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All it takes is VISA Power

Submitted by
Mini Kalra
MBA (IV Sem)

About VISA

Visa is a global payments technology company that enables consumers, businesses, financial
institutions and governments to use digital currency instead of cash and checks.

History of Visa
Visa has been at the forefront of electronic payments since its inception. From the first revolving
credit card platform to neural networks and mobile payments, Visa has pioneered the growth and
development of this fast-moving industry. Visa’s payment platforms are increasingly the
backbone of global commerce, enabling the swift and secure transfer of value and information
among financial institutions, individuals, businesses and government entities.
Visa makes it easier to pay and be paid. Visa payment transactions take place every second of
every day in every corner of the world. We’re accepted in more than 200 countries and territories
across the globe. Behind each Visa transaction is a remarkable infrastructure ensuring that no
matter where in the world you are, Visa transactions are safe, reliable and convenient.
The typical Visa transaction has four parties:
• The merchant is any entity — a store, restaurant, online retailer, hotel or airline — that
accepts Visa as payment.
• The acquirer is a financial institution that enlists merchants to accept Visa payments and
ensures they get paid for each transaction.
• The issuer is a financial institution that provides Visa-branded cards or other Visa-
branded payment products to consumers and businesses. When a Visa-branded credit
card is used, the issuer “lends” the consumer the funds to complete the transaction. If it is
a debit or prepaid card transaction, the funds are automatically withdrawn from the
account and transferred to the acquirer.
• The account holder is any consumer or business using a Visa card or other Visa-branded
payment product to make purchases.
A Seamless Global Process
A Visa transaction is a carefully orchestrated process. When a Visa account holder in Mumbai
uses a Visa card to buy a pair of shoes, it's actually the acquirer — the merchant's bank — that
reimburses the merchant for the shoes. Then, the issuer — the account holder’s bank —
reimburses the acquirer, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Lastly, the issuer collects from the
account holder by withdrawing funds from the account holder’s bank account if a debit account
is used, or through billing if a credit account is used.
Value for All
The system works because it’s convenient, it’s global, it’s secure, it’s reliable and it's efficient.
All parties derive value from the transaction.
In Every Corner of the World
Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks and
governments in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Visa Inc.’s headquarters are
in San Francisco, and we have approximately 5,500 employees around the world. We operate
three data centers on two continents. Visa Europe is a separate membership entity that is an
exclusive licensee of Visa Inc.’s trademarks and technology in the European region.
Today, our network spans:1
• 15,700 financial institution customers
• 1.8 million ATMs
• 200 countries and territories
• 1.85 billion Visa cards
Driving Global Commerce
Visa has built one of the world’s most advanced processing networks, capable of handling more
than 20,000 transactions per second reliably, conveniently and securely. In the four quarters
ended December 31, 2010, our global network processed:
• 71 billion total transactions3
• $5.2 trillion total volume3
• $3.3 trillion payments volume


As Visa Inc. continues to serve the needs of our clients, we are committed to providing our
partners with greater insight into Visa's operations. We are pleased to provide access to the latest
edition of the Visa International and Regional Operating Regulations as part of our effort.
We have consolidated our five regional sets of operating regulations into one global set of Visa
International Operating Regulations. We expect that our clients and other stakeholders will find
the information easier to locate and understand in this new format.
While the Visa International Operating Regulations govern our client financial institutions' use
of the Visa payment system, we believe that providing access to them will benefit all of our
stakeholders. In order to protect the security of cardholders and the integrity of the Visa system,
we have omitted proprietary and competitive information, as well as certain details within the
rules relating to the security of the Visa network. For example, in the merchant rules, we have
omitted floor limits by country code and processing codes that identify full track data, which
could aid fraudsters.
Any Regional Operating Regulations within the Visa International Operating Regulations apply
only to the operations of client financial institutions within the relevant region (e.g., the U. S.
Regional Operating Regulations only apply to a financial institution’s operations in the U.S.
region). In addition, any rule marked with the name of a region (e.g., Canada Region, CEMEA
Region) is applicable to financial institutions in that region only. Please note that Visa Europe is
a separate entity that is an exclusive licensee of Visa Inc.'s trademarks and technology in the
European region and, as such, member financial institutions of Visa Europe are governed by the
Operating Regulations of Visa Europe.
Visa partners with financial institutions around the world to create payment products that meet
the needs of today’s global consumer through choice, convenience and control.
Visa’s spectrum of payment tools is designed to meet diverse lifestyles and needs. Visa
cardholders can choose to pay now using a debit card, to pay later with a credit card or pay
before with a prepaid card.
From the gas station to the grocery store to the Internet, Visa offers consumers a single global
currency that works virtually anywhere, anytime. Visa cardholders enjoy greater convenience
and ease of use over other forms of payment, and have the ability to use their Visa products in
more than 200 countries and territories.
Visa offers greater control over spending than cash, and state-of-the-art security features help
safeguard cardholder funds in ways that cash or checks cannot.


