Rizwan Alam A.P.U.S.History Period:0 Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and Confederacy.

There were more then enough reasons for the both sides to get into a conflict, but the main one was Abraham Lincoln wanting to end any sense of hatred towards states and bring them all together, or at least bring the patriotism and love towards its nation back. The main reason Union fought the Confederacy was because of Abraham Lincoln and his insistence that the Union ought to be Preserved. The war started after the South Carolinians provoking and losing on Fort Sumter, this incident shocked the northerners and Lincoln was then forced to asked for 75,000 volunteers. The Northerners and the Southerners both had many strengths and weaknesses regarding the satisfying win for battles and environment created in the South. Although The Confederates didn’t had many strengths, their reasons for the war were much stronger, which described their patriotism, and they always maintained the hope to get help from Europe. South had the rich leader in General Robert E. Lee, which made the military fighting very smart, organized, and brought chemistry between one another. They had the loyalty of Europe, but the North was too good for the Europe to get into the war. The South kept making a lot of money from the taxes and selling of cotton to British’s textiles. The South were ready from their minds and skill wise, but lacked a lot of economic and population issues. Although they were mentally and skill wise strong and capable contenders, the South had to deal with many weaknesses. They had to get a whole new government as quick as possible, and were not able to choose the right ones. This caused many economic and social issues, as many were corrupted as well. The Southerners economy was seriously hindered when their reliable way to deliver cotton to Europe was blocked by Northerners. Confederacy did not have sufficient numbers of people to maintain an army and keep the agriculture going all at the same time; and the war was becoming unpopular. Even though Confederates were very skillful and capable, many of the generals were jealous from one another, especially during the battles in Gettysburg, the lack of chemistry contributed greatly from battle to battle. Union was very instable as far as generals and skills required for a war. They had some of the worst military leaders the world had ever seen, especially at the start of the war. Their presented reasons for the war did not entertain the people as much as their patriotism did. Despite some of the losses Union did not have many weaknesses. North had many rich reliabilities to win the war. When Lincoln asked for 75,000 men to volunteer in the war, they got more then that, which explains that they had many men to rely upon. Then the North soon controlled the Sea, seriously injuring the Southerner’s agriculture. They had ready-made and well developed government and rules. The weather condition and many other reasons benefited the agriculture of the Unions. The control on sea also helped them transport and import goods much more easily. California & New Nevada. Silver & Gold torn from the Earth in the high Sierras carried down to the Port of San Francisco, transported to China, traded for good especially gun powder, China wear and above all Opium which became Morphine the Zantac of its generation. And then they had the upheld on the most important substances, the Union had more weapons, better organization, an ever improving railroad & telegraphic network. This all contributed significantly in improving the Unions and harming the confederates. Union and the Confederates both had their weaknesses and strengths, but Union had far more strengths and the Confederates, despite good leadership, had many economic weaknesses. This war presented the amount of economy and bloodshed

spent for some problems between the nation.