NFC in the Market

Julia Charnock Innovision R&T Chairman, Marketing Communications Working Group
Contactless Technology Congress March 2010

Example: Health Care / Social Benefits
• • Payment
– Pay with NFC phones at contactless POS

Information Gathering
– Use NFC phones to read patient history from smart card or phone-to-phone

– Ensure secure hospital area access for personnel with NFC phone and contactless reader

Asset Management
– Use NFC phones to read smart tags on prescriptions to track inventory

– Use NFC phones to track patient visits – Record activities performed by health care workers with NFC devices and smart tags


Example: Airlines • • Ticketing – – – Download tickets to NFC phone NFC phones to pay for airport purchases NFC phones to pay for in-flight services Store frequent flyer mileage number and check balance on NFC phone Redeem miles at the gate for upgrades Store boarding pass on NFC phone and tap to enter gate Special offers for premium passengers transferred from smart poster to NFC phone Schedules downloaded from smart posters / URLs to NFC phone Baggage tracking Luggage ID tags Payment • Loyalty – – • Access – • Information Gathering – – • Asset Management – – 63 .

transfer coupon to friend.Example: Retail • Payment – Pay with NFC phones at contactless POS – Add and use a prepaid gift card in an NFC phone • Loyalty / Couponing – – – – Add or redeem points with NFC POS and NFC phone Download coupons from smart poster to NFC phone P2P . recommend products Redeem / send coupons between NFC phone and POS • Information Gathering – Read product history / warnings from tag to NFC phone – Touch tags to collect shopping list – Touch a tag and opt-in to get SMS store or mall offers (tracks customer entry as well) • Asset Management – Use NFC phones to read smart tags per product • More… – Collect deposit from bottle recycling machine – Activate electronic devices after purchase 64 .

Example: Public Sector • Payment – Pay with NFC phones at contactless POS – Store vouchers – Pay for parking • Information Gathering – Download benefits phone numbers from smart posters to NFC phone – Record parking stall in NFC phone • Access – Secure building access with NFC phone and contactless reader – Access to parking stalls • Phone as ID Card – Physical and logical log on – Replaces passport 65 .

tire pressure.) Personalize vehicle (seat position. service appointments. remaining fuel. heating/cooling…) Bonus / loyalty programs from car dealer or service stations Use NFC phones to read smart tags per part Use with GPS for route planning Bluetooth coupling with car phone / radio 66 • Access – • Information – – • Loyalty – • • Asset Management – – – More… . favorite radio station. use to open car with contactless reader Access car service information (km driven.Example: Automotive • Payment – Use NFC phones with contactless car reader to buy music/video content Store electronic keys on NFC phones. etc.

maps. wine detail Read smart posters to NFC phone with information such as: • • • • Movie / show schedules Upcoming movie trailers Tourism information (historical background. etc) Favorite sports team updates 67 Loyalty Ticketing • Access – – – • Information Gathering – – Read smart billboards to customize traveler experience .Example: Travel and Entertainment • • • Payment – – – – Use NFC phones to pay with contactless POS within venues Add or redeem points with NFC POS and NFC phone Store theater / attraction / event tickets on NFC phone Collect tickets using NFC phone Redeem tickets to enter venue using NFC phone and contactless reader Hotel check-in Order food with “tagged” menu/ read food ingredients.

Example: Business • Payment – Store and access vouchers – Make cafeteria / vending purchases • Access – – – – Create secure building access Perform secure PC log-in Report work time Track conference / meeting attendance • More… – Exchange electronic business cards in a quick and simple way 68 .

The Forum is Reaching Out • New marketing alliances are driving targeted programs such as Spotlight events for verticals • New Implementer level of membership is giving business requirements and sharing lessons learned from real world implementations 69 .

Upcoming Marketing Programs • • • • Database describing projects around the world The annual NFC Forum Global Competition for developers Transport White Paper Other white papers and “cookbooks” in development to support practical implementations • Groups working on specific programs per region • Various webcasts scheduled throughout the year • N-Mark promotions being planned 70 .

NFC Forum Support for Developers Peter Coster Toppan Forms Co.. Chair: Ecosystem Development Working Group . Ltd.

72 . with the aim of ecosystem players creating a breadth of applications.Ecosystem Development Working Group Charter The Ecosystem Development Working Group works with multiple audiences and executes outreach programs with partners and others to develop and foster the NFC community.

• Established focus groups on Retail.History • Group was started in September 2009. • Developed out of the need to push NFC out into the ecosystem. Developers and Transport 73 . Oulu.

Ecosystem Development Structure Ecosystem Development Working Group Transport Industry Focus Group Retail Industry Focus Group Developers Focus Group Finance Industry Focus Group Etc. Focus Groups are focused on industry outreach 74 .

Specs and Developers 75 75 .

Benefits of NFC • NFC is an extension of contactless • Card emulation works with legacy systems • NFC really adds benefit in its multiple modes • Peer-to-peer Vs. Card Emulation example 76 .

Developer Programs • Current and past NFC Forum programs for developers – Spotlight events – Whitepapers – NFC Forum Global Competiton – Webcasts – Databases 77 .

For Developers • Specification development • Application Note creation • Common workplace for review. questions and comments • Materials: – Spotlight events – Whitepapers – NFC Forum Global Competition – Webcasts 78 .

org/resources/presentations 79 .nfc-forum. sharing problems and trading ideas.Spotlights • One day event • Focused on a particular industry • Last Spotlight Event: – – – – Oulu. • For more details goto: http://www. Finland Focused on developers NFC Forum update Developing for Secure Elements • Great event for networking.

use cases • Application Notes – Uses the specifications – Guides to common uses – Released: Handover Connection – More in development • Get involved to work with leading developers pushing the NFC envelope 80 .Whitepapers & Application Notes • Whitepapers mobile. tags.

NFC Forum Global Competition • Established 4 years ago • Winners announced at WIMA • Ways of getting involved – Enter as a contestant – Become a sponsor and Judge – Review entries – Get leading professionals feedback 81 .

Webcasts • Webcasts – An interactive online seminar – Several available for download: • for the next one. 82 . check – Presented by developers and industry leaders – Can ask questions and get answers – 4-5 a year.

Database • Databases – Work being done on a database of NFC rollouts. projects and trials – Product database of NFC enabled devices 83 .

nfc-forum. speak to us or go to 84 .NFC Forum – the place to be • Amazing networking opportunity • Developers community • Get involved in leading NFC • If interested in NFC.

NFC Forum Panel Discussion Contactless Technology Congress March 2010 .

SONY • Raymond Yap. NFC Forum 86 . Innovision R&T • Yo Tabayashi. ViVOtech • Moderator: Debbie Arnold.Panelists • Julia Charnock.

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