The Symbol of Acceptance
Visa is the most recognized financial services brand in the world, a name recognized by
hundreds of millions of consumers and millions of merchants across the globe. The Visa brand
transcends the common barriers of language, culture and geography to establish a common
payment mark that has come to symbolize acceptance, convenience and security. This strength
positions us and our partners for success.
Better Money — the Essence of the Brand
Behind the brand is an essential concept: “Better Money for Better Living,” which supports our
vision of Visa as “The Universal Currency of Life.”
Visa is “Better Money” because we are the most trusted, accepted, convenient, secure, reliable
payment system. These tangible benefits are, however, only part of the picture. Deeper still lie
the harder-to-quantify emotional truths of Visa: the empowerment of choice, the richness of
meaningful experience and the pervasive peace of mind that your Visa card is accepted and
secure, wherever you go.
Taking You Farther
In 2009, Visa launched its first-ever global advertising campaign: “More people go with Visa”
— a reflection of Visa’s evolution to a single, global entity. Visa offers products for people who
want to go. And when they go, Visa offers a better way to go there — confidently, conveniently,
safely and responsibly.


When the World Is Watching
When the eyes of the world turn to marquee sporting and entertainment events, Visa is there. Our
sponsorship of respected events brings the Visa brand to life and creates value for our
stakeholders, amplifying our brand message, creating strong ties with consumers at moments of
great passion and allowing Visa to deliver value to our partners and clients.
Visa Is There
Visa sponsors events, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the FIFA World Cup™
— the world’s most beloved and celebrated sporting events. Visa’s strategic sponsorships allow
us to reach global and local audiences and initiate programs that benefit our business. They also
enable our clients to celebrate these events and participate in business-building marketing
programs. Such sponsorships drive incremental volume for our stakeholders, build affinity for
Visa and its products in a global audience, facilitate the development and advancement of the
payment infrastructure in Olympic Games host cities and help lift economies in emerging
markets where we do business.
The Olympic and Paralympic Games
Since 1986, Visa has been a proud Worldwide Sponsor of the Olympic Games and will be the
exclusive payment services sponsor and the only card accepted at Games venues through 2020,
including the London 2012 Olympic Games, the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia,
the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and the
2020 Olympic Summer Games.
FIFA World Cup™
In 2007, Visa became one of just six global FIFA Partners in the Financial Services category.
Visa holds global rights to all FIFA World Cup™ events through 2014.
The FIFA partnership links two global giants — Visa, the world’s leading payment brand, and
football, the world’s most passionately followed sport — in a broad relationship that delivers
value for our shareholders, financial institution clients, their cardholders and the merchant
National Football League
Since 1995, Visa’s sponsorship of the NFL and a number of NFL teams has provided a wide
range of benefits — including access to the Super Bowl, the NFL Pro Bowl and the NFL Draft
— to connect with Visa cardholders and drive value for financial institutions, merchant partners
and shareholders. Visa currently has team relationships with Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens,
Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts,
Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, San
Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans.
An Innovator From the Start
From the creation of one of the first general-purpose credit cards 50 years ago to the latest in
mobile payments and money transfer services, Visa has always been an innovator. Visa’s
fundamental approach to innovation focuses on enhancing our current product platforms and
extending the utility of our products and services to new merchant segments and geographies.
Visa innovations enable more people in more places to enjoy the benefits of electronic payments
at any time, in any location, using a multitude of devices.
Creating Value
Our suite of payment products provides greater value than cash, checks or alternative forms of
payment. This spirit of innovation pays dividends over the long term, allowing Visa to grow
transaction volume, extend our leadership, enhance our brand, expand our network and,
ultimately, deliver greater client and shareholder value.
Spurring Growth
Visa’s spirit of innovation extends to our clients and their customers. Visa innovations have the
potential to stimulate economic growth, spur business innovation, increase efficiency and
potentially improve the vitality of developing communities and countries.
Visa Inc. has received numerous accolades in the last 12 months that recognize Visa’s leadership
as a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks and
governments. A select list of accolades is below.
For a printable version, download the Visa Inc. Accolades Fact Sheet (PDF).
Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands
Visa rose to #82 in its third year of
inclusion on the world’s 100 most valuable
brands compiled by consultancy Interbrand
and published by the Wall Street Journal.
Interbrand calculated Visa’s brand value to
be more than $3.9 billion.

