected Wicca, witches, and some of the churches spiritual detractors show up I asked what was this all about. The picnic area was in an opening, or enclave, surrounded by high rocky hills on all sides but the entranceway. My oldest sister looked at me and said. “These are your people to lead, my sister. And we believe in you”. Tears flowing I awoke, still crying. As I awoke I understood the message of the session. Believe in yourself, and others will follow your lead believing in you as well. The “others” were reference to my multiple personalities, the meditation session once again reinforcing the reality of inner self. 190

Reference to a past life - Age 27 - I was a young girl, about 15 years once again living in Victoria not the same girl as in previous session. In this Cave meditation I had discovered a cave at the foot of a hillside, and upon entering fell within it’s depth. I remember feeling sleepy a few times while trapped in the cave and feeling pains in my stomach area, as well as yelling for help. I was trapped in an underground cavern, and had broken my hip. As time passed I felt that death would soon come for me, but then I felt a rope hit my face and dirt come down. A man had gotten to where I was and saw me near death. He whispered to me that if we could have sex with me he would get help. I nodded, and he did. I passed out from the pain of my broken hip. I awoke within a well lit room and a strong looking young man approached me, smiling. The dream cut away to other vague references, and I believe we married and had children.
The point to the memory - The lesson was - that it is sometimes better to return to the light by giving up what is most precious, than to die in the darkness and hold to that which while there has no value.

Pro - Domination - Age 30 - The dream begins in an area outside of the city. I am myself(Male age 30, Allen) and have gone to this place to meet up with a dominatrix that would give me a one hour, pre-paid, pre designated session. I looked around this area, and realized that she was in an underground tunnel, and old parkade no longer used by the public. Stripped naked, my arms bound above me, my legs apart, tied to links in the floor, she began to torture me, but not how we had agreed, rougher and more vicious. I protested and gave the safe word to end the session, she laughed at me, and said, “you paid for an hour, that’s what you will get, just you and me boy!!” I begged her to stop and for three hours she did not, relentlessly torturing and beating me for her own pleasure, assuring me I would not be charged for the extra time. The session ended with her becoming tired of this game, eventually I was released. We left the garage together, and I gave her a ride home, having become her friend during this debacle.


The lesson - If you voluntarily give up your will and submit your vulnerability to the likes of those that blatantly wish to hurt you, they will control what you do for them, even your need to have them as friends. This is not the mark of someone that is trying to be your friend, Its is the mark of a user and bully.


Dream Meditation - Age 34 The Dream begins in the first person, as I am seeing what is happening to me as if I am existing within that space. It is winter at Fraser’s Grove park in Winnipeg, and the whole area is frozen over as if the river has flooded into the park. It appears to be late in the fall, perhaps late November. I comer up to an inlet and decide to cross the ice, even though I know it is only frozen on the surface. All of my friends and relatives are gathered around and advise me not to cross. Yet I decide to try anyways, because silliness seems to be in my mind today. They are having a huge party, Barbequing fish and burgers, and looking across the ice feel apprehensive, yet I begin to venture out anyways. At the shoreline the ice is quite solid, so I continue to cross and even though there is some cracking beneath my feet I continue to reach the center. As I go forward the ice stops cracking, and continuing to the other side make it about 4 feet from the opposite shoreline before falling through and getting thoroughly wet from the knees down.

Several of my friends help me out and laugh at my foolishness. I shake my head and exclaimed “Come on It’s not that funny!!” Everyone soon forgets the incident, I change into dry clothing, and we all eat, enjoying our time together for as long as we have it.

Lesson - Walking out onto thin ice will always cause a situation to become tense, but family and friends will always be there for you when you really need them.
AKA - One day my decided to help me out as my washing machine broke down. Accepting help is often as difficult as sacrificing to give it, but it is important to remember that those who love you give it freely. Become one that gives freely, not one that takes without return.


