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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Delphos, Ohio

Jays squeak by Panthers in MAC baseball, pg 6

Letter carriers set annual food drive May 14


Police warn of scams
Staff reports DELPHOS — Officials generally see scam artists work their schemes with enhanced gusto as the warmer months ensue. As temperatures nudge their way into the 60s, Police Chief Kyle Fittro is waving a red-alert flag to educate residents about scams he has recently encountered. Fittro says a popular one being worked right now preys on the elderly and love of grandchildren. “This scam is very popular in Delphos right now. A person, usually elderly, receives a phone call. The call is from the scammer. The scammer claims to be their grandson, granddaughter or family member of some sort. The scammer is crying and claims to have been in a bad car accident, or otherwise injured, in another country.” he explained. The scammer claims that the country they are in (usually Canada or Mexico) will not accept their health insurance, credit cards etc. and they need money wired to them for medical care. Usually the victim will realize the scammer does not sound like their grandson/granddaughter and asks the scammer about this. The scammer will claim they have received some sort of facial injury that has caused them to talk ‘funny.’ The victim then wires the money as instructed and has been effectively scammed.” Fittro adds there are some variations on this lie: “Sometimes, the request for money comes through an e-mail or other form of electronic communication. The request to wire money is the same, as are the results.” “Then, sometimes the scammer claims they are in jail and need money. They will again claim facial injury to account for the unfamiliar voice. They may claim they were assaulted, had their nose broken, were wrongfully jailed for the

Approximately 50 million people in this country live in homes that lack sufficient food, with one in three being a child. That number increases every year. On May 14, the National Association of Letter Carriers will hold its 19th annual Food Drive with carriers at the Delphos Post Office participating. Customers within the city limits and the surrounding rural routes are asked to place non-perishable food items, including baby food, by their mailboxes or in some instances the place designated for the mail delivery and carriers will pick them up at their normal delivery times. Rural route customers are asked to either hang them from their mailbox or place inside their mailbox with the flag raised and the carrier will collect it. There will also be a box located in the post office lobby. This year’s donations will be divided between the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Interfaith Thrift Shop and First Assembly of God food pantries. Last year, the Delphos community contributed more than 2,400 pounds of food to the record 77.1 million pounds collected nationwide.

Natsue Yonekura, coordinator for the University of Findlay’s Japanese Outreach Initiative Program, examines the music box she received from the second-graders of Fort Jennings Elementary. The box displays a picture of the students on the lid and bears the inscription “friends like you are precious and few.”

Stacy Taff photos

Jennings students bid ‘arigato’ to Yonekura
BY STACY TAFF FORT JENNINGS — For the last two years, Natsue Yonekura, a native of Japan, has been paying monthly visits to second-graders of Fort Jennings Elementary as part of the Japanese Outreach Initiative Program at the University of Findlay. Yonekura has shared the culture of her homeland with the students and has taught them greetings and other words and phrases in Japanese, as well as origami and Japanese songs. The last word she taught them was “arigato,” or “thank you.” “This hasn’t really been easy but I’ve been so happy to be here,” Yonekura said. “The kids are always so excited and I’ve been so surprised by how quickly and how easily they learn everything. I would like to teach English to Japanese kids back home, so this has really helped. I’m so fortunate to have been able to do this.” Yonekura will go back to Japan this July. The faculty will miss Yonekura’s visits as

Monday Regular Season Baseball (5 p.m.): Kenton at Jefferson; Fort Jennings at Miller City (PCL); Spencerville at St. Henry. Sectional Softball (5 p.m.): Division IV/ Lincolnview - Jefferson/ Kalida winner vs. Lincolnview; Division IV/ Spencerville - Spencerville/ Allen East winner vs. Ada. Regular Season Softball (5 p.m.): Jefferson at Ottawa-Glandorf (tent.); Elida at Kalida. Track and Field: Fort Jennings and LCC at Ottoville, 4:30 p.m. Tuesday Sectional Baseball Division IV/Perry: Waynesfield-Goshen/USV winner vs. St. John’s, 5 p.m. Regular Season Baseball (5 p.m.): St. John’s at Fort Recovery (MAC - ppd.); Spencerville at Kalida; Paulding at Elida. Sectional Softball (5 p.m.): Division IV/ Lincolnview - Ottoville/ Continental winner vs. Crestview,; Division II/Bath - Elida/Wapak winner vs. Shawnee. Regular Season Softball (5 p.m.): Jefferson at Kalida; Spencerville at Perry; Kalida at Columbus Grove (PCL - makeup) Track and Field: MAC at Minster, 4 p.m. Chance of showers, storms tonight and partly cloudy Sunday with high in upper 60s.


much as the students. “This has been wonderful,” second grade teacher Gaya Warnecke said. “She’s taught the kids so much about Japan and the culture there and the language. They’ve really enjoyed it. She’s been fantastic.” An emotional moment came for Yonekura when the children gathered around her for a group hug. “I’m so sad that this is my last day here but I am so glad that I could come visit you all,” she said. “Arigato. Thank you for everything. This has been my favorite.”

incident and need bailed out.” Another scam utilizes similar deceit but Fittro says it’s much more wicked. “This one is much more devious, in my opinion. The scammer finds the family who has a family member that is legitimately out of the country, usually for things like spring break in Cancun, military service, work or recreation in general. Sometimes the scammer has ‘inside information’ as to family whereabouts and sometimes they just call enough families until they get it right.” he said. The scammer will call posing as a doctor, police officer or some other official. They will tell you that your relative has been injured in some terrible incident. They are badly hurt but their life can be saved with appropriate medical care. The problem is the country they are in does not accept their health insurance, credit cards, debit cards, etc. You may believe the caller because you do in fact have a family member in another country. The official insists you wire cash right away to provide medical care for your loved one. By this point, we all know how this one ends.” Fittro says local residents are still falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book. “This one has been around a long time and is still very prevalent in Delphos. You receive a letter in the mail with a check in your name attached to the letter. The letter proclaims you have won a contest, sweepstakes, drawing, inheritance, etc. If the check is for a few thousand, the letter instructs you to cash the check and send a “small fee” back to the scammer for “document processing” or some other reason. You keep the majority of the money and send the remaining amount to the scammer. A few days later the bank notifies you See SCAMS, page 3

The students of Gaya Warnecke and Rose Stechschulte gather around Natsue Yonekura for a group hug on her last day.

Obama to Seal Team Six: ‘Job well done’
By JIM KUHNHENN Associated Press FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — Brimming with pride, President Barack Obama on Friday met and honored the U.S. commandos he sent after terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, saluting them on behalf of America and the world and capping an extraordinary week for the country. “Job well done,” the president declared. Obama addressed roughly 2,000 troops after meeting privately with the full assault team — Army helicopter pilots and Navy SEAL commandos — who executed the dangerous raid on bin Laden’s compound and killed the alQaida leader in Pakistan early Monday. Their identities are kept secret. Speaking to a sweltering hangar full of cheering soldiers, Obama said: “The terrorist leader that struck our nation on 9/11 will never threaten America again.” Al-Qaida will be defeated, he promised from this Army post, whose troops have sustained heavy losses in an Afghanistan war that has grown on his watch. Fresh warnings emerged, though, underscoring Obama’s caution that the fight against terrorists still rages. The Afghan Taliban said the death of bin Laden would only boost morale of insurgents battling the U.S. and its NATO allies. Al-Qaida itself vowed revenge, confirming bin Laden’s death for the first time but saying that Americans’ “happiness will turn to sadness.” Soldiers at Fort Campbell were careful not to celebrate bin Laden’s death, voicing instead a sense of professional pride for the work of the commandos. “We’re not done,” said Maj. Luis Ortiz, who was at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan when Obama visited the troops there last December. “We cut off the head of the snake, but the snake is still wiggling around.” Obama called the bin Laden raid one of the most successful intelligence and military operations in America’s history, and said he had to come



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to extend personal thanks. Vice President Joe Biden joined Obama in a briefing with the mission members and then emerged to put it bluntly: “We just got to spend time with the assaulters who got bin Laden.” Defense Secretary Robert Gates met with members of the bin Laden mission team a day earlier to express his admiration and appreciation, Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said. Obama’s appearance here culminated a weeklong response to the demise of the long-hunted al-Qaida leader, from the White House to ground zero in New York to Fort Campbell, home of the famous 101st Airborne Division. The division has been integral to Obama’s war plan in Afghanistan, and many of its combat teams have returned recently from tours of duty. The week gave a political and emotional lift to the president; in turn, he called for the unity that has eluded him in divisive Washington for most of his term.

Students walk for the cause

Mike Ford photos

Student in grades K-12 united Friday for the annual Cancer Walk at Ottoville Local Schools. Students started the event in the hallways and moved outside once the weather broke. The goal this year is $10,000. Read a future edition for results.

2 – The Herald

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What does it all mean?
Osama bin Laden is dead. The man who orchestrated terrorist attacks all over the world is dead. The man who led thousands to kill anyone who didn’t follow his beliefs is dead. His followers swear revenge. Does anyone see a pattern here? While the news of the raid and the plans and canine unit and blah, blah, blah fill our TV screens, there are hundreds of men just like bin Laden to take his place. It only took us 10 years to find a man who they now say didn’t move for three years. I’m pretty sure his hosts knew he was there. How could they not? It’s like having a mouse in your house and finding the dropping and chewed up bits of this and that but since you don’t actually see the mouse, well, maybe there isn’t one. What I’m wondering is how long is this going to go on? I think our time would be better spent making sure the next guy in line is checked than patting ourselves on the back. We’re liable to get tennis elbow or something. It just goes to show that in some ways, we are those people they sneer at. We are arrogant and often oblivious to the big picture. We took out one guy who was revered and held in regard by thousands just like him. I would have rather have seen us find his money. The only thing that has really changed is that we feel better about ourselves and his followers are now more determined than ever to kill us - all of us. So what really has changed? The War on Terror is far from over. How can anyone say it’s over? There is now just one less card in the deck. I think we’d all do well to remember you can play with just 24 cards. You don’t have

For The Record

Stretch of Mississippi River closed
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The Coast Guard closed a stretch of the swollen Mississippi to barge traffic upstream Friday in a move that could cause a backup along the mighty river, while police farther south in Memphis went door to door, warning thousands of people to leave before they get swamped. Emergency workers in Memphis handed out bright yellow fliers in English and Spanish that read, “Evacuate!!! Your property is in danger right now.” All the way south into the Mississippi Delta, people faced the question of whether to stay or go as high water rolled down the river and backed up along its tributaries, breaking flood records that have stood since the Depression. Because of levees and other flood defenses built over the years, engineers said it is unlikely any major metropolitan areas will be inundated as the water pushes downstream over the next week or two, but farms, small towns and even some urban areas could see extensive flooding. More than 4 million people live in 63 counties and parishes adjacent to the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers from Cairo, Illinois south to the Gulf of Mexico, down from 4.1 million in 2000, according to a census analysis by The Associated Press. It’s about twice as many people who lived in the region before the 1927 and 1937 floods. In 1920, 2 million people lived in those counties and in 1930, 2.3 million lived there. Most of the increased population comes in Memphis, where the county has increased from 223,000 to just under 1 million. Other big population increases were in Ascension, East Baton Rouge and Jefferson parishes in Louisiana, which combined increased by nearly 900,000 people and DeSoto County, Miss., which increased by 137,000 people. The Coast Guard closed a five-mile stretch of the Mississippi to protect Caruthersville, Mo., and said barges could be banned for up to eight days. The fear was that the wake from big boats would push water over a floodwall and into the town of 6,700. Barges regularly move coal, grain, ore, gravel, auto parts and other vital products down the Mississippi. A single barge can carry as much material as 70 tractor-trailers, and some towboats can move 45 barges


On the Other hand
to have them all. We get so caught up in ourselves it’s no wonder others in the world have the opinion of us they do. We are quite ridiculous about many things. A lot of people would argue we are no safer than we were 10 years ago. With determination and patience, no one is safe. You can’t watch everyone all the time. Seems to me all this has done is given news outlets fodder for weeks to come. It’s will be analyzed from every angle. All involved will be scrutinized. Perhaps we’ll learn what color underwear Obama had on when he OK’d the raid or what he had for breakfast that day. Whew! What a load off my mind. Then something else will happen somewhere in the world and Osama bin Laden will become page 10 news instead of page 1. Seems to me, that’s where he belonged in the first place. The people who should be the most upset are William and Kate. The first ice cubes had barely melted in their honeymoon cocktails when they were knocked from the headlines. Osama bin Laden’s death put a damper on our royal wedding celebration. Hopefully they’ll return from their honeymoon and whisk us away to ponder more pleasant things like when we can expect the arrival of the newest member of the royal family.

at once. About 950 households in Memphis and about 135 other homes in Shelby County were getting the notices, Shelby County Division Fire Chief Joseph Rike said. Shelters were opened, and the fliers include a phone number to arrange transportation for people who need it. Jeanette Twilley of south Memphis came home to find one of the yellow notices on her door. Her house is roughly 75 yards from Nonconnah Creek, which has overflowed its banks and flooded three houses on her street. In a section of south Memphis outside the evacuation zone, Billy Burke stood in his backyard, where water from a creek has been rising for days. About 20 feet away, a fish jumped out of a pool of standing brown water. In Missouri, dozens of National Guardsmen and Highway Patrol members who had been rescuing people from floodwaters had to be rescued themselves after six boats got stuck in low water. Half were rescued before dark, and the others spent the night on a levee, relying on provisions dropped to them by the Guard.

The Delphos Herald
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Vol. 141 No. 277

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The following is the report concerning construction and maintenance work on state highways within the Ohio Department of Transportation District 1 which includes the counties of Allen, Defiance, Hancock, Hardin, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert and Wyandot. This report is issued each Thursday beginning in April and continues through November. (All work will take place weather permitting and during daytime hours Monday through

Friday only unless otherwise indicated) Allen County Ohio 81 approximately a mile and a half east of Ohio 66 over the Auglaize River closed for 75 days beginning April 25 for replacement of a bridge deck. Traffic detoured to Ohio 66, Ohio 117 and Eastown Road back to Ohio 81. Ohio 309 (Elida Road) from Robb Avenue to Eastown Road on the west side of Lima is currently restricted to one lane in the eastbound direction for a safety upgrade project. Crews are currently working in the area between Robb Avenue and Arthur Avenue during daytime hours. Beginning Monday, a night crew will begin excavation work in the area from Wendy’s to Eastown Road. With the addition of the night shift, crews will be working in the zone most hours of the day and night. Motorists are asked to drive cautiously through the area and remain aware of equipment moving in and out of work zone. Project will continue until September. U.S 30 from Fifth Street to Leatherwood Road will be restricted to one lane in the eastbound direction most of the week for sealing of pavement cracks. Putnam County Projects will not have any

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lane restrictions. Van Wert County Ohio 81 over Town Creek just south of Township Road 82 will be closed for 30 days beginning May 16 for bridge deck overlay. Traffic detour begins at the intersection of Ohio 118 and Ohio 81. Go east on Ohio 81 to its intersection with U.S. 127. Go north on U.S. 127 to its intersection with Ohio 118. The same detour applies in reverse for the opposite direction of travel. Ohio 118 (Shannon Street) between Ervin Road and Main Street remains open to local traffic only during reconstruction, widening and water line and sanitary installation project which began in 2010. Localized one-block closures will occur throughout the project. Work is expected to be completed in September. U.S. 30 between U.S. 224 and Lincoln Highway is restricted to one lane in each direction through the work zone for a resurfacing project which began May 2. Work will continue through mid-summer. Various locations throughout the county may be restricted to one lane through the work zone for catch basin cleaning.

Delphos City Schools Week of May 9-13 Monday: Chicken fingers, bread and butter, broccoli w/ cheese, diced pears, lowfat milk. Tuesday: Chili soup w/crackers, peanut butter sandwich or deli sandwich, corn, fruit, lowfat milk. Wednesday: Franklin - Cheese pizza; Middle & Senior - cheese quesadilla, salsa or sour cream, garden salad, fruit, lowfat milk. Thursday: Salisbury steak, dinner roll, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, strawberries, lowfat milk. Friday: Toasted ham and cheese sandwich, green beans, pineapple tidbits, lowfat milk. St. John’s Week of May 9-13 Monday: Tacos/ soft/ boat/ lettuce/ tomato/ cheese/ onion or shredded chicken sandwich, salad, mixed fruit, milk. Tuesday: Corn dog or meatball sub, corn, salad, applesauce, milk. Wednesday: Chili/ roll and crackers or shredded chicken sandwich, pudding, salad, peaches, milk. Thursday: Chicken patty sandwich or salisbury steak sandwich, mashed potatoes/gravy, salad, pears, milk. Friday: Mini relay day - no grade school lunch; high school lunch - cook’s choice. Landeck Week of May 9-13 Monday: Stuffed crust pizza, green beans, fruit, milk. Tuesday: Chicken patty sandwich, potato rounds, fruit, milk. Wednesday: Ham sandwich, corn, fruit, milk. Thursday: Mini corn dogs, french fries, fruit, milk. Friday: Mini relay day - picnic lunch provided by Parent’s Club. Fort Jennings Week of May 9-13 Chocolate, white or strawberry milk served with all meals. H.S. - Ala Carte - Pretzel and cheese available every Friday; Salad bar with fruit and milk for $2.00 available every Wednesday. Monday: Grilled cheese or tuna salad, green beans, cookie, fruit. Tuesday: Chicken fajita, cheesy rice, corn, fruit. Wednesday: Cheesy rotini, breadstick, mixed vegetables, fruit. Thursday: Spicy chicken strips, baked beans, G-force bar, fruit. Friday: Hot dog sandwich, peas, sherbet, fruit.

Ottoville Week of May 9-13 Monday: Chicken patty, rice, green beans, pineapple, milk. Tuesday: Grades 4-12: Taco salad; K-3: tacos, w/cheese, lettuce, tomato; corn, peaches, cookie, milk. Wednesday: Hamburger, tator tots, peas, pudding, milk. Thursday: Chili soup w/ crackers, butter/peanut butter/ tuna, relish-cheese stix, cherry crumble - HS, applesauce/cookie - elem., milk. Friday: Chicken sandwich, noodles, peas, peaches, milk.

Lincolnview Week of May 9-13 Monday: Chicken patty/bun, California blend/cheese, strawberries, milk. Tuesday: Pepperoni pizza, broccoli, pineapple, chocolate chip cookies, milk. Wednesday: Chicken fajita, glazed carrots, rice, pears, milk. Thursday: Macaroni and cheese, chicken legs, mixed vegetables, mixed fruit, milk. Friday: Pork rib patty/bun, fries, applesauce, cake, milk.

