Peace Revolution episode 026: Exposing the Folly of an American Theatre of the Absurd Notes, References, and Links

for further study: 1. White House video of Obama announcing Osama’s death 2. Good Morning America discovers Osama bin Laden is CIA via Corbett Report 3. Al Qaeda doesn’t exist; courtesy of BBC and Adam Curtis’ film “The Power of Nightmares” 4. The motives behind 9-11 by Steve Pieczenik via the Alex Jones Show a. Osama’s connections to CIA, MI6, and MOSSAD; by Steve Pieczenik via the Alex Jones Show b. Noam Chomsky’s reaction to Obama’s announcement of Osama’s death 5. Echoes / Pink Floyd 6. List of Fallacies / intellectual self defense a. Dr. Labossiere’s video illustrating fallacies via 7. Richard Grove interviewed by James Evan Pilato, 8. Foreign Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations journal 1998 (November/December Vol. 77 No. 6) a. Bernard Lewis: License to Kill (Usama bin Laden) b. John Deutch, Philip Zelikow, and Ashton Carter: Catastrophic Terrorism 9. Bush connections to James R. Bath and Osama bin Laden a. Bush and Bath AWOL b. Bath and Salem bin Laden c. Salem bin Laden and Bath involved in Arbusto Energy d. Salem bin Laden and Adnan Khashoggi involved in BCCI e. Mark Lombardi’s Global Networks f. Greg Palast’s “Bush Family Fortunes” 10. “Glitter and Greed” by Janine Roberts, on the diamond trade. a. PBS 1995 Frontline Documentary: THE DIAMOND EMPIRE b. Cecil Rhodes’ De Beers Cartel c. BIN LADEN’S FUNDING FROM THE DIAMOND CARTEL th 11. James Corbett’s article: Osama bin Laden announced dead for the 9 time 12. James Corbett on the Alex Jones Show regarding the bin Laden psyop 13. Illuminati as listed in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica 14. Jesuits as listed in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica 15. Emad Salem’s 1993 World Trade Center recordings of the FBI giving him orders a. Emad Salem’s recordings on YouTube of FBI agent John Anticev 16. Dan Rather’s 1993 broadcast naming Emad Salem, ibid. 17. Steve R. Pieczenik’s listing on the Council on Foreign Relations 2010 roster 18. Tom Clancy + Jesuit (Google Books search) 19. Tom Clancy + Jesuits (Google Books search) 20. Tom Clancy’s Wikipedia entry 21. Steve R. Pieczenik’s Wikipedia entry a. Further reading: SYKEWAR by Daniel Lerner (1948) 22. “Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge about Governing Bodies” by F. Tupper Saussy (if you want to learn more on how the Jesuits have affected history) 23. Steve Pieczenik’s interviews on the Alex Jones Show / Infowars a. May 3, 2011 (7 parts) b. May 4, 2011 (3 parts) c. May 5, 2011 (2 parts)


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