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FORE! 10 Tough Holes

The golf courses in the Sea-toSky Corridor are so spectacular that even if your game is in vacation mode, you’ll relish the opportunity to play these great courses. However, you can also choose to spice it up a little by tackling the toughest holes in the Corridor. And 99 North has scouted them for you from the #10 at Nicklaus North Golf Course to the #14 at what is probably B.C.’s most photographed course, Furry Creek Golf & Country Club. We think the toughest hole is the #3 at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club – give it your best shot!
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Club selection and confidence are everything as you set up to challenge these holes >> by Je f f N e i l s o n

#4 Big Sky Golf and Country Club
PAR 5, 520 YARDS

Big Sky’s 4th looks easy on the score card, a shortish par 5 by today’s standards. But finding your way from tee to green without visiting the creek that crosses four times is the test. Longer hitters will choose to lay-up short of the creek off the tee, and lay-up again short of the creek that protects the green. What makes this hole especially challenging is the approach shot, with penalty strokes awaiting balls short or left of the green. Even if your approach lands safely on the green, the sloped putting surface can lead to an easy three-stroke putt. If you’ve ever heard Robin Williams: Live on Broadway where he rants about his frustrations with golf, he may very well have been referring to Big Sky’s 4th.

beach on this one... Just enjoy one of the most beautiful and unique golf holes you’ll ever have the opportunity to play!

Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s #3 hole (above) is our choice for toughest hole to play in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

#10 Nicklaus North Golf Course
PAR 3, 160 YARDS

once you reach it, but convincing yourself of that on the tee is another story.

On this tee box, most people are contemplating their snack shack order more than their club selection. The wind has been known to swirl on this hole, making the shallow, well-protected green very hard to find. A large lake extends from tee to green, with further trouble awaiting if you miss long or right. If you manage to find the green with your tee shot on this beautiful par 3, you’ll be rewarded with a relatively subtle putting surface. Provide a decent tip at the snack shack for best karma prior to tee off.

#12 Nicklaus North Golf Course
PAR 3, 200 YARDS

#14 Furry Creek Golf & Country Club
PAR 3, 204 YARDS

#14 Big Sky Golf and Country Club
PAR 4, 408 YARDS

This dramatic par 3 often plays downwind, and stopping the ball close to the hole on this tabletop, double-green is near impossible. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the unique position of putting back onto the 12th green from the third. If your tee shot misses the target, hope it finds a green-side bunker, as balls that don’t will often be rejected by the slope and end up in the water. A drop zone awaits, and so does hole #13, a gentle par 5 to help you regain your confidence.

Arguably B.C.’s most photographed golf hole, what makes it so challenging is that most golfers are taking pictures and not thinking about their tee shot. Downwind, it’s nearly impossible to stick the landing on this green, unless you judge the distance precisely. Wise golfers will favour the right side of the green; the adventurous will surely go for the pin. The shallow green is angled to favour a right-toleft shot which, as right-handers know, is hard to stop. Honestly, who cares if you hit it on the

#14 is a spectacular signature hole, a gorgeous and challenging par 4 shadowed by Mount Currie, which towers behind the green like an angry gatekeeper. The beauty and challenge of the hole can combine to create a great expectation of your tee shot, which can often result in disappointment if you end up in the water or out of bounds. This hole requires two very demanding shots for good players, or two lucky ones for the average player. The fairway is wider than you expect

#13 Whistler Golf Club
PAR 4, 391 YARDS

Placement of your tee shot is critical on this challenging dog-leg left par 4. Favour the right side of the fairway for the best angle to approach the green, as shots left may be blocked out by the trees. Even a well-placed tee shot risks having a difficult mid- to longiron approach to a receptive green. A postcard view of Whistler/Blackcomb awaits your second shot. Enjoy!
Fairmont Chateau Whistler GC

S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 0 7

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#17 Nicklaus North Golf Course
PAR 3, 213 YARDS

Green Lake extends everywhere left of this spectacular golf hole, and on the tee the lake feels like a giant magnet pulling your ball. Many great golf holes feature ponds, but golfers are not accustomed to having a 200hectare lake left of the target. While pulling off this tee shot can be most demanding, a great one will have you smiling all the way to the Nicklaus North clubhouse.

Big Sky’s 14th hole

#1 Furry Creek Golf & Country Club
PAR 4, 339 YARDS

Furry Creek welcomes golfers with a spectacular opening hole, aptly titled The Drop Zone. The tee box sits perched on a cliff’s edge, peering straight into Lions Bay and the surrounding mountains. As golfers know, the first swing of the day can often produce unusual results, and in this case let’s hope it’s an unusually straight tee shot that finds the fairway some 165 feet below. A lake borders the fairway left and impressive rapids rush down the mountain to the right of the hole. This short hole has some bite to it, and avoiding penalty strokes should be your primary objective.

Nicklaus North’s 10th hole

#18 Squamish Valley Golf and Country Club
PAR 4, 400 YARDS

The 18th at Squamish Valley is one of the finest finishing holes around. It calls for a long accurate tee shot and a second shot through a narrow opening lined with tall cedars on the right and out-of-bounds and trees on the left. The pin can be tucked away on the right side to demand a difficult tee shot, or in the front to challenge your iron accuracy. It’s a beautiful finish to a great course.
Whistler Golf Club’s 13th hole

#3 Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club
PAR 4, 387 YARDS

This could arguably be the toughest par to make in Sea-to-Sky golf. Measuring only 387 yards but playing straight uphill, you will have to hit a long and accurate tee shot down the right-hand side of the fairway to even have a chance of reaching the guarded green to the left. If you do hit a near-perfect drive, your approach shot will require that you take two clubs extra to compensate for the rise in elevation, and then often you will have to work the ball from the right to left, over a ravine. Don’t be too proud to lay-up on this hole, as the majority of golfers will do so. u
Big Sky G&CC, Nicklaus North GC, Whistler GC & Furry Creek G&CC

Furry Creek’s 14th hole