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Into the wild is an ongoing movement initiated in Delhi by a handful of young and spirited students and professionals, which aims at integrating Adventure & Sports with Social Causes. Mostly people are busy in life and hardly find time to do anything for their own physical and mental fitness, forget about them working to keep the society fit. However everyone still wants to make their life interesting by indulging in Adventure & Sports but either they don‟t find the right platform or the right motivation or the right people to work with. Our small informal movement provides all an opportunity to unite for Adventure & Sports and hence promote healthy and happy living. And when people unite together it‟s a good opportunity to divert their cumulative energies towards betterment of society too. So, all our activities have a social cause attached to them, which also in a way gives people a reason to turn up for Adventure & Sports and vice – versa. The movement got impetus by the great Indian World Cup Victory, 2011 during which its founder members observed that it‟s very easy to integrate and unite people for Adventure & Sports, however a little difficult for social causes. Hence, the aim of this movement is: 1. To integrate and unite people for social issues by providing them an opportunity to participate in Adventure & Sports, which they already love. 2. To spread awareness about Social Disabilities plaguing our society and to sensitise people towards the same by our activities. Our group works only through personal communication channels and we are active at Facebook only. Into the Wild was established on April 3, 2011 and is still in its nascent stage. You can follow us at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_137286656343033&ap=1

Delhi When: April 24. Everyone was captivated and awestruck by the valiant performance by both the teams. Even the teams who were watching appreciated good cricket and were busy in making strategies to win the tournament. Boundaries were marked and flagged and the Sunder Nagar Park was eager to witness an exciting day full of breath taking cricket ahead. They looked a strong unit and they tasted an effortless victory. By now one thing became clear as it was reiterated that cricket is the pulse of this nation and every single person seemed to be enjoying all the matches. On the other hand in a simultaneous match taking place on the adjacent pitch The Boozers easily defeated The Dhingra Park Cruisers. We had already received confirmations from 8 teams which were ready to fight it out in the cricketing field for the noble cause of stray dogs. By this time everyone's eagerness to meet the Legend Kapil Dev had reached insurmountable levels and everyone was dying in anticipation to see him. The pitch was nice and ready. These matches were so exciting that one could hear a lot of ooohs! and aahs! around the park. The Mark Makers made a mark by winning comprehensively. and the first match began.Our Event History What: Let's play Gali Cricket for Gali dogs --. . 2011 Cause Attached: Welfare of Street Dogs Chief Guest: Sh.m. The teams arrived by 7:30 a. Devil's Advocates were left disappointed and disgruntled with their batting performance. The next two matches were closely contested matches in which both the teams chasing had to hit 5 sixes in the last over each. The Boozers by far seemed to be the strongest team and included professional players. and both hit 4 sixes but they failed to reach their target.Into the Wild Where: Sunder Nagar. It was De vil's Advocates v The Mark Makers. Kapil Dev Ji EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: The stage was set.

It seemed he was greatly pleased with our small group and the idea of integrating adventure and sports with social cause. It was very patient of him to hear all of us. We also told him about our group's short history and about our events organized from time to time to spread awareness among the people. He was very happy with the youth coming forward for the nation and he felt extremely overjoyed after hearing about our cause. We then told him about our small group of young and spirited school and college going students and he was very delighted to hear about our group. to all our amazement Kapil Dev Ji called us again at his home. The Boozers easily reached the finals as they were surely the strongest team of the tournament. While the second semi-final was still going on between 51 Hungry Tigers and the Best Friends and just as we thought it was the last of Kapil Dev we ever had an opportunity to see in our lives.And finally after gruelling matches and just before the semi-finals the Great Kapil Dev himself walked up to the ground and a roar of claps an d cheer spread across the entire Sunder Nagar Park. All the teams got pictures clicked with him. Everyone surrounded Kapil Dev Ji and he was very kind to sign autographs for all of us. One thing was sure the semi finals and finals were going to be really interesting now as all the players were pumped up with joy and happiness. Everyone ran towards Kapil Dev to get a glimpse of the great captain who had won the first ever World Cup for India. . After spending a few minutes with us Kapil Dev Ji walked back to his home and left all the players even more motivated and spirited. All the teams gave a warm reception to the Legend.

