PREDISPOSINGFACTORS  Predominant in male  Prevalent in age 55 and above  History of CAD, Heart attack, CVA  Congenital heart defect

Ethiology: Damaged electrical-conduction system of the heart

failure of the heart to contract effectively

PRECIPITATING FACTORS  Smoking  Electrolyte imbalance  Diabetes mellitus  Obesity  Recreational drug use(cocaine, methamphetamine)  lack of physical exercise

Absence of electrical activity of the heart

Severe cardiac arrythmia

Impaired blood circulation Loss of blood pressure Pulselessness asystole Impaired cerebral perfusion

Ischemia in the brain tissue

Altered functioning of reticular formation in medulla and pons

Inadequate oxygen and nutrition reaching brain

Altered functioning of Reticular Activating System in brain stem



Decreased level of consciousness

infarction death

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