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Answers to Friday’s questions: The first war waged by the U.S. outside its national boundaries was the First Barbary War (1801-05), which was fought to end piracy against U.S. ships by North Africa’s four Barbary states — Tripoli, Morocco, Algiers and Tunis. The thistle become the national emblem of Scotland after Norse raiders slipped ashore barefoot at night in 1263 and stepped on a prickly thistle and screamed, arousing the clansmen who defeated them in the Battle of Largs. Today’s questions: Clark Kent, aka Superman, worked as a reporter a the Daily Planet. At newspaper did Peter Park, aka Spider-Man, work? In Venice in the mid-17th century, what newly-discovered drink — with purported medicinal benefits — was sold on the street by lemonade vendors? Answers in Monday’s Herald. Today’s words: Cuggermugger: whispered gossiping

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Herald –3

Second Chances
BY RACHEL LEWIS Media Relations/ Community Outreach Coordinator Lifeline of Ohio

5 million strong

Camp Clay to host 1800s Pioneer Days Spring Rendezvous
The Jennings Creek Council and the Van Wert YMCA are again partnering to bring the Van Wert community a fun, interactive reenactment of how life was in the 1800’s. The YMCA’s Camp Clay will be the site for both the Spring Rendezvous throughout the entire weekend of May 13-15, as well as the Camp Clay Grand Re-opening from noon to 4 p.m. on May 14. The Jennings Creek Council reenacts what life was like in the early 1800s when brave men would travel deep into the American wilderness in search of beaver pelts and other fine furs. If a man was skilled enough to survive the winter trapping season, he would gather his furs and travel many miles to prearranged places called Rendezvous, French for “gathering place.” Here they would gather and reunite with their families and exchange their furs for money and supplies. Relaxing in relative safety, they would renew friendships with those not seen over the year. There would be great story telling, singing and dancing, and tests of their woodsman skills such as flintlock shooting and tomahawk throwing. According to history, these rendezvous’ were the most important part of the year for these men and their families. Whether they were called Mountain Men, Buck Skinners, Trappers, or Voyageurs; they were the forerunners of American history. They opened the doors to the unknown, which led to the eventual taming of the land by the flood of pioneers and settlers that would soon follow. “The Jennings Creek Council re-enactors come from all over Ohio, Michigan and Indiana and are looking forward to being able to again use the YMCA Camp Clay campus for their rendezvous”, said Larry Morrison, President of the JCC. Most everything in the members camp areas are period accurate. The camps are allowed to have some modern conveniences; however they have to remain hidden during visiting hours. This allows for the most authentic hands on teaching and learning history experience for visitors. “The YMCA is very excited to offer this special event to the Van Wert community,” Executive Director of the YMCA Hugh Kocab said. “The pioneer camps will provide some great family fun and a local opportunity to experience life in the 1800s.” The Jennings Creek Council and YMCA Camp Clay welcome you to step back into this colorful period of American history and witness an authentic reenactment of the Rendezvous. There will be black powder muzzleloader competitions, tomahawk and knife throwing, open fire cooking, period


I recently learned that 5 million Ohioans have registered as organ and tissue donors. 5 million! This is the highest number of registered donors since the inception of the Ohio Donor Registry in 2002. And, it’s cause to celebrate. 5 million registered organ and tissue donors is huge. I just want to take a moment to put that into perspective: · There are more registered donors in Ohio than there are citizens in the country of Norway. · It would take 50 football stadiums to hold all of the donors in the state of Ohio. · If every donor in Ohio stood side-by-side, we could stretch from the state capital all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico! Thank you to everyone who has said “yes” to organ and tissue donation. You have helped us reach this incredible milestone, and your commitment to give life after death gives hope to the 3,300 Ohioans waiting for a second chance at life. While so many people have joined the cause, an Ohioan still dies every other day when a transplant doesn’t come in time. That’s because only about 54 percent of eligible state I.D. and license

holders have signed up in the Ohio Donor Registry. For those who have not signed up yet, I hope you will be motivated by your fellow Ohioans to give the “Gift of Life.” Just one donor can save eight lives through organ donation and enhance up to 50 lives through tissue donation. There are many reasons why people are hesitant to register. The most common fear is that doctors will “let someone go” if they’re a registered donor. I can assure you that your medical care will never be compromised because of your status as a donor. Doctors are only interested in saving your life, and donation is considered only after every effort to save a life has failed. Hospitals do not have access to the Ohio Donor Registry. If you’re concerned that donation will affect funeral plans, you can rest assured that an open-casket funeral is still possible after donation. There is no cost to donate, and anyone of any age or medical history has the potential to be a donor. Be a part of the movement to save lives in Ohio and sign up today as an organ and tissue donor. To register as a donor or learn more, you can visit your local BMV, go online to, or call 800-525-5667.

Pioneer Days Spring Rendezvous participants like this blacksmith re-enact life in the early 1800s.

Photo submitted


(Continued from page 1)

that the check was fraudulent. You are required to return all the money, including the portion you sent to the scammer. If the check is for a larger amount, a few hundred thousand to millions, the letter instructs you to wire money to a location usually outside the country. They claim this is a “processing fee.” Once this fee is paid, they will release the funds and allow you to cash the big check. You wire the money and the check is fraudulent. You have just lost the money you just wired,” he said. The fourth scam the police department has seen involves classified advertising. “While perusing the classified section of your newspaper you come across a listing that catches your eye. Maybe it’s golden retriever puppies, patio furniture, car parts or some other item that you like. You call the listed number or respond to the listed e-mail address. A real person responds in a friendly manner and seems to be genuine. They

claim to live out of state and claim to sell these items all over the country through the use of classified advertising. They send you pictures of the item through e-mail. They may even direct you to a Web site or social networking site to look at more photos. They converse with you through e-mail and answer your questions appropriately. They then instruct you to send payment, usually a wire transfer, to secure the item. Once they receive your money, they say they will ship it and people do ship dogs across country in crates with overnight shipping. They get your money, but never ship the item. In fact, the item never existed at all. They just use stock photos of everyday items to convince you they actually have these items in their possession,” he said. “Remember, most people do not advertise in out of state classifieds to sell everyday items such as patio furniture and puppies. Would you spend money on classified ads in a California newspaper to sell your used patio furniture?”

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games and other demonstration of skills and camp life. Information about this and other programs available at Van Wert YMCA Camp Clay can be found by calling the Van Wert YMCA at 419.238.0443, visiting www., or emailing Camp

Rendesvous goers “rough it” in rustic camps.

Clay is located at 9196 Liberty Union Road, Van Wert. The YMCA of Van Wert County

is partially funded by the Van Wert County Foundation and United Way.

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4 — The Herald


Saturday, May 7, 2011

“Be a philosopher but, amid all your philosophy be still a man.” — David Hume (1711-1776)

One Year Ago • The Delphos Ladies Auxiliary to Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3035 celebrated 70 years of service and continues to be dedicated to serving veterans and their families. The charter officers were: President Loretta Hesseling; Senior Vice President Emma Feltz; Junior Vice President Frances Youngpeter; Secretary Marie Krutsch; Treasurer Jessie Moore; Chaplain Alice Kennedy; Guard Mrs. R. E. McKinnon; Conductress Hildreth Miller; Historian Mary Buettner; Patriotic Instructor Lavina Hoover; Color Bearers Mary Wurst, Madonna Clement, Edna Compton and Alice Maloney; and Trustees — 18-month, Margaret Wulfhorst; six- month, Madonna Clement; and 12-month, Martha Wurst. 25 Years Ago — 1986 • In a rematch of a classic political dogfight of eight years ago, former Republican Gov. James Rhodes will meet Democratic Gov. Richard Celeste in the fall campaign for governor. Rhodes won the first meeting in 1978 by 48,000 votes, but he was the incumbent then and Celeste was a young lieutenant governor. • “A well-trained police dog,” said Corporal Rick McCoy of Van Wert County sheriff’s department, “is worth two police officers.” To assure the dogs stay at peak performance, police officers from the Midwest Police Canine Association meet monthly for training sessions under the association’s chief trainer, Rudy Drexler, Elkhart, Ind. • St. John’s evened its record at 11-11 with a 6-5 win over Shawnee Tuesday at Stadium Park. Larry Deitering, who pitched a total of 4 and one-third innings, was the winner. Also pitching for the Jays were Dave Etgen and Brian Heitz. Leading hitter for St. John’s were Deitering 2-for-2 with two runs scored, Mike Moscinski 2-for-4, Dan Wilhelm 2-for-2 with an RBI, Heitz 1-for-2 with two RBIs and Etgen 1-for-3 with two RBIs and a run scored. 50 Years Ago — 1961 • There was an exceptionally good turnout for the annual May Fellowship Day service held Friday afternoon in the First Presbyterian Church. The May Fellowship Day is observed each year in Delphos in one of the various Protestant churches, and is sponsored by the United Church Women of Delphos. Mrs. Roscoe Thompson, president of the UCW, welcomed those attending following an organ prelude by Lynn Rorabeck. • A large and enthusiastic audience was on hand Friday night for the senior class play, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,” at Delphos Jefferson High School. The comedy, directed by Mrs. Winnifred Strayer, was played with assurance by a cast that was evidently enjoying the production. The production was highlighted with especially interesting performances by Lee Macwhinney, Carol Niles, Gary Kerslake and Lynn Rorabeck. • The Women’s Society of Christian Service of Trinity Methodist Church will hold a Mother-Daughter banquet May 10 in the church dining room. Committee chairmen for the affair are: tickets – Mrs. Paul Rozelle; program – Mrs. Dale Van Meter and Mrs. Robert Porter; decorations and favors – Mrs. Rollin Weaver and Mrs. Rudolf Lucas; food – Mrs. Robert Kiggins and Mrs. Don R. Yocum. 75 Years Ago — 1936 • O. J. Birkmeier, Raymond Stallkamp, John Metzner and Francis Gengler returned Wednesday from Collegeville, Ind. They were in attendance at a meeting of the Alumni Association of St. Joseph’s College at that place and report a most enjoyable time. • Hitting the ball lustily as they have been doing in all their games so far this season, St. John’s High School baseball team won another game Wednesday, defeating Columbus Grove High at Columbus Grove by a score of 10 to 1. Ditto was on the mound for Delphos and held the Putnam County boys well in check, allowing five scattered hits, not more than one in any inning. • A large attendance of Eagles and their families marked a family night party which was held at the Eagles rooms Wednesday night. A fish fry was again enjoyed. Tap dancing and singing were features of entertainment for the evening. Dancing was enjoyed in the latter part of the evening.


In 1888, a stray dog walked into the Albany New York Post Office and fell asleep on top of a pile of mail sacks. The dog was named Owney. This single act started a stream of events that spanned almost 10 more years. The relationship that Owney had with the US mail clerks was more than just a simple adoption. He became a symbol of how the mail was the conduit that kept all the people, of all walks of life connected. He traveled by train, stage coach and boat to all parts of the United States, Canada, and the world. This famous pooch even has an entire children’s book written about him — Owney the Mail Pouch Pooch written by Mona Kerby. Yes, Owney is a part of postal history but now the US Postal Service has decided to resurrect ol’ Owney and create numerous activities for

young and old. How do they plan on doing this? Well, this July, Owney will have his very own postage stamp. Owney began his journeys on the trains operated by the Railway Post Office (RPO). We have spoken about the RPO in past articles. Delphos became the terminus for one RPO run. The Ak’n Del was the nickname given to the route that travelled from Delphos Ohio to Akron and back. It operated on the AC & Y railroad in a small portion of a railcar. We have made great progress on our RPO exhibit at the Museum of Postal History. By the end of this month I hope this exhibit will be completed. But let’s get back to Owney. During the late 19th century, clerks carried small round metal disks that identified who they were. Many of the clerks would “pin” Owney by attaching

their special medal to his collar, and soon the dog was unable to lift his head. The Postmaster General at that time was none other than Mr. Wanamaker. He ordered a jacket for Owney so he would be able to wear all of his medals. Owney travelled to Montreal Canada, as well as half of the states that were part of the union during that time period. He traveled by ship to Japan, China, Hong Kong, and through the Suez Canal. The story of Owney brings children of all ages a good deal of pleasure and the US Postal Service along with private entities are going to make this stamp issue a great success. Check out the web site at monakerby. com/owney.htm. Here you will find additional information and a listing of some of the future functions being planned.

We at the Museum of Postal History do not want this event to pass us by. We hope to collaborate with some of the local organizations and schools to make Owney a household name. There are pictures to color, a play to perform and we are planning on having a special cancellation to salute a great US mail clerk and a true ambassador to all of us. Owney has a permanent home at the National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. He stands proud next to a railway post office car just like the many that he road visiting people all over the country. In June, we will take a bus load of local people to Gettysburg and D.C. and I hope we will all get to see ol’ Owney. By the way, I have just two seats left on that bus trip so there is room for you; just give me a call. All Aboard!

I tend to say what I think. Okay, at times it’s almost as if it’s beyond my control and I just can’t help it. Life is too short to be inauthentic and I prefer friends who tell the truth. But is honesty always the best policy? I think most of us would agree that we don’t want to surround ourselves with people who will talk about us behind our backs – unless, of course, they’re praising us. What if everyone simply told others to their faces what they were really feeling instead of “faking it” or avoiding an issue altogether? Would it make life better? It would certainly eliminate the secondhand news we hear from the go-betweens who reveal to us that someone else has, in fact, been bad-mouthing us. We would already know, because he or she would have told us the problem in the first place. That would be ideal, right? Right? We’ve all been let down, hurt or disillusioned by someone who we thought was our friend — someone who wasn’t honest with us. It’s a major blow to the selfesteem and can lead to bankrupting our trust account in general. But would it really come as less of a blow if a trusted friend were straightforward in his or her criticism? I greatly appreciate my friends who I feel have always been honest with me over those who I could sense that on more than one occasion, I had done something to upset them but instead of confronting me about it, it seemed that they were spilling their guts to other people and just ignoring me in the meantime. Why are we so afraid of confrontation? If the blunt honesty irreparably fractures the friendship, then did we really need that person around anyway? I do think that some white lies are necessary, if only for the sake of preserving relationships with anyone at all. If we answered honestly

Do these pants make me look ...
By SARA BERELSMAN anytime someone asked us anything, we’d be spending every waking minute informing others that, “Yes, actually, those pants really do make you look fat – really fat,” or, “Do I like your cologne? If my saying that it could gag a maggot means ‘liking it,’ then yes, I love it.” I don’t think any of us wants to be known as the abrasive, cold-hearted shell of a human who everyone eventually avoids so that we end up in complete isolation. And I think that would happen if we started speaking the truth about everything. So when is the truth important? I think when it comes to “bigger” issues, issues that would affect one’s life for the better or worse. If one of my friends did leave the house in pants that prompted strangers to mutter under their breath, “Free Willy!” then her life isn’t necessarily over. If that same friend asked me if I thought she should leave her abusive husband, well, I might not sugarcoat that answer. Even if it means I lose a friend in the process. After all, she asked me. Ideally, I feel that it would be wonderful if we could all walk around all day speaking the truth and nothing but the truth, but that would mean we’d also have to lose our sensitivity and I don’t think I want that to happen. If I’m feeling that I’m looking my worst, it’s still nicer to hear reassuring words and compliments over negative proclamations. Even if we do question the genuineness of the answer. On that note, I’ve been eating a lot of Easter candy lately so I’m off to slip into my “fat jeans.” Feel free to lie to me about how I look. Sara Berelsman teaches college courses and lives in Delphos with her husband and their two daughters. She is always honest. Okay, usually.


The banality of triumph

Moderately confused

NEW YORK — It seems nearly heretical to say so, but the termination of Osama bin Laden feels oddly anticlimactic. Now what? And how to explain the sense that nothing has changed? The boogeyman may be dead, but the boogey is still at large in the world. How, also, to explain my own discomfort as others have expressed jubilation? ‘Twas a mystery. Watching television coverage Sunday night when President Obama convened the nation to announce bin Laden’s demise, I kept waiting for the telling detail, the little something that would put it all in perspective and bring “closure,” even if I’d rather stub my toe than use that word. It never quite came. Ten years of waiting and wondering where in the world was Osama bin Laden, the question nagged: Was he even alive? Then, voila. He was hiding in plain sight in a compound in Pakistan. We had been observing him for months. And now he was dead, said the president. Whereupon the strangest thing happened. People began congregating outside the White House and cheering, celebrating the death of bin Laden. Young people, mostly, chanted “USA” and waved the flag. I wanted very much to share their joy and to feel,

Point of View
ah yes, solidarity in this magnificent moment, but the sentiment escaped me. Curiosity was the most I could summon. How curious that people would cheer another’s death. Not since Dorothy landed her house on the Wicked Witch of the East have so many munchkins been so happy. My 20-something son explained ever so patiently that OBL was his generation’s Hitler and that of course he was happy. Why wasn’t I? I don’t know. To me, the execution of bin Laden was more punctuation than poetry — a period at the end of a Faulknerian sentence. That is, too long and rather late-ish. To the 9/11 generation, if we may call it that, OBL wasn’t only the mastermind of a dastardly act; he was evil incarnate and the world wouldn’t be safe until he was eliminated. Would that justice were so neat and evil so conveniently disposed of. Perhaps it is a function of age, but I find no solace in revenge. What I do experience at such times is overwhelming sadness about the human condition, our bloodlust and attraction to spectacle. I have felt similarly twice before in

recent memory -- on the day when Saddam Hussein was hanged and, under drastically different circumstances, during the 1998 execution of Karla Faye Tucker in Texas. In both instances, we millions tuned in to follow or observe the killings. No two people have more deserved the full force of earthly justice. Saddam’s crimes against humanity are well known. Tucker murdered two people with an ax, for which she later apologized. Her remorse and conversion as a born-again Christian captured public attention, but were inadequate to convince then-Gov. George W. Bush to commute her sentence. Ironically, both deaths were on Bush’s watch. In watching these two dispensations, we became voluntary, if passive, participants. Co-executioner is not a role with which I hope to become comfortable. And though I understand society’s need for justice and the individual’s yearning for revenge, it seems we should be on guard. For the sake of civilization, the latter is to be conquered and the former tempered. Inarguably, Osama bin Laden needed to leave this earth -- and perhaps it is just that he did so by the wit, sleuth and sure aim of our bravest men. Even so, discomfort is a necessary companion to any violence we commit, even in the service of good. There is nothing to celebrate in any man’s death and I wish

this had been the sentiment telegraphed to the rest of the world rather than the loutish hoorahs of late-night revelers. Bin Laden was an icon and a figurehead. But he was not the sole proprietor of evil. For all of human time, it seems, there will be another one willing to fill his shoes and eager to find expression in others’ suffering. Evil, after all, is a vagabond, ever on the prowl for a crack in the door. Not to be one of those Debbie Downers who puts things in unwelcome perspective, but shouldn’t we be slightly less delighted to kill? Triumphalism might play better on the day when we no longer have to kill each other. Kathleen Parker’s email address is kathleenparker@

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Herald – 5


CD of A to host poetry and essay winners Tuesday



Stadium Park Shelterhouse


TODAY 9 a.m.-noon — Interfaith Thrift Store is open for shopping. St. Vincent DePaul Society, located at the east edge of the St. John’s High School parking lot, is open. 10 a.m to 2 p.m. — Delphos Postal Museum is open. 12:15 p.m. — Testing of warning sirens by Delphos Fire and Rescue 1-3 p.m. — Delphos Canal Commission Museum, 241 N. Main St., is open. 7 p.m. — Bingo at St. John’s Little Theatre.

