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Why Indians hate Muslims

First some history :

India is the only country on the planet to have held on to it's ancient customs for a long long time and
which it still continues to do. Almost every other country on Planet earth follows Islam or Christianity.
Islam and Christianity are relatively new religions which are based on self proclamations of individuals
unlike Hinduism which has been the way of life for the ancient Dravidian's and then the Aryan's.
Shocking as it may sound Islam is a religion which is based on the Bible. The only point of
disagreement between the Muslims and Christians (theoretically) is whether Jesus was god's son or a
prophet like Mohammad. But when we look at things in a broader spectrum we will realize that these
religions are actually designed to build empires and then hold them together through the name of
religions but that's a different aspect altogether.

Coming back to India, India was a country with protection on all sides. It had Himalayas towards the
North and North East , a huge desert towards the north-west , and Ocean on all the other 3 sides. So it
was practically impregnable for any foreign invaders for a very long time. So the people retained their
own identity.
Christianity first began spreading under the roman King Constantin 1600 Years ago, seeing the
remarkable success of the religion in holding together an Empire in the guise of a religion with its seat
in Rome, the Cunning Arabs hit upon an idea to create a religion similar to it, so they did exactly that,
copied the story from the bible just as the Christians had done earlier from the Jewish and Greek books
and then proclaimed that God had given them these discourses. It had mecca as its power center. Each
of them wanted their religion to rule the world so they set ut waging wars. These led to the Crusades
between them.

The Muslims and Christians set about expanding their empires (Christianity and Islam) the muslins
invaded Asia and Africa and they were quite successful in converting a large number of Africans into
Muslims (mostly from Sahara). The Christians too set upon the Americas and the southern parts of
Africa, They mercilessly killed the Innocent inhabitants of both the Americas and forcefully established
their religion.
Following the pattern the Invaders started attacking India. But the Indian Kings held on quite well
Mohammad Of Ghazni had to attack India 17 times just to get a passage! And they started plundering
India. As was their practice wit the Africans the invaders started destroying India's culture by
destroying the temples. They plundered temples and destroyed them. But each time they did it The
people rebuilt it to it's former glory, Ghazni is supposed to have plundered a single temple at somnath
3 times and each time carries away many loads of precious stones , gold etc..
They invaders realized that they could not forcefully convert the Indians as their number easily
surpassed that of the invaders. So they did something else, they welcomed the out-castes ( people who
had been expelled from the community). They promised them a better way of life and also a trip to
Now the out-castes, who were they and why were they kicked out ? People who were dangerous,such
as thieves, murderers, dacoits, people born to these people etc.. were kept away from the society.
When these people became a part of the invaders they were seen with more contempt and
people hated them to the core. Also the actions of the invaders were in no way reconciliatory they went
about destroying the creations of the great nation and were aided by these people who went against
their nation to help invaders. The Muslims did Conquer Indonesia and some of the far off Hinu-
territories but the Sub-continent held on.

Some of the Muslim rulers Like Aurangazeb even tried to eliminate all Hindus and this angered more
and more people who had a great respect for their land. But the tyrant did destroy a large number of
sacred monuments, he built mosques over places which were extremely divine to the Indians(mathura
Ayodya Indraprastha etc..), once he did this there was no way the Hindus would like the Muslims.
This tyrannical rule and the presence of dangerous people in the religion has made Indians hate
Muslims . To add to it even the Arab Muslims look down upon the Indian Muslims and treat them as
below par Individuals because they too know the origin of the Indian Muslims.
To add to the historical perspective a large number of cheats , thugs , Murders , thieves are generally
Muslims and this can be confirmed by a mere glance at any newspapers crime section.
But there have been gems in this tribe too just as lotus's grow in dirty waters and these people have
performed great service for the nation unlike their ancestors who wanted India to be destroyed.