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radar b! holding it in his lcfr hand outside the drivels rvindos dircctly line with his left tricep. He has two sons, agc 2 \'ears xnd 1 mondr. His gnoss 6 verv Poor. "Greg Kocchel is a 2iJ lear-old lndianaStxte Highs'av Parrolmen with icularcanccr. As G tvpical of \,irtualh all oftbese policeoficers, he !v,rs

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phrsicaiconditn,nsrrh no famil) cincer hisrorvvhar!)crcr. llc ir perfecr radiationtherapyand x long te.m mcdicalfollow-upNith unccrtain prognosis. has been adllsed rhat he end hjs vife mar not be abler<, FIe l'\€ childrenbecause ofthis illness. "EdrvardBenecke a 32-yearoldpoliceofliccr for rhe crrl of Petxlu is Rrlic€Department. js mxrried,no childrcn.tle his nonoz. California, He I.lodgkin\lymphona,oiginerjngin rhegroin,ifter I ears ofrestingrheradar attratllc.Hc andhiswife aredespondcntorcr lsr in his lapwhennotaimed de realityof their not bejngabler(, h2vcchlldren,giren his const2dr chc o)therap!',radiation,and life expcctancl,. is an inrelligenr, dire flc nrticularc s+,.mrn. andu.uld mJkein cv ell(.rr ruudi vrne*. ",m 'inthony Hutson is a retired Petxlumx,California, police ofiicer, mN age51.He useda hand h€ld radargun, and his lvmphomadcrcl<ped E his leg.H€ hasundergonc cdormousrmouor ofchcmothcrep| end ao odiat;on treatment, with .t very p€ssimlstjc ptognos's.LIis e,ife is a grc2t !!et () the case, and would mxke x verl compcllingvirness.l hey h.rve "Dwain Pover djed approrimere\'four weeksxgo olnon Hodgkin's hmphoma.He vas 35 )cars old, and dicd onlr n;ne monrhsxfrer hc firsr Dt'ced a lump in the hmph glandson the left sideofhis neck.He hrd x ripresslngly painfulcourse oftreatment, deterioratron ultimatelr, rnd, cleath. He is survlvedby his wife and rheir tvo sons.He had no lamilr hisrcrl of orcer, end \!as a \rry vigorousathletervho neirhefsmokcdno. drank. 'JamesZum is 2 64 vearolcl retired policeman,and r majff leigue rseb, l scout. estjmates He ovcr 4,{)00 hoursofradar-gunus2gc thc lasi in Zum wlrsdiagnosed *n years. vith non-Hodgkjn's lymphomrandlermed rkrut the possible connecrion his radarusage to thtough eriiclesin the Sr ftretsburg Times. Hc hasbeenmarriedto his vif€ tbr 45 ,vears, has end $rcc children.His prognosis verv poor. is "Edward Certain is a 35 year old former Nhlnut Crceh.Cxliforn'., diseasc, prcscndvin remission. has bad ooliceofEcerwith Hodgkin'.s Hc rdramatic struggle s'ith the cliseese morc than sir vcars,but hasbeen for


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s\oPlom ticc t'oi norc rhan a \'car. I lowctcr, thc discascis charactcrizi b\ remissionsrnd exacerbarlons, rnd rhe prosnosrs is xl$.rvs poor. Hls : { l xr untr N i s mounrc(l1n the,nreri ()rrei r pxssenger dew i ndow, r n( l : si d r .t rum(tr $.s i . rhe neck,,. the ri ght si de. ' ' (.hri sri )thcr I-i ndo\r j s r pol i cc ofl i cer (i rh i l ,c ()xftrd, ( ) hio, P 1]ccDcperarcnt, age 31. Hc has tcsticular cancci. Fl)llotring surgcrr,. redirtton thcrepi, hc hrs hed no lirrthcr slmptoms. Lindos. is cngagcdb r nr1ffi e(j ,,r.(lhi s pr(,grosi si s rel rri rel l gi ncl . ''lldwxrd Coftonr is .16 \errs ol(t. Nnd x Concor.t, Calitbrnia, pol: (,idcer. fle ,]n(l his $ife hx\ e three chil(lren. Coftom was nfflicted \\ icsnculxr crncer vhrch .ltparentl\ has not metastasized. The ,rf{licte<lr. iiclc \r!s rcmokd efter which hc hrd radiatn,n rhcrapr'.llc is onlv onc r,. post surgcrr. encl so is stlll signlhcantii rt rish. He uscd r liand hcld ra:. gun rad resftd it in his l2F constinrh. " l .1nn.l dr" ,. F 1 sergei .t \!1rh the C orcor(l P ol i ceD ep,r f t m ent, : rvrs diagn,,sctl vuh ccrrical cancc al,our ihrcc r,catsago, after fire |e: oftntlic rader usegc;slic restcd rhc gun in hct lap s.hcn nor in usc. At r: pr)int. thrrc ls no NpFxrcnroctesrasls. Shc is norv 34 Icars old." I agrccctto bcc<nc rnvolrcd in rhc husuits, so thc laslcrs rcricrL. rlre medicil rccoftls of.tll lrtrcen policemcn to sclect tlic most \rjnn;: c.s.. 'l he prospect;ve pli;ntifi needed to be tough minded. He Nouli crrniincd ll nrcdical crpcrts. suL>jcctcd hostilc dcposurrns and phr'. ti, exan,hrtti,ns bi brncrics of dciendants' phi.sicians.rnd sould undc:. brutrl cross craminerion in c()uft. ln r.lditxm k) 2ll rhat, thc c{cr prc., nrcclir wrrld dremrtizc thc casc.includlng lntnnarc dcrails of his mc<i . c(,xliti(n. fhe l,r\i \ers elimlnrted the policenrenrvho had dled becausc Nclsc srkl rhxt l suj( by rh. sur!^ds of (lead policema. Noukl be u.^ n, ihc dcltndanrs bcc2usc ihcrc \r(,uld bc nl, plalnriff to bc cramincc rhc dcicDdxnri r\pcrrs i,r cn,s\ cxamincd l)! rl,cir la\r!c*. The laq . Nlv, d(,pped tlom considcratn,nall thc policcmcn u'ho hrd bccn smol.bccrusc thc dcfcndants' larvlcrs rvcrc certain to blamc thc canccr or:, c .,< ,,(. T\< , ' 1,< ,\ < , ,.,1.).,' (,1 | r.,1,.,,.(r.mi n..i ,n... rc n ai ni ng cl i cnrst() asscs. hoq ucl i ri rcvvrrul tl hol d up. l n th e end . selccted Fldvrrd tlcnccl,c as thcrr rcprcscntatirc clicnt. Thc pollccmen had uscd radar guns medc br dlfitrent manulactu:but Ileneckc hactuscctonh the Zapper raclergun, so rhc cxscvas lx\:--: i g , r' nsrrnxr co,nP xn\.