Priest wear black for a reason - Age 38 - In this session the entrance to the cave was actually a church, hewed into the rock face of a hillside. I was once again a woman within this dreamtime, entering the church to pay homage to a friend that had recently died. It was a catholic church. The entrance was huge and ominous, like the entrance to a cathedral, the actual church was within the confines of the cave, all of the walls within made of the rock faces upon which the cave originated. I was a Wicca, and considered myself a purveyor of light within the world. The priest saw me and immediately asked me to leave, which I did not understand, since the plaque outside of the doorway clearly stated “all may enter in”. Yet he insisted I leave. Lifting a metal cross above his head and professing the name of Jesus Christ from within his darkened lair, he commanded me to go. I took his free hand to explain why I had come and he drove the metal cross through my chest. I felt a lurch and then blood gushing from the wound, and as I died within this place’s dark walls he looked down upon me smiling, and said, May God have mercy on your soul. itself

Lesson - Just because you are invited, does not mean that you are welcome.


Tantric Dreaming Dreams that feel and seem so real you can’t tell the difference from a real world experience. In everyone’s existence there is a fine line between what we experience and what is real. When I was 28 years old I was given a set of dreams by Goddess Kali to teach me about Domination and Submission. Every night I would dream one week in the life of another person in a Dom-world reality, where domination and submission was not a game, but rule of law. Being a dominatrix was revered and respected in this place, and my Kali saw fit to make me into a girl, to grow up in a nightmarish system of Dom sub ruling my life, and become a tough minded Dominating Woman, so that I would know the life of a Dominant personality and live it through her experiences. Everything that happened was as real to me as my experiences in this life. It gave me some uncertainty weather or not this life was a dream from another Trans dimension.


However real these Tantric dreams are, the facts still exists that dreams are generally a culmination of fear and desires. I have learned through experience that Trans dimensional travel is possible. Unfortunately it is not too easy for us mortals to control, so I leave it up to my Goddess to decide where and when these should take place (she still loves to surprise me!!). A spiritual awakening can cause Tantric responses in the brain that make normal dreaming much more intense. This can often cause sensations that aren’t’t immediately felt in a physical way while conscious, and sleeping often intensifies symptoms related to a spiritual awakening. There will be a continued energy flowing up their spine causing light-headedness, and at times a bit of nausea. While sleeping the dreams will often become vicious nightmares, as if something is trying to suck out the life-force. Calm down, and stop fighting spiritual transformation, Spiritual energies will move anyhow, and fighting this feels like a cold knife running slowly up the back.


I tracked down this phenomenon and here’s what I discovered. The shaking and vibrating is normal, but resisting the ebb and flow of the Spiritual energy within and neglecting meditation can cause symptoms to become worse. Stay grounded and awakened, deal with it before fear consumes the mind. So don’t resist, meditate often, and keep as calm as possible. Emotional clearing works well too but this may require someone that is knowledgeable in these matters. Novices in spiritual matters should look to a guru they trust to help with emotional clearing. It’s all about the energy flow. It’s going to flow weather you like it or not! Resisting it can cause undue stress and emotional imbalance. Awakenings of any kind creates a certain amount of imbalance even when it flows, so don’t exasperate the problem by fighting it. The most concise and easiest source of info still a book, get lots of them. Check local bookstores for Buddhist meditation practices; they are most effective. So from now on think happy thoughts, do positive flow exercises (like yoga), and when that anger and 200

negativity start to built up smile and laugh and be happy. When the Spiritual awakening experience starts to become intense, start laughing, it makes it easier for the positive energy to flow. Also stop, close your eyes and do meditative breathing, be mindful of what’s happening regarding the energy flow. The intensity of the flow drop off dramatically, just keep a positive energy flow happening. So now – have happy dreams - go to sleep happy. Read a joke book before bed or the comics. Do something Positive!! And have better sleeps to come.


