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This API course teaches you how to use the SolidWorks API (Application Programming

Interface) to automate and customize SolidWorks.

Course Topics include:

Lesson 1: Using the Macro Recorder Lesson 4: Automating Part Design

Macro Toolbar Setting Material
Understanding How Macro Code Works Creating the Sketch Rectangle
Variable Declaration Creating the Sketch Circle
Entry Point Procedure Creating Extruded Features
SolidWorks Application Object Enabling Contour Selection in the Extrusion
Understanding How to Call Methods Creating Revolved Features
Debugging Code Adding Dimensions
Adding Forms to a Macro Standard Commands
View Commands
Sketch Commands
Lesson 2: The API Object Model
Sketch Tools Commands
Application Objects Features Commands
SldWorks Object Sketch Relations Commands
SolidWorks 2003 Type Library Reference Geometry Commands
Early vs. Late Binding
ModelDoc2 Object Lesson 5: Assembly Automation
ModelDoc Extension Object Transforms
PartDoc Object Creating Transforms
AssemblyDoc Object Activating Documents
DrawingDoc Object Getting Adjacent Faces
Getting Curve Parameters
Adding Components
Lesson 3: Setting System Options and
Adding Mates
Document Properties
User Preferences - System Options
Setting Checkboxes Lesson 6: Drawing Automation
Setting Textboxes with Integer Values Creating Sheets
Setting Textboxes with Double Values Creating Views
Setting Textboxes with String Values Inserting Annotations
Setting Listboxes Annotation Commands
Setting Radio Buttons Layer Commands
Setting Slider Bars Drawing Commands
User Preferences - Document Properties Line Format Commands
System Options Table
Document Properties Table

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Adding Summary Information
Lesson 7: Selection and Traversal
Document Attributes
Techniques AttributeDef Object
Preselection Attribute Object
Accessing the Selection Manager Parameter Object
Counting Selected Objects Face Attributes
Getting Selected Objects
Getting Selected Object Types Lesson 9: Notifications
Getting Feature Type Names Simple Notifications
Accessing the Object Definition
Accessing Selections
Lesson 10: Customizing the User Interface
Releasing Selections
Making Specific Changes Dynamic-Link Library (DLL)
Modify the Object Definition Connecting an Add-In to SolidWorks
Face Traversal Setting Add-In Callback Information
Getting Bodies Custom Menus
Setting and Getting Face Properties Custom Menu Items
Feature Manager Traversal Disconnecting an Add-In from SolidWorks
Traversing the FM from the Top Removing Custom Menus
Displaying Feature Names and Types Naming an Add-In
Setting Feature Suppression Creating Custom PropertyManager Pages
Setting Feature UI State Adding Controls to PropertyManager Pages
Obtaining a Feature by FeatureManager Adding Picture Labels to Controls
Position Custom Toolbar Design Techniques
Resource Editor
Adding Toolbars
Lesson 8: Adding Custom Properties and Adding Toolbar Commands
Attributes Removing Toolbars
Adding Custom Information Fields Other Areas of Customization
Setting and Getting Custom Information Custom Status Bars
Values Custom Pop-up Menus
Getting Custom Property Names Custom FeatureManager Tabs
Getting Custom Property Count Custom ModelView Windows
Getting Configuration Names

Users attending this course are expected to have the following:

Mechanical/Industrial design experience

Experience with the Windows™ operating system
SolidWorks Essentials (Basic course)
SolidWorks VB

3 days

Course Cost
Contact Javelin

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