New CD of A State officers are, from left, 2nd Vice Regent Laura Giglio, 1st Vice, Diana Boldman, Regent Margi Oller, National Vice Regent Elect Ann Nelson, Secretary Doris Lindeman and Treasurer Maureen Smith. The Delphos Chapter ing their compositions and The club is also proud of Catholic Daughters of receiving their awards. to announce that Doris America will hold a potMembers are asked to Lindeman was named as luck dinner for the winners bring a covered dish to the new State Secretary at of its annual poetry and share with guests and also the CD of A State convenessay contest at 6:30 p.m. reminded to bring a canned tion in Wooster. She also on Tuesday at the Delphos good to be donated to the holds the office of Regent SUNDAY 1-3 p.m. — The Delphos Knights of Columbus hall. Interfaith Thrift Shop Food in the local CD of A organization. Canal Commission Museum, Each of the winners read- Pantry. 241 N. Main St., is open. 1-4 p.m. — Putnam County AMPUS OTE Museum is open, 202 E. Main St. Kalida. MONDAY 11:30 a.m. — Mealsite at Delphos Senior Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff Street. 6 p.m. — Middle Point Village Council meets 7-9 p.m. — The Delphos Canal Commission Annex Museum, 241 N. Main St., will be open. 7 p.m. — Marion Township trustees at township house. 7:30 p.m. — American Legion Auxiliary meets at the American Legion hall, State Street. Delphos Eagles Aerie 471 meets at the Eagles Lodge. Middle Point council meets at town hall. 8 p.m. — Delphos City Schools Board of Education meets at the administration office. Delphos Knights of Columbus meet at the K of C hall. TUESDAY 11:30 a.m. — Mealsite at Delphos Senior Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff Street. 6 p.m. — Weight Watchers meets at Trinity United Methodist Church, 211 E. Third St. 6:30 p.m. — Delphos Lions Club, Eagles Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth St. 7:30 p.m. — Ottoville Emergency Medical Service members meet at the municipal building. Ottoville VFW Auxiliary members meet at the hall. Fort Jennings Local School District board members meet at the high school library. Alcoholics Anonymous, First Presbyterian Church, 310 W. Second St. 8:30 p.m. — Elida village council meets at the town hall. WEDNESDAY 9 a.m. - noon — Putnam County Museum is open, 202 E. Main St. Kalida. 11:30 a.m. — Mealsite at Delphos Senior Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff Street. 11:45 a.m. — Rotary Club meets at the Eagles Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth St. 4 p.m. — Delphos Public Library board members meet at the library conference room. 6 p.m. — Shepherds of Christ Associates meet in the St. John’s Chapel. 7 p.m. — Bingo at St. John’s Little Theatre. THURSDAY 9-11 a.m. — The Delphos Canal Commission Museum, 241 N. Main St., is open. 11:30 a.m. — Mealsite at Delphos Senior Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff Street. 5-7 p.m. — The Interfaith Thrift Shop is open for shopping. 8 p.m. — American Legion Post 268, 415 N. State St. FRIDAY 7:30 a.m. — Delphos Optimist Club, A&W DriveIn, 924 E. Fifth St. Please notify the Delphos Herald at 419-695-0015 if there are any corrections or additions to the Coming Events column.

Photo submitted

Bob is a 2 1/2 year old male. He came to the shelter with a bad tail injury and it had to be surgically removed. With a little time Dexter is 3 years old and a and TLC, he is as good sweet, loving boy. He loves to as new and ready to go play tug of war and is house- home! broke. He would do best in a home without kids, because he can be startled. He would do great with a family who wants to have a dog they can train and love as their own. The Humane Society of Allen County has many pets waiting for adoption. Each comes with a spay or neuter, first shots and a heartworm test. The Humane Society is located at 3606 Elida Road, Lima, and can be contacted at 419-991-1775. The following pets are available for adoption through The Animal Protective League; Cats Calico, 15 years, spayed, no cats or kids, name Calli Tiger, F, 10 years, gray and brown strip, neutered, dew clawed, name Princess Nala Tiger, M, 10 years, orange, neutered, name Felix M, 5 years, black, gray, neutered, dew clawed, name Thor, Odem Calico, 5 years, long haired, spayed, dew clawed, name Taji M, 1 year, black, outside F, 3 years, black and white, fixed Kittens M, F, 6 weeks, red, light and dark striped M, F, 7 weeks, white, white and black, gray, gray tiger Dogs Shit Tzu, M, 5 years, white and brown, name Hemi Golden Retriever, M, 2 years, name Marley Walker Coon mix, F, 7 years, spayed, brown, name Angel For more information on these pets or if you are in need of finding a home for your pet contact The Animal Protective League from 9-5 weekdays at 419-749-2976. Donations or correspondence can be sent to PO Box 321, Van Wert, Ohio 45891.

Wright State names dean’s list
A total of 2,804 Ohio students at Wright State University earned dean’s list honors during the winter 2011 quarter, based on their grade point averages. Area students include: Delphos Emily Edinger Kaitlin Miller Kylie Miller Kristina Desenberg Emily Utrup Tiffany Barber Meghan Reindel Andrea Dray Nathan Wurst Nicole Wurst Spencerville Renee Ball Heather Smith Rachel Fell Michael Binkely Katherine Lammers Richard Boyd Venedocia Brittany Katalenas Middle Point Avery Etzler Bethany Kline Katherine Fickert Cloverdale Amber Schnipke Melissa Turnwald Nadine Buettner Fort Jennings Stacie Chandler Rachel Grothause Kara Kaufman Kelly Kehres Matthew Krietemeyer Brittany Piasecki Trevor Von Sossan Joshua Grothause Scott Wagner Ottoville Adam Wannemacher



Happy Birthday
May 8 Roger Brinkman Cheryl Bishop Mary Ann Good Dan Haehn Austin Brock Emma Lindeman May 9 Chelsea Ditto Mikayla Ultrup Bobbie Kohorst Dawn Overholt Jessica Sherrick Keegan Sherrick

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The face of caring at St. Rita’s
From ER nurses who help save lives after an emergency to maternity nurses who help bring new lives into the world, our highly trained nursing staff makes St. Rita’s Medical Center a better place for everyone. Whether assisting in an operation or comforting family members during a loved one’s surgery, nurses enhance the patient experience through their hard work and dedication. For that we are truly grateful. When you see our nurses making their rounds, be sure to thank them for the great things they do all year long.

Model 310 LP








5 pc. Card Table & Chair Set
The Region’s Leader In Health Care.


33” square table. Black PVC padded chairs & table.


Steel powder coated.

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6 – The Herald

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Knights score in sixth Geise outduels Brazle, Jays win in MAC to edge Wildcats
By AARON GILLESPIE The Times Bulletin CONVOY – Friday afternoon’s game between Crestview and Jefferson was a Northwest Conference game that saw a little bit of everything - from home runs, to costly walks, to great defense and even a rain delay. When it was all said and done, it ended with some sunshine and a hardfought 4-3 victory for the Knights. Crestview wasted no time getting on the board as they put on an impressive hitting display in the bottom of the first off Jefferson starter Tony George (4 innings, 4 hits, 3 earned runs, 4 free passes, 6 strikeouts). Matt Holden got things started with a no-doubter over the left-centerfield fence to take the early 1-0 lead. Brad Miller was up next and roped a single to bring up Josh Staten. Staten added a round-tripper of his own over the centerfield wall to put his team up 3-0 early. Nick Adam got the call on the hill for the Knights and was very effective early on. In the top of the second with one out and runners on first and second, the skies opened up and forced the game into roughly a 35-minute rain delay. When the game was finally able to resume, Adam re-toed the rubber and struggled. With one gone, Mike Joseph singled to right and back-to-back free passes to Nik Moore and George loaded them up. Kyle Anspach hit a fly ball deep enough to get Joseph home and a Curtis Miller knock to left plated Moore. However, the Wildcats couldn’t get any more then but cut the Crestview lead to one, 3-2. Both teams were quiet offensively until the sixth inning. In the top half of the inning, the Wildcats played small-ball and manufactured a run to tie the game up. Drew Kortokrax drew a leadoff walk to bring up Nick Cook, who laid down the sacrifice bunt to move Kortokrax into scoring position. After a wild pitch moved him to third, Ross Thompson came through with the sacrifice fly to left field to bring in the tying run. Adam was able to buckle down and strike out the next batter to get out of the inning. Crestview regained the lead in the bottom half of the inning, in part by taking advantage of an inability to get the ball over the plate by Jefferson reliever Curtis Miller. Pinch-hitter Jared Hallfeldt drew the leadoff walk for the Knights in the inning. A strikeout and a flyout had things looking grim for Crestivew in the sixth until Miller seemingly lost command of his fastball. Three consecutive free passes followed. Staten drew a walk, Jacob Wortman was hit by a pitch to load the bases. Hallfeldt crossed the plate on a wild pitch to give the Knights the 4-3 advantage. Adam came to the plate against reliever Jeff Schleeter and eventually drew a walk but the Knights left the bases loaded. Adam utilized a solid defensive effort from his teammates throughout the afternoon, especially in the top of the seventh inning to seal the victory. With one out in the inning, George hit a shot down the third-base line that appeared to be a base hit but Cole Rolsten ranged to his right, backhanded the ball just over the line and fired a shot over to first for the second out of the inning. A strikeout ended the game and gave the Knights the victory. With the win, Crestview betters its record to 9-5 (6-2 NWC) on the year as they head into the sectional tournament. The Knights will play the winner of Antwerp and Lincolnview on Wednesday night. The Wildcats (8-9, 4-4 NWC) take on Lima Temple Christian at noon today at Perry to open Division IV sectional play.