Bloomberg Businessweek, The Tech 100

Visa ranked #26 for its accomplishments in
IT services in its first year of inclusion on
the list of the world’s 100 best performing
tech companies of 2010. Read more about
this award at the Visa Viewpoints Blog.

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global

Visa ranked #18 on Millward Brown
Optimor’s BrandZ Top 100 published in
the Financial Times in April 2010. The list
includes the world’s most valuable brands
measured by their dollar value. Visa
moved up 18 spots from its 2009 rank of
#36 and was #2 out of the Top 20
Financial Institutions.

Fortune 500
Visa ranked #326 on the Fortune 500 list,
which ranks U.S. companies by revenue
and profits. Visa moved up from its
previous rank of #394.

World's Most Admired Companies

Visa ranked #1 in the Consumer Credit
Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Tech 100
Visa ranked #26 for its accomplishments in IT services in its first year of inclusion in the list of
the world’s 100 best performing tech companies of 2010. Read more about this accolade at the
Visa Viewpoints Blog

100 Best Global Brands

Visa was included in this ranking of the world’s 100 most valuable brands compiled by
consultancy Interbrand.

Superbrands 2009
Visa ranked #1 in the credit card/financial services category and #11 out of 2,000 on this overall
list, which includes branding's top movers and shakers.

Fortune 500
As a new entrant to this list of America's 500 largest corporations, Visa ranked #394 on the
Fortune 500.

CFO of the Year

Byron Pollitt was selected as the “Transformation Agent” of the year in the San Francisco
Business Times’ listing of the Bay Area’s top CFOs.
BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands
Visa debuted at #36 on Millward Brown Optimor’s BrandZ Top 100, a widely publicized
ranking that identifies the world's most valuable brands measured by their dollar value.

World's Most Admired Companies

Visa ranked #1 in the Consumer Credit Card and Related Services category and ranked first in
our industry category in the areas of financial soundness and long-term investment.

2008 Accolades
Top Brand Power
Visa ranked #25 out of 1,119 on this list, which measures brand value for the world's best-known

America's Best and Worst CEOs

Joseph Saunders ranked as the #1 Best CEO in the Financial Services Category and the #87 Best
overall CEO out of 600 acknowledged by Corporate Leader.

100 Best Global Brands

Visa was a new entrant to this list of the world’s 100 most valuable brands compiled by
consultancy Interbrand.

Visa USA advertising

Visa's advertising has been everywhere you want it to be and probably some places you didn't
want it to be.
g queen
calms down
before a
bigrace by
imagining her
Visa Check
Card got

But beginning during the Olympics next month, those long-running, celebrity filled ads will be
nowhere. Visa is dropping the campaign by agency BBDO that has featured stars from Yao Ming
and Derek Jeter to Donald Trump, Martin Sheen and Kevin Bacon.
A new, broader campaign will hit on themes such as security, payment methods such as debit, and
payment technologies such as wireless and contactless processing (no card swiping). Ads by
TBWA/Chiat/Day will talk about
2004 spending the changing payments
Annual personal consumer landscape.
spending was $6.36
trillion*. Consumers paid
using: "There's a whole lot of ways
money changes hands today that
Including we've started to tap into," says
checks, cash, Susanne Lyons, Visa's chief
money orders, marketer. "There are broader
official checks, targets, a broader set of delivery
traveler's mechanisms and products. It's
Paper checks, and not just a physical card
54.0% food stamps anymore."
Debit and Personal consumer spending was
credit, more than $6 trillion in 2004,
including Visa, according to card industry
MasterCard, tracker The Nilson Report. While
Discover, paper — including cash and
Cards American checks — was still used for 54%
37.7% Express of the payment volume, cards
Electronic were next with 37%.
Pre-authorized Visa, meanwhile, has a 52%
8.2% payments market share of that card
* — not including payment volume, The Nilson
mortgages Report says. Since 1995, Visa's
transaction volume is up fivefold
Source: The Nilson Report to $1.1 trillion from $263 billion.
Consumer credit is up to $537
billion from $235 billion. Its debit card business is up to $467 billion from $20.2 billion. Small-
business card usage is up to $12.6 billion from $7.7 billion.
But driving the ad change (and logo change) was potential growth beyond credit. That and dust
accumulating on the long-running campaign.
"After the ads run for a long time, they become formulaic, and you become wallpaper," Lyons
says. "You have the same comic twist and you get a little predictable." Consumers might agree,
according to results of Ad Track, from USA TODAY's weekly survey. Consumers were asked
about a recent Visa ad featuring snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis.
In the ad, Jacobellis tries to get her game face on as she prepares for the last competition before the
Winter Olympics in Torino next month. She can't get a mind set for the event until her coach says,
"Try to imagine your Visa Check Card just got stolen." A calm Jacobellis is then ready to take on
her rivals.
Ad Track respondents weren't impressed. Just 6% like the ad "a lot" compared with the Ad Track
average of 21%. And only 8% consider the ads "very effective," compared with the average of
The ad is "an example of where old format and old campaign was beginning not to have the
flexibility and strength to carry the message."



