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Hamza Waleed Ghandorh

1104 - 535 Proudfoot Lane

London, Ontario CANADA N6H5X2
Cellphone (Ca) : 0015196948411
Jawwal (Sa) : 0503366061, 0509833375

Career Objective
Gaining skills and developing strong background in Computer Science discipline is es-
sential goal of my list. Therefore, I would like to join your institute where I can exploit the
potential of my knowledge and experience and eventually enrich my expertise.

- Master of Science (Computer Science), The University of Western Ontario, London,
Ontario, Canada (Expected in Aug 2011).
- Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), King Abdullaziz University, Saudi Arabia
(September 2002 - December 2007) (4,17 out of 5).

Other Education
- English as Second Language Certificate, Cultureworks ESL, Canada (April 2009).
- Fundamentals of Oracle 10g with Developer Suite 10g Certificate, T-baih institute,
Saudi Arabia (March 2008).
- Fundamentals of multimedia (photoshop and flash) and Website Designing Cer-
tificate, King Abdullaziz University, Saudi Arabia (July 2007).

Work Experience
Technical Experience :
Masters Candidate September 2009 - Present
Computer Science Department, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario,

Assistant Webmaster January - March 2008

IT Department, Deanship of Graduate Studies, King Abdullaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi
- Checked links and removed broken or redirected ones.
- Posted graduate students grades and new announcements to the Deanship website.
- Checked potential site content for style and appropriateness.
- Troubleshooted technical problems of the site.

1 out of 4
Computer Support Person April - December 2007
IT Department, MedNet company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
- Set up and repaired hard drives, printers, monitors, and other hardware components.
- Installed, updated, and troubleshooted company softwares.
- Provided user/email/fax/company ERP system accounts to new employees.
- Monitored and maintained computer networks.
- Handled company telephony system, new and old company phones extensions.
- Imported and backed up insurers information into and from company databases.
- Recommend new equipments and softwares and prepared cost estimates.

Other Experience
Sandwich artiste June - July 2006
Subway restaurant, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Data entry June - August 2004 - 2005
Several local motels, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Professional Strengths
- Quick learner and ability to work under pressure.
- Ability to handle multiple tasks.
- Good motivator, enthusiastic and open to learn new ideas.
- Ability to work in team and under pressure.

Technical Proficiency
- Programming Languages : C# 2003 (good), Java (good), and Matlab (fair).
- Operation systems : Client (Windows, Unix, Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu), Mac) ,
and Server (Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Windows Server 2003, and Nortel te-
lephony system).
- Scripts : HTML, XML, SQL, .bat and shell file.
- Databases : MySQL Server 5.5.8 (Connector/J), Oracle 10g, and Microsoft Access
- Applications : Latex, SVN, SSH client, Visio 2003, FTP clients, Eclipse, Netbeans, Intel-
liJ IDEA, Apache (Axis2, Tomcat, Ant, TCPMon), and text editors (Textpad, Notepad++,
- Participation in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

2 out of 4
- Diagnosed of faults through third party component within Web services compo-
sitions (August 2011).
Keywords: Java, Socket programming, Tomcat, Axis2, CentOS, Cluster, Valve compo-
nent extension, event corrections, log files parsing, MySQL database server.
- Determined the frequency of requested IPs in one-GB-size HTTP requests trace
file in the possible optimized time.
Keywords: Parallel Programming, Amazon Web Services, MapReduce model, Net-
beans, Karmasphere Studio extension, Hadoop, Java, Vim.
- Demonstrated an information visualization tool of Skiing sport enthusiasms.
Keywords: Human Computer Interaction techniques, Microsoft Powerpoint 2003, Adobe
- Developed a proof-of-concept of schema-based Semantic Web tool.
Keywords: Microsoft C# 2003, RDF syntax parsing, Microsoft Access 2003 database,

- Managing Projects, MITACS Sept 2010
- Fundamentals in Project Management 2, MITACS June 2010
- Practice Your Presentation Skills, MITACS Mar 2010
- Networking, MITACS Mar 2010
- Art of conversation, MITACS Mar 2010
- Fundamentals in Project Management 1, MITACS Feb 2010
- Becoming an Entrepreneur: Starting your Own Business, MITACS Feb 2010
- The Language of Conference Presentation, TSC, UWO Feb 2010

Personal Information
Nationality : Saudi.
Language: Arabic (Mother tough) - English.
Marital Statue : Married.
Habits : Internet browsing, reading, planning, learning other languages and swimming.

Volunteer activities
- Member of Saudi Student Association in London, Ont , Canada (April 2008 - Present)
- Buddy on Orientation Day in CultureWorks ESL, Canada (April 2008).
- Participant in Student Society Debates in CultureWorks ESL, Canada. (February
3 out of 4
- Member of Scientific Club in Al-Hussein bin Ali Secondary School, Saudi Arabia ( Feb-
ruary 2001 - 2002).

- Received an excellent reward for Winter 2010 January 2010 - April 2010
- Received a Saudi Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship April 2008 - August 2011
- Received a fifth place in my bachelor graduation projects December 2007

4 out of 4