By JIM METCALFE jmetcalfe@


1,600-meter run: 1. 400-meter dash: 1. Shayla Brown (L) 4-8; 5. (tie) Riley Shayla Siefker (O) 5:37.5; Siefker (O) 1:02; 2. Macy Eversole (CG) and Gray (P) 2. Amber Herron (CG) Schroeder (F) 1:02.3; 3. 4-8. Pole vault: 1. Braidic (P) 6:00.1; 3. Henry (L) 6:09.4; Abby Siefker (O) 1:05.4; 4. 4. Brianna Rodriguez (O) Stephanie Korte (F) 1:06.3; 11-0; 2. Zachrich (CO) 8-0. Long jump: 1. Alyssa 71, Leipsic 67, Continental 6:10.5; 5. Donaldson (CO) 5. Prowant (CO) 1:08.4; 6. Delong (O) 15-11; 2. Lauren 58, Pandora-Gilboa 32.50. 6:29.9; 6. Brittany Inkrott Lester (L) 1:09.4. ® 100-meter hurdles: 1. (F) 6:37.3; 6. 4x200-meter relay: 1. Koch (O) 15-6.25; 3. Bidlack Taylor Mangas (O) 16.9; 2. 4x100-meter LAWN TRACTOR STEERING WHEEL ZERO-TURN RIDER relay: 1. Columbus Grove (Brooke (CO) 15-6; 4. Ordway (CO) Alyssa Delong (O) 17.0; 3. Columbus Grove (Emily Brubaker, Riley Eversole, 14-9; 5. Brown (L) 14-8.25; Williamson (CO) 17.5; ® 4. Tabler, Julia Wynn, Nicole Emily Tabler, Julia Wynn) 6. Riley Eversole (CG) † Kohler® Courage® V-Twin OHV engine † ® • 22 HP • 22 Langhals Courage V-Twin OHV engine NicoleHP Kohler (CG) 17.5; Langhals, Brooke Brubaker) 1:54.5; 2. Fort Jennings 14-6.50. • Innovative 46" heavy-duty deck cutting system • 48" heavy-duty fabricated w/sloped ® Ottoville (Tonya (Kaitlin ® ® Shot put: 1. Averesch 5. Jessi Smith (CG) 18.0; 6. 53.5;nose triple 2. Stechschulte, for cleaner cut blade (CO) 18.5. Ordway deck ® Kaufman, April Horstman, Stephanie Korte, Lauren (L) 40-4.50; 2. Tammy LAWN Ultra-tight turning radius for remarkable TRACTOR STEERING WHEEL ZERO-TURN RIDER Taylor Norbeck, Elaina Maag) Wannemacher (O) 37-3; 3. STEERING WHEEL Lauren Koch, •LAWN TRACTOR • 100-meter Synchro Steer™ZERO-TURN RIDER Revolutionary dash: 1. technology gives Macy Schroederall(F) 12.9; Mangas) 54.2; 3. Pandora- 1:56.3; 3. Ottoville (Kari Lauren Kramer (O) 35-4.50; maneuverability total control in terrains 2. Bidlack (CO) 13.0; 3. Gilboa 54.3; 4. Continental Beining, April Horstman, 4. Aubrey Fruchey (CG) • •22 HP† Kohler® Courage® V-TwinV-Twin OHV engine 22 HP† Kohler® Courage®4. Kohler®Fort Jennings (Mara Tonya engine 1:57.8; 32-4.50; 5. Weller (CO) • 13.6; † 55.2; 5. engine • 22 HP† Kohler® Courage® OHV engine •Emily• Tabler (CG)22 HPV-Twin OHV Courage® V-Twin OHV Kaufman) 22 HP† Kohler® Courage® V-Twin OHV engine 22 HP† Kohler® Courage® V-Twin OHV engine ® S 48 ® Courage® V-Twin OHV engine † HorstmanCourage April Kohler® •fabricated ® V-TwinEmily Grone, w/slopedPandora-Gilboa 1:59.2; 31-8.50; 6. E. Schroeder (L) LTX 46" heavy-duty deck deck system • system Shelton (CO) (O) fabricated w/sloped nose triple 57.3; 4. Continental 2:04.5; 6. 30-9.50. Z-FORCE 13.7; 6. Brown, OHV r • •Innovative 46" 46" heavy-dutycuttingcutting system22 •5. 48" • 48" heavy-duty 13.7;w/sloped nose tripleengine HP heavy-duty 48" heavy-duty fabricated Gina 5. nose triple Innovative 1046M • Innovative heavy-duty deck cutting Clay, RIDER STARTING AT: STARTING AT: STEERING WHEEL ZERO-TURNAndrea Ricker) forcleaner cut cleaner cutcutting blade deck deck blade deck Leipsic 1:05.3. blade for LAWN TRACTOR " heavy-duty for cleaner cut system® deck • 48" Peckinpaugh (P)fabricated w/sloped nose triple Leipsic 2:13.3. heavy-duty 13.9. Discus: 1. Averesch 6. * radius for remarkable Z-FORCE 48 300-meter hurdles: 1. (L) 122-2; 2. Tammy •Ultra-tight turning radius forSremarkable Ultra-tight turning ® • • $deck * • Revolutionary Synchro gives • Revolutionary Synchro Steer™ technology Steer™ technology gives Steer™ technology gives t •LTX 1046M$ Ultra-tight turning radius for remarkable RIDER bladeRevolutionary®Synchro ®STOCKS engine † ® † • 22 • 22 HP Kohler Courage V-Twin OHV LAWN TRACTOR HP Kohler Courage V-Twin OHV engine STEERING WHEEL ZERO-TURN LTX 1046M Z-FORCE® S 48 Natasha Kaufman (O) 48.8; Wannemacher (O) 113-1; 3. maneuverability total controlterrains Quotesin all w/sloped of LAWN 1046Mmaneuverability • ® Innovative 46" • total heavy-duty all total terrains suppliedterrains 48" control in fabricatedcontrol in all by maneuverabilityheavy-dutyHPdeck®cuttingV-Twin OHVRIDER LTX TRACTOR remarkableSTEERING WHEEL48® system • Revolutionary EDWARD local interest nose triple Z-FORCE ® S ZERO-TURN ning• radiusCourage® V-Twin OHV engine for Synchro Steer™ technology gives 2. Taylor Mangas (O) 50.0; Cora Diller (CG) 104-6; 4. JONES INVESTMENTS •STEERING WHEEL ZERO-TURN RIDER engine 22 HP† Kohler 22 † Kohler Courage ® S 48 LAWN TRACTOR blade deck • 22 22 Kohler fabricated 3. Nicole Langhals (CG) Megan Verhoff (CG) 104-6; 46" cutting engine •• 48" heavy-duty Courage w/sloped ® triple Close of business ® 48 LTX• InnovativeKohler for cleanerOHVsystem radius HPdeckremarkable nose S 48 1046M Courage V-Twin cut Z-FORCEengine tyLTXLTX HP 1046M deck Z-FORCE Z-FORCE®48V-Twin OHVnosetriple 48 • control in all terrains technology2011 1046M• heavy-duty STEERINGZ-FORCE®CourageSV-Twin engine total 1046M • blade 48"for ® S heavy-duty w/sloped LTX••LTX Kohler Ultra-tightOHV engineZ-FORCE®®fabricatedS 48 OHV® S RIDER Revolutionary Synchro Steer™ May 6, gives 1046M forInnovative 46" Courage deck cutting system cleaner ZERO-TURN •WHEEL S 48 22 Z-FORCE 48 HPdeck Kohler S LTX 22 HP cutcutheavy-duty V-Twin turning Z-FORCE Z-FORCE® 1046M MLAWN Ultra-tight1046M fordeck cutting systemZ-FORCE WHEEL48 w/slopedWHEEL48 Description 51.2; 4. Brown (L) 52.3; 5. Rachel Beining (O) 97-0; for cleaner blade ®S ® ZERO-TURNtriple ZERO-TURN RIDER TRACTORradius for remarkable STEERING nose RIDERRIDER total control in all terrains WHEEL ZERO-TURN RIDER 6MLAWN ••TRACTOR maneuverability 48 ZERO-TURN RIDER Last Price Change STEERING WHEEL48 technology gives STEERINGS S WHEEL 48" heavy-dutySynchroSteer™ technology gives •LAWN TRACTOR ••Z-FORCEZ-FORCE S LAWNLTX TRACTOR remarkable TRACTOR 1046M LAWN Innovative 46" heavy-duty TRACTOR STEERING ®fabricated ZERO-TURN STEERING WHEEL Ultra-tight • Revolutionary Synchro ZERO-TURN RIDER Revolutionary S LTX turning 1046M Z-FORCEinSTEERING Z-FORCE ® Steer™ 5. Ordway (CO) 53.1; 6. 6. E. Schroeder (L) 92-0. for cleaner cut blade OR LTXLAWN 1046M STEERING WHEELZERO-TURN RIDER RIDER ZERO-TURN maneuverability total control in all terrains all terrains TOR LTX LAWN TRACTOR 6MOHV engine turning radius for remarkable HPSTEERING WHEEL4848 WHEELRIDER DJINDUAVERAGE Z-FORCE®STEERING OHV engine S ZERO-TURN RIDER RIDER maneuverability total deck 12,638.74 +54.57 † Kohler® control WHEEL ZERO-TURN ZERO-TURN RIDER TRACTOR in LAWN Ultra-tight turning radius • 22 Courage V-Twin LAWN TRACTOR STARTING AT: STEERING WHEEL technology gives •LAWN TRACTOR AT: •STEERING Synchro Steer™ZERO-TURN Revolutionary STARTING ® ® OHV engineengine •STEERING WHEEL HP†V-TwinOHV®Courage V-Twin OHV engine COMPSITE STARTING AT: 4x800-meter relay: 1. Lauren Norbeck (F) 53.2. ®®Courage † † KohlerKohler † maneuverability ® Courage® V-Twin OHV engine †® ® † WHEEL ZERO-TURN RIDER NAS/NMS † • Courage® †Kohler® Courage ® terrains® Kohler • •22• HP†HPHP† Courage® V-TwinV-Twin OHVengine 22®control †inKohler Courage®®V-Twinengineengine® V-Twin OHV engine TOR22HPHPKohler®®Courage® V-TwinV-TwinOHVSTEERINGKohler®•all 22®®HPV-Twin V-TwinOHV® ®triple STARTING AT: 2,827.56 +12.84 Kohler • •22 22 2222 Kohler Courage V-Twin engine engine 22 HP 22 HP ®22 w/sloped nose S 48 OHV total • HP • Kohler Kohler Courage OHV cutting system CourageAT: 48" heavy-duty fabricatedCourage OHV engineengine ® STARTING • OHVOHV •®Z-FORCE STARTING AT: 1,340.20 ® †S r®•CourageV-Twin®heavy-duty V-TwinV-Twin Z-FORCE®®48heavy-dutynose noseengine •Innovative †† Kohler Courage® V-Twinsystem deck •Z-FORCE •fabricated®48 ® Couragetriple Innovative 1046M engine deck cutting system48" heavy-duty S48"fabricatedOHV engine nose • 1046MCourage heavy-duty Courage 48"HP® S S • •22®LTX HPheavy-duty ® deckZ-FORCE HP† Kohler • Courage® V-Twinw/slopedtriple engine S&P engine 48"Courage® OHV 800-meter run: 1. Kaitlin Ottoville (Natasha Kaufman, ® +5.10 LTXV-Twinheavy-duty®V-Twin cutting system HP† KohlerWHEEL48® †w/sloped® OHV ® • Innovative KohlerKohler Courage®cuttingcutting system 22 HP† Kohler®•fabricatedV-Twin V-Twinengine triple w/sloped 500 INDEX Courage• HP††22HP46"®heavy-dutydeckblade ••system•2222• HPS ®Courage®KohlernoseOHV engine V-Twin OHVnose triple •• Innovative OHV •Innovative 46"AT: 46"®®heavy-dutycuttingsystem engine22 ••Z-FORCE Kohler48heavy-dutyfabricated w/sloped nose triple Innovative OHV deck OHV cutting 46" Z-FORCESTEERINGheavy-dutyZERO-TURN fabricated heavy-dutyfabricated w/slopedtriple 22 HP V-Twin Kohler 22LAWN 46" 46" heavy-duty deck OHV engine engine48" • 48"AT: † Couragew/sloped RIDER HP 22 TRACTOR enginedeckengine 22Kohler 48 V-Twin OHV Courage OHV STARTING STARTING forcleaner cut deck blade $ * STARTING deck blade ® for cleaner cut " heavy-duty V-Twincut $ system cutting STEERING AT:WHEEL fabricated w/slopedtripleengine $ RIDER * heavy-duty®Z-FORCE OHV •blade deckheavy-duty ZERO-TURN triple TRACTOR ® 48 -3.72 r® Couragecleaner46"cutting enginedeck Revolutionary48" heavy-dutyfabricateddecktechnologyRIDERZERO-TURN RIDER 281.56 •for STARTINGcutheavy-duty * deck *system 48" Z-FORCE fabricated w/sloped nose triple Innovative •• 1046M • 48" deck ZERO-TURN heavy-duty • LTXLTX46" 46" InnovativeAT: * heavy-duty WHEEL SSteer™w/slopednose ZERO-TURN Stechschulte (F) 2:32.5; 2. Kari Beining, Abby Siefker, forLAWNdeckcutOHV deck • system •• 48" HP† Kohler® • Sblade ®48 noseS nose gives STARTING cleaner$ 1046M for Innovative cleaner blade blade ®Couragew/sloped WHEEL markabledeck1046Mheavy-dutySTEERING •STEERINGWHEELV-Twinfabricatedtriple AUTOZONE INC. forLTX Innovative 46" radiusdeckAT: cutting system48"STEERINGtechnologytriplew/sloped nose cleaner turningturning for remarkable eavy-dutyLTXcutcuttingheavy-dutycuttingcutting system22 •heavy-duty ®fabricated w/sloped noseRIDERSTARTING triple $ Synchro48" S deck 1046M Courage for total 48"• •STEERINGterrainsheavy-dutyRIDER 48gives BUNGEgives Ultra-tightcleaner STARTING remarkable bladeRevolutionary fabricated Steer™ Synchro gives • $ Ultra-tight •Z-FORCE 48 STARTING STARTING AT: 3,999 LAWN TRACTOR • •Ultra-tight Kohlercut radius * remarkable for bladeRevolutionary Synchro OHV deckdeck* for•$deck*AT: radiussystemremarkable for blade deck SynchroSteer™ technology gives blade STEERING bladeRevolutionary fabricated w/sloped gives ZERO-TURN RIDER WHEELRevolutionary SynchroSteer™ technologyLTD * 72.62 $in• all *WHEEL Synchro technologynose 22for HP 22 HPRevolutionary 48 Kohler V-Twin for $ cleanercleaner cut for remarkable cleanerturning bladeterrains deck "t heavy-duty 1,799cuttingradiusV-Twin OHV engine •Z-FORCEdeckS ZERO-TURN RIDER heavy-duty •Courage Steer™Steer™ technology triple 6Mradius1,799cutcutradiussystemforremarkable controlZ-FORCE•SynchroZERO-TURN engineterrains technologyAT:AT: $ -0.35 Ultra-tight TRACTOR • Ultra-tight turning turning radius for R. Rieman (L) 2:33.6; 3. Shayla Siefker) 10:24.2; maneuverability Courage control Synchro w/sloped nose triple all terrainsV-Twin in RIDER Steer™ in LAWN1,799TRACTOR V-Twin OHV system blade•totalHPtotal controltotalZERO-TURNallgives gives technology gives * • •Ultra-tight Kohler turning radiusdeck cuttingengine • Revolutionary* WHEELallSteer™ZERO-TURN RIDER turning Revolutionary gives gives deck Kohler STEERING OHV engine $ maneuverability for remarkable $3,999 inSynchro Steer™Steer™ technology gives • 22•LAWN * turning radius for remarkable • Revolutionary •fabricatedcontrol WHEEL Steer™ $ • • Innovative • 22 •heavy-duty Courage 48" STEERING WHEEL technology LAWNUltra-tight heavy-duty for OHV TRACTOR HP turning Ultra-tight Revolutionary ning maneuverability 46"$ for Ultra-tight remarkable •STEERING Synchro Steer™ technology Revolutionary Synchro technology 3,999 * remarkable t • •maneuverabilityradius V-Twinremarkable deck Kohler Revolutionary Synchro • for HP in 51.78 +0.23 22 ® cleaner blade control in Courage † † total total controlterrains Kohler CTORUltra-tight turning radius•for22 engine 22total•• totalHPdeckWHEELallterrainsOHVinV-Twingives engine CORP. • maneuverabilityCourage 46" • totalheavy-duty® HPcontrol nose triple® 48" control in all total terrains engine fabricated w/sloped • Courage® Steer™ allterrains all terrains • Kari Beining (O) 2:42; 4. 2. Leipsic 10:54.9; 3. -Twinformaneuverability OHVcut 1,799 maneuverabilityturning total in Steer™ ng radius InnovativeKohlerenginecuttingsystem • Kohler®heavy-dutySynchroall ZERO-TURN RIDER EATON V-Twin OHV engine HPcontrol inSynchro V-Twin noseallOHV engine OHVradius 22maneuverability radiusdeckremarkableHP†•STEERING 22 terrains technologytripleterrains Twinmaneuverabilityheavy-dutyfor cutting system Revolutionarycontroltotal control ®technology OHV 3,999 OHVremarkable Kohler fabricated w/sloped technology gives Courage ty maneuverabilityheavy-duty deck Innovative 48" control Synchro Steer™ in • Ultra-tight 46" Revolutionary all ning engineengine for remarkable Revolutionary in all terrainsV-Twin gives $ Courage * forfor cleaner cut blade deck BP PLC ADR 44.28 +0.80 ® S all cut blade deckin ® terrains maneuverability total fabricated ® total• ® Courage † V-Twin HP† Abby Siefker (O) 2:45.1; 5. Columbus Grove (Amber eck cutting††cleaner•Courage® for remarkableOHV engine heavy-dutyCourage®®Kohler®w/slopedtripleengine ting•system HP† turning®radius for®Z-FORCE •control inall terrains w/sloped nose nose triplew/sloped nose triple eck •STARTING22Kohler® radius V-TwinV-Twin•OHV enginecontrolAT: †48® Steer™ technology Courage®OHVOHV engine RES INC cutting system48" KohlerSTARTINGKohlerSynchro HPV-Twin OHV engineengine V-Twin heavy-duty • system Courage OHV ty total Revolutionary Synchro Courage® V-Twin gives 22• HP AT: turning Courage ® V-Twinengine 48" •• control 48"terrains technologyOHV fabricated 22 HP KohlerAT: 22 •remarkable heavy-dutyHP†22 in all fabricated gives 22 • STARTINGKohler Steer™ HP • 22 Kohler • Ultra-tight Ultra-tight Revolutionary DOMINION 46.92 +0.38 STARTING STARTING AT: total control in®AT:terrains ® ® S 48 terrains deck maneuverability blade blade deck bladefabricated w/sloped nose LTX 46" heavy-duty deck heavy-duty •heavy-dutyCouragew/sloped OHV triple • er® Couragemaneuverabilityheavy-dutycuttingcutting system22 •WHEELallfabricated ® V-Twinfabricated w/sloped nose triple ELEC. PWR INC •Innovative • OHV enginedeck systemdeck Z-FORCE • ZERO-TURN engine nose triple Innovative 1046Mheavy-duty deck cutting systemtotalKohlerin allSTARTING w/sloped • V-Twin Innovative 48" 48" heavy-duty heavy-duty Amber Herron (CG) 2:49.5; Herron, Sydni Smith, Nikki •STARTING AT:46" 46" 48" STEERING HP† fabricated AT: nose tripleRIDERAMERICAN 48" 36.33 +0.13 $ STARTINGAT: * $STARTING AT: AT: ZERO-TURN $ STARTING AT: AT: STARTING STARTING AT: STARTING * STARTING * STARTING$STARTING AT: AT: * 3,999Revolutionary cleaner for blade deck blade STARTING STARTING Synchro Steer™ technology kable forSTARTINGTRACTOR • 3,999 *STARTING AT: deckSTARTING AT: RIDER Synchro CAREMARK CRP • Revolutionary fabricated AT: Synchro ® STARTING cleaner $ forLAWN cut 6" OHV1,799 AT:AT:cutting system $deck•Kohler •AT:AT: WHEELSteer™* technology gives gives heavy-duty1,799 deck 48" STEERING AT:blade deck Ricker, Kayla Parlette) 6. W. Miller (CO) 2:50.9. rremarkablecleaner cutbladeRevolutionary® $3,999$STARTINGw/sloped nose triple CVSSteer™ technology gives 37.02 STARTING AT: *cut * +0.23 1,799* turningturning radius•fortotal control•$$heavy-duty SynchroterrainsOHV engine n remarkable engine * Courage V-Twin 22 $$ $$ ** $1,799 AT: * radius for remarkable HP† * *3,999technology gives gives $* 3,999 STARTING STARTING terrains •Ultra-tight * Ultra-tight •1,799 Ultra-tight Revolutionary 3,999 $1,7991,799 $1,799 $3,999 Violet STARTING all AT: AT: 1,799 3,999 $ Steer™ for OHV heavy-duty •fabricatedcontrol in remarkable3,9993,999all Synchro OHV technology ut •$1,799 * turning radius• remarkabletotal control*Equipment Steer™ engine all terrains deck $ bladeRevolutionary *Revolutionary 200-meter dash: 1. Macy 11:27.3; 4. Fort Jennings cutting STARTING AT:Kohler Courage V-Twin48"engine STARTING HP *AT: in CourageSteer™ noseSteer™ technology gives INC system • Revolutionary •STARTINGKohler •$3,999 * Synchro triple CITIGROUP • 22 HP 4.52 +0.04 3,999total allw/sloped technology gives V-Twin 22 AT: * Synchro terrains * $1,799maneuverability * * $ $ maneuverability terrains in H.G. 3,999 in fabricated Steer™ Violet 48" control Synchro w/sloped maneuverability 2103totalheavy-duty all 3,999 technology gives FIRST DEFIANCE North St urning radius1,799 46" heavy-duty deck cutting system •$3,999 total*Equipment for * Revolutionarycontroltotal control in triple $ • Innovative * 13.95 -0.03 Schroeder (F) 26.6; 2. (Andrea Ricker, Marissa 1,799remarkable • blade deck •$ Violet MainSteer™ noseall terrains all* markable for cleaner cut total control in 3,999 Equipment technology gives Revolutionaryblade deck Synchro $ H.G. controlterrains 2103 North Main St ility total Revolutionary Synchro Delphos in 45833 FST FIN BNCP 16.20 +0.08 3,999 , terrainsSteer™ • Ultra-tight turning radius for remarkable control •in all OH all terrains technology gives Bidlack (CO) 27.0; 3. Julia Mesker, Gina Clay, Kristen total 2103 North Main St maneuverability FORD MOTOR CO 15.11 +0.03 Delphos , OH Phone control all terrains STARTING AT: totalAT: in 45833 STARTING419-695-2000 Wynn (CG) 27.2; 4. Recker Maag) 12:29.5. STARTING AT: AT: STARTING STARTING AT: AT: GENERAL DYNAMICS 74.44 +0.75 Delphos STARTING45833 AT: , STARTING OH Phone 419-695-2000 STARTING AT: 3,200-meter run: 1. (P) 27.9; 5. Brooke Brubaker $STARTING H.G.$ Violet Equipment AT: $3,999 * * STARTING * GENERAL Equipment 31.91 -0.11 $1,799 * AT: * STARTING AT:AT:H.G.$Violet * $1,799 3,999 VioletAT:Equipment * * H.G. VioletMOTORS H.G. STARTING Equipment STARTING 3,999$Equipment $ Phone 419-695-2000 (CG) 28.5; 6. Elaina Maag Nikki Ricker (CG) 13:12.2; STARTING AT: 3,999 21033,999 Main St North H.G. Violet $1,799 * GOODYEAR TIRE 17.56 +0.10 $ $ H.G. 3,999 Main3,999 H.G. H.G. Violet 2103 $North Equipment 2103 Violet Equipment St OH (1) FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS. NOT ALL BUYERS QUALIFY. MINIMUM North PRICE REQUIREMENTEquipment Violet*Equipment 1,799 * $ H.G. 3,999H.G.Violet *MainMain St APPLIES. SEE STORE2103 North Main St 2. Brianna Rodriguez (O) (F) 28.9. 2103 North Equipment Violet 45833 51.25 -0.63 * $Delphos , PURCHASE St * OR CUBCADET.COM FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS. MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED. VALID ON PURCHASES MADE BETWEEN 2/1/11 – H.G. MINIMUMH.G.PRICE REQUIREMENTEquipment HEALTHCARE REIT Violet MainViolet APPLIES. SEE STORE 3,999PROGRAMS SUBJECTNorthEquipmentSt BETWEEN FOR FULL 3,999 Equipment 2/1/11 6/30/11. TRANSACTION FINANCE CHARGES MAY APPLY. ALL BUYERS QUALIFY. RETAILERPURCHASE Main CUBCADET.COM Phone 2103 St 2103 419-695-2000 2103 Delphos CHANGE WITHOUT45833 (1) FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS. NOT SEE YOUR CUB CADET North DETAILS OR GO TO H.G.PAYMENTSVioletVALID 45833 MADE Violet North St 4x400-meter relay: 1. 13:20.3; 3. Henry (L) DelphosTO,Violet PURCHASES Delphos , St 45833 HOME 36.99 -0.02 DISCLOSURE. FINANCINGIMPORTANT DETAILS. MINIMUM MONTHLYH.G.Main MainNorth Main – H.G. andFOREquipment 2103 Northfreight,REQUIRED.OHDETAILSEquipmentand may vary.StDelphos DEPOT INC. OR CUBCADET.COM FOR SUBJECT TO GE MONEY APPROVAL. ON 2103NorthhandlingOHOR NOTICE.CUBCADET.COM FOR FULL GO * Product Price — Actual retail prices are AVAILABLEvary. Taxes, set by dealer and may TO 2103 may 6/30/11. TRANSACTION FINANCE CHARGES MAY APPLY. SEE YOUR CUB CADET RETAILER FORMain St TO additional BUYERS QUALIFY. MINIMUMMOTOR CO Phone 419-695-2000 OH 45833 (1) FINANCINGGE MONEY APPROVAL.for limited warranty setup ,andBUYERS.NOTICE. ALL † as St QUALIFIEDEquipment NOT HONDA, PURCHASE 38.05 -0.75 Violet MainNorth Delphos CHANGE 45833 be OH Delphos charges45833 Models subjectFINANCING SUBJECT TO **See your local H.G.Phonedetails 2103 Certain restrictionsMain rated by dealer PROGRAMS SUBJECT information. DISCLOSURE. to limited availability. Phone 419-695-2000 419-695-2000 2103DelphosTOandOH, 45833 , additionalAPPLIES.vary. PAYMENTS REQUIRED. BKSHRPRICE REQUIREMENT APPLIES. SEE STORE -0.01 Ottoville (Natasha Kaufman, 13:43.9; 4. Brittany Inkrott North OH OHViolet engine manufacturer Delphos ,PURCHASEcharges 45833 2103 andhandlingON PURCHASES MADE BETWEEN 2/1/11 – DelphosforImagesOHdetailsdealerOH WITHOUTStrestrictions apply.45833 , Taxes, freight,reflect Delphos specifications. may† as rated by 45833 unit apply. REQUIREMENT and SEE OR CUBCADET.COM FOR IMPORTANTsetup ,H.G. MINIMUM Equipment HUNTGTNVALID ON PURCHASES MADE BETWEEN 2/1/11 – DETAILS. Main * Product Price — Actual retail prices are set by dealer and may vary. 2103 North Main St (1) FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS. NOT ALL BUYERS QUALIFY. MINIMUM North PRICE may be StMONTHLY STORE 6.64 Taylor Mangas, Kari (F) 15:13.3; 5. Stacy Hovest Specifications andlimited availability. to change local notice. limitedmay not Models subject to programs are subject **See MINIMUMdealer warranty information. St Phone, OHinventory and/or419-695-2000 JOHNSON&JOHNSON Phone VALID Certain , 419-695-2000 OR CUBCADET.COM FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS.yourwithoutMONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED.MainAPPLY. SEE YOUR CUB CADET RETAILER FOR DETAILS OR GO TO CUBCADET.COM FOR FULL 2103Phone 419-695-2000 CUBCADET.COM FOR FULLPhone 419-695-2000 NorthDelphos TO OH 45833 6/30/11. TRANSACTIONSEE YOUR CUB Phone419-695-2000 FINANCE CHARGES MAY engine Cub Cadet © 2011 manufacturer 2PV_3C8 Phone unit 65.27 +0.26 6/30/11. TRANSACTION FINANCE CHARGES MAY APPLY. Delphos RETAILER FOR DETAILS OR GO CADET 419-695-2000 H.G.DelphosOHinventory North VioletGE 45833specifications. Equipment Beining, Shayla Siefker) (CG) 15:47.5. OH45833 OH Specifications and programs are Phone notice. Images may Delphos , WITHOUTAPPROVAL. PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. subject to change without 419-695-2000 not TO , CHANGE 45833 DISCLOSURE. FINANCING SUBJECT TO GE MONEY APPROVAL.SUBJECT reflect dealer MONEY 45833 Main St DISCLOSURE. FINANCING PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO2103and/orNOTICE. www.hgviolet.com419-695-2000 JPMORGAN CHASE 45.04 -0.13 © 2011 Cub Delphos setup and handling charges may be additional may vary. Phone * Product PriceCadet 2PV_3C8 are set by dealer and may vary. Taxes, freight, , — Actual retail prices by Phone 419-695-2000 may Boys Team Scores: 4:18.2; 2. Fort Jennings * Product Price — Actual retailPhoneVioletinformation. Certain restrictions vary. Taxes, freight, setup and handling charges by Models subject to limited availability. **See your local 2103 prices details and 419-695-2000apply. † as may be additional and may vary. dealer for limited North set Equipment warranty 419-695-2000 StandOHand45833 KOHLS CORP. 52.22 -0.57 H.G. are PURCHASEdealer Phone Main H.G. Violet 419-695-2000 APPLIES. SEE STORE engine manufacturerAVAILABLE TO QUALIFIEDlimited availability.MINIMUM Delphos , REQUIREMENT limited STORE (1) FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS. NOT ALL BUYERSBUYERS Equipment dealer forAPPLIES. SEEwarranty details and information. Certain restrictions apply. (1) FINANCING BUYERS. NOT ALL QUALIFY. QUALIFY. PRICE Phone PAYMENTS**See your ON PRICEspecifications. 2/1/11 – Models subject toMINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTSH.G.MINIMUM PURCHASEREQUIREMENTMADE BETWEEN 2/1/11 – local MADE BETWEEN † as rated by -0.12 (Kaitlin Stechschulte, Elaina Columbus Grove 193, H.G. reflect dealerEquipment Violet inventoryEquipment Violet and/or unit Equipment www.hgviolet.comPRICECUBCADET.COMAPPLIES.FOR FULL LOWES COMPANIES 25.64 OR CUBCADET.COM FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS. OR CUBCADET.COM FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS. MINIMUM MONTHLY notREQUIRED. VALID ON PURCHASES REQUIRED. VALIDSt PURCHASES Specifications and programs are subject to change without notice. Images may Equipment 2103 North PURCHASE H.G. 6/30/11. 6/30/11.AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIEDCHARGES NOT NorthCUBMINIMUM PURCHASE PRICE REQUIREMENT CUBCADET.COM SEE STORE TRANSACTION FINANCE H.G. MAY SEE YOUR Violet FOR DETAILS CHARGES FOR engine FINANCE BUYERS. 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PROGRAMS PAYMENTS CHANGE ON PURCHASES MADE Equipment OR CUBCADET.COM FOR TO GE TO MINIMUMDelphos2103PhoneSt Violet MADE 2/1/11 CUBCADET.COM FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS. MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS North Main OH charges PURCHASESAPPLIES.BETWEEN BUYERS DelphosQUALIFY. Main (1) FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED programs CUB2103 MINIMUMH.G.MINIMUM St notice. PRICE REQUIREMENT APPLIES. SEE STORE ALL CUB BUYERS VALID 45833 6/30/11. * (1) FINANCING AVAILABLECHARGES MAYBUYERS. NOT ALL SEECUBCADET CADET andFOR DETAILS OR GO TO PURCHASE may vary. FORmay not reflect dealer inventory and/or unit specifications. 6/30/11.— Actual FINANCETO QUALIFIEDdealer andAPPLY.NOTYOURsubject RETAILER FOR DETAILSTOCUBCADET.COM FOR STORE FULL TRANSACTION FINANCE retail pricesby setBUYERS.YOURareQUALIFY. freight, , PURCHASE PRICE REQUIREMENTbe and Images APPLY. Specifications MONEY MONEYSEEMONTHLYvary.freight,REQUIRED.NorthREQUIRED.NOTICE. ONAPPLIES. 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PURCHASES by are **See to to change without PAYMENTS RETAILER FOR and REQUIRED. restrictions † as MAY TO Models subjectFINANCING ModelsALL BUYERSAVAILABLE local dealer forwarranty and PRICE subject (1) FINANCING local dealer warrantylimited limited availability. dealer for to your FINANCE availability.6/30/11. TRANSACTIONavailability. **See yourTO OH dealerinformation. CertainCUBCADET.COM details ERS. TRANSACTIONlimitedwithout CHARGESAVAILABLEPURCHASE details WITHOUT NOTICE. restrictions apply. GOSEE STORE (1) toMONTHLYlocal CHARGES MINIMUMPhone RETAILER FOR DETAILS QUALIFY. US MINIMUM FOR High jump: 1. Tonya 2. Collin Grothaus (CG) 419-695-2000 FULL ms are engineCadetengine manufacturer , APPLY. TO QUALIFIED BUYERS. NOT ALL BUYERS CUBCADET.COMPURCHASE PRICE REQUIREMENT APPLIES. SEE STORE STORE subject **See 2PV_3C8QUALIFY. to reflect 45833 BUYERS 30/11. NOTDelphoslimitedmay notSEE YOURBUYERS. REQUIREMENT APPLIES.† as rated by BANCORP PURCHASE PRICE REQUIREMENT APPLIES. SEE-0.01 FINANCE notice. Images CADET and/or unit TO QUALIFY. MINIMUM © 2011manufacturer change PAYMENTS MAY QUALIFIED ON inventory NOT ALLspecifications.OR 2/1/11 – 25.19 engine CubDISCLOSURE. FINANCING SUBJECT TO GE MONEY APPROVAL. PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO MINIMUMmanufacturer REQUIRED. BETWEEN Phone reflectCUBCHANGEON PURCHASESunitapply. †BETWEEN 2/1/11 –UTD BANKSHARES TOAPPLY. CUBCADET.COM BUYERS QUALIFY. Taxes, freight, PURCHASE PRICEMINIMUM may APPLIES. SEE STORE dealer inventory and/or unit specifications. QUALIFIED BUYERS. NOT ALL and programs are VALID to PURCHASES MADEand WITHOUT NOTICE. reflect REQUIRED. VALID ON PURCHASES MADE BETWEEN SCLOSURE. FINANCINGActualCUB CADET IMPORTANT DETAILS. MINIMUM MONTHLYvary. SUBJECT FORMONEY APPROVAL. 419-695-2000 * SEE OR CUBCADET.COM FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS. TO CHANGE MONTHLY PAYMENTS retail set V_3C8 OR Product SpecificationsTO GEby dealer and may vary.MINIMUM setup and handling charges TObeCUBCADET.COM may notREQUIRED. 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Certain and handling charges may be additional and may vary. roductCub2011 — Actual AVAILABLE engine © (1) TRANSACTION FINANCEand PAYMENTS MINIMUM PURCHASE APPLY. SEE Certain SEE FOR V_3C8(1)Price Cubmanufacturer TO QUALIFIEDfreight, 2PV_3C8BUYERS QUALIFY.charges MAYPRICEadditionalAPPLIES. SEEFOR FULL Phone to**See withoutNOTFINANCE reflect dealer inventorymay NOTICE.CUBCADET.COM vary. 419-695-2000 © 2011 ©FINANCINGCadet2011 Taxes, YOUR CUB CADET RETAILER FOR DETAILS OR GO TO YOUR CUB CADET RETAILER COMMS DETAILS OR GO TO CUBCADET.COM FOR FULL CadetFINANCING APPLY. SEE BUYERS. NOT ALL BUYERS QUALIFY. MINIMUM PURCHASE PRICE REQUIREMENT APPLIES.andSTORE CUB CADET 2PV_3C8 ANCE CHARGESAVAILABLE CubTO QUALIFIED BUYERS.www.hgviolet.combeand information.YOURSTORE VERIZONFOR DETAILS OR GO TO CUBCADET.COM FOR FULL +0.16 MAY 2PV_3C8TRANSACTION ALL may not CHARGES details REQUIREMENT SEE dealer6/30/11. 6/30/11. are CadetDETAILS. MINIMUMand handling MAY APPLY.PURCHASES MADE BETWEENmay–restrictions apply.RETAILER by setup CHARGES 37.28 Natasha Kaufman (O) 4-10; 4. Sam Beining (O) 17.6; dels subject to limited availability.DETAILS. MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED.warrantyand/or unit specifications. dealer † as rated Specificationsvary. FOR and subject notice. Images OR and may for programs IMPORTANT change your localMONTHLY for limited VALID VALID ON OR CUBCADET.COM our local dealer DISCLOSURE. PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO CHANGECertain restrictions apply.PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. details information. WITHOUT UBJECTCUBCADET.COM FORlimited warrantySUBJECT TO GE MONEYON PURCHASES MADE BETWEEN 2/1/11 – 2/1/11† as rated by TO2011 Cub GE MONEYIMPORTANT APPROVAL. FINANCINGand CADET CADET REQUIRED. MONEY GO TO CUBCADET.COM © NOT ALL BUYERS QUALIFY. SEE YOUR CUB RETAILER FOR DETAILS PRICE REQUIREMENT APPLIES. SEE 6/30/11. TRANSACTION 2PV_3C8 CUB RETAILER APPROVAL. PROGRAMS gine manufacturer Cadet FINANCE CHARGES MAY MINIMUM PURCHASE PRICE REQUIREMENT FOR FOR SUBJECT TO STORE 55.02 -0.05 BUYERS.6/30/11. TRANSACTION FINANCE CHARGES MAY APPLY.MINIMUM PURCHASE OR GO TO APPROVAL.FULL FULL SEE STORECHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. . NOTDISCLOSURE. QUALIFY. APPLY. SEE YOUR SUBJECT TO GEFOR DETAILS ORCUBCADET.COM APPLIES. WAL-MART STORES ALL BUYERS FINANCING 3. A. Miller (P) 4-10; See PCL, Page 7 DISCLOSURE. programs are subjectMONEY reflect TOnotice. ImagesCHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.NOTICE. NOT and may BUYERS QUALIFY. MINIMUM PURCHASE PRICE REQUIREMENT APPLIES. SEE STORE 4. and mayvary. MONEY without QUALIFIED charges mayMADE BETWEEN vary. FINANCING SUBJECT TO GE TO GE APPROVAL. dealer inventory PURCHASES beinventory and/or unit 2/1/11 – 2/1/11 – FINANCING SUBJECT notREQUIRED. PROGRAMS SUBJECT TOnotBUYERS. APPROVAL. VALID ONmay CHANGE PURCHASES MADE BETWEEN PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO and/or unit dealer additional ALL specifications. WITHOUT ail prices MONTHLY PAYMENTSchange are set by (1) MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED. VALID reflect PURCHASE ge(1) FINANCING AVAILABLE AVAILABLE NOT without notice. Images AILS. FINANCING TO QUALIFIEDretail pricessetup and handling ON andspecifications. vary. Taxes, setup and handlinghandling charges additional and mayand may vary. NIMUM Product Product may to —Taxes, freight,ALL pricesby dealer dealer and may REQUIREMENT APPLIES. SEE STORE may vary.PRICE * and *SEE — Price BUYERS. retail Taxes, setup QUALIFY. MINIMUM GO and Taxes, freight, freight, setup Actual Actual details freight,are set by charges may be may be additional vary. warranty BUYERS setup OR Certain as rated by Price your local dealer for Actual Silability. APPLY.PriceFOR YOUR CUBset byand IMPORTANTand handlinghandling charges restrictionsCUBCADET.COM FOR2/1/11 – PPLY. 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Jefferson (3) ab-r-h-rbi Nik Moore 2b/ss 3-1-1-0, Tony George p/2b 2-0-1-0, Kyle Anspach dh 2-0-0-1, Curtis Miller 1b/p 3-0-1-1, Justin Rode c 3-00-0, Drew Kortokrax lf 2-1-1-0, Nick Cook ss/3b 2-0-0-0, Ross Thompson 3b/1b 1-0-0-1, Jeff Schleeter p 0-0-0-0, Mike Joseph cf 3-1-1-0. Totals 21-3-5-3. Crestview (4) ab-r-h-rbi Matt Holden cf 3-1-1-1, Brad Miller ss 3-1-2-0, Josh Staten c 2-1-1-2, Jacob Wortman rf 3-00-0, Nick Adam p 2-0-0-0, Jake Harmon 1b 3-0-0-0, Nick Leary dh 1-0-0-0, Steven Rickard 2b 3-0-0-0, Austin Heffner lf 2-00-0, Jared Hallfeldt ph 0-1-0-0. Totals 22-4-4-3. Score by Innings: Jefferson 002 00 1 0-351 Crestview 300 00 1 x-440 E: Cook; LOB: Jefferson 5, Crestview 11; 2B: George, Kortokrax; HR: Holden, Staten; Sac: Cook; SF: Anspach, Thompson; SB: Adam; CS: Holden (by Rode). IP H R ER BB SO Jefferson George 4.0 4 3 3 46 C. Miller (L, 0-1)1.2 0 1 1 4 2 Schleeter0.1 0 0 0 00 Friday Results at Crestview Ottoville Adam (W) 7.0 5 3 3 4 6 Girls Team Scores: WP: George, Adam; HBP: Ottoville 182, Columbus Staten (by C. Miller), Wortman Grove 94.50, Fort Jennings (by C. Miller); PB: Rode 2.