In this Advertisement,

A man is trying to watch football when the neighbor starts banging away, he tries to ignore it
until a picture is knocked off the wall, when he goes over to pick the picture up he see the figures
falling off his Visa bill and is really happy when the balance ends up at $0.

Visa has tried to show that If one would own a VISA Card, Life would become simple, he can
clear all his dues and pay all his bills. The strategy behind this is that owning a VISA Card can
make life smoother, It focused on the importance of owning a VISA.

• VISA Extreme Measures

Different people have their cash hidden, first a man gets money from the collar of his dog, and
then a woman gets hers from a hidden compartment on her shoe, as she does a man looks on in
amazement as he is using his Visa card, outside he is enjoying a coffee as the pretty woman
walks by and from her shoe some money is trailing.

By this VISA has tried to show that, If someone uses a VISA CARD his money is secure and
protected. The smarter way to protect money is to use a VISA Card by which there absolutely no
requirement to save money here and there.


A woman is standing vulnerable crying out for help, and her cries are answered by Spiderman,
Thor, Captain America and the X-Men. When the superheroes find out she has only lost her
VISA card Spiderman gives advice and they all leave.

In this VISA has used strategy of showing its Availability, i.e. If Card is lost it is very easy to
regain and it is find everywhere, Here Omnipresence is given prime importance. Visa check card
could be found very easily if lost somehow.

It is one of the most creative advertisements created, The strategy used is of POWER, Visa has a
power with which we can get away with any sort of trouble, It is applicable under all situations
and all it takes is VISA POWER.

• VISA- Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is stuck in traffic and hails a local taxi bike, the owner calls him Mr Bond and
speeds off with death defying stunts straight from a Bond movie as Pierce Brosnan hangs on. He
arrives at the party before his date and trows his Taxi driver his credit card as the mans taxi
disintegrates. After the part the taxi man arrives on a high powered bike, Pierce wants to take a
taxi, but his date has other ideas.

Strategy used in this advertisement is that, VISA Platinum card is the ultimate solution behind
every problem, as the taxi broke away and MR Brosnan gave his Platinum card so immediately
he bought a new one and VISA is a source of identity only as Taxi driver recognize him by card


A gangster storms into a room and threatens a man, and warns him that he will end up like his
dead friend, and to make the point the gangsters accomplice smashes the TV. However the flat
owner tells him he will have to pay for the television, and while the gangster argues about it
being the movies the dead person comes to life and says the gangster will have to pay for the
shirt too.Strategy is that in case of emergency payments only VISA can help out. If one has
VISA card he can pay anytime for anything. It can help deal me stringent situations as well.



A man watching football on TV suddenly goes down on his knees then heads off out the door,
pausing only to collect his VISA card. He is seen running in various locations around the world,
changing clothes and getting slimmer as he goes, ending up kicking a ball into the net at a
football stadium and marching on his knees with the other players. The narrator advises that if
we are not going to South Africa, then telling Visa what would be our ultimate FIFA World Cup
experience could win a Visa Fixer with £20,000 to make it come true. A screen message notes
that life flows better with VISA. It is a very smart move by VISA in which it has tried to connect
FIFA with VISA which would help VISA gain popularity and via this advertisement VISA has
tried to show that VISA card can help win undefined situations, using VISA card one can take
charge of unplanned conditions.

• Life flows better with VISA

A young man is seen being exceptionally mobile on a pair of high-tech crutches, going through
his day at speed dancing and pirouetting whilst picking up from several vendors a hat, clothes, a
drink and finally a skateboard, all using his Visa card. The slogan 'Life Flows Better with Visa' is
seen on screen as a punch line. Strategy applied is that VISA makes life smoother, If one is
having VISA then everything is possible if one is having VISA.


Different pieces of gift wrapping paper are fluttering through a city like birds, as the paper flys a
waiter brings a round of gift wrapped drinks up to friends enjoying a drink at an outdoor bar.
Then the Win With Visa promotion is introduced where you can win a range of different prizes
from just using your Visa card. It shows that with VISA one explore everything and one can use
VISA card to eat anything anytime. The due importance of VISA is shown here as it depicts that
VISA could be used anywhere.


