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a good pet owner out there to find pet housing. And three, the real

owner of the property would have a heart attack one day in the future

when this reckless tenant moved out!

However, I am positive his landlord had not one clue about the

wandering lizards running around the place freely, jumping in and out of

new wooden cabinetry, destroying beautiful tile, marble, hardwood and

carpet flooring, art-deco walls and a winding Hollywood spiral staircase

in the process. To this day, nothing that I have seen regarding pet

damage beats the iguanas inside the mansion. (And I have seen some

nasty pet damage from bad pet owners over the years, but nothing

beats the iguanas ruining a multi-million dollar mansion!)

I do not think that cats and dogs can damage a property as fast

nor as extensively as large wild iguana lizards running around loose

inside your home. I will never forget that situation. So it is another

rental horror story.

I am convinced that this story may have been prevented or the

damage minimized had the landlord taken more time with the tenant,

Mr. Producer, before he moved into the property by doing a few simple

but important things. Had the landlord questioned the tenant thoroughly

about the kinds of pet(s) he was bringing into the mansion, written into

his agreement a clause that such iguanas were to be kept at all times

inside their cages, taking a pet deposit minimum of $200 for every …

Chapter 5
Hot Buttons: Annoying Lifestyle Decisions People

Do That Affect Your Ability to Find the Right

Roommate. How to Handle and Avoid These Issues:

Smoking, Drinking, Drugs or Partying, Guests,

Noise, Travel, Furniture and “Surprises”.

It never fails. You advertise your room as a non-smoking room

and a smoker applies. People do not always read the ads clearly nor

take the time to really sort out who’s who on the telephone, either. One

of the fastest ways to ruin a good roommate situation is where there is

clearly a set boundary and someone comes along without regard and

violates it. Whether your hot button is smoking or some other issue,

invariably you cannot count on people to read the ads carefully. You

will get all kinds of responses when you run an advertisement looking

for a roommate, so you need to use caution when screening a potential

roommate. You also need to ruining the rental market for good pet

owners and making it harder for…

to be the one to find out what that woman’s agenda was and

believe me I can tell you that it was not a good agenda.

Be thankful that you just saved yourself Trouble with a capital

“T”. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so you want to move on to the

next person calling from your roommate ads. Starting on the next few

pages is a list of some Probing Questions you may want to ask

someone who is calling you from an advertisement about your room for


Probing Questions to Ask a Stranger on the Phone

VIP – IMPORTANT NOTES: This section can be used for men

also who are looking for a roommate. However, the emphasis in this

chapter is for single mothers, so if I omit the male gender at times here

it is because of the target audience I am speaking to in this chapter.

Men are also welcome to use the advice in this chapter to

protect themselves from other men. I do not intend to leave men out

who are honestly looking to find a good male roommate in this book.

However I am writing from my own experience as a single mother and

by now you can see that finding a roommate for a single mother is much

different than in other people’s situations. Again, men are always

welcome to use this section of the book to use for screening their own

male roommates.

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Table of Contents

Title Page

Dedication 3

Acknowledgments 5

Legal Disclaimer 7

Introduction – A Letter from the Author 13

Chapter 1 The First Step: Critical Things to Do Before

You Start Looking or Advertising for
a Roommate 17

Chapter 2 The Second Step: How to Set Your Length

of Rental Time, Security Deposit and
Rent Fees Appropriately 29

Chapter 3 Pets? To Allow a Roommate’s Pet or Not,

the Value of a Separate Pet Agreement and
What to Do In the Case of Pet Abandonment 39

Chapter 4 I Rented the Room to WHOM? The “Stranger

at Midnight Standing in My Kitchen Syndrome” 53

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Title Page

Chapter 5 Hot Buttons: Annoying Lifestyle Decisions

People Do That Affect Your Ability to Find the
Right Roommate. How to Handle and Avoid

These Issues: Smoking, Drinking, Drugs or
Partying, Guests, Noise, Travel, Furniture and
“Surprises”. 67

Chapter 6 The Paperwork – Writing the Rental

Agreement Before You Advertise: What You
Say, Do Not Say, the Important Pitfalls to
Avoid on Paper and the Two Golden Mantras
of Finding a Good Roommate 77

Chapter 7 To Women: Especially Single Mothers 107

Chapter 8 Phone Skills 101 125

Chapter 9 When Your Roommate is an Emotional

Drama: How to Handle a Vampire When
You Become the Psychotherapist Every Day 139

Chapter 10 When Your Roommate Breaks the Written

Contract: Getting Help 145

Chapter 11 Closing Thoughts: The Many Values in

Having a Good Roommate and How That
Helps You in Unexpected Ways 151

About the Author 155


A Letter from the Author

The empty room sits there, filled usually with your personal stuff

as a “temporary storage” room. Occasionally the entertaining thought

hits you. You wonder if you would be better off financially if you “just do

it” one day: get a roommate. But what type of person could I get to rent

from me, where do I start and how do I protect myself? These and

others are all valid questions. And this is why I chose to write this book,

based on my years of experience in dealing with all different types of

roommates: the good, the bad and the ugly.