Family Gathering on the Day of Kali Tantric Dream - Age 41 As the Dream begins, my family and friends were in a small rectangular house, possibly a mobile home. It was a time for celebration of some event. I perceive that it like Christmas or Easter, but I was the Representative of the Goddess Kali, and therefore was completely naked throughout the time of family gathering. My guess would be that we were celebrating a day dedicated to the Kali ma, although the logistics behind such a day escape me. I went into the Kitchen/food storage area, and did manage to get a glance outside. It was grey and rainy, but the snow was still on the ground, I suspect that it was early spring, but it could possibly have been fall. The reason I suspect that it was spring is because fall time there are most vegetable goods packed up full from the summer, and the shelves in the storage area were half depleted. I saw this and became concerned, so I perceive that the mobile home belonged to my wife and me. 202

My wife was also naked, and was playing around with the guests, who did not seem to be bothered by the fact that their hosts had no clothes on. She was much older, maybe 55 or 60, leading me to believe that it was more of a premonition than a dream. (Although I kind of hope not!!). Anyways, she was continuously trying to put some toy handcuffs on my old Mom’s wrist and lock her up to herself, I’m not sure what this was all about but when my Mom protested she tried to lock herself up to old Dad, but could not get the toy cuffs around his wrist. I had been talking to the guests, asking what they wanted and serving like a good host, whilst my wife continued to entertain them, I looked as my wife failed to get the toy cuffs onto my old Dad’s wrists the dream ended. I think I noticed a tattoo on the back of my Wife’s shoulders. It was a black dragon painted on to look as if it was lying across her shoulders and looking out at the person behind her. I had a similar dragon tattoo across my chest. I’m not sure about the tattoos - they may be an after image within the dream. I paid them no attention. Lesson - No matter what the situation there will always be a time for family.

Vision of nuclear holocaust - July 2009 The vision began with my waking up from a night’s sleep and looking about my house. A curious smell wisped around me as I headed upstairs from the basement. Everything outside was laid waste, a nuclear holocaust had taken place. My wife’s charred body was slumped over a final message she had written containing these words. “In order to create peace we must render the world neutral through an abjective oppression that is supposed but not actual. This can only be done from within all humankind and will take a higher power to create it - A higher power than any religion or God that has ever been. That power is love.”
I awoke in tears realizing that there is no empowerment except that which already exists and will always.


Glossary of terms Acceptance of what is - This is the highest calling of an awakened person. Letting go of any fears or animosities perceived or learned behavior, and just seeing what is in front of you without judgement or cause, without tolerance nor intolerance, just let it exist. Let it be. Action - The controlling of an event or occurrence by a physical act of will. Ambience - A mood or essence that can be felt within a given physical space. Ambient Space - The physical area around a place in which a mood or essence can be felt. The area within the mind that is processed thought from which emotions are created. Astral Projection - An ability for the mind to leave the body temporarily in order that it may be in one place while the body is in another. In some cases this projection is perceived by others as the person sending the image.

Being - When everything that exists around in the world, and everything that is realized by the mind ceases to exist, it is called a state of “just being”. An entity or life-force that exerts it’s influence over a person without their knowledge or control. Body - the physical vessel in which life occurs. In Humans there are several metaphysical states. Or bodies existing within the same space as the physical body. Spiritual beliefs differ upon how this is set up. Chakra - Energy centers within the body that connect mental spiritual and physical energies together at specific points. Cosmic Consciousness - An area of ambient space in which all thought past and present of everyone that has ever been continues to exist. This connection exists within everyone. We call it ambient space within. We all are provided with a portion of this space. It is where our imagination takes place, and our spirituality begins. It is the center to everything we think and know, for it is where our true self can be found.


