Newsletter #20

Catching up
by Eugene van Deventer April at 13thFLOOR is by far the busiest month we face during a year. It is during this time we start rounding off and polishing all our stage productions, life-orientation classes and ministry programs. This all culminates into a dress rehearsal which lasts for two weeks. Days start at 7am and end at 2am...they get long! But it is during these times when I really get nostalgic and appreciate the work which I do. In four months the young adults, whom we have trained, have grown immensely on an emotional and spiritual level. Today, they commence their year of ministering to the youth of South Africa, starting in the Western Cape. I know deep in my heart that it is there, on the road where they will grow even more intimate with God. It is there that they will have to learn to fully depend on Him. We as staff can only train them so much, now they have to spread their wings and fly. I wish them the best. Besides training the students of 13thFLOOR, I have also had the privilege this month to continue ministering at schools with our band, The FLOOR. It really been a blessing visiting schools and offering a different perspective on God to a teenage community in dire need of Someone greater than themselves. We literally create opportunities for hundreds of teenagers every week to experience God in an honest and intimate way. What astounded me this month especially, was that a huge percentage of the teenagers we minister to were never even confronted in making a choice in accepting Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I am humbled by the fact that every time we create such opportunities, these young people hungrily grasp at it as if were their last. I added some posts we received on our Facebook page as “post-its” just to share their experiences of God at one of our worship get-togethers. Thank you Lord for handing me this life where You use me as You wish. I am a witness to Your life-changing relationships. My whole existence is overshadowed by Your grace, mercy and never-ending love. As you go, be and make disciples.

April 2011
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Wow wow wow! W e hav 2 thank u 4 the aw esome music! The way we just connected with God! It ws awesome! Thank u sooo much* u guys rock!

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