This book is written for both men and women. There is a lot to

learn before you find a roommate whether you are a man or a woman.

These days the process of finding the perfect roommate for you can

seem like a daunting task. It is wise to seek out information before you

gamble with “the search” for a roommate. The process of finding

a roommate today is not as easy as placing a “room for rent” ad in the

newspaper or a flier in some public place. In today’s climate, it is

especially important if you are a woman or a single mother with a child

or children…

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About the Author

“Finding your twin heart which leads to your vision in life is like

having a compass and without your twin heart - you are lost. When the

Twin Heart is Present, It Bears Fruit.” -- Nicole

y the time Nicole was 13 years old, she played seven

instruments – piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, accordion, drums

and xylophone. Nicole performed in the Children’s

Orchestra at Cal State Los Angeles as the first, second violinist and

clarinetist as well as in Malibu’s Annual Keep Christ in Christmas events

as a child with her family and their guitars. Nicole played various

musical instruments throughout her childhood in numerous different

venues and winning various awards for her music, including performing

at Disneyland as a child musician on the violin. Nicole also performed

piano on the Leeza Show’s Days of Our Lives Christmas special as a

young adult.

Alcohol plays both a recurring theme in Nicole’s life and in her

family’s life. Little over a month after our national 9/11 tragedy in 2001,

her family experienced their own personal 9/11. At the young age of 21

and in a new marriage to her brother, Nicole’s Sister-in-Law, a beautiful

girl named Tina was tragically killed by a drunk driver, devastating her

family and her sister-in-law’s family as well. In addition to this tragedy

from a drunk driver which still has profound implications for her family,

Nicole continues to witness first-hand as a child the damage alcohol

causes when a close family member suffers from addiction left

untreated. Due to the genetic disposition of alcoholism within her

family, Nicole remains one of the few surviving members today who

refrains from drinking alcohol within her family.

On her 21st birthday, October 24 1990, Nicole stopped drinking

alcohol after nearly dying of alcohol poisoning with a .24 BAC (blood

alcohol count) level and almost crashing her car the day before. This

was her second near death experience, having nearly died of an

accidental alcohol overdose from an anaphylactic seizure (allergic

reaction leading to a heart attack) at the young age of eighteen. Today

in 2011, Nicole maintains her sobriety and recovery from alcoholism for

over twenty years.

Nicole’s early experiences with music contributed to her

sensitive, sharp phone skills and uncanny business acumen in working

with people from all walks of life, especially on the telephone. Nicole’s

Grandmother, a daughter of a Lord in the House of Commons, was

a highly sought after psychic in London’s high society at the turn of the

century. Nicole’s Grandmother studied the psychic arts and learned

from the local gypsies how to do tea leaf readings which were quite

popular at the time. Nicole inherited her Grandmother’s psychic gifts.