They withdrew their chance to play the finals and walked away with the runner's up prize. So we decided to come back in the evening and feed the dogs. both the teams pressed the accelerator. we headed back to continue playing our tournament. We can never forget his words of encouragement and guidance.This time around he did more of talking as the members threw different questions at him. The Boozers due to some urgent circumstances had to leave us. We all were really moved and touched by this great gesture shown by Sh. When everyone was thoroughly satisfied and happy after meeting the legend Kapil Dev. He very aptly and very politely answered all our questions. Everyone congratulated the Best Friends for their sparkling performance. But ultimately the Best Friends held their nerve and came out victorious. This was surely the best time of our lives as his words inspired and motivated us even more. Seeing that the ultimate prize was on the platter and also that the winning team would get caps gifted by the legend Kapil Dev. Hence the semi-final which was going on was announced to be the final as the team winning the second semi final would get a walk over in the final. He said passion is what comes from within and once you start feeling the passion then there is nothing which can stop you. He also answered a lot of personal questions and was very kind throughout. Kapil Dev Ji. By the time second semi-final was going on. He told us how valuable our lives and our youth is and that we should contribute greatly to the society. Then a few of our spirited members went around Delhi roads and fed the street dogs. Then in phase II in the evening we went to feed street dogs who astonishingly were reluctant and scared to even let us near them in the first . It was indeed an interesting game which was dominated by batsmen in both the innings. but since it was already very late in the afternoon all the dogs seemed to have taken shade under the cars.

2011 Cause Attached: To thank our Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Environment and Forests Sh. Those who followed the new time schedule were left a bit disgruntled and waited a long time for others to arrive. Such are the indelible scars which humanity has given them that they are afraid of all humans in general. Jairam Ramesh Ji for his untiring dedication and commitment to prevent disposal of untreated sewage in Delhi Stretch of Yamuna River by 2015 Special Thanks to: The Third Eye Organization for taking our message to the Hon’ble Minister Sh. We all took cycles on rent from DMRC and then started our . But soon they became our good friends and were showing their love and gratitude by licking us. This was a site so enriching and calming for the soul that we almost shed tears and wanted to hug all the dogs. We had shifted the time to one hour earlier so that everyone could manage to report by 7:00 am.Into the Wild Where: Pragati Maidan. We split up all our members in 3 groups which were to start from different metro stations – Mandi House. What: Let’s Cycle to Yamuna --.place. Jairam Ramesh Ji EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: Finally the Sunday every sleep lover dreaded arrived and once again it was time to pull up our socks and put on our running shoes as early as 6:00 am. Delhi When: April 17. Small pups were dancing off our feet and were playing with each other. Pragati Maidan and Indraprastha.

It seemed more as a sewage canal. Some were cycling alone enjoying the awesome weather and some were chit chatting in groups and clicking photographs on their way. We finally reached the Nigam Bodh Ghat crematorium. Our river Yamuna was not a river anymore. Our hopes were severely thrashed and battered when we saw the Yamuna River maiming across Delhi begging for mercy. We all finally assembled and started cycling towards the Nigam Bodh Ghat. We witnessed smooth traffic and roads were almost empty at this point of time. Some cycled very fast and reached before all others. Because many members arrived late and we were running short of time and even then we weren‟t moving as fast as we could. Some members who were getting late and some who were extremely tired left us. We headed back via a different route so that we may be able to witness the Red Fort. we all headed to our Hon‟ble Minister‟s Residence at Rajesh Pilot Marg. Groups from Mandi House and Pragati Maidan reached the ring road and waited for the group from Indraprastha to arrive.journey towards Nigam Bodh Ghat to witness the plight of Yamuna River. Passing in front of the Red Fort and cycling merrily we all reached once again back to Pragati Maidan where we stopped for refreshments and drinks. It started raining and the heavenly experience we all had while cycling can‟t be put in words. After relaxing a little bit. Roads were slippery and we had to be cautious. Hugely disappointed we started to head back. By this time we already knew we were late for reaching our Hon‟ble Minister‟s Residence. But when we reached we were hugely disappointed. . There was a slight mismanagement which I must mention. We decided on this route as we were expecting a clean Yamuna and we were eager to cycle along its banks.

something not everyone has done in their lives.This was the best phase of our cycling event as all the riders were feeling fresh after the refreshments break and it had stopped raining. It was something worth cherishing for the rest of our lives and we once again went Into the Wild for a cause. The route to Jairam Ramesh Ji‟s residence provided a delightful sight. We cycled across Delhi a whopping 50 Kms. We cycled across the India Gate. . By now we all knew that we had been terribly late and that the Hon‟ble Minister would have already left. letter and our greeting card with the Minister‟s representative. A few of us have decided to meet our Hon'ble Minister in person later at his office. We thank The Third Eye Organisation for taking our message to the Hon‟ble Minister. the Pandara Road and the Khan Market to finally find ourselves staring at the Rajesh Pilot Marg. We nevertheless left our wishes. We culminated our journey back to Pragati Maidan from where we all dispersed to our homes.

