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VBVoice 7 Installation Guide with HMP

The information below outlines each step in the installation of your VBVoice 7, with Host Media
Processing (HMP).

Note: We recommend you exit and uninstall all prior versions of VBVoice and Dialogic drivers before
undertaking the installation of the VBVoice 7 and the latest Dialogic HMP driver.

HMP Driver Installation

1 Getting Started
Install HMP3.0 SU275 according to the Operating System
stipulations. There is a specific HMP3 install for XP and
Server 2K3, and a specific HMP3 install for Windows7 and
Server 2K8.

From the HMP3 installation folder, run the “setup.exe” file to begin
the HMP3 driver installation.

When prompted to select features, use the check-boxes to choose

the components shown to the left:

- Development Package (SDK)

- Core Runtime Package
- License Package
- Demos
- SNMP Component Manager is an option for remote
monitoring of Dialogic. See Dialogic Installation
documentation for details.

*** Circuit Connectivity Runtime Package is required for

installation of Dialogic DNI boards.

Click “Next”, and follow any further prompts.

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2 Generate an HMP License

To acquire a temporary Dialogic HMP3 demo license, use the following link:

You will be prompted to save a file “2r2v2e2c2s2f2i_host_eva.lic” to your

computer. It should be saved in C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\data

3 Activate HMP License…

Next, go to “Start/All Programs/Dialogic HMP/HMP License Manager”
(see left).

4 …Activate HMP License

Use the “Browse” button to find the license file that you just saved.
(i.e: “C:/Program Files/dialogic/HMP/data”).

Note that there are 2 licenses for each of the listed features:

- Conferencing
- Enhanced_RTP
- Fax
- IP_Call_Control
- RTP_G_711
- Speech_Integration
- Voice

Click the “Activate License” button, and follow the prompts

5 Configuration Manager…
The next step is to start the configuration manager (DCM) at “Start/All
Programs/Dialogic HMP/Configuration Manager – DCM”.

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Configuration Manager…
6 In the DCM, right-click on the line for “HMP_Software
(see left), and choose the “Restore Device Defaults” option.

7 …Configuration Manager
In the “Assign Firmware File” dialog, choose the license file that was
previously generated (e.g. “2e2v2e2c2s2f2i_host_eva.pcd”).

This assigns the resources to the HMP_Software device.

Click “OK”.

Then start the HMP software by clicking the green arrow at the top
left of the DCM panel (see figure in Step 6 above).

You are now ready to install VBVoice 7.

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VBVoice 7 Software Installation

1 Welcome
This guide will take you through the steps required to install
the Pronexus VBVoice 7 software in a development or in a
production environment.

VBVoice 7 licenses (sent as PRONEXUS.ini and

PRONEXUSRT.ini) will be required to permit use of the
VBVoice software.

In order to access additional VBVoice Controls which are not

included in the Standard Toolkit, please contact


• If you have a firewall controlling your access to the

Internet, please make sure that port 2690 is open for
the Enhanced Evaluation to communicate with the
Pronexus license server. Also please make sure that
port 2690 is forwarded to your internal IP address.
• You must use a local Administrative login to install the
VBVoice (and Dialogic) software.

2 Visual Studio Configuration

You will have the option to incorporate a number of
development environments. VBVoice 7 will automatically
detect available development environments that are installed.

It is not a requirement to have installed a development

environment for deployment of compiled VBVoice 7

On this screen, select the optional components and packages

3 Select Components
you want to install with VBVoice.

Select VBFax for developing Fax applications and servers.

Select Announce to record and edit high fidelity sound to use

as audio prompts in your IVR system. (see the VBVoice Help
Manual for supported audio formats).

It is generally recommended to install all options by selecting

“Full”. This will ensure you install relevant documentation and
example applications.

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4 Select VBVoice Options

VBVoice supports a variety of languages and audio formats.
Typically, the North American audio format is ‘ulaw’, while
other regions around the world support ‘alaw’.

Select from any number of pre-recorded prompts, numerals,

values and dates according to the language you require.

Refer to the VBVoice Help Manual “About Greetings” section

for details.

Note: The Dialogic D/4PCI voice card only supports ulaw.

5 Select the type of Voice Card

You have the option to test VBVoice 7 applications using your
sound card and system speakers from whithin the
development environment. Simply select the Simulator
option to utilize your soundcard.

VBVoice 7 supports most major Dialogic telephony media.

When you install the Dialogic media driver, you will have the
voice card option available accordingly.

NOTE: Dialogic JCT boards are considered Dialogic

Springware in the list of options.

If you decide to change the card type after installation, running

the Pronexus Voice Interface Installer can change this
interface selection.

6 Select VBvoice Licenses

For installation of VBVoice 7 with licenses, you have the
option to apply the VBVoice licenses during the installation
process. Select to browse to the location of the
PRONEXUSRT.ini license file provided to you in order to
apply the VBVoice development and/or production Runtime

Alternatively, you can opt out of licensing at this point, and

perform the licensing steps separate from the installation
process once installation is complete.

You are also presented with the option to install drivers and
configuration for use of a Dongle. Use of the Dongle is an
option for license management. Please contact for details.

If you will not be using a Dongle select the ‘No’ option. If at a

later time you wish to use a Dongle, you can select this option
by running the VBVoice 7 installation again.

When prompted for Authorization information select ‘No’. This

is not applicable for this installation.

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VBVoice 7 Installation Guide Page 6

7 VBVoice Configuration File

If you have not uninstalled previous versions of VBVoice from
your machine you may get this screen.

It is recommended to exit and uninstall all prior versions

before proceeding with installation.

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VBVoice 7 Installation Guide Page 7

8 Final Steps
If the Runtime Manager component was selected during the
installation process, you will have the option to start the
Runtime Manager Service automatically. The Runtime
Manager User Interface will then be available via the RTM
icon in the Windows System Tray, in order to administer and
activate VBVoice 7 development and Runtime licenses.

Installation Complete
At the end of the installation process, you will be prompted to
view the Getting Started Document, which provides
additional information and tips to get you comfortable with

It is highly recommended to review the Getting Started

documentation and the numerous example projects which are
included with the VBVoice installation.

For any questions or concerns regarding the VBVoice 7

installation process, please contact

Open Source SIP Phone

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VBVoice 7 Installation Guide Page 8

1 Installing SIP Phone

To test or demonstrate VBVoice and HMP solutions,
you can download a SIP phone.

SoftPhone We recommend XLite from CounterPath. You will be
VBVoice able to dial by URL (e.g. sip:user@ as
HMP well as through an IP PBX. It can be found at following
site: http://

Please be aware that if using HMP and a soft SIP

phone on the same computer, they cannot use the
same signaling port 5060. Please setup your SIP
phone to use a different signaling port or range of ports
(example 5070-5090)

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