Due to her own early experiences and uncanny psychic gifts,

Nicole cultivated neighbors while growing up in Malibu, California in the

1970’s and 80’s on which to practice her psychic talents. In the late

eighties and early 1990’s, Nicole became one of the earliest pioneers

to operate one of the First 24 Hour Live 900 Psychic Lines, Twin Vision

(America) at the young age of 21. Yes, Nicole answered her own

psychic telephone line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years


Nicole’s Original Vision and Inspiration for Twin Vision

America’s Psychic Hotline came from an old family treasure, and belief

that “When you find your twin heart, it bears fruit”. Discovering your twin

heart in life and thus, your vision is what made Nicole’s psychic

readings very unique for each client and why Nicole was so in demand

for her unusual style of psychic readings, having her cards physically

‘born’ in her hands. Nicole never took the easy way out of doing

psychic readings by using Tarot cards… And Nicole always maintained

that by creating her own cards they were truly organic gifts that kept her

clientele base growing and they connected Nicole to an authentic

psychic energy in helping people during the recession of the early


Getting sober at the young age of 21 at the same time as this

new adventure with Twin Vision America, Nicole experienced incredible

growth, opportunity and life changing experiences which would later

strongly influence her decision to keep her sobriety and work on her

recovery from alcoholism. Fresh out of school with a degree in

Computer Operations and Management in 1990, with the help of

a business partner, Nicole was instrumental as a background consultant

with the development of telephone training for Herbalife International’s

Cellular Wealth Builders’ University. The Twelve Step telephone

training program which Nicole modeled from her sobriety program at

that time, helped the re-birth and re-launch of Herbalife International in

the United States, Australia and Canada with the revolutionary

telephone training concept she helped her business partner build. This

time period was also the “early years” and a crucial time for Nicole in

her sobriety and recovery program in addition to her business

responsibilities. Because of Nicole’s life changing experiences with the

Live 900 Psychic Line and being instrumental in the background

development of the telephone training program, historic at the time for

her then business partner, she decided to maintain her sobriety and

recovery while going back to school to study Psychology.

After quickly earning her place on the Dean’s List and her

Honors in Humanities at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California,

Nicole transferred to the University of Southern California (USC) and

graduated this prestigious research university with a Bachelor’s degree

in Psychology. After earning her BA in Psychology and passing

California’s CBEST Exam, Nicole returned to Pierce College in

Woodland Hills, California after discovering a new department called

Addiction Studies in her tenth year of sobriety which started at the

school after Nicole left.

Under the leadership of world-renown James Crossen, R.N.,

M.F.T. and Ph.D., Nicole is now more than half way through the

Addiction Studies program as an Honor’s Student in addition to

maintaining her place on the Dean’s List at Pierce College in Woodland

Hills. Dr. Crossen’s cutting-edge research and program on the study of

trauma (especially relating to PTSD) and addiction influenced Nicole’s

decision to return to complete her studies in addiction at this school.

Recently Nicole was invited to become a Lifetime Member of the

prestigious International Honors Society, Phi Theta Kappa at Pierce

College. And Nicole was recently named as a member of the school’s

President’s List.

During the early years of the 2000’s, Nicole was invited to

perform the role of Denise Brown for the IDEA Japanese Television

Network’s story of Nicole Brown Simpson’s and Ron Goldman’s

murders to be broadcast in Japan. Denise Brown is the sister and

Founder of the Nicole Brown Simpson Foundation, an organization

dedicated to speaking out against domestic violence. Nicole found it

prophetic on several levels that she played the role of an advocate

against domestic violence through her performance of Nicole Brown

Simpson’s sister, Denise Brown for a television audience. The irony of

this story would not be lost on Nicole on multiple levels. A few years

later during her own personal crisis of domestic violence, the reminder

of her acting role as Denise Brown, advocate against domestic violence

gave Nicole strength to find her own voice and leave that situation

behind as a single mother with a newborn baby.

During her anti-war years at the start of the Iraq war in 2003,

Nicole managed to start and maintain a peace vigil, then a newsletter

for the peace and progressive community which found its way all around

the world – to an audience of thousands by standing out and vigiling

every week against the Iraq war for 2 ½ years on the street corner from

2003 – 2005. From 2006 through the end of 2007, Nicole also had her

own weekly radio show on 89.5 FM KTEC on the OIT Campus in

Klamath Falls, Oregon devoted to peace and progressive issues. As

a tireless advocate for life and humanitarian causes, Nicole participated

during crucial moments in our nation’s history as an outspoken

advocate for the human condition.

Currently Nicole is working on writing several different books.

For a current and complete list of books by Nicole, please go to her

publisher’s website:

Some of Nicole’s other recent books are: “What’s Your

Addiction Temperature? A Road Map to Healing from Pain of Addiction

Using TEL Therapy” (that is the Workbook that accompanies this Main

Text), “Roommate Revolution: Save Money by Winning at Finding the

Perfect Roommate”, “Psychic Secrets! What Is Your Psychic Gift and

How to Use It Properly”. and “Grow Your Phone Room or Go Bust:

Make Money on the Telephone and Avoid the Phone Room from Hell –

an Insider’s Essential Guide”,

Nicole teaches others from her accumulated experiences as

a guest speaker, teacher, author, psychic, phone room manager and

most dear to her heart, continues her advocacy work in speaking out for

social justice issues. Nicole plans to continue her tireless work in

teaching others to find their own voice, advocating for the voiceless and

helping others find their own unique voice and twin heart in life.

Join us in your journey to finding your twin heart – See Nicole’s

daughter, Angelina’s Daily Blog at:

Nicole makes occasional Guest Appearances on this Daily Blog to

share insightful tips on how you can find your own twin heart.

Remember that together no matter what our differences, we can

help save lives! Thank You so much for caring to help make this world

a better place! L’Chaim! To Life!

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