As we reached the India Gate all stacked up like a huge pile of books in our cars. We got a chance to meet another group „Explorers‟ which also like us had a cause in mind for running though their cause was different. we noticed that many people had turned up in such a beautiful weather for morning walk. Rather we would be running in the wild all across the Rajpath right up to the Rashtrapati Bhawan and back forth.Into the Wild Where: India Gate.What: Let’s run --. We had already decided that we would not be running the entire stretch of India Gate outer circle. Some people were busy taking wickets. Amidst all these people there were a large number of foreigners with their fancy cameras taking pictures all around.m. Here and there we noticed quite a lot of cricket games going on. The Policemen were as usual tight and barely managed a smiled whenever anyone did something silly to make them laugh. Some of us were serious runners and they soon left the others behind who decided to rather take it easy on their bodies and run only at will or at sight of a beautiful woman. birds chirping all around and high spirits in our hearts we began running. The scene at the India Gate was very peaceful at 7 a. Anna Hazare Ji and running in celebration of India winning the World Cup 2011 EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: It all began with numerous phones ringing early in the morning at 5:30 am with all the members making sure that everybody is up and ready on time for a beautiful day that would be waiting ahead of us. Despite the entire hullabaloo all the members nearly made it on time though we had to wait for some quite longer. Delhi When: April 10. some hitting sixes and some taking catches. 2011 Cause Attached: Running for a Corruption free India in support of Sh. Chit chatting and introducing . With cool breeze blowing through our minds. in the morning and it seemed as if God himself had come supporting our cause with weather paving the way for a perfectly serene day ahead.

Red caught our eye the most. We all noticed that all Indian‟s shared a common sentiment about corruption and that was to remove it. As we ran we noticed lot of budding Tendulkars and cricket enthusiasts playing cricket at India Gate. The India Gate lawns that had been a sprawling green so far were glimmering now in colors of all flowers. none of us felt thirsty or even slightly tired. As we went across the elevated road we kept clicking pictures with pure admiration and awe. Most of them were tourists but we also noticed some children who were skating up and down the roads and some were playing football in the adjacent lawns. The lawns were neatly cut and the joyful scent of flowers made our running experience even more memorable. The weather made sure none of us felt tired.ourselves we kept running and enjoying the perfect weather at the same time. We also noticed two big fountains on either side of the elevated road leading to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Towards our righthand side we could see the Parliament House with the Indian Flag hoisted and fluttering tall on it. Suddenly some of us felt our stomach‟s going inside and our chest‟s puffed with pride as we remembered that we had won the World Cup 2011 and which was also one of the causes for which we were running. . With blessings from people on our way we continued our journey towards the Rashtrapati Bhawan. a corruption free India. As we sped across an elevated road towards the Rashtrapati Bhawan we noticed that there were already many people who had come to visit there early in the morning.e. Since weather was also supporting us. On our way we kept distributing badges to all and greeting them. As soon as we crossed the Boat Club and advanced towards our destination we noticed that there was a considerable change of colors and a subtle peaceful aura in the India Gate lawns towards the Rashtrapati Bhawan. We also made them aware of another reason we were running for i.

We couldn‟t help but enjoy and click photographs all around. Since we had spent a lot of time in enjoying ourselves and clicking pictures we decided not to indulge in yoga and meditation session and rather we all wildly sipped into our Frootis and all shouted in one voice : “WHY GROW UP !” .Soon in no time we reached our destination and were facing right towards the colossal Rashtrapati Bhawan which was looking ravishing. some decided to walk while some took lift from guys who were cycling their way to their jobs. some of us decided to run back. All the time we never forgot to click pictures. We waved back at them showing our hospitality. Feet heavy but with smiles on our faces and our eyes shining we made it back to the India Gate.7 km. It was surely turning out to be a very memorable day for all of us. It was amazing looking at the India Gate from the other side. Tired. The India Gate still looked very big as we turned to see and admire how much we had run. The Policeman right outside the Rashtrapati Bhawan swept away the smile from all our faces when he informed us that the entire Rajpath ran up to 2. We all were thinking about the same thing: How would we go back to the India Gate where our cars were parked. Our spirits were lifted by two foreigners who also supported our cause and waved at us merrily. Some of us had never been to Rashtrapati Bhawan. But with spirits unbroken and with high motivation towards our cause. With tongues sticking out and shirts sweating we decided to relax a little.