DELPHOS — St. John’s sophomore right-hander outdueled Parkway southpaw Chris Brazle Friday afternoon, leading the Blue Jays to a hard-fought 2-1 victory in Midwest Athletic Conference baseball action at Stadium Park. The game was delayed a half hour at the outset due to weather and rain threatened (and occasionally fell) most of the rest of the way. Geise (4-0) limited the Panthers (10-5, 3-3 MAC) to four hits in his seven innings, tossing 125 pitches (77 strikes), giving up one earned run, four bases-onballs and striking out seven, being slightly better than Brazle in his 6-hitter (2-1; 2 earned runs, 1 free pass, 5 Ks; 98 pitches, 55 strikes). “He threw an excellent game. Once he got to 80 pitches, we kept close track but his arm felt fine and he wanted the ball in the seventh; we wanted to give him the chance to finish it out,” St. John’s coach Dan Metzger noted. “He still had good velocity and control, so as long as he had those two things, we felt fine about keeping him in there. You want that mentality out of a starter. He kept them offbalance, throwing the breaking ball for strikes.” Panther mentor Mike Schumm was equally praising of his southpaw. “Chris is a slow starter but as he gets comfortable, you can see how he gets stronger. He mixes it up well and he starts to find his spots much better as the game wears on,” Schumm noted. “We’ve been getting strong pitching and defense most of the year; we had a couple of plays we didn’t make that in a close game are costly but those have been our mainstays this season.” After the Panthers stranded Brandon Moorman (single and balk) with two down in the first, the Jays (10-4, 6-1 MAC) got all the runs Geise needed in the home half. Tanner Calvelage doubled to right center to lead it off and


Tyler Berfeld bounced slowly back to the pitcher. Brazle looked at third too late to get Calvelage and then was too late to get Bergfeld at first. He stole second; an error on the play allowed Calvelage to score and push Bergfeld to third, from where he scored on a 2-out rip to left by Troy Warnecke for a 2-0 lead. The Panthers had a chance to retaliate in the second frame with a leadoff walk to Johnathon Fent and a Riley Bransteter sacrifice bunt. However, on a walk to Derek Louth, the ball got away from St. John’s catcher Austin Reindel but he recovered quickly enough to nab Fent at third. Ryan Edelbrock singled up the gut to lead off the Blue Jay second and advanced on a 1-out wild pitch but was left there. Parkway stranded Brazle at first in the third. The Jays stranded two in the third after a 2-out rip to center by Austin Vogt and a misplayed grounder hit by Warnecke. The visitors loaded the bases with two down in the fourth: an infield hit by Bransteter and back-to-back errors on grounders hit by Louth and Corey Decker but Bryce Bedwell flied out to centerfielder Calvelage to end that threat. The hosts couldn’t add to their lead in the home half. Edelbrock walked to lead it off but was forced at second by Geise for the second out. Geise burgled second but was left there. Parkway got a leadoff walk to Brazle in the fifth and a 1-out free pass to Moorman. However, Evan Cheek forced Moorman at second and Fent flied out to rightfielder Tyler Ditto. Bergfeld (2-for-3) led off the fifth with a knock to left but was forced at second by Jordan Leininger. That was the end of the threat in that inning. Parkway got its only run in the sixth. With one down, Louth lashed a single to right, followed by another one that way by Decker to put runners on the corners. Bedwell forced Decker at second but beat the relay to first, with

Sophomore right-hander Curtis Geise shows his effort Friday against Parkway, delivering a pitch (striking out Chris Brazle on this one) and going the distance in pacing the Blue Jays to a 2-1 dandy in MAC baseball action at Stadium Parkway. Louth scoring to make it 2-1. Geise finished it off in the seventh with a strikeout, a fly ball and a pop-up to Bergfeld at short. “Our defense was pretty stout behind Curtis, which it has been most of the year. You know that generally, you aren’t going to score a lot of runs in the MAC, so you need your defense to make plays,” Metzger added. “Offensively, we seemed out of sync again. We were out in front again way too much and chased after the outside pitches. We have a lot of work to do to get our offense back on track.” St. John’s is set to play the winner of today’s Waynesfield-Goshen and Upper Scioto Valley sectional tussle at 5 p.m. Tuesday at Perry. “We let opportunities pass today, as we have been doing the last four games. Right now, it’s a lack of confidence in that situation,” Schumm added. “Earlier in the year, we were coming through in those situations and were confident but right now, we aren’t mentally tough enough. We have to get that corrected quickly.” Parkway is set to play the Marion Local/New Bremen winner Wednesday in sectional action.
PARKWAY (1) ab-r-h-rbi Chris Brazle p 3-0-0-0, John Rollins rf 4-0-0-0, Brandon Moorman 3b 3-0-1-0, Evan Cheek c 4-0-0-0, Johnathon Fent dh 2-0-0-0, Riley Bransteter ss 2-0-1-0, Derek Louth 2b 2-11-0, Corey Decker lf 3-0-1-0, Bryce Bedwell 1b 3-0-0-1. Totals 26-1-4-1. ST. JOHN’S (2) ab-r-h-rbi Tanner Calvelage cf 3-1-10, Tyler Bergfeld ss 3-1-2-0, Jordan Leininger dh 3-0-0-0, Austin Vogt 1b 3-0-1-0, Troy Warnecke 3b 3-0-1-1, Tyler Ditto rf 3-0-0-0, Ryan Edelbrock 2b 2-0-1-0, Ryan Densel lf 3-0-0-0, Curtis Geise p 2-0-0-0. Totals 25-2-6-1. Score by Innings: Parkway 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 - 1 St. John’s2 0 0 0 0 0 x - 2 E: Cheek, Bergfeld, Warnecke, Austin Reindel (S); LOB: Parkway 9, St. John’s 6; 2B: Calvelage; Sac: Bransteter; SB: Bergfeld, Geise; CS: Fent (by Reindel). IP H R ER BB SO PARKWAY Brazle (L, 2-1) 6.0 6 2 2 1 5 ST. JOHN’S Geise (W, 4-0) 7.0 4 1 1 4 7 WP: Brazle; Balk: Geise.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Herald — 7

Junior Bowling at Delphos Recreation Center

Tail Twister winners

The Hill Jax came in second, comprised of Rachal Mahlie, Miranda Perrine, Page The Blue Jays won first place in the Tail Twisters junior bowling league, made up Perrine and Joshua Hickman. Absent is Alicia Joseph. of, front row, left to right, Jacob Rode and Zach Fischer; and back, Andrew Grothouse, Austin Wolke and Cole Fischbach.