A man watching football on TV suddenly goes down on his knees then heads off out the door,
pausing only to collect his VISA card. He is seen running in a wide range of locations all around
the world, changing clothes and getting slimmer as he goes, ending up kicking a ball into the net
at a football stadium and marching on his knees with the other players. A screen message notes
that life flows better with VISA, and another declares the organization as a proud partner of the
FIFA World Cup.

In this Visa is associated with FIFA so that’s how it gained popularity and it gave a new identity
to it. By writing VISA as proud partner of FIFA it is clearly giving a message that FIFA can
change the image of VISA, i.e. it can redefine it.


• Visa- Travel happy

Visa has rolled out a live version of its "Travel Happy" campaign, asking card holders across
the region to participate in a social media project that spans Beijing, La Digue and Jamaica.
Visa is asking card holders in Asia Pacific to recreate the ‘Travel Happy' dance, made famous by
YouTube star Matt Harding and featured in Visa's regional advertising campaign.
Participants will be able to take advantage of Google Maps technology embedded on the site to
indicate where exactly in the world they filmed their video.
Visa is offering a sweetener of US$3,000 to entice people to participate, which will be credited
to the winners Visa card.
Visa cardholders traveling through Singapore's Changi Airport can also participate ‘in person' at
the Visa ‘Travel Happy' booth until 15 February, where travelers can choose to dance against the
‘Travel Happy' booth backdrop or anywhere else in the airport and Visa will record and edit their
video on the spot.


Visa has launched an online ‘Financial Football’ competition across Asia Pacific to educate
consumers on finance management with a virtual football match ahead of the World Cup 2010.
The online game teaches and tests participants’ knowledge on commonly used financial terms
and calculations, as they play towards the opponent’s goal with each correct answer. The winners
will receive travel packages to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
To support the competition, Visa is running promotion via press, social media channels and
online advertisement across Asia Pacific.
T he aim of competition is to convey invaluable money management knowledge while putting
participants' skills against other players for the chance to experience the fever pitch atmosphere
at the World Cup.
• Visa’s New Debit Commercial asks “Why bother going to the ATM?”
Visa, the world's largest retail electronic payments network, has launched a new television
advertising spot in India entitled "Why bother going to the ATM?", reflecting the company's
focus to increase cardholder awareness for using Visa Debit cards at point-of-sale locations.

The new commercial highlights the "buy now, pay now" feature of Visa Debit cards which
provides cardholders direct access to their nominated bank account to make purchases wherever
Visa is accepted.

The message is aimed at the millions of Indian consumers already carrying a Visa Debit card in
their wallet or pocket. This campaign is to remind cardholders that there is no need to go to the
ATM or spend time queuing in lines to withdraw cash. Instead, all they need to do is use their
Visa Debit card to pay for everyday purchases including for petrol, groceries, bill payments and
dining out at those merchant outlets displaying the Visa acceptance sign."

Consumers can use their Visa Debit cards at more than 30 million merchant locations at home
and abroad, as well as make online and phone purchases. A Visa Debit card provides
cardholders with a safe and convenient way to pay for goods and services at point-of-sale,
without the risk associated with carrying cash. Cardholders can also access funds from their bank
account at over 1.4 million ATMs worldwide.

The "Why bother going to the ATM?" advertising made its debut on 1 May with a television
commercial (TVC) featuring established Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak. The effort will be
supported through various channels such as outdoor signage, print, radio and cinema as well as
consumer promotion activities. The TVC will be aired in Hindi and English, plus six local

The TVC portrays Vinay as an autorickshaw driver who gives his passenger a humorous lesson
about the card in his pocket and how going direct is better. The screenplay highlights the fact that
the card the passenger is carrying in his pocket is actually a Visa Debit card that can be used at
point-of-sale locations such as the supermarket, cinema or restaurant.

In March 2009, Visa launched the 'More People around the World Go with Visa' campaign in
India, a locally adapted global campaign which connected with Indians through emotional touch
points such as cricket, festivals, marriage and dining.