drsease characteo.d is js always rs poor. HL.* €r sjde \vindow' arxj i. the Oxford, Ohio. bFollowing surgen id s. Lindowis engaSdr cord, Califohia, polai xom was afficted s* rzed. The affl icted E2pf. FIeis onlyonerE useda hand hetdr|i Pol'ceDepartmenr:d rrs ago, after five it rnen notrn use_ !b Ar o rhe lawy€rs re(iedi €ct the mosr vinrEb -minded.He wouh b cpos'tjons and phisl rs, and vould und.?D, 1rhar,the everprE t : derails ofhis med-d lo haddiedbecai.L€& =oan would be u'tu rit'i ro be examinqi t : lzs lers. The laE-tE fto had been smor{, une the ca.cer or ri naminations of dE ld up. ln the end.tu ierent manufactur+ the case wasbroqh '

he happvwnhthe judgebccause was lavvetsrvere lnitial\'the plaintiff'.s a Policcof6cer''\s rhe wn asan activist,andbe had I b()rherwho was favrt his horvever, prcrria)rulings didn't consistent\' progressed, e ha,J more uncenainofthich rvay became j sjde{}r the other, so both sides moofhis last rulings bcforerhe trial dealtwith ZapPer's One te leaned. ion to dismissthc casefor the rcasonrhat the scientillctestimon!$ould :e too complexfor :r 1a,v iurv, and thcreforerhat anv verdict in which the The judgere companlvere held lirble would be arbitrarvand caPricious $lirks The iur) vill dccideall pt,e.t, "Thafs nor the wav our legxlsvstem of of regardless th e ievelof educatjon eacbiurcr' The peopLc :rctualissues, aust bc heardon this issue." ZaPPerclaimedthe freedomto do any ln a pre trial memorandum radatguns vasnt. On thc dring that s,asnt illegal,Nhich manufacturing contnrv, Zappcr sxid,"most radarguns ar€m'nuf2cturedundercontracl :n strte ot fedcml governmenrslf thereverc somethinghirmful about ndar, the golcrnment hxd a responsibilitrto sayso and to promulgate has The government not done so' ftom \rhich L\Lsanclrulcs accordinglv. r loliowsrhat radatguns are safc" as had t,cenchosen the Plaintifl I had oo ditlicultl in After Beneckc to cancctto exPosurc microwavcENfFs ftom I ZaPpergun' rnking his and the dara to .n,l I agtcedto describe the iury mv method of analvsis ,x which I had reliedin reachingrhat conclusiontrh Plans as b explern had Beneckc that ENffs couldbe carcinogens showed 1at animalstu.lies le\el ofENtFs that and ro :ot bcenexposed othet known carcinogeos, thc gun u?s far greaterrhan the LN'lf the ZaPPer from Le haclexperienccd cancer'For thescrea$ns bv br-clsexperienced pcoplewho didnt derrelop r $as probablvrrue rhat he got cancerfrom the tadar' I vrot€ out quesIhich woultl rns firr Benccket hvlers thrt would 'licit the responses !m to this rarionale tmmediar€hafret I took the witnessstandbut beforeI s2ida v()rcit') toapproach permission for forZapperasked andreccived :re jury,a larvver the iudgeand the lav'versfor both betveen ensued ie bar.A discussion the when thel teturnedto their seats iudgeorderedrhe iurv teand ::des, lawrerthen readfrom a summarvof from rhe courtroom Zappert -o!ed had vh testimonv, ich the rutesof cvklence tequired that I providc Thc -! he rerd\!xs, "On thc basis I ofanimal studies $'ill testifl thai electro :3rt in ofcausingcancer peoPlc" heldsate P()bxblvcapablc -trgnetic

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