· Miguel Colon

Miguel Colon

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirecrors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Miriam Lock Teacher

East Brooklyn Congregations School for Public Service in Bushwick Shirley Edwards


Stephen E. Phillips superintendent Alternative High Schools & Programs

©1997 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts

'-Vhat is Worth Working Hard For?

My own "cribolis" self,

getting a job that showers me with wealth, a girl that can love me just for me,

to be with that girl for eternity,

lacing myself with ill designer wear,

sippin' on cognac in my phat leather chair, one day to have kids of my own,

also controlling the world

as I sit on my throne

and calling my crib on my cellular phone.


The Object that has Special Meaning

res something to me that is worth seeing. It's a cross that touches me in a special way. It reminds me of three special days,

a time when my life was easy,

when it was easy to please me.

An object that I own that's valuable: the object is two big nails

in the shape of a cross

with a rope attached to the top of it. I t symbolizes the time

I went to my confirmation retreat. Those days I felt good

and had fun.

I keep it on my speaker in my room

and when I look at it

it reminds me of the retreat.



To be a man who's amazing. My style will be still blazing,

my sacs living life to the fullest every day, have some crystal mix with Moet Chardonay, ehillin' in my Lex with my Gore- Tex plus, leather Avirex, sit back while I count

my checks, take my girl around the world, lacing her up with designer pearls. I'll be a young buck trying to get unstuck

in a place where no one gives a fi'(%.


\Vhere Do I See Myself in the Future?

I see myself an older man traveling to distant lands and my girl on my hand,

a job that pays millions

with cribs in three different places, having boots with gold laces

and when you look you can't trace this young man from Brooklyn;

and by the way things are lookin' I will be a well rounded individual

that never comes across as a full fledged criminal.



Life is a treasure to some,

a treasure that can be taken by a gun. Life, you get to choose your direction also divided into different sections. Life so underrated,

so easy,

so hard,

so undecided.


A Day to Remember

A day I remember was a summer fling

A day in Florida when birds started to sing A day when the palm trees sway in the air A day when everybody cared

A day when the water looked like the sky A day that you didn't care if you could fly The sun spreading his joy around

A day if you listen you could not hear a sound


The Lady

The lovely lady who is responsible for me, she always gets me out

when I'm stuck up a tree.

This lady is very special.

She's my hero,

a Latin princess

with much success,

a woman who is worth being in a poem,

a woman who carries my last name Colon. This is my Mom


l~. ..a

pI', •.. ~~~: _ t, ••• '_. ..' ,._ '.

',:.:~.: ~:::~::::.: ::~::.:;''-'':=:~.

• .. .•.....•• ' t···

~~ a waterways publication

In Search of a Song Volume 310


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