Issue #11 for AHI

7/10/2008 - 9/4/2008

When A Picture Says A Thousand Words
By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia)
Submitted at 9/1/2008 3:57:00 AM

Landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities, with regards to the rental of property. To create a fair set of rules for landlords and tenants, along with introducing legislative requirements for the 'written tenancy agreement', the Residential Tenancies Act commenced on 30th October 1989. This agreement consists of two parts, part 1 relates to the 'Terms Of The Agreement', and part 2 relates to a 'Property Condition Report', known as a 'PCR'. The Property Condition Report is simply an inventory of the property, taken prior to the start of tenancy, noting the condition of the property. Aussie Home Inventories are specialists in the area of documenting property and contents and are offering landlords, tenants, lodgers and students the opportunity to have a Property Condition Report compiled. They prepare a concise Property Condition Report which details the condition of the property, room by room, noting any inclusions or dilapidations. The landlord & tenant, and in cases where the property is managed, the agent, all receive a copy of this property condition report. The tenant may add additional comments and must return the condition report to the landlord / agent within seven days of the start of lease. The original report and the report returned by the tenant are both then used at the end of a tenancy to ensure the property is returned in the same condition, with consideration given to 'fair wear and tear' accepted. The Property Condition Report usually comprises of a written description accompanied by photographs or video when requested. Information on the process of tenancy, with

respect to bond lodgement / refund, property condition reports, inspections and 'fair wear and tear, is easily explained in a download called Tenancy Tips, supplied by the Tenants Union, ACT. Please refer to your own individual states Tenants Assistance Organisation for advice. New South Wales - Tenants Organisation. Aussie Home Inventories supplies independent Property Condition Reports that can save landlords and tenants considerable time and money in the event of a dispute, or avoid the dispute in the first case. At tribunal hearings, photographic evidence is more commonly supporting claims and disputes, being supplied as evidence of property condition. If you are managing a property and would like a professional independent Property Condition Report, then call Aussie Home Inventories for assistance. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia


Burned Fingers
By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia)
Submitted at 8/21/2008 8:02:00 PM

Suffering a loss of property is understandably a major trauma for most people. It is during the time of recovery, that people wish they had done more in the task of preparation. To prepare not just their property, but themselves for the outcome and recovery. When preparation can make a difference, it is often ignored or put off until it is to late, as it is not seen as important enough, at that time. People may be aware of recent burglaries, but do not get around to fixing the security system, until after the break-in. Many home owners are unaware they are underinsured, until they make a claim, thus any loss not covered is at the property owners expense. In preparation for loss, it always pays to have a property inventory where property and contents are fully recorded and documented. This results in more accurate claims and the chance of faster, more frequent theft recovery. Aussie Home Inventories is seeking information from individuals whom realise they could have done more, to be better prepared. If you have suffered a loss through natural disaster, emergency or theft, they would like to hear from you. Of special interest is information that involves: • Finding out you were under-insured at claim time. • The lack of documentation that could have assisted with theft recovery. • Not having all the required documentation for the insurance supplier. Information can be easily forwarded to their

offices via email, or they can be contacted directly. All submitted information will be used anonymously to compile a list of reasons, why people need to be more prepared, learning from the examples of why people did not. The data will be used to compile articles, that will be posted on Aussie Home Inventories websites. This is a place to share your stories, to let others learn, to encourage them to get prepared. If you thought you were prepared and found you were not, Aussie Home Inventories calls this the 'Burned Fingers' syndrome, they would especially like to receive your information. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia

Survey II Launch
By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia)
Submitted at 7/10/2008 10:46:00 PM

Thank you, to all of you whom took the on-line survey. This survey was created to allow Aussie Home Inventories, to better understand the awareness level amongst the Australian community, of Under-Insurance and Home Inventory Services. The survey results are being collated and will be posted on this blog, and our Home Inventory Service website over the next couple of weeks. The data will allow us to better service, our existing and new clients. The survey has been upgraded to version II and is

now hosted on-line at ''. This second survey will run through to the end of the year or until we meet a level of submissions. If you missed out on taking the first survey and would like to add your input, please click on the survey button to the left, on the menu bar. The survey takes less than five minutes and varies in length depending on your answers. For more information on the survey and data collected, please read our survey information page. Please vote in our poll on this blog. Your input is greatly appreciated. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia


Broadband That Is Off This Planet
By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia)
Submitted at 8/27/2008 9:27:00 PM

Aussie Home Inventories is assisting rural and regional area Australians, in getting connected to Aussie broadband internet. Offering eligible clients a subsidised satellite broadband connection, as part of the government's Australian Broadband Guarantee program. After researching the Satellite Broadband providers connected with the program, they are now an agent for a major satellite provider. "We investigated all the providers offerings and know we made a good choice in being able to offer our clients, the best satellite broadband solution. We offer our clients satellite broadband as a service, to those wishing to break free of dial-up, or wanting to join our Annual Update Program. By joining the program clients can simply transfer home and business inventory data to us", said Andrew

Goodfellow, Inventory consultant at Aussie Home Inventories. The Australian Broadband Guarantee program is specifically aimed at getting non-ADSL customers on-line. This offer of satellite broadband is open to all Australians whom are unable to be served by a metro-comparable solution. "By offering our client's a more superior service, client's data is easily received and updated, making our inventory service more attractive. This could not have been done without the assistance of an Aussie broadband satellite connection." To find out if you are eligible for a subsidised Aussie broadband satellite program contact Aussie Home Inventories. They offer help and friendly advice, which will assist you in getting connected to Aussie broadband. They even check your eligibility whilst you are on the phone! Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia

Online Survey I Results
By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia)
Submitted at 7/20/2008 10:35:00 PM

Results for the'Online Survey I' into the'Awareness by Australians of Under-Insurance & Home Inventory Services', are now available. Aussie Home Inventories, would like to know of your comments on the survey results. If you missed the chance to take Survey I, then please take a few minutes to take Survey II. All information collected, will allow Aussie Home Inventories to better understand your needs and offer you a better service. If you wish to use the results of the survey in articles / information releases, we ask that you mention the information source and link back to our main website. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia