Rebel Industries apologizes for the lack of pretty girls ... sparkling waves ... and billowing sails in these pictures. It was late fall 1974 whEmwe acquired Ray Greene Co. and bathing suit weather was long gone. This brochure will only show hull and cock pit line s and point out special features of each design in the Rebel Industires line. We will take the pretty . pictures this summer.

3506 SCHEELE DRIVE 49202 JACKSON, MICHIGAN 517·783·2317

.sport joy . ROBERT D.Rebel Industries is a new company owned and operated by seasoned sailors and manufacturers.the general good of body and soul on the sparkling . The owner .thrills .P.A. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT PASTCOMMODORE SECRETARY OF NATIONAL HARRY MElliNG REBEL SA IlOR JOHN . which is to say: We build our boats first for the waterand second for the showroom (a close second).. CAMPBEll REBEL SAilOR REBEL ASSOCIATION MELVIN SKUTT C. The whole reason for their existance is enjoyment . Our products are sport boats.director team of Rebel Industires represents an aggregate of 89 years of small boat racing and a cumulative 127 years of successful business and manufacturing expe rie nce . . SMITH REBEL SAilOR J 1M JORDON REBEL SAilOR DON ROBINSON REBEL SAilOR GEORGE CARR REBEL SAilOR THREE TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION TREASURER GENERAL MANAGER PRODUCTION MANAGER SALES MANAGER We offer you a complete line of fiberglas sailboats all of which are built to racing standards .

market. 166 SQ. She handles easily and is very forgiving to the new skipper. ROOM FOR A FAMILY PICNIC UNDER SAIL EXCELLENT STORAGE FORWARD UNDER DECK. Rebel is a self .assured comfortable craft that will sail through a hurricane but is so well balanced that a gentle sneeze of wind will move a whole family along in good style.cruising sloop. POWERFUL HUU OF WIND AND WAVES. Rebel was the first successful fiberglas sport boat and is generally considered the class of the 16 ft. ( LITERALLY). Rebel is the tops as a husband-wife or parentchild racer: REBEL HULL LINES ARE FLOWING-GRACEFUL-BEAUTIFUL.REBEL FLAGSHIP OF REBEL INDUSTRIES FLEET LENGTH WEIGHT 16'-0" 700 LBS. Others ha ve imitated. SHE'S VERY SAFE AND STABLE. but never surpassed her. BEAM 6'-6" SAIL AREA (MAIN AND JIB) Rebel is a racing . FT. The national class is nearly 3800 strong. THE COCKPIT VIEW SHOWS THE ROOMY·BEAUTIFUL·COMFORTABLE PASSENGER AREA. HER BIG IS DESIGNED TO BE FRIENDLY TO ANY CONDITION All Rebel Industries boats are built to sail away from a capsize: .

A knowledgeable small boat sailor can have a ball on Slipper when the white caps are rolling~ Owners say she is a "Powerful lot of boat" tucked into 12 feet: S LIPPER HAS A SIT ·UPON DECK. FT. All Rebel Industries boats are built to sail away from a capsize: . VERY COMFORTABLE AND JUST THE RIGHT DESIGN FOR THE KIDS TO "HIKE OUT" AND "HOLD HER DOWN" IN A STRONG BREEZE. Most of the kids want to "Race:" sooner or later. SAIL AREA (MAIN 110 SQ. She makes. She will easily carry 3 adults and perform well. Slipper is not just a "Kids" boat. AND JIB) SLIPPER'S HULL IS DEEp·BEAMY· AND VERY excellent junior trainer for general sailing instruction or racing. Slipper is our traditional square chine hull.SLIPPER LENGTH BEAM WEIGHT 12' -0" 5'-2" 350 LBS.

