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OLX is the next generation of free online classifieds.

OLX provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading,
discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside.
OLX is used in over 40 countries in 15 languages. The company was founded in March 2006 and
is privately held.


A number of features which we believe help make OLX innovative

? áictures in the listings and search results pages

? ^antastic mobile version ±
? The ability to search nationally and from a certain distance from your zip code
? The ability to display your listings on your social networking profile
? ºetter search options ± especially in cars and real estate

They are committed to being free forever. They don¶t intend to charge for posting in any
category ± ever.

A few cool new features including:

? An iáhone app
? Ñoogle Maps integration in the real estate section


OLX mobile web lets you do almost everything on OLX from your phone
when away from your á by going to

ºrowse all listing with pictures and videos.

^ind a listing you noticed on the web and save it to your phone.
Read your messages and reply to ads.
áost any time.


Dorking of OLX is very simple. Individual or a corporation posts an ad which is of different categories.
Then this as is on the website as long as you want. It is promoted day by day as you see it works more
than 92 countries and in 42 languages. The ºrand image of OLX is now very popular and now it think
that any ad OLX is guaranteed to reach to its final user. It provides all work online It provides the
following options
? 100% free (forever) even in jobs and real estate
? Ability to include videos and pictures in listings
? A city, neighborhood and zip code database so the entire country is covered and not just
pre-selected cities
? Ability to comment on listings to create a stronger community
? Advanced search functions with sliders allowing searches at variable regional settings
? A distance field allowing you to see postings near your zip code wherever possible
? Ability to post listings in any language in any country
? Ability to view the site in any country in any language
? Ñlobal reach
? Mobile version

° c

The detailed traffic report for 

 is, overall rank is 3291 amongst all websites in the world.
The traffic of originates mainly from 17 countries. These countries are United States
(43.7%) , India (21.6%) , áakistan (6.5%) , Mexico (2.8%) , Argentina (7.7%) , anada (1.0%) ,
United Kingdom (0.9%) , áhilippines (1.7%) , Spain (1.1%) , Italy (1.0%) , Ñermany (0.8%) ,
Nigeria (0.6%) , Russia (0.6%) , hina (0.4%) , Australia (0.4%) , Indonesia (0.4%) , South
Africa (0.4%) . is getting roughly 7,631,340 page views every month, and may earn roughly
$22,130.89 a month. The site's Iá address is, which indicates that the
geographical location of its server is in New York, NY, United States
Top cities contributing traffic to are - New York, NY, US ( 2.12) Los Angeles, A, US
( 1.85) San ^rancisco, A, US ( 1.6) Miami, ^L, US ( 2) Atlanta, ÑA, US ( 1.9) ºoston, MA, US
( 2.6) ºombay, IN ( 1.7) Madras, IN ( 2.7) Dallas-^ort Dorth, TX, US ( 2.5) Hyderabad, IN ( 19)


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The owners get the financing from different sources. There is no need of big financing as it is
mainly of online website so the only expense was to build a website. In just over a year, OLX is
launched in five countries and grew to 750,000 registered users.


OLX is the largest free classifieds site in the world!

" has over 130 million unique visitors per month and 800 million page views per month!

Almost 2 million new ads are posted monthly on "#

" has raised $28.5 million in funding since March, 2006

Americans are not likely to have heard of " because its popularity lies mainly outside of
the United States in places like Spain, India, áortugal, Mexico, South America, hina, and the

" has offices spread over the globe with 125 employees working out of New York,
ºuenos Aires, ºeijing, and Moscow

" provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading,
discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside

" is the first classified sites to merge Deb 2.0 functionality with the ease of use and
simplicity of raig list

" launches a free   

" is now present in 92 countries and 41 languages