Perspectives ARCHY : The Ideology Of Rule Over One of the primary dogmatic ideologies that keeps the third

dimensional paradigm in constant motion is the ‘archy’ complex or the ideology of rule over. The idea th at one group or one person must rule over another rather it be another individua l or entire masses.

The very suffix ‘acrh’ itself derives from the Greek the ‘archos’ meaning “to rule”. Many o the words now known within the English language that end in the arch suffix are associated with oppression, this is due to the fact that if one person or a sma ll group of people decide that they must have rule over entire masses, these ind ividuals will go about gaining control over the masses through means that are ag gressive and manipulative, and as history has proven, downright barbarous---this is called oppression. It is safe to say that the ‘archy’ complex has led to all of the other forms of oppr ession that we have now come to know: Imperialism, Militarism, Colonialism, Theo cracy, Democracy, and of course the two most famous ‘archies’: Monarchy and Patriarc hy. The entire society that we currently live in was constructed with the idea t hat one group must rule over or dominate another by means that does not benefit the latter. Of course this is an epic that is as old as civilization; however, I believe tha t most people present on this planet today can attest to the fact that the ‘archy’ c omplex has been exhibited in the past 1500 years more pervasively than any other time in modern history except maybe during the time of the Roman Empire and tha t of Alexander The Not-So-Great. I say the past 1500 because this is when Organized Religion, particularly Christ ianity, began to gain a strong hold throughout Europe, eventually engulfing the entire globe. I could have easily said 500-600 years since that is the time fram e for the beginning of the Colonization of Indigenous territories and the enslav ement/colonization of Indigenous Peoples, but of course Christianity as well a s Islam in some cases, precipitated colonization in the first place. The concept of rule-over, although exhibited by the few over the many, has manag ed to penetrate the subconscious mind of many, whom have been subjugated by this very ideology. From the highest to the lowest levels of society to we see the need by people to express superiority rather it be by so-called race, class, gender (patriarchy), or religion. Somewhere somebody or some group believes that they must dominate another group because they feel entitled or superior. Some of the most pathetic claims have been made by man to subjugate man in the n ame of expressing domination. The most popular have claims have been ‘civilization’ and most recently ‘freedom’ and or ‘democracy’. European Imperialism and it’s partner in crime, Colonialism are synonymous with th e ‘archy’ complex due to the fact that European nations have for the past six centur ies oppressed the world’s Indigenous populations through warfare, cultural genocid e, and economic aggression. Most have come to know of this systematic destructio n of Indigenous people by Europeans as so-called “white supremacy”. I say so-called “white supremacy” because when we take a look at real historical fa cts, and not the His-Storical propaganda of the colonizers, we see that the ‘savag es’ were far more intelligent and civilized than those who colonized them.

The other dynamic of the ‘archy’ paradigm is what has come to be known as patriarchy which is a society dominated or ruled by men who are in actuality more effemina te in nature than masculine. As we know, Organized Religion instigated patriarch y with false religious doctrines and European Imperialism perpetuated it. Patriarchy which is an energy in opposition to that of the planet that we live o n has caused women of all ethnicities to be mistreated and abused at the hands o f those who are by nature are supposed to protect and provide for them. In respo nse has come the ideology of Feminism which was birth out of the same sack as Pa triarchy. Both have done far more harm than good and have driven a wedge between men and w omen so deep that it almost seems beyond repair. And on top of all that they ha ve created a society rife with sexual dysfunction. So what causes one or a few to believe that they are superior to another to the extent that they must dominate them and decide what is best for them? For one it is ego---the lower energy inside of all living physical vessels that is the dri ving force of all unenlightened actions, perceptions, and beliefs. Paired with e go is a complex of inferiority which is masked by actions that say otherwise. In order to mask the feeling of inferiority which is actually fear, these indivi duals act in ways to make themselves feel better about themselves even if what t hey do is downright detrimental to themselves and others. They are frightened co wards and must do whatever by any means necessary to make others fear, look up t o, or depend on them. They must feel important. Effects Of the Archy Complex The continuous paradigm of a few individuals ruling over the majority re disastrous effects on the masses than beneficial. For one it gives ting the power the means to do whatever they want and many times they way that is appealing to those who are having the power exerted over ulation). has had mo those exer do it in a them(manip

These deceptive measures cause populations that are being ruled over to believe that those exerting the rule(dominion) have their best interest at hand even tho ugh past actions have proven otherwise. Perpetrators of the archy complex rema in in position and are allowed to continue spreading this belief without ever be ing fully challenged in the manner that they should. In some cases masses come to believe that it is right for an individual or indiv iduals to have dominance over others (slave syndrome). This is how the idea of a uthority---paired with the practices of Imperialism, Colonialism, Militarism, Th eocracy, Indentured Servitude, etc have been allowed to flourish---masses have b een made to feel that they need them in order to survive(dependency). In retrospect, if a people truly ever seek to obtain freedom---from their own eg os as well as their oppressors---they must let go of the ideology of domination, the archy syndrome. No one has been put here to rule over the life of another. It is the duty of each individual to rule over themselves only and no one else. We must master self in order to evolve out of the cycle of birth, death, and reb irth; therefore we must let go of all behaviors associated with the ego and move into higher frequencies. Atiya Walker Dykes



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