Cult - a group of religious people that practice only a certain aspect of a larger religion believing it to be the only way. Dark Night of the Soul - A time in a person's life when the light of your awakening is shrouded or delayed by the darkness of the way you lived your life before, not realizing that these old ways no longer are acceptable. Darkness - A term used to describe a mental condition of ignorance and pain, usually associated with the ideologies of evil. Discipline - The conduct, control and training of another person through the use of restraining freedom. Often associated with physical punishment for mistakes made. God - for the purposes of this book God is defined as a universal oneness that draws all of creation back to itself. We can access this oneness through connecting to it via the cosmic consciousness. Grounding - A meditative ritual in which you purposefully draw energy from the earth in order to feel more in touch with who you are and who you are trying to become. 207

Group - People that get together on a regular basis to forward similar agendas. Ideology - The point and procedures of a belief structure. Illusion - Anything that seems to be something that it is not. Intuition - The area of the psyche that knows better and entices a person to do better. A well developed intuition can effectually create within you an almost precognitive ability. Journey - a term used to describe the way your spirit perceives it's existence. Karma Clearing - The act of accepting and forgiving all that you have done in this or in past lives that was unacceptable, and understanding the need to create an acceptable lifestyle in this lifetime. Letting go - releasing from the mind any connection to something within their life that a person feels they no longer have a use for. Lifestyle - The standards and attitudes that come together to form a model for conducting life. 208

Light - A term used to describe illuminated thought, associated with moving towards perfection. Mantra - A Chant or sound used to focus the mind during meditation. Mind - The center of the brains thinking and memory storage. Mind, Body, Spirit - A term used to describe an all encompassing being of earthly existence. This has become an ideology within itself in that most religious and spiritual practices seek to join the three, the result being a perfection and purification of spirit, as mind and body pass away. Mind to body burnout – When one’s mind has become so bored with something it coerces the body to find something else to do instead. Past Life regression - A regressing of your mind in this life to that of a past life, in which memories dictated by Karmic impressions feel as powerful and as new as the day they occurred. Path of action - The vibration within the body that is create when an act of the will is inconsistent with a

persons willingness to change according to the values of their spiritual awakening experience. Perception - the act of mental awareness, in that an opinion of what is being made aware of is formed Perfection of (Perfect)Light - The place within your spiritual being when all your Karma has been cleared. It wears like a cloak of purity around you and replaces the true self with the perfect self. Process - a systematic series of actions designed to lead to specific finalization. Relationship - an emotionally motivated connection between two people or within a group of people. Remote Viewing - The act of being able to see by remote astral projection a past or present area of time and space with no one else aware of your presence. Spirit - The mental energy within a human being that associates itself to conscious life. Ambience acting a sentient incorporeal being. Spiritual Awakening - a realization that you have been living a life by other peoples standards, and a need to find your own standards by which to live. 210

A need to go beyond this, to not only rebuild your standards, but to also rebuild your attitudes, based upon the knowledge that you are and individual, and that you live your life with the goal of finding true happiness, light and love. Spiritual teaching - The act of passing one’s spiritual knowledge to another. An ideology or practice that has been formulated to help a person better understand the nature of their own true selves. Transformational Meditation - A practice in which the practitioner separates themselves from their thought process in order to visualize thoughts as they flow, and become the knower of these thoughts. Transcendental Meditation - Meditation based in the Hindu tradition in which a Mantra is repeated. True happiness - What occurs when all negative energy has been cleared from the triad of mind body and spirit. Generally fleeting, and mostly an illusive feeling of floating. This can be created through an event in your life that really sets your positive emotions in motion, also through continued meditative practice. 211

True self - The person that you are without the hindrance of what the world has taught you to be. The person you were at birth, before you learned how to behave in a way that was standardized by someone else. This personality never leaves you, It is who we strive to become, who we are. The person that you really are, without all that which life has taught you, and without the Karma that you drag with you from lifetime to lifetime. Understanding - The mental process of comprehending. Empowering oneself with the logic of an idea. Universal Connection - The connection made through meditative practice whereby the practitioner has allowed everything previously known to pass away, and has connected the true self to the universal oneness that is accepted as God. Worldly Indulgence - Going past what is safe and logical when it comes to allowing your adherence to worldly influences.

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