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SUBJECT Web page Web page Web page

CRITERIA To move to previous or next page in browser To paste current date and time To create a text area

Web page

To check radio btn or chk box status

Web page

To read the value of an option in select

Web page

To read the text of an option in select

Visual Basic JavaScript

Getting Run-Time error '-2147319779 (8002801d)': File name To have a moving image gallery

HTML Taking user to particular part of a page on clicking some link


Grouping radio buttons HTML To display PDF content in modal window HTML To open new page in a modal window HTML . By using history.start()" scrollAmount="5" direction="up" width="100%" height="350"><p align="center"><br><IMG src="Images/RnR2.dll http://www.text.cmbCorrGrp.cmbCorrGrp.JPG" border="0"><br></p></marquee></td> <form name="frmDefault" method="post" action="Home.JPG" border="0"><br><IMG src="Images/RnR7.quirksmode. A link has to be created like.cmbCorrGrp. document.aspx" id="frmDefault"> .options.options[ document. selectedIndex].frmNonCaseCorr.cmbCorrGrp. <td class="menuLgt"><A href=" and history.options[ document.value.html object.cgi?do=faq_list_long&faq_cate File name's length should be limited.cmbCorrNm.dll and regsvr32 vbscript.aspx#DCPartyGallery">RnR Gallery</A> and the content in page has to be created by giving a name like.(15 max) <td class="Content" align="center"><marquee id="TPOTMarquee" onmouseover="TPOTMarquee.checked= true/false document.asp?url=/workshop/author/dhtml/ref Run regsvr32 jscript.praize.JPG" border="0"><br><IMG src="Images/RnR5.trans4mind. selectedIndex].frmNonCaseCorr. <a name="DCPartyGallery"></a> <table> </table> . or document.JPG" border="0"><br><IMG src="Images/RnR3.value.options.JPG" border="0"><br><IMG src="Images/" border="0"><br><IMG src="Images/ http://javascriptkit.shtml http://www.stop()" onmouseout="TPOTMarquee.JPG" border="0"><br><IMG src="Images/RnR8. in scripts var mydate=new Date() <textarea id="textarea" name="textarea" maxlength="1500"></textarea> REFERENCE

TXT m .</script>.<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="radResentLtr" VALUE="CM002">. In OnLoad method of that page write (calling jsp) the dynamic content of PDF In the Head of your page.txt viewConten = "mywindow". Create a HTML that will open in frameset.The name attribute is used to group the radio button.txt m odalchild.txt EPENCom Page. This should be same for all radio which has to fall under one group. m odalfram e. Have a HTML page with frame set. make the window name the target of your form <form id="frmForm" target="mywindow">. (OR) add the tag <base TARGET="_self">to your <head> section. put <Script>window. Then.


EPENCom Page.TXT m .