PERSONAL DETAILS Name and surname: Julio Bono Pérez Date and place of birth: 29th Aug 1972, Albacete (Spain) Address: Calle Pozo, núm. 10. 13.500. Puertollano. (Ciudad Real) Nationality: Spanish Civil Status: Single Gender: Male Identity Card Number: 7.563.019-K Mobile: 34 670 083 296. Tel. 34 926 44 16 73. E-mail: or



June 1995. Bachelor´s Degree in Law . Law Faculty, Castilla-La Mancha University, 2nd in class. Later, I studied civil service examination (or oposiciones) for three and a half years. March 2003. Master in Human Resources Direction and Management (450 hours). Final-Year Project: “Internal Communication Plan for a Bank". June 2000. Master in Health Risk at Work (Intermediate level, 300hours) September 2004. Town planning Technician ( 100 hours) Other Training: Besides, I have followed several courses on several subjects: civil and labour law, labour risk assessment, European Union, preparation of Seventh Framework Programme, e-Government, Gate2Growth, photovoltaic legislation, energy saving, electronic signature, science and technology parks, environment, new technologies, human resources, internationalisation of small and medium sized enterprises, finances, accountancy.


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Name and address of employer: Institute for Concentrations Photovoltaic (CPV)or “ISFOC” a regionally-owned company, which belongs to Financial Institute of Castilla-La Mancha Autonomous Region. Job title: Legal and Innovation Adviser. Description of duties: Prepare all kind of contracts (specially electric power supply), confidential agreements, health risk at work technician, prepare call for tenders, draw up collaboration agreements. Coordinator of the National and European Programmes focus on innovation, research and development

Since May 2001, I was a member of a task force managed by the Regional Minister of Economy and Innovation Technological of the Madrid Autonomous Region, having worked for various public bodies:



From January 2003:

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Name and address of employer: Science and Technology Park of University of Alcalá de Henares or “PCTUA”, a regionally-owned company, which belongs to IMADE (Madrilenian Institute of Development) Job Title: Legal Adviser, Innovation and Transfer Technology Adviser and Vicesecretary of the Board Description of duties: This is my current employment, and my main duties include:  Summon the Board Meeting and write up the minutes of the meeting. In the meeting I have a voice but no vote, and I advise the Board in legal matters.  Prepare contracts of sales and leases and bills of sales, bargaining with our customers the terms of the contracts. Draw up collaboration covenants with several institutions (town councils, university, companies, etc.)

I am also in charge of the Websites: and (Madridinnova is a programme to foster the modernisation of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing support to make them more competitive. The assistance offered focuses on four areas: internationalisation, enhancing competitiveness, business innovation and adoption of information technologies). Moreover, I take part in several working party and I am member of the following projects: • AENOR GT6 (Spanish Association of Standardization and Certification), in order to draw up a rule about Technological Watching • Technician of “Technology Transfer Network” (Agreement between APTE and Industry, Tourist and Trade Ministry) • Technician of “DEMANTIC Project”, related to TIC (Agreement between APTE and Industry, Tourist and Trade Ministry) • Technician of the Project: “Market research about environment socioeconomic in Science and Technology Park of Spain”. • Technician in the Project: “Innovapymes: R+D in the small and medium sized enterprises in Spanish Technopole”. • Technician in the Project: “Vocational training in innovation affairs”

3. From June 2002 to December 2002

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Name and address of employer: I was transferred to Tourist Promotion Regional Office of Madrid Autonomous Region or Turmadrid, S.A.U., public company, under the aegis of Madrid regional government. Its primary objective is to promote the tourist industry in the region of Madrid. Address: C/ Duque de Medinaceli, 2, 28014, Madrid (Spain). Job title: Legal Adviser and Responsible for Madridinnova Seminars. Description of duties:  Prepare and organise conferences, conventions, congresses, exhibitions and trade fairs.  Draft collaboration agreements with museums, Universities, T.V and write up trade agreements  Aside from this, in this stage, I wrote the book entitled: “Madridinnova Seminars 2002”, (published in March 2003).

4. From October 2001 to June 2002:

Name and address of employer: Avalmadrid, S.G.R. Avalmadrid is a financial institution with the aim of making easier or facilitating that selfemployed and small and medium sized enterprises can get credit. Address: C/ Jorge Juan, 30, 28001, Madrid, (Spain).


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Job title: Lawyer and Responsible of the Service of guarantees. Description of duties: I can abridge them in:  Supervise and control the rate of slowness in paying, taking the appropriate legal measures against the debtors (delinquent accounts).  Prepare a report about protection of personal data.  Draw up collaboration covenants with banks.  Member of "Assessment Cases Committee”, in this Committee, we analysed each case with the aim of admitting or rejecting them.

5. From May 2001 to October 2001:

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Name and address of employer: Madrilenian Development Agency. Address: C/José Abascal, 57, 28003, Madrid (Spain) Job title: Summer School Deputy Manager. Description of duties: I was transferred to Madrilenian Development Agency for implementing a Summer School integrated within a “Summer Plan of Madrid Autonomous Region". It was a hard work because we achieved that this important project took shape in hardly two weeks. During these four months I carried out various tasks and activities.

6. From May 2000 to May 2001:

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Name and address of employer: Laboratory and Industrials Services Centre of Madrid Autonomous Region. Address: C/Valentín Beato, 14, 28037, Madrid, (Spain). Job title: Responsible for Internal Coordination Description of duties: This job encompassed:  Report to my Director General about complaints made by citizens, claims processing, taking them a legal solution. Prepare lawsuits and appealing against decisions and judgements  Dealing with trade unions (for instance: collective agreement, wages, industrial unrest, redundancy, employment contracts and suchlike)  Health Risk at Work Technician.  Human Resources Manager  Take minutes of the meetings, submit legal reports, draw up contracts and collaboration agreements with different entities.

7. From December 1999 to May 2000:

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Name and address of employer: Albacete Employer Confederation or FEDA. Address: C/Rosario, 28, 02001, Albacete (Spain) Job title: Grant holder. Castilla-La Mancha Autonomous Region awarded me a scholarship during six month Description of duties: Training and Recruitment Department, short-listing candidates.

COMPUTER: Microsoft Windows XP professional: Word Processor, spreadsheet, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Express, Internet, Corel. LANGUAGE SKILLS: - Spanish is my mother tongue. - I read and write in English, and I speak it correctly.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION   I have written the book entitled: “Madridinnova Seminars 2002”, (published in March 2003). I have taken part in several round tables and forum, having given a lot of lectures about Science and Technology Park, Incubators, University and so on. Moreover, I have published a lot of articles about Science and Technology Parks in several journals. On July, I will give a lecture in the XXIV World Conference on Science and Technology Parks.

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