Photos submitted

Major awardwinners are Cole Fischbach, left, high boys game, and Desteni Lear, high girls average. Absent are Tyler Wrasman, high boys series; Tyler Rice, high boys average; Shayla Rice, high girls series; and Sydney Fischbach, high girls game.

Senior awardwinners are Austin Wolke, left, high boys series, Miranda Perrine, high girls average; and Special awardwinners are, front row, left to right, Abby Kody Richardson, high boys average. Absent are Jacob McElroy, high boys game; and Alicia Joseph, high girls Prine and Logan Hubert, Future Stars; and back, Bowlers of the Year Desteni Lear and Joshua Hickman. game.

By Charlie Warnimont Delphos Herald Correspondent

Lady Green, Bulldogs cop PCL track titles PCL
two-three in the shot put as Tammy Wannemacher was second at 37-3 and Lauren Kramer was third at 35-4 1/2. Wannemacher finished second in the discus with a toss of 113-1 and Rachel Beining was fifth at 97-0. On the track, the Big Green were led by senior standout Shayla Siefker as she had a hand in four wins for Ottoville. Siefker opened her night by joining Natasha Kaufman, Kari Beining and Abby Siefker to win the 3200 Relay in 10:24.2. She later won the 1,600-meter run in 5:37.5, which was 23 seconds faster than runner-up Amber Herron of Columbus Grove. Siefker won the 400 in 1:02 and finished her night by joining Natasha Kaufman, Taylor Mangus and Beining to win the 1,600 relay in 4:18.2. Ottoville swept the hurdle events Friday evening as Mangus, a freshman, won the 100 hurdles in 16.9 as DeLong was second in 17.0. Natasha Kaufman won the 300 hurdles in 48.8 as Mangus was second in 50.0 after stumbling over the last hurdle to deny her a sweep in the hurdles. “We took a lot of points out of the field events, which I thought we would, but I didn’t think we would get that many,” Horstman added. “On the track, we were missing a couple of our better hurdlers, which helps us in the sprints, but the younger girls came through for us and ran real well. “This is a special group. I’m fortunate to have a group of girls like this and they are pretty versatile in what they can. I can run them in a 200 and have them run an 800 or 4x4 or mile. They are versatile and a lot of fun. And seven of my nine seniors are PCL academic kids, so they work hard in the classroom and they work hard for me. We have a lot of fun, but when they step on the track they know its time to work and they work hard in practice and all I ever ask is for them to do their best and they do.” Fort Jennings girls squad recorded three wins Friday night led by sophomore Macy Schroeder. Schroeder won the 100 in 12.9 and the 200 in 26.6, while taking second place in the 400 (1:02.3) to Siefker. She also was on the second place 1600 Relay team of Kaitlin Stechschulte, Elaina Maag and Lauren Norbeck (4:26.3). Stechschulte won the 800 meter run in 2:32.5. Columbus Grove won three events as Nikki Ricker won the 3,200-meter run in 13:12.2. The Lady Bulldogs won the 400 relay in 53.5 with the squad of Emily Tabler, Julia Wynn, Nicole Langhals and Brooke Brubaker in 53.5, while Brubaker, Riley Eversole, Tabler and Wynn took the 800 Relay in 1:54.4. On the boys side, the Bulldogs won two field events and had double placements in all five events that helped them get a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. “We were a little bit beat up not having Colby (Meuleman) and Jake Graham with a foot injury but we talked all week about depth and how we needed to score two in every event,” Columbus Grove coach Chris Grothaus said. “Obviously, field events dictate everything. You feel confident but if you foul three times in an event or miss a height in the pole vault or high jump, things can do array. We doubled up in all the field events and that got us off to a good start. That helped the kids relax when they went to the track.” Columbus Grove went 1-2 in the pole vault and discus to jump start their night. Tyler Wolfe won the pole vault as he cleared 14-6 and Collin Grothaus was second having cleared 12-6. In the discus, Parker Schroeder battled the wind and rain to win with a toss of 149-7 while Josh Utrup was second with a throw of 142-11. In the shot put Schroeder was third with a throw of 48-10 1/2 and Utrup was fourth with a toss of 47-11. Pandora-Gilboa’s Tejay Boes won the shot with a heave of 52-9. Caleb Grothaus was second in the long jump at 19-1 as Continental’s Dalton Bradford won with a leap of 19-1 3/4. Jeff Birkemeier was fifth at 17-4. In the high jump Luke Kohls was second having cleared 5-10 and Dakota Vogt was fifth clearing 5-6. On the track, the Bulldogs won three more times as sophomore Derek Rieman won the 110 High Hurdles in 16.0 and Collin Grothaus was second in 16.4. Junior Wade Heffner won the 400 in 53.2 and sophomore Alex Shafer won the 3,200 in 10:35.5, while Graham overcame his foot injury to take second in 10:43.5. Columbus Grove added five runner-up finishes on the track as Heffner was second in the 100 (11.6) and the 200 (23.9). Dane Stechschulte was second in the 800 (2:11.6), while the 400 relay team of Tyler Wolfe, Trent Kerns, Fischer and Heffner were second in 46.3. The Bulldogs’ 1,600 relay team of Fischer, Collin Grothaus, Stechschulte and Heffner were second in 3:48.0. “We battled on the track,” Grothaus said. “We have some young kids that ran well. Our sophomore hurdlers really came through for us. That was big for our program. I really like our sophomore class and juniors. Our sophomore class is a hard working group of kids that put in extra time. We have really been trying to work with hurdlers this year, we made it a focus as we had been down in that after Heath (Nickles) left. we realized in meet slike this we were losing a lot of points. Hurdles, long jump were things we struggled in and we were trying to get some points. Our seniors did what we expect of them and our kids stepped up. When you get seconds with your depth that is big for us.” Fort Jennings and Ottoville’s boys team both picked up a pair of wins. Ryan Kraner won the 1,600 in 4:39.3 for the Musketeers, while Travis Eickholt won the high jump as he cleared 6-4.

(Continued from Page 6) 5. D. Geckle (CO) 17.7; 6. Anthony Eickholt (O) 18.4. 100-meter dash: 1. Niese (L) 11.5; 2. Wade Heffner (CG) 11.6; 3. Homier (CO) 11.6; 4. Matt Burgei (O) 11.6; 5. Trent Kerns (CG) 11.8; 6. Dailey (P) 11.9. 1,600-meter run: 1. Ryan Kraner (F) 4:39.3; 2. Nuveman (L) 4:55.9; 3. Minjarez (L) 4:59.1; 4. Ryan Honigford (O) 4:59.5; 5. Jason Turnwald (O) 5:00.3; 6. Will Selhorst (CG) 5:06.4. 4x100-meter relay: 1. Pandora-Gilboa 45.6; 2. Columbus Grove (Tyler Wolfe, Trent Kerns, Dakota Fischer, Wade Heffner) 46.3; 3. Continental 46.4; 4. Fort Jennings (Aaron Schnipke, Tyler Wiedeman, Andrew Huntsman, Martin Fidrik) 48.7; 5. Leipsic 48.8; 6. Ottoville (Matt Burgei, Lucas Maag, Taylor Gasser, Andy Foster) 48.9. 400-meter dash: 1. Wade Heffner (CG) 53.2; 2. Steffan (L) 54.2; 3. Bradford (CO) 55.5; 4. Dakota Fischer (CG) 55.7; 5. A. Geckle (CO) 58.0; 6. Taylor Gasser (O) 1:03.3. 4x200-meter relay: 1. Continental 1:36.6; 2. Leipsic 1:38.9; 3. Columbus Grove (Dakota Fischer, Caleb Grothaus, Devin Verhoff, Trent Kerns) 1:40.6; 4. Fort Jennings (Aaron Schnipke, Tyler Wiedeman, Andrew Huntsman, Martin Fidrik) 1:41.6; 5. Ottoville (Lucas Maag, Kevin Schnipke, Taylor Gasser, Andy Foster) 1:47.4. 300-meter hurdles: 1. Rocha (L) 42.4; 2. Collin Grothaus (CG) 42.9; 3. Derek Rieman (CG) 43.2; 4. J. Schroeder (L) 44.5; 5. Jason Turnwald (O) 44.9; 6. D. Geckle (CO) 46.2. 800-meter run: 1. Nuveman (L) 2:08.5; 2. Dane Stechschulte (CG) 2:11.6; 3. Travis Eickholt (O) 2:13.5; 4. Kurt Meyer (CG) 2:14.1; 5. Seth Bendele (O) 2:16.3; 6. A. Slattman (CO) 2:17.8. 200-meter dash: 1. I. Honigford (O) 23.4; 2. Wade Heffner (CG) 23.9; 3. D. Niese (L)_24.4; 4. Tyler Wolfe (CG) 24.4; 5.

OTTOVILLE — Columbus Grove and Ottoville basically used the same formula in winning Putnam County League track and field championships. Both teams scored well in the field events, then carried it over onto the track to win their respective titles at Ottoville’s Bob Kaple Athletic Complex. Columbus Grove returned to the top of the PCL standings by scoring 193 points Friday night to outdistance second place Leipsic with 124 points. Ottoville finished third with 72 points and Fort Jennings was sixth with 25 points. The Ottoville girls ran their PCL winning streak to four by scoring 182 points to easily outdistance second place Columbus Grove with 94.5 points. Fort Jennings finished third in the meet with 71 points. Competing on their home track, the Lady Green won a pair of field events and had double placements in the four events they competed in (they did not have a pole vaulter). On the track they picked up another six wins and placed in every event to help themselves to the title. “It was a great night for the girls. I thought everyone performed about as well as expected for the training we had this year,” Ottoville coach Vaughn Horstman said. “The girls have been stretching hard and we have been using regular meets as practice and tonight we kind of lightened up on them so we could perform a little better. Overall the girls did a great job.” Freshman Tonya Kaufman and sophomore Alyssa DeLong were the two field event winners for the Big Green. Kaufman won the high jump as she cleared 5-4, which was just threefourths of an inch off the league record. Sister Natasha Kaufman was second as she cleared 4-10. DeLong won the long jump as she went 15-11 and junior Lauren Koch was right behind her at 15-6 1/4. The Big Green went

Andy Foster (O) 24.9; 6. Homier (CO) 24.9. 4x400-meter relay: 1. Leipsic 3:41.7; 2. Columbus Grove (Dakota Fischer, Collin Grothaus, Dane Stechschulte, Wade Heffner) 3:48; 3. PandoraGilboa 3:50.7; 4. Ottoville (Travis Eickholt, Matt Burgei, Sam Beining, Greg Rue) 3:52.4; 5. Fort Jennings (Ryan Kraner, Aaron Schnipke, Tyler Wiedeman, Andrew Huntsman) 3:53.2. High jump: 1. Travis Eickholt (O) 6-4; 2. Luke Kohls (CG) 5-10; 3. (tie) Greg Rue (O) and Steffan (L) 5-10; 5. Dakota Vogt (CG) 5-6; 6. Lawhorn (CO) 5-4. Pole vault: 1. Tyler Wolfe (CG) 14-6; 2. Collin Grothaus (CG) 12-6; 3. Doyle (P) 12-0; 4. D. Geckle (CO) 12-0; 5. Anthony Eickholt (O) 11-0; 6. Sam Beining (O) 11-0. Long jump: 1. Bradford (CO) 19-1.75; 2. Caleb Grothaus (CG) 19-1; 3. Steffan (L) 18-2.50; 4. Dailey (P) 18-2.25; 5. Jeff Birkemeier (CG) 17-4; 6. Augsburger (P) 17-2.50. Shot put: 1. Boes (P) 52-9; 2. Berger (L) 49-7.50; 3. Parker Schroeder (CG) 48-10.50; 4. Josh Utrup (CG) 47-11; 5. Greg Rue (O) 45-10; 6. C. Slattman (CO) 44-1.25. Discus: 1. Parker Schroeder (CG) 149-7; 2. Josh Utrup (CG) 142-11; 3. Boes (P) 136-6; 4. Greg Rue (O) 136-2; 5. Adam Krietemeyer (F) 126-2; 6. Berger (L) 125-1. 4x800-meter relay: 1. Leipsic 8:48.9; 2. Ottoville (Ryan Honigford, Jason Turnwald, Seth Bendele, Taylor Gasser) 8:57.9; 3. Columbus Grove (Dane Stechschulte, Alex Shafer, Kurt MEyer, Will Selhorst) 9:02.2; 4. Pandora-Gilboa 9:48.8; 5. Fort Jennings (Logan Sickels, Garrett Berelsman, Adam Kleman, Tyler Blankemeyer) 10:50.5. 3,200-meter run: 1. Alex Shafer (CG) 10:35.5; 2. Jake Graham (CG) 10:43.5; 3. Minjarez (L) 11:03.2; 4. Jason Turnwald (O) 11:39; 5. Ryan Honigford (O) 11:45.8; 6. Tyler Blankemeyer (F) 11:47.7.

Spring in to new books at the library
Lots of patrons took advantage of the no fines during National Library Week this year. A total of $389 in overdues was forgiven. One adult program on porcelain and pottery marks was presented. Two children’s programs were presented — one on puppets and one on music. All three were well received. We still have some buttons left from last week. If you want to help support the library, a button may be purchased for $1. The proceeds are going towards purchasing tables and chairs for the new building which has been recently renovated. Children’s librarians Denise Cressman and Cathy Hellman are busy getting things lined up for the summer reading program once again. Watch for more details on the program. 16 new titles were added to our DVD collection this month: Bishop Fulton J. Sheen: His Irish Wit & Wisdom Bishop Fulton J. Sheen: His Last Words Country Strong The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Deluxe Walk Guliver’s Travels Happiness Is A Warm Blanket Charlie Brown Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows How Do You Know Little Fockers Tangled Tron Legacy The Tourist Yogi Bear Zumba Fitness: Complete Total-Body Transformation System Zumba Fitness Live & Flat Abs FICTION Eve – Iris Johansen Eve Duncan’s mission in life is to bring closure to the families who have experienced the agony of a missing child. As a forensic sculptor, she is able to piece together bones, create a face, and match a name to a child who would otherwise have gone unidentified. Eve is brilliant, driven, and tormented because her own daughter, Bonnie, was taken from her years ago. Now, with the help of CIA agent Catherine Ling, a startling piece of evidence is uncovered in the quest to find Bonnie, leading to a connection that had been all but buried. The Silver Boat — Luanne Rice This is a heartwarming yet heart-wrenching portrait of three far-flung sisters who come home to Martha’s Vineyard one last time to say good-bye to the family beach house. Memories of their grandmother, mother, and their Irish father, who sailed away the year Dar, the oldest, turned twelve, rise up and expose the fine cracks in their family myth — especially when a cache of old letters reveals enough truth to send them back to their ancestral homeland. Transplanted into the unfamiliar, each sister sees life, her heart, and her relationship to home in a new way. But how do they let go of a place that contains the complicated love of their imperfect family? On Hummingbrid Wings — Lauraine Snelling Gillian Ormsby’s younger sister has always been the favorite — the one who stayed close to home, got married, and gave their mother grandchildren. She’s also the best at dealing with their mother Dorothy. Nevertheless, when Dorothy claims yet again that she is dying, Gillian leaves her job in New York at the worst possible time to care for her, even though her primary ailment seems to be hypochondria. In California Gillian finds her mother’s beloved garden wilted and brown, the blinds drawn, and Dorothy indeed in bed, waiting to die. She focuses on restoring Dorothy’s health and will to live so she can get back to her own life. However surrounded by new friends, Gillian is unprepared for the warmth that steals into her heart. Gradually her priorities are challenged, particularly as she grows close to Adam, a neighbor whose friendship holds the promise of becoming something more. Daughters-In-Law – Joanna Trollope As Anthony and Rachel Brinkley welcome their third daughter-in-law to the family, they don’t quite realize the profound shift that is about to take place. For different reasons, the Brinkleys’ two previous daughters-in-law hadn’t been able to resist Rachel’s maternal control and Anthony’s gentle charm and had settled into their husbands’ family without rocking the boat. But Charlotte — very young, very beautiful, and spoiled — has no intention of falling into step with the Brinkleys and wants to establish her own household. Soon Rachel’s sons begin to think of their own houses as home and of their mother’s house as simply the place where their parents live — a necessary and inevitable shift of loyalties that threatens Rachel’s sense of herself, breaks Anthony’s heart, and causes unexpected consequences in all the marriages. Heart Of Ice — Lis Wiehl At first glance, the crimes appear random. Arson. Theft. Fraud. Murder. But these are more than random crimes. They’re moves in an increasingly deadly game. And the one element they have in common: a woman who is gorgeous, clever… and lethal. Elizabeth Avery has a winsome smile and flawless figure, but underneath is a heart of ice. She’s a master at manipulating people, convincing strangers to do the unthinkable. When Elizabeth ruthlessly disposes of an inquisitive young reporter, her crime catches the attention of Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce, FBI S p e c i a l Agent Nicole Hedges, and crime reporter Cassidy Shaw. They know they’re dealing with a cold-blooded murderer who could strike at any time. What they don’t know is that they’re already on a firstname basis with the killer… and one of them may be next on her list. NON-FICTION Continuous Container Gardens — Sara Townsend & Roanne Robbins Bring your containers to gorgeous year-round life with twelve miniature garden plans designed to be as appealing in January as they are in July. 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They’ve long been in the business of making models, actresses, and women from all walks of life look drop-dead gorgeous, and for the past ten years their focus has been on the issues faced by women over the age of forty. Through hands-on experience they’ve developed techniques to help you look better than you ever have right now, and they are ready to share their expertise. Everett Grist’s Big Book Of Marbles – Everett Grist & Lloyd Huffer This book on marbles presents the wide variety of styles and types of these playthings. The authors have produced a wonderful presentation of marble collecting. Many new photos and updated text on both machine made and handmade marbles are included. The wide spectrum of round shooters in this edition will show that marbles have captured the imagination of children for hundreds of years and now fascinate collectors as well. 2011 values are included. MEMORIALS Kids Running – Carol Goodrow The Cincinnati Reds – Mark Stewart Dino-Basketball –Lisa Wheeler In memory of: Wesley R. Bonifas Given by: The Kemper/ Bonifas Family America The Beautiful: Florida – Jordan Worek Florida Curiosities – David Grimes & Tom Becnel In memory of: Kenny Miehls Given by: Friends At The Delphos Herald 44 Charles Street – Danielle Steel The Dog That Pitched A No-Hitter – Matt Christopher Inspired To Sew – Bari Ackerman 1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips – Deepika Prakash The Practical Guide To Patchwork – Elizabeth Hartman Everyday Quilts – Rita Fishel Modern Log Cabin Quilting – Susan Beal In memory of: Janet Wilhelm Given by: Roger Wilhelm The Complete Fishing Manual – Henry Gilbey In memory of: Kenneth E. Miehls Given by: Sue and Willie Vasquez Nascar Then & Now – Ben White I n memory of: Steven K. Miehls Given by: Sue and Willie Vasquez P a w s , Claws, Hands, And Feet Kimberly Hutmacher Spring Is Here – Will Hillenbrand In memory of: Aubrey Klausing Given by: Grandma and Grandpa Klausing DONATIONS The Virtues – Pope Benedict XVI The Fathers Vol. II – Pope Benedict XVI The Mass – Cardinal Donald Wueerl Jesus Of Nazareth: Part two: HOLY WEEK – Pope Benedict XVI Benedict Xvi: Essays and reflections on his papacy Bishop Sheen: His last words (DVD) Bishop Sheen: His Irish wit and wisdom (DVD) Given by: Catholic Daughters of America Prelude to War: World War II – Robert Elson In Honor of: My brother Robert J. Hohlbein Given by: Jerry A. Hohlbein FROM THE CHILDREN’S CORNER: The Wonderul Book by Leonid Gore Something mysterious has been found in the forest and all the animals try it out for different purposes. Mouse thinks it’s a cozy house. Bear likes it for a pretty hat and fox thinks it makes a cozy bed. Then along comes a curious little boy who picks up the mysterious item and begins to read aloud to the animals. All agree: it’s a book and a wonderful one, at that. Do Bears Buzz? A Book About Animal Sounds

