1. Origin of Uchil / Yermal family.

Bifurcation of the houses-Which all places immigrated or whether any influx from outside at any stage. If immigration has taken place reason for the same. History of family tree and subsequent development. Reasons for deterioration to present stage. Negligence of the important elders & family members in these main houses inspite of cautioning them regarding some major problems and indications coming to persons staying outside in later stages. Reasons for neglect? Swarna Prasna and Aroodha Prasnas have been arranged in both houses their efficacy? If no proper expected relief has not been achieved reason for the same. 2. Roles of each prominent houses Uchila & Yeramal at present, their importance. At present condition who should attend what function where, since some families think Uchila as their original house and some people think Yermal as the original One. 3. Ritual done at both places-Devas, Daivas, Temple Sanidhya etc., 4. Expenses for Various rituals & poojas conducted at present situation. Whether the income from lands of each house are used effectively .In what way the outsiders can contribute to the activities. There looks to be resistance from these houses for participation for poojas from family members who are staying outsiders. Or is not enough help is given by outside members? 5. Whether nitya poojas & oblations done at these houses are proper. Are proper naivaidyas are offered. Whether rituals for daivas are done properly at appropriate time. Some of the functions for Daiva Deva Poojas proper informations like time & day are not informed. Whether the persons doing poojas or qualified for the same. Whether adequate naivedyas are offered considering the strength of the deities and are they in shuddha condition. In doing all poojas and rituals it looks more as personal convenience as far as timing & other aspects of poojas. It looks proper method s are not followed taking finance as the main constraint. 6. Deities & Daivas present in the Pooja Room,their origin.Any land is belonging to these deities and if so whether the incomes are sufficient for the poojas.Wheher funds collected from relatives and public are used properly and why proper accounts are not maintained. Whether it is necessary to maintain these accounts saying that it is not important. When the same question are asked “allindally ge aithu” is the answer. When asked you have sufficient income& resourses why are you not spending for Deva & Daiva poojas and other rituals, the answer is we are putting proportionately lot of efforts.(Jaasti Benpodapundu Ye ) is the answer. 7. Whether Daiva Sanidhya is present in these places if so in what way. 8. Whether any acitivities are being done against these houses or to any of the enemies Atichara or Mata .

what are the general condtion of the people around. status quo or deterioration in the situation. Whether devotees from outside the houses i. ill health of grave nature. problems like divorce. Many are unmarried. or having only daughters and no sons and even if Santana is there they are with serious health problems. Most of the lady members are having major problems even after marriage. 12. To what extent financial help from people around village are coming and what percentage of the same is offered by the members of the family staying outside? What could be done to improve the situation? Whether monies meant for Gods are misused at present? . mental unequilibrium. if not the reason for not contributing major part.do they believe in thses devas & daivas. forced to take important decisions in haste manner which many a times are very disastours at a later stage only realized after lapsing of considerable amount of time. 10. Whether the deities are angry since lot of accidents. forced to do unwanted acts unconsciously. unstability in the marriage with problems like economic & health. Whether poojas & rituals done at present has resulted in improving the situation.e villagers around. These members in the houses constantly say they are doing all the Poojas and rituals perfectly and when pressed say they are economically weak and they often say “Deveru Kolunda Ampunga “ We here requesting distinguished astrologers to guide. 11. untimely deaths.Are they financially capable of doing the same.Whether photos of dead persons can be kept in garbha gudi which learned people say shoulkd not be done. At present financial status of houses to do Poojas & rituals . having Santana problems.Are they in any in hardships because of some short falls or negatives aspects of the houses they are put in. 13.9. What are the existing powers of deities in these houses? How effective is the naivedyam offered to the deities.

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