"This new commercial reinforces Visa's call to action through an invitation to cardholders to
move spending from cash to electronic payments by using their Visa Debit card. This is in line
with our vision of better money for better living especially in challenging economic times when
consumers are focused on better ways to manage their money,"
• Visa Smart
For decades, Visa has known that the memory and computing power of the chip on a smart card
could transform payments. Smart cards will become a bank in every consumer’s pocket. Every
smart card will be individually tailored to suit every individual cardholder, and different
members and markets will be able to choose the approach that best suits them.
Smart cards can:

• Store secure encrypted confidential information

• Carry multiple applications
• Create opportunities for new sources of revenue
• Be used for secure electronic commerce over the Internet

Visa’s strategy focuses on:

• Creating cost effective smart card products

• Developing global standards (EMV*, GlobalPlatform**)
• Improving the business case
• Establishing migration policies and incentives

*EMV – Europay, MasterCard, Visa Specifications (EMV)

Technical specifications developed jointly by Europay International, MasterCard International
and Visa International outlining the interaction between chip cards and terminals/CADs to ensure
global interoperability.

** GlobalPlatform
A cross-industry membership organization created to advance standards for multiple application
smart card growth. A major goal of GlobalPlatform is the definition of specifications and
infrastructure for multi-application smart cards, including cards, terminals and back-end host
systems. The GlobalPlatform Specifications are based on the Open Platform Specifications,
which were donated to the consortium by Visa.
• Visa Develops Electronic Payment Solution Using UIDAI Platform

Designed especially for the Un-Banked and Under-Banked Aadhaar Holders

Visa, a leading global electronic payments technology company has developed a unique
payment solution, using the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) platform.
The solution is designed to provide a payment infrastructure for Aadhaar holders,
especially the un-banked and under-banked Aadhaar holders. Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique
number that the UIDAI will issue to all Indian residents living in the country.

A very small proportion of the Indian population has bank accounts and UIDAI is building
the Aadhaar platform, which can be used to bring banking services to the unbanked masses.
The authority plans to issue Aadhaar numbers to 600 million residents over the next four
years, with a 100 million expected to be enrolled in the first year.

As part of the proposed solution, once an individual enrolls into Aadhaar, the partner bank
can issue a Visa payment card (linked to his / her Aadhaar biometric authentication). Visa
is enhancing its systems to handle biometric data along with payment data and integrate
with Aadhaar for authentication purposes. Visa is working with TSYS, a leading global
technology company, as the biometric authentication technology partner, for the UIDAI

Many Indians have little or no access to the banking system in India. Now they will be able
to benefit from all the security, reliability and convenience that a Visa payments card has to
offer. This is a ground-breaking initiative and a great example of a public-private
partnership in action.

The key benefits of the collaboration for the un-banked and under-banked population
• Easy and convenient access to central and state government benefit disbursements;
• Better management of funds and reduced risks associated with cash, by providing
an option of immediate cash deposit to a no frill bank account;
• Payment options at merchants accepting Visa cards;
• Depositing or withdrawing cash at ATM or Micro ATM terminals;
• Convenience of booking train tickets, paying utility bills, etc.; and
• Enabling remittance of money in a secure manner by migrants to their families.
Keeping in mind the large un-banked and under-banked communities in many parts of the
country, Visa along with its banking partners will soon launch a financial inclusion pilot,
using the UIDAI platform, after identifying suitable locations.

Visa Australia

• Visa Launches First Global Advertising Campaign Entitled “More People Around
the World Go with Visa”

Single Global Campaign Creates Operational Efficiencies – Focuses on Migrating Spending to

Electronic Payments
The campaign reflects the company’s evolution to a single, global company and enables Visa to
align its worldwide marketing under a single theme that highlights the superior value Visa
delivers versus cash and cheques – including more security, more control and more convenience.

The campaign also enables Visa to achieve cost efficiencies by consolidating its global
marketing efforts.

The “More People Around the World Go with Visa” campaign focuses on Visa’s core growth
strategy -- migrating consumer and business spending from cash and cheques to the better form
of electronic payment, Visa. The campaign establishes a single global marketing message that
will be executed locally for maximum relevance, delivering Visa’s global message in an efficient
and cost effective way.

“Visa gives people the ability to take action – the actions that are most important to them,The
More People Around the World Go with Visa’ campaign is an invitation to make the most out of
life every day, a powerful message. It’s not about spending more, but about using Visa for those
things that are important to them every day.”

Focusing on encouraging Visa usage over cash and cheques, the campaign helps grow the
payments business of Visa’s financial institution clients while enabling them to focus their
marketing efforts on differentiating their Visa products from competitors and strengthening their
customer relationships. The campaign also supports Visa merchant partners by promoting the
convenience of using electronic payments in key merchant categories like restaurants and online
music retailers, among others.

“Simply put, this campaign is an invitation that reflects Visa’s belief that our products are for
anyone who wants to live life to the fullest.”