8 – The Herald

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do Cows Eat Cake? A Book About What Animals Eat both by Michael Dahl Dahl and illustrator Sandra D’Antonio have put together two very appealing board books. On each page there is a question, such as ‘Do bears bark?’ When you lift the flap, you find out the answer, ‘No, dogs bark.’ Other animals are introduced, cows that moo, pigs that oink until we learn that bears growl. The same question format is used with ‘Do Cows Eat Cake?’ Young children who are just beginning to enjoy books will like the repetition, opening the flaps and answering the funny questions. A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park Park is known for taking on the difficult contemporary issues of our day in her junior fiction. Her newest, based on a true story, tells of two young people of the Sudan. Salva’s story begins with the civil war in 1985 when he must run from his village and family. He runs from the brutal conflict for many years until he brought to America: Salva is one of the ‘Lost boys of Sudan.’ Fast forward to 2008 and meet Nya. Her job is to walk for 8 or more hours a day to bring water to her family. Then one day Salva returns to help his people and build a well. Their mesmerizing stories are told side-by-side. A letter at the end from Salve encourages young people to stay calm and don’t give up when face with hardship – wise words written by someone who knows. Kids Running, Have Fun, Get Faster And Go Farther By Carol Goodrow Goodrow is encouraging running as a sport and exercise. She starts with the basics: proper sneakers and clothing, training and building strength, and good eating habits. There is a creative and lively mix of pictures to illustrate her theme. She also includes running games to make it fun and ideas for forming an after-school club and keeping a running journal. Growing A Garden Tools For The Garden Animals In The Garden All Kinds Of Gardens all by Mari Schuh Do you have youngsters who want to learn about gardening? This is a good place to start with the simplest of text and information to entice them. The vivid photographs in each book will make them want to dig right in. These books also use a table of contents, a glossary and an index which helps new readers learn to use the parts of the book.

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Patient questions cardiologist’s methods
DEAR DR. GOTT: I learned I had mitral-valve prolapse (MVP) about 40 years ago and have had it monitored ever since. I am now 65 and otherwise healthy. I have always had spells where my heart would start beating real fast, but they have been more recent lately, occurring almost once a month. About four years ago, my cardiologist put me on 20 milligrams lisinopril daily. My blood pressure is 135/80. Since then, we moved from California to Arkansas. Last month, a new doctor took me off lisinopril and prescribed 60 milligrams diltiazem twice a day. He referred me to another cardiologist. The new cardiologist wants me to start taking 240 milligrams Pradaxa instead and suggested I undergo valve repair ASAP. The surgeon he is referring me to repairs by splitting the breast and putting a ring around the valve. My research shows newer and less intrusive methods for repairing mitral valves (like the MitraClip). Can you refer me to a doctor in Arkansas that does these new procedures? What do you think about the procedure and starting the Pradaxa? DEAR READER: The New York Daily News ran an article on this subject almost a year ago, following years of apparent successful use in Europe. Reports were the tiny medical clip might literally save millions of Americans from open-heart surgery. Mitral regurgitation affects more than 8 million people in the United States. The clip is reported to be far safer than surgery and nearly as effective. In fact, a study presented at an American College of Cardiology conference at that time found more complications (sixfold) from surgery than experienced by those who got the clip. It is important to note that the company that manufactures the MitraClip funded the study; nevertheless, doctors called it a turning point for advanced procedures. Here’s the glitch. While the clip is commercially available in Europe, from what I can understand, it has yet to receive FDA approval in the United States, even though the procedure has been performed numerous times

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Herald — 9

Today’s Crossword Puzzle
ACROSS 1 Air-pump meas. 4 I-95, e.g. 7 Fashioned 11 Rural lodging 12 Drachma successor 14 Anatomical passage 15 Evening-gown fabrics 17 Cry of despair 18 Twin of Artemis 19 Folks 21 Above, to poets 22 MD assistants 23 Raised to the third power 26 Family cars 29 “Iliad” deity 30 The — the limit! 31 Dogma 33 Refrain syllables 34 Elevator pioneer 35 Choir voice 36 Rigged the dice 38 Go formal 39 Kind of roast 40 Pod content 41 Monastery dwellers 44 Insignia 48 Tooth anchor 49 Contrary 51 Vow 52 Plover’s dwelling 53 Literary compilation 54 Cloudy 55 Fasten securely 56 Dock denizen DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Gyro shell Parka closer Knowledge, briefly Felt dizzy Mentor Epoch Flowering tree Upon Real bargain Marine raptor
1 11 15 18 21 23 29 33 36 37 39 41 48 51 54 42 43 49 52 55 50 53 56 40 44 45 46 47 34 38 24 25 30 35 26 16 19 22 27 31 28 32 20 2 3 4 12 5 6 13 7 14 17 8 9 10


On Health
here under FDA protocol. Without FDA approval, insurance companies might not cover the procedure, and there might be restrictions. The system includes a catheter-based device delivered to the heart through a blood vessel in the leg. It is designed to reduce significant regurgitation by clipping together the leaflets of the mitral valve. Repair with the clip is performed by physicians in the catheterization laboratory. Because the heart beats, there is no need for heart-lung bypass-machine involvement. This is a highly personal decision and shouldn’t be made lightly and without the advice of your physicians. If the procedure is as good as it sounds, your recuperation will be minimal, and your body will be less traumatized; however, it may not be available to you. Ask your physician for a referral to a cardiologist for a second opinion. Reach out to a large teaching facility in your area or call your state medical society for their suggestions. I congratulate you for taking the initiative to educate yourself regarding the newest procedures for mitral-valve prolapse. Keep in mind that you may be a candidate for other, less invasive procedures to correct your MVP. Readers who would like additional information on cardiac abnormalities should send for my Health Report “Coronary Artery Disease” by sending a selfaddressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order made payable to Newsletter and mailed to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167. Be sure to mention the title or print an order form off my website’s direct link at www. form.pdf. DEAR DR. GOTT: At one time, somebody suggested eating a berry for a urinary-

DEAR DR. GOTT: I have a low pulse. What are the causes and the cure? DEAR READER: The normal heart beats between 60 and 100 times per minute when at rest. Lower rates in young people and athletes can be an indication of being physically fit through a training regimen. Other causes of bradycardia (a low pulse) are attributed to coronary-artery disease, hypothyroidism, an electrolyte imbalance, the use of some medications, such as those taken for hypertension, or, rarely, endocarditis or infection. Treatment depends on the cause. Without symptoms, your physician may choose to monitor you. If medication is involved, he or she may switch you to another brand. If there is damage to your heart’s electrical system, pacemaker insertion may be appropriate. On the home front, limit your alcohol intake, discontinue smoking, eat a low-salt, healthful diet, and exercise as much as your physician allows or recommends. Above all -- follow his or her advice regarding follow-up care.
Dr. Peter H. Gott is a retired physician and the author of several books, including “Live Longer, Live Better,” “Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet” and “Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Cookbook,” which are available at most bookstores or online. His website is www.AskDrGottMD. com.

tract infection, but I don’t remember the name of the berry. DEAR READER: It’s the cranberry. At the first sign of a urinary-tract infection, drink at least 16 ounces of 100 percent cranberry juice each day until symptoms disappear. The properties in cranberry juice will interfere with the ability of bacteria to adhere to the bladder tissue. Be sure to read labels to avoid purchasing cranberry-juice cocktail, which has other juices or ingredients in the blend.

13 16 20 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 32 34

Fish hawks Bergs Finales West Coast st. Europe-Asia range Paul Anka’s “Eso —” Lose traction Shade of green Former JFK arrivals 10-gallon hat Aug. and Feb. Nose stimulus

35 37 38 40 41 42 43 45 46 47 50

Desert nomads Indifference Reduce in rank Coke rival Lily pad sitter Waterfall sound Whit Polygraph flunker Vulcan’s forge Beef or chicken Four-footed pal

Ask Mr. Know-It-All
By Gary Clothier

Still thriving after all these years
helped popularize the images. Q: I just saw the movie Q: I am a big fan of “Red,” starring Bruce Willis, actors Ben Gazzara and John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Robert Vaughn. What Morgan Freeman, has became of them? I Ernest Borgnine and simply never hear about Richard Dreyfuss. them anymore. -- C.M., I’m curious, how old e-mail is Bruce Willis? The A: A veteran of stage, movie was great, by the television and film way. -- C.J., Scranton, work, Biagio Anthony Pa. Gazzara entered life in A: Walter Bruce New York City on Aug. Ben Gazzara Willis entered the world 28, 1930. Diagnosed on March 19, 1955. I with throat cancer in 1999, he saw the movie, and agree with was successfully treated. In you. 2005, his autobiography, “In Q: I was watching a talk the Moment: My Life as an show featuring a doctor. He Actor,” hit the bookstores. He discussed vitamins and used a lives with his third wife, Elke word to describe an excessive Stuckmann, to whom he has intake of one or more vitamins. been married since 1982. What is the word? -- T.G.L., Born on Nov. 22, 1932, Santa Rosa, Calif. Robert Francis Vaughn is A: Hypervitaminosis. Two perhaps best known as spy vitamins commonly overdosed Napoleon Solo in the TV series are A and D, both of which are “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” stored in the body, rather than He studied at the University excreted. of Southern California, Q: In a biography I just where he earned his Ph.D. in read, the person said she is Communications. He has been a graduate of Flinders. I’ve married to Linda Staab since never heard of it. I looked in 1974; they have two adopted my almanac with no luck. Can children. He and his wife you help me? -- W.Z., Port reside in Ridgefield, Conn. Huron, Mich. Both men remain active in A: She is a graduate the entertainment industry. of Flinders University in Q: What is the origin of the Adelaide, South Australia. Democratic donkey and the Founded in 1966, the university Republican elephant? -- B.D., was named after Matthew Pico Rivera, Calif. Flinders, who explored and A: In 1870, political surveyed the South Australia cartoonist Thomas Nast used coastline in the early 19th the donkey in a drawing in century. Adelaide is the capital Harper’s Weekly; the symbol city of the state of South caught on. Four years later, Australia. Nast again drew a cartoon, this Q: The TV series “Adamtime depicting the elephant as 12,” starring Martin Milner the symbol of Republicans. and Kent McCord, was a Both animals had been used favorite of mine. Today, I often for several years before Nast wonder whatever became of drew them, but the artist both actors? -- S.M., e-mail

Van Wert County Donald E. Stoddard, Linda J. Stoddard to Janis Lee Ford, inlot 430, Van Wert. Kenneth C. Ho, Xia Ho to Ruby J. Myers, portion of

inlots 3917, 3903, Van Wert. Patricia S. Arrien to James Troy Garrett Jr., Brenda E. Garrett, inlot 1816, portion of 1817, Van Wert Robert P. Baker Jr. to Michael L. Kreischer, Shirley J. Kriescher, outlot 132, Van Wert. Gerald Joseph Wallenhorst, Mary Elizabeth Wallenhorst to Gerald Joseph Wallenhorst, Mary Elizabeth Wallenhorst, inlot 888, Delphos, lot 47, Delphos subdivision. Peggy A. Snyder to Jerry L. Snyder, portion of section 29, Harrison Township. Miriam Sealscott, Kenneth A. Sealscott, Kenneth Sealscott, Miriam N. Sealscott to Miriam N. Sealscott Trust, portion of section 16, Hoaglin

Answer to Puzzle





Township. Kenneth Sealscott, Miriam N. Sealscott, Kenneth A. Sealscott, Miriam Sealscott to Kenneth A. Sealscott Trust, portion of section 19, Hoaglin Township. Morey R. Drew, Morey Drew, Debrae Drew to Federal National Mortgage, portion of inlot 403, Van Wert. Estate of Louis G. Calvelage (Louis George Calvelage) to Ruth A. Calvelage, inlot 793, Delphos. Deutsche Bank National, Quest Trust 2006-x1, American Home Mortgage to EH Pooled 1010 L, inlots 33, 34, Monticello. Tasha N. Muhlenkamp to Anthony P. Rahrig, Carrie A. Rahrig, inlot 1213, Delphos.

A: Martin Milner (1931) is best known for his performances in two popular television series, “Adam-12” (Officer Pete Malloy) and “Route 66” (Tod Stiles). He has also appeared in other television shows, as well as films, radio dramas and a Broadway play. In 1957, he married actress Judith Bess and has four children. He and Bess remain married. Best known for his role as Officer Jim Reed on “Adam-12,” Kent McCord (1942-) has appeared in numerous TV shows over the years. In 1972, McCord was elected to the National Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild. In October 2010, he retired as a reserve police officer for the Los Angeles School Police Department, where he had attained the rank of lieutenant. Q: In 2004, I had the pleasure of meeting Grace Boyd, William Boyd’s widow during a dedication of a hiking trail in Palm Desert, Calif. Do you know if she is still living? I recall that she resided in Laguna Beach, Calif., at the time. -- J.F., Manhattan Beach, Calif. A: Grace Bradley Boyd passed away in Los Angeles on Sept. 21, 2010, at the age of 97. She came to Hollywood as a contract actor in the early 1930s, but gave up her career when she married her husband. William “Hopalong Cassidy” Boyd died in 1972; he was 77. Send your questions to Mr. Know-It-All at AskMrKIA@ or c/o United Feature Syndicate, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016.

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Installed Up to 101 UI Double Hung



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THE VAN Wert County Veterans Service Com mission is accepting job applications for the position of Van Wert County Veterans Service Officer. Applications can be picked up and returned to the Veterans Service Office located in room 101 of the Van Wert County Courthouse. The Office hours are Monday 8:30am to 5:00pm and Tuesday through Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm. Applicants must be an Honorably Dis charged veteran with administrative experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides equivalent knowledge, skills, and abilities. Applicants must also have a good working knowledge of computers and pro grams. Deadline for submitting applications will be on June 1, 2011 Would you like to be an in-home child care pro vider? Let us help. Call YWCA Child Care Re source and Referral at: 1-800-992-2916 or (419)225-5465.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

530 Farm Produce
GESSNER’S PRODUCE Mother’s Day Flowers, Hanging baskets, potted arrangements, individual plants, vegetable plants and seeds. 1 mile north of Delphos on 66. 419-692-5749

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Writer moved by essay

005 Lost & Found
LOST S T E E L truck ramps. Lost on Saturday between Huggy Bear Campground and Ft. Jennings. Looking for honest person. Call 419-204-0270

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19127 & 19285 State Rd. Friday & Saturday 9-6 Lots of kids clothes, baby items, toys, bassinet, walker, Jumperoo, Medela breast pump, Home decor, exercise equipment. 703 W. Clime St. 5/5 Thurs. 8am-5pm 5/6 Fri. 8am-5pm 5/7 Sat. 8am-2pm Trolling motor, garden tiller, curio cabinet, twin bed frame, baby-adult clothing, infant carrier, games & toys. FORT JENNINGS Community Garage Sales Friday, May 6th, 5-8pm Saturday, May 7th, 9am-3pm Food & Maps Available FRI. 5-6-11, 8am-6pm Sat. 5-7-11, 8am-3pm 20594 St. Rt. 697, Delphos Baby items, boys clothes up to size 8, girls clothes up to size 5, Vera Bradley, Longaberger

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040 Services
LAMP REPAIR Table or floor. Come to our store. Hohenbrink TV. 419-695-1229


080 Help Wanted
PART TIME Office Help Wanted. Thermo King of Delphos is accepting applications for part time office work. The position will require approximately three days of work per week. Basic computer and phones skills are a plus. E-mail resume to SERVICE MANAGER Accepting resumes for a candidate to manage a heavy duty semi-trailer repair shop. 5+ years experience working in a shop environment. Previous Service Manager experience desired. Develop and train employees in a clean and safe environment. Excellent customer service skills. Computer skills and knowl edge. Schedule jobs, prepare repair orders, in voices and estimates and arrange parts and service. Order all supplies, tools, etc. to run a shop. Send Resume with Salary requirements to: E&R Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. Attention: Greg Hesseling 20186 Lincoln Hwy. Middle Point, OH 45863

120 Financial
IS IT A SCAM? The Delphos Herald urges our readers to contact The Better Business Bureau, (419) 223-7010 or 1-800-462-0468, before entering into any agreement involving financing, business opportunities, or work at home opportunities. The BBB will assist in the investigation of these businesses. (This notice provided as a customer service by The Delphos Herald.)