80 SQ. Cockpit Hand Rails For Safety 4. Covered Storage Well On Deck For Miscellaneous Supplies 3. If fancies suit your fancy you will be pleased to find that we don't charge any more for them. All Rebel Industries boats are built to sail away from a capsize: . FT. DELTA MAIN) SAIL AREA (SINGLE Surf Sailer is our version of a rather famous board boat which shall be nameless. The fancies are as follows: 1.SURF SAILER LENGTH 13' -10" BEAM 4'-2" WEIGHT 132 LBS. Improved Rudder System. Large r Cockpit 2. We have just fancied it up.

FT.. SHOWN ABOVE ARE THE WIDE DECKS FOR SURE FOOTED WALKING lOUNGING WHilE UNDER SAIL. Every topside feature was designed with the hourslong comfort of the skipper and passengers in mind. Blue Star has a big cockpit that you Step-Down Into . FINE ENTRY FORWARD FOllOWED BY lOAD CARRYING DISPLACEMENT PLAN ING HUllS.. OR All Rebel Industries boats are built to sail away from a capsize: . Blue Star slides up the wind like she is on rails and tacks on a dime because of her unique retractable forward fin-stabilizer. UNDER THE MAST FEATHERING Blue Star is really new~ She is the first planing catamaran and "Boy Does She Sail" Blue Star took 4 years and 4 prototypes to bring to success. (MAIN AND JIB) THE HU llS ARE lONG-SLEEK-AND IN "YACHT" INTO THE lONG TRADITION. plus 7' 9" seats.BLUE STAR CRU ISING CATAMARAN LENGTH 16'·6" BEAM 7'·6" WEIGHT 375 LBS. SAIL AREA 190 SQ. Her basic philosophy is Rebel-class power and stability combined with the tremendous off-thewind speed of the catamaran hull system. DECKS ARE 201f2" WIDE.AFT.

or promotional use or sold as other than a factory first. subjected to misuse. upholstery. CONSTRUCT ION OF OUR BOATS FOR BEAUTY AND ENDURANCE. (7) any sailboat that is transported on any other type boat trailer other than the expressly designed and sold by Rebel Industries for that purpose. BUSINESS AND PERSONAL INTEGRITY WITH OUR DEALERS AND CUSTOMERS. when such. (6) any products sold for other than normal pleasure use including rental. vinyl.YE. accepts no responsibility for any representations. of the registration card within 15 days of purchase. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the owner and all warranty repairs must be approved by an authorized Rebel Industries representative prior to the repair. (3) gel coat cracks. products to original users. crazing or gel coat bubbles. at its plant. (4) canvas. whose decision shall be final. INCORPORA TED HIGH PRODUCT ENG INEERING SAFETY-HIGH PERFORMANCE-AND FOR LONG LIFE.' s option. purchase is :coDfirmed by the submission to Rebel Industries Inc. WARRANTY Rebel' iIidustrie. Michigan 49202 Phone 517-783-2317 or your local dealer listed below JET SAILBOAT 1550 OAKTON STREET DES PLAINES. (5) any Rebel Industries boat that has been altered. dealer.:' fuc.Surf Sailer . The liability of the Company shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part judged to be defective by Rebel Industries. plastics and trim. (2) installation of accessories or equipment installed by anyone other than the factory.SIiUDer . "IF WE DO IT-WE'LL DO IT RIGHT" QNE. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied by Rebel Industries Inc. This warranty does not apply to: (1) equipment or accessories carrying their own individual warranties.warrants' ea~h\new boat for a period of one full year. commercial.Rascal. This warranty applies to defects of material or workmanship but only when used for the normal recommended pleasure use. negligence or accident. Within this period warranty repairs will be made without charge by Rebel Industries Inc. by an authorized Rebel Industries Inc. Please contact Rebel Industires 3506 Schee Ie Drive Jackson. IlliNOIS TEL:(312) 299-6323 Dealer of Sailboats 60018 Rebel.AR. or at Rebel Industries Inc. Rebel Industries Inc.- REBEL INDUSTRIES MEANS UNVARYING STANDARDS IN. acts or omissions of its dealers relating to the preparation and/ or sale of Rebel Industries Inc. from date of delivery to the original pure haser.

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