Campaign Overview
The “More People Around the World Go with Visa” platform is relevant across all geographic
regions and demographics, and will be used to promote both the vast product choices that Visa
offers, as well as the Visa brand itself. The campaign is well suited for traditional and new
media, and will support Visa’s global sponsorship properties and merchant marketing programs.

In Australia, the ‘More People Around the World Go with Visa’ campaign will premiere with a
‘Gofesto” television commercial that takes viewers on a journey across the globe showing people
from different places enjoying what the world has to offer — from the great outdoors to
shopping at the supermarket. The spot reminds cardholders that life is not about collecting
possessions, but more importantly, it is about collecting experiences.

Business Evolution
This campaign launch follows the company’s historic initial public offering (IPO) and
reorganization a year ago. The alignment of six Visa regions into a single, global company has
enabled the company to realize the efficiencies, streamlined strategy and decision-making
globally that was anticipated at the time of the IPO.

The campaign is part of a broader effort to reorganize the company’s marketing efforts through
which Visa consolidated its global media buying and global creative advertising under a single
holding company. This consolidation will deliver significant operational efficiencies as well as
reductions in fees and production expenses – thus maximizing the effectiveness of its marketing

• Visa launches new television advertising campaign

starring Catherine Zeta Jones.
Visa International has launched a major new television
commercial starring actress Catherine Zeta Jones. The ad is the
latest in Visa’s “All it Takes” brand campaign and will be aired
in ten markets across Asia Pacific including China and viewed
in millions of homes.

The new commercial was created by Visa and its Australian ad

agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney, and started airing in
Australia this week.

“The new commercial is a very high quality, entertaining ad that

differentiates Visa and positions the product as a global leader in
an increasingly competitive market,”

The ad follows the hugely successful “Tuk Tuk’ commercial

starring Pierce Brosnan, which was also created by Clemenger
and became the most awarded television commercial in the Asia
Pacific region in 2003.

Voted as one of the most beautiful actresses in the Hollywood,

Catherine is excited to be part of the Visa’s latest television
commercial. .

The new commercial opens with Catherine and her Asian guide
driving their jeep along a scenic tropical jungle. The tranquility
is broken when a bunch of orangutans trick them and take off
with their entire luggage.

Quick-thinking Catherine manages to trade a banana for her

handbag that contains her Visa card. Relieved and confident,
she knows she has the power to make things happen. Her Visa
card is “All It Takes” to turn the situation around. She orders a
truckload of bananas and as it arrives, one by one, the
orangutans return all her luggage in exchange for the bananas.
Like the previous commercials, the storyline revolves around
making an ordinary or everyday situation into an extraordinary

Shot in the reserve forest in Shah Alam just outside Kuala

Lumpur, Malaysia, the commercial took over seven days to film,
with over 70 crew members brought in from the US, Australia,
New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. The commercial also
features five orangutans from Malacca. They are part of a larger
group who were rehabilitated after being rescued from bush
fires and jungle clearances.
• New advertising campaign reinforces Visa Debit as the fastest growing form of payment
in Australia
Visa International launched a new and integrated advertising campaign reinforcing Visa Debit
card’s position as the preferred payment method for millions of Australians.

The campaign includes television, cinema, print and online advertisements illustrating the
prevalence of Visa Debit as an everyday payment method for cardholders using their own cash
over the phone, the internet, overseas and at retailers.

“Visa Debit is the most popular debit card in Australia and it is also the fastest growing form of
payment. There are currently 4.3 million Visa Debit cards in Australia – accounting for one in
three Visa cards in the country.

“Visa Debit accounts for more than 50 percent of Visa’s global volume. In Australia, Visa Debit
is issued by 115 financial institutions, including banks, credit unions and building societies.

“The campaign reinforces and illustrates the growing preference for Visa cardholders to use their
own cash at petrol stations, shops and supermarkets – basically everywhere Visa is accepted
either at home or overseas,

• Visa links with internet celebrity in new advertising campaign focused on travel

New commercial promotes Visa as the way to take the hassle out of foreign currency exchange
In time for the holiday season, global payment card company Visa launches a new campaign in
Australia this Sunday featuring internet celebrity Matt Harding promoting Visa as the hassle-free
way to pay while travelling.

The new commercial recreates the quirky dance made famous by Matt in his self-made video
travel diaries that have attracted millions of Internet fans over the past four years. Matt performs
his signature jig in China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, the USA and Vietnam - to celebrate how
Visa has freed him from the hassle of foreign currency exchange as he travels around the world.

The campaign makes its Australian debut on Sunday, 23 November and will be telecast in eight
countries and territories in Asia Pacific over the next few weeks. In Australia, the commercials
will air on metropolitan, regional and pay television as well as online.