FRIDAY 10AM-8PM Saturday 8:30am-3:00pm 24533 Rd. U20 Building on corner of St. Rt. 190 and Rd. U20 Entertainment center, adult clothing, toys, and Lots of misc. items. HUGE CHILDREN’S Clothes Garage Sale 207 S. Bredeick Fri., May 6, 8am-5pm Sat., May 7, 8am-3pm Brand name children’s clothes: Girls Newborn-6, Boys Newborn-2T, Junior’s sizes like new! Household items, toys. MIDDLE POINT Community Wide Garage Sales 5/6, 9am-6pm 5/7, 9am-4pm Bake Sales also. SHENK RD. Neighbors 7636, 7603, 7563 Shenk Rd. Fri. May 6 & Sat. May 7 9am -8pm New bakers rack, X-Box, toys, furniture, antiques, large picture, doors, jewelry, books, perennials, wallpaper, microwave, small appliances, mowers, sewing machine, baby clothes, pack-n-play, king/queen bed-in-bag, floral arrangements.

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3 BD, 2 BA home on cul-de-sac in Delphos. 2 car garage, basement $109,900. Rooney & Assoc., Bill Hanna 419-722-5711 4 BR 1 BA house with new windows, flooring, & large deck. Approx. 1 acre lot in Middle Point. Asking $55,000. 567-712-3344 or 419-234-1298. 502 S Pearl, Spencerville “0” down, “0” closing cost, home warranty, and free appliances. Several homes to choose from in Van Wert, Lima, Ohio City areas. Pictures and address’s at: BEAUTIFUL 3 BR Country Ranch with 2 1/2 car attached garage 1 acre lot. (419)296-6328 LAND CONTRACT or Short term Rent to own homes. Several available. Addresses and pictures at 419-586-8220

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Dear Annie: You recently heard myself scream. Suddenly, I awakened. It was printed a “Contract for Drivers,” by John Violette. It requires teen- very quiet. A police officer was age drivers to maintain decent standing over me. I saw a doctor. My body was mangled. grades, follow all trafI was saturated with fic laws and never blood. Pieces of jagged drive impaired or get glass were sticking out in the car with a driver all over. Strange that I who is. It reminded couldn’t feel anything. me of the essay “Dead Hey, don’t pull that sheet at 17,” which relates over my head. I can’t be what happens when dead. I’m only 17. I’ve kids don’t follow those got a date tonight. I’m rules. Every year there supposed to have a wonare new teenage drivers derful life ahead of me. I who haven’t seen it. haven’t lived yet. I can’t Maybe if parents attach be dead. it to the contract, the Later I was placed in a need to drive safely will Annie’s Mailbox drawer. My folks came to have a greater impact. Please print it again. -- Chicago identify me. Why did they have to see me like this? Why did I have Mom of Three Dear Mom: This essay and to look at Mom’s eyes when she John Violette’s contract make an faced the most terrible ordeal of effective combo. We hope parents her life? Dad suddenly looked will show both to their newly very old. He told the man in charge, “Yes, he’s our son.” licensed children: The funeral was weird. I saw “Dead at Seventeen” by John all my relatives and friends walk Berrio Agony claws my mind. I am toward the casket. They looked at a statistic. When I first got here I me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever felt very much alone. I was over- seen. Some of my buddies were whelmed by grief, and I expected crying. A few of the girls touched to find sympathy. I found no my hand and sobbed as they sympathy. I saw only thousands walked by. Please, somebody -of others whose bodies were as wake me up! Get me out of here. badly mangled as mine. I was I can’t bear to see Mom and Dad given a number and placed in a in such pain. My grandparents category. The category was called are so weak from grief they can barely walk. My brother and sis“Traffic Fatalities.” The day I died was an ordi- ter are like zombies. They move nary school day. How I wish I like robots. In a daze. Everybody. had taken the bus! But I was too No one can believe this. I can’t cool for the bus. I remember how believe it, either. Please, don’t bury me! I’m not I wheedled the car out of Mom. “Special favor,” I pleaded. “All dead! I have a lot of living to do! the kids drive.” When the 2:50 I want to laugh and run again. I p.m. bell rang, I threw my books want to sing and dance. Please in the locker ... free until tomor- don’t put me in the ground! I row morning! I ran to the parking promise if you give me just one lot, excited at the thought of driv- more chance, God, I’ll be the most ing a car and being my own boss. careful driver in the whole world. It doesn’t matter how the acci- All I want is one more chance. dent happened. I was goofing off Please, God, I’m only 17. Annie’s Mailbox is written by -- going too fast, taking crazy chances. But I was enjoying my Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, freedom and having fun. The last longtime editors of the Ann thing I remember was passing an Landers column. Please e-mail old lady who seemed to be going your questions to anniesmailbox@ awfully slow. I heard a crash and, or write to: Annie’s felt a terrific jolt. Glass and steel Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, flew everywhere. My whole body 5777 W. Century Blvd., Ste. 700, seemed to be turning inside out. I Los Angeles, CA 90045.

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Van Wert County Estate of Jeffery L. Davis to Cindy J. Davis, portion of inlot 6, Venedocia. Estate of Harold G. Clifton to Deborah

K. Hankins, Cathy A. Elzey, Rebecca J. Pierce, Lance J. Clifton, Gary A. Clifton, Marilyn Clifton, portion of sections 7, 4, Willshire Township. Estate of Juanita E. Black to Jeffrey A. Myers, Darlene A. Myers, portion of section 19, Union Township. Gary Lichtensteiger, Virginia A. Ballog to Kim A. Figley, portion of section 21, Harrison Township. Fannie Mae to Harbour Portfolio VI LP, portion of inlot 1771, Van Wert. Estate of Clyde Alan Jewell to Angela A. Foss, Angela A. Jewell, inlots 65, 66, Scott. Leroy Permann Revocable Trust, Phyllis R. Permann Revocable Trust to Leroy Permann Revocable Trust, portion of section 6, Jackson Township. Scott J. Schnipke, Lisa M. Schnipke to Luke A. Case, Clarissa Schnipke, portion of inlot 289, Delphos. Etta L. Kill, David Kill, David M. Kill, Cynthia A. Whittenburg, Jacob Henney, Cynthia Whittenburg to Dale G. Davies, Donald Davies, inlot 397, Van Wert. Aaron K. Moles, Robyn E. Moles to Robyn E. Moles, portion of section 19, Willshire Township. Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Centex Home Equity Company to Dustin Poling, portion of section 29, Union Township. Margaret Baker to Michael L. Williams, Brenda J. Williams, inlot 4050, Van Wert. Eric D. Rager, Eric Rager, Sherri S. Rager to Eric D. Rager, Sherri S. Rager, portion of section 34, Union Township. Ann L. Tomlinson, estate of Ann L. Tomlinson to GMAC Mortgage LLC, inlot 3308, Van Wert. Roger C. Eckart, Patricia L. Eckart to Kevin R. Dickman, Melissa A. Dickman, portion of section 10, Harrison Township. Nancy J. Beckman to Joe S. Beckman Irrevocable Trust, Nancy J. Beckman Irrevocable Trust, inlot 4160, Van Wert. HSBC Mortgage Services to Jeremy S. Croy, Kelly J. Croy, portion of inlot 14, Willshire. Allen County City of Delphos Federal National Mortgage Association to Eugene W. Warnecke Trustee et al., 635 Suthoff, $33,000. Roger C. and Vicki S. Gossman to John W. Lehmkuhle Jr., 331 N. Main St., $40,000. JSM Insurance Agency to John W. Lehmkuhle Jr., 307 N. Main St., $92,000. Putnam County Janet M Leingang, Phyllis A. Niese, Herman L. Lammers, Donald L. Leingang, Gerald L. Niese and Linda Marie Lammers, S 34 Q SE 3.542 acres and S 34 Q SE 23.327 acres, Liberty Township, to Gerald L. Niese and Phyllis A. Niese. Janet M. Leingang, Phyllis A. Niese, Herman L. Lammers, Donald L. Leingang, Gerald L. Niese and Linda Marie Lammers, S 34 Q SE .054 acre, Liberty Township, to Jeffrey A. Niese and Laurie A. Niese. Gerald L. Niese and Phyllis A. Niese, S 35 Q SW 1.0 acre, Liberty township, to Gerald L. Niese and Phyllis A. Niese. Eric V. Shafer to Katie L. Shafer, S 18 Q SE 2.00 acres, Perry Township, to Federal National Mortgage Association. Steven J. Gerken and Allison N. Gerken fka Allison N. Budde, Lot 12, Tauwas Sub., Ottawa, to Luke T. Schroeder and Carrie A. Maag. Jeffrey S. Mansfield and Linda A. Mansfield, S 30 Q SE, 3.00 acres, Blanchard Township, to Robert Fawcett and Rhonda S. Fawcett.

961 Southridge Dr.
DELPHOS. Beautiful newer ranch home with open floor plan, 3 BR, 2 BA, large kitchen, 2 car garage, basement. Call Stephanie Clemons for an appt. 419-234-0940

19” to 60” screen sizes Buy with service after the sale! Ask about rebates!

31 years experience • reference • Framing • Siding • Roofing • Remodeling • Garages Attention Farmers • Pole Barns • Painting • New Barns • Repair Work • Clean Fence Rows • Ditch Banks


On S.R. 309 in Elida

COMPOST 419-339-6800

207 S. Main St. Delphos 419-692-5831 email:

950 Miscellaneous

Mark Pohlman

“Put your dreams in our hands”
Office: 419-692-2249 Fax: 419-692-2205 202 N. Washington Street Delphos, OH 45833

419-339-9084 cell 419-233-9460

Delivery Available


Massage Therapy
$5.00 off 1st Massage! Tony Jacomet, LMT
By appointment:

Residential & Commercial • Agricultural Needs • All Concrete Work

Interior & Exterior Painting Drywall & Plaster Repair Water Proofing Pressure Washing Since 1963 Residential • Commercial


Total Lawncare & Snow Removal
21 Years Experience • Insured

Schrader Realty is pleased to announce Jodi Moenter as the newest realtor to our staff. Jodi can be reached at 419-296-9561 She may also be contacted via email at: jodi _ or thru our website at

Commercial & Residential

Visit me on Facebook
Location: Lear’s Alternative Health 210 N. Main St., Delphos, OH 45833

Mark Pohlman

419-692-2002 or 419-203-9006

419-339-9084 cell 419-233-9460

GOLD CANYON CANDLES Got WINTER BLUES? CHEER UP with one of our ‘scent’sational candles! Ask how to earn for FREE

950 Electricians

Home Improvement
Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing, Sunrooms, Kitchens & Bathroom Remodeling, Pole Buildings, Garages

Gina Fox 419-236-4134

Lindell Spears

JIMLANGHALSREALTY.COM Since 1980 419-692-9652
integrity • professionalism • service

8375 REDD RD. 1206 HEDRICK ST.
Call to view this 3 bedrm., 2 bath, brick ranch, form din. rm., fam. rm., excellent location. Fantastic property on 3 acres, all brick home with large outbuilding, must see to appreciate this property.

419-695-8516 950 Tree Service

Call to see this brick ranch with 2 full baths, sunken liv. rm., fam. with fireplace, large util. rm., gas heat c/a and much more.

59K Very well kept home, 3 or 4 bedrms. 2 car gar., much more.

950 Car Care

950 Lawn Care

Transmission, Inc.
• automatic transmission • standard transmission • differentials • transfer case • brakes & tune up
2 miles north of Ottoville

Ph. 419-339-4938 or 419-230-8128






Joe Wickey Construction
• Pole Barns • Siding • Windows • Roof Replaements • Foundations • Barn Restoration • Additions • Remodel Old Houses • Basements • New Houses

816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS Ph. 419-692-5801 Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2

*up to 5 quarts oil

❍ Lawn Maintenance ❍ Lawn Treatments ❍ Mulch Installation ❍ Shrub Trimming ❍ New Landscapes ❍ New Lawn Installs ❍ Retaining Walls ❍ Bulk Compost ❍ Bulk Mulch
Visit website for photos and details of services

• Trimming & Removal • 24 Hour Service • Fully Insured


“Put your dreams in our hands”
202 N. Washington Street Delphos, OH 45833 Office: 419-692-2249 Fax: 419-692-2205
Krista Schrader ................ 419-233-3737 Ruth Baldauf-Liebrecht ... 419-234-5202 Stephanie Clemons...... 419-234-0940 Amie Nungester ............... 419-236-0688 Judy M.W. Bosch ......... 419-230-1983 Janet Kroeger .................. 419-236-7894 Molly Aregood .............. 419-605-5265 Jodi Moenter .................... 419-296-9561 Jon Moorman ............... 419-234-8797


(419) 235-8051
OUR TREE SERVICE • Trimming • Topping • Thinning
• Deadwooding Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal Since 1973

6861 S. 300 E. Berne, IN 46711

Bill Teman 419-302-2981 Ernie Teman 419-230-4890

We are proud to announce, we’ve just completed one of our best sales quarters ever and we’d like to invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers! Despite everything you’ve heard about the slump in the housing market, Schrader Realty continues to find success in bringing buyers & sellers together. If you would like to be another satisfied customer with Schrader Realty, give us a call at 419-692-2249 or visit our website at

(419) 235-3708

Check us out online:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Herald –11

Tomorrow’s Horoscope
By Bernice Bede Osol
Sunday, May 8, 2011 Noticeable improvements in various areas of your life are possible in the year ahead, but they won’t happen by chance. It will be up to you to make the most of opportunities that come your way. Nothing will simply be dumped in your lap. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- In order to evaluate situations realistically, you must first be able to see things as they really are. Use your logic and common sense instead of depending on wishful thinking and hunches. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Because you want to believe in others, at times you tend to be overly generous with the wrong people, and later suffer regrets. It’s one of those days when this can easily happen. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- If you are indifferent and/or lethargic, you could easily let a few quite beneficial things slip past you. Don’t let your drive or motivational urges take any holidays. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- You won’t make any points with your friends if you behave like a know-itall. It would be far better to understate your knowledge of things than to pretend to be Encyclopedia Brown. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -No one should have to tell you to be extremely careful about how you treat the possessions of others. Yet for some strange reason, you won’t hesitate to let another use something you borrowed. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- By all means be your old optimistic, enthusiastic self when evaluating a critical career development, but do so with a great deal of realism. Don’t cause others to question your judgment. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -If your cohorts are as inexperienced as you and, collectively, you attempt to undertake a difficult endeavor, it’ll be like the blind leading the blind. Wait until you have competent help. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- It’s always important to manage your resources prudently, and today will be no exception. Don’t dip into your cash reserves in order to gratify an extravagant whim. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Neither you nor your mate should try to pressure each other into complying with wishes that the other is totally against. If the agreement isn’t mutual, it is destined to cause trouble. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- If you do more talking than producing, you will end up being a slow starter. Additionally, indifferent companions who are likely to take you off-course will compound delays even further. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Try to conserve not only your material resources but your physical and emotional ones as well. Your chart indicates that you could deplete your supplies in all three areas. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Allegiances can only be gained by doing unto others what you would want done for you. Trying to influence associates with flattery will be an exercise in futility. Monday, May 9, 2011 Something big, but not necessarily material in nature that you’ve always wanted for yourself might be successfully obtained in the year ahead. However, it isn’t likely to come about without help from others, so let friends get your back. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -You’re apt to be quite secure about who you are and what you want to do, making it possible for you to express your feelings without any reservations. There’s little doubt you’ll get what you want. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Use what you’ve discovered to be the key to success: wanting for your companions what you want for yourself. It’ll make you even more popular than you already are. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Realize what you hear is nothing but propaganda, and you’ll easily counteract any negative thoughts regarding a project you’re working on. Keep your eyes on the prize. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Watch and learn from the experience of an associate. It is quite possible that what you observe from this person’s encounter will be applicable to your own situation or interests. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -Don’t give up too easily if your initial efforts do not produce the results you are anticipating. Accept all offers of help from cohorts, because someone will have the answer. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -Even though you think you know what to do, listen to all advice from colleagues. A significant suggestion is likely to come from someone you’d least expect. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Under your creative touch, the unsightly can take on a new look. Put your talents to good use in areas that can use some beautification. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- It’s good to be your own person, but operating in unison with Cupid could pay off. Don’t be too quick to reject someone just because you don’t want to get involved. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Keep an open mind concerning a distasteful situation, because there is a strong possibility that an abrasive problem could resolve in a way that’ll make everyone feel good. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- A certain person who cares for you would be happy to know that you like him or her as well. Don’t hesitate to use terms of friendliness when this person displays an interest in you. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- You might have to be a bit of a juggler in order to acquire something expensive that you’ve been wanting, but if you desire it hotly enough, you’ll find a way to get it. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- When you want something important, you can go all-out, which is well and good, as long as you don’t step on anybody else’s toes to get it. Rejection is possible if you do.
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Ax Men Army Wives America's Best Dance Chris Chris Warehouse 13 Rambo III Witch Mount

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12– The Herald

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Raabe Ford invites you to see the new 2012 Focus
Meets demand of rising gas prices


As fuel prices continue to rise, there has never been a better time to launch the All-New Focus into the fastest growing, most competitive segment in the U.S. The 2012 Ford Focus get up to 40 MPGs and proves that Ford Motor company and Raabe are serious about stylish, fuel efficient and fun to drive small cars. Raabe will be making a big deal about this small car by unveiling the product at this special Premiere Night. Premiere Night attendees also have an opportunity to win a 2012 Ford Focus.


Thursday, May 12 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Refreshments

WHERE: Raabe Ford, Lincoln, Inc. 11260 Elida Rd., Delphos 419-692-0055 800-589-7876
Service/Parts/Bodyshop: M-7:30-8:00, T-F - 7:30-6:00, Sat. - 9:00-2:00 Sat. Service: No Appt. Oil Changes • As time allows per service hours • Sales - M - 8:00-8:00, T-F - 8:00-6:00, Sat. - 9:00-2:30

11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
419-692-0055 800-589-7876

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