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Chris Palmer Haskayne School of Business |

April 2011 Monthly Report

1. Student Legislative Council Meetings

SLC 68/35 April 5, 2011

Short meeting, as is quite often the case this time of year

SU President Lauren Webber announced, on behalf of Kay She, that the University of Calgary has been re-added to the list of accredited Universities in China.

SLC 68/36 April 12, 2011

Yet another short meeting

Council discussed the 2011 Report to the Community, which can be read online at:

Council had a discussion regarding what worked well for the 68 th SLC and what improvements could potentially be made. I noted that it’s important that we encourage notable weekly reports by faculty reps to ensure that reps are remaining active within their faculties.

2. Faculty Work (and connecting with constituents)

I continue to have meaningful dialogue about a number of issues with Haskayne students on twitter (@ChrisMPalmer)

As a member of the committee, I have been the leading contributor to the online discussion board regarding the 2011 Haskayne Strategic Plan.

3. Committee Work

Haskayne Strategic Planning Committee (April 19 th , 2011):

Daniela Montgomery was unable to attend this meeting, so I acted as the sole student representation, with Nick Meehan primarily representing Haskayne Alumni.

In its current form, the document is significantly better than the original draft. Teaching is still somewhat underplayed, but there has been some significant progress for undergraduates.

A town hall was held during the final week of April. I was in an exam so unable to attend, but the feedback is being incorporated.

A final meeting is to be held on may 2 nd , with the plan going to Haskayne faculty council on may 6 th for approval

Teaching Excellence Awards (Selection Meeting: April 17 th , 2011):

The committee selected a pair of professors from the Haskayne School of Business for Awards, with Wayne Irvine being sent into the TEA hall of fame as well. Those two professors were:


Dr. Teri Bryant – I personally administered the review forms for Teri’s classes. Having been nominated by her class in both semesters, the reviews were numerous, but all very positive. This was a very easy choice.


Dr. Robert Schulz – As many are aware, I am on the Haskayne ICBC team and thus Bob has had an incredible impact on my own life, but that same impact can be seen on behalf of all Bob’s students. He is a past winner, and well respected around campus.


Teaching Excellence Awards Gala (April 26 th , 2011):


I had the distinct privilege of presenting Dr. Bob and Teri Bryant with their respective awards. One of the highlights on my year with the SU.

I worked to provide Haskayne communications and marketing with details regarding the winners, as well as a photo taken by the SU’s Gene Baines (To read the article check out:

Clubs Awards Gala (April 13 th , 2011):

After a lengthy final Clubs Committee meeting, the clubs committee selected two clubs with significant influence in Haskayne:


CUS – 2010/11 Leadership Award


ISEEESA – 2010/11 SU Club of the Year

I had the honor of presenting these awards to the Commerce Undergraduate Society and ISEEESA. Both are run by incredible young people. I’m honored to have been able to work with both organizations.

5. Goals Clubs trailer project (Executive Lead – James Delaney):

This project is stalled until the summer. The sponsorship package is on track to be completed and updated, and the potential exists that we will be moving this project to a quality money proposal in the fall due to the difficulty faced raising this volume of funding.

6. 2011/12 Summer Goals

I figure there is no better place than here to give you an idea of what I have on

my timeline this summer. I have not paired with Executive Leads on these yet.

2011 Haskayne Student Survey (May 2011 – July 2011)

One of my 2010 platform points was communication. This year I intend on taking that one step further. Starting this spring semester, students will be invited to take part in a survey so your SU Representatives can ensure we are taking on the issues important to you.

Completion of the Haskayne Strategic Plan (May 2011)

This is a document that is essentially ready to go, but I have been involved every step of the way and will continue to do so

The BComm review is an outcome of the Strategic Plan, and I fully intend to be a part of that process this summer as well

Clubs Trailer Project (Ongoing)

This is a project now going back two terms. For it to take another year would be unacceptable. I plan on striking a small team this summer to ensure that the project comes to completion, whether via sponsor dollars, or further SU funding.

7. Final Notes

My time with the 68 th SLC was one of the most incredible years of my life. I owe

that to my fellow elected officials, amazing SU staff (especially Susan Judd and Brenda Dore), incredible executive team (Lauren Webber, Hardave Birk, James Delaney, Alyssa Stacy, and Jen Abbott), and of course to the students of the Haskayne School of Business.

While I will be around another year, I want to, officially/on the record, thank you all for making this one so great. So, with that, Thank You.