The advertisers have attempted to capture the joy of travel in our new campaign. Even in this
current economic climate research tells us that almost seven out of ten people do not expect to
postpone traveling altogether but would look at alternative destinations or travel within their own
“The campaign reminds consumers that Visa provides a simple, worry-free way to pay for their
purchases no matter where in the world they are traveling.”

Matt Harding first shot to internet fame when his viral videos of him dancing in front of
landmarks and street scenes in various international locations were first posted online in 2004.
His latest video that was only posted on YouTube on 20 June 2008 has already been viewed
more than 12 million times as of 19 November 2008.

There are so many wonderful things to see and do around the world and if my little dance makes
someone smile and decide to book their next overseas holiday, I say go for it!”
• Visa Becomes An Exclusive FIFA Partner

Groundbreaking new global partnership links world’s leading payment brand and world’s
leading sport through 2014
Visa becomes a FIFA Partner with global rights to a broad range of FIFA activities including the
FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. This new partnership, with unparalleled
access to FIFA properties worldwide, links the world’s leading payment brand, Visa, and the
world’s leading sport, football, in a unique and groundbreaking relationship that will benefit fans

Visa’s commitment will begin in January 2007 and will run through 2014 in the Financial
Services product category. As one of six FIFA Partners, Visa will enjoy a higher level of
association with FIFA than previous category sponsors and will enjoy rights to a broader range
of FIFA activities including exclusive marketing assets, competitions, special events and
development programs. Visa and FIFA will work together on a global basis to create exclusive
Visa payment programs around these FIFA activities.

This partnership will allow to bring the cardholders programs that touch the very core of their
passion for the game both globally and locally. The FIFA Partnership truly delivers on Visa’s
strategy of associating with the world’s best brands and complements our strong global brand

As the world leader in payment services and with acceptance in 24 million locations, Visa is
uniquely qualified to extend the benefits of this partnership to millions of cardholders and fans
worldwide. This partnership builds on the highly successful marketing programs with global
properties including the Olympic Games/Paralympic Games, Disney and Rugby World Cup. As
the top property in football, FIFA, and the FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Women’s World
Cup remain a most sought-after prize.

Over the eight-year period, Visa will promote a number of FIFA events and competitions
including the FIFA Confederations Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup, the FIFA U-20 World Cup,
the FIFA Interactive World Cup, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the FIFA U-20 Women’s
World Cup, and the FIFA Futsal World Cup. Visa will also be working with FIFA to explore the
possibility of developing and promoting visually impaired football, drawing upon Visa’s long-
standing involvement with Paralympic sport.

FIFA’s commercial partnership strategy is designed to enhance the development of the sport
across the world and through all walks of life. A FIFA Partner enjoys the highest level of
association with FIFA, by far eclipsing basic event sponsoring, and comprising rights to all FIFA
events, exclusive marketing assets, and an affiliation with the governing body's special events
and development initiatives. Visa becomes one of six global organizations that will comprise
FIFA's top tier of partners.

• Visa sponsors City stars latest Shopping Festival

Visa and Citystars, Egypt’s largest retail shopping centre, are offering shoppers a chance to win
cash prizes during this year’s annual shopping festival Around Citystars in 60 Days. From
December 18 until February 15, 2011, shoppers who spend EGP 250 cumulatively or at one time
with their Visa or Visa Electron cards at any Citystars outlet* will be given a coupon to enter a
draw to win one of five cash prizes of $10,000. By exchanging the sales receipt for a raffle
coupon at any of the shopping centre information desks inside Citystars, Visa cardholders will be
entered into the draw. Five lucky shoppers will win $10,000 each for a total of $50,000 in cash
prizes during a live draw on February 24 at 7:00 pm in Citystars shopping centre’s Atrium C.
Visa cardholders will not only benefit from the ease, security and reliability of using their
payment cards during the Around Citystars in 60 Days shopping-festival, they’ll have the chance
to win a significant cash prize, welcoming them into the New Year, Visa is proud to take part in
this year’s Citystars shopping festival and sees the opportunity as a great way to reward shoppers
who take advantage of the many benefits of using their Visa payment cards to make purchases.
In addition to Visa’s promotion to win a total of $ 50,000, for EGP 250 spent at any of Citystars
shopping centre’s outlets, shoppers will also get the chance to participate in the Citystars
promotion and win its grand prize: a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, during the course of the two
month promotion.
Each year shoppers flock to Citystars during the winter months to take advantage of New Year’s
sales, This year with Visa sponsoring one of the two promotions, VISA is happy to reward
shoppers with multiple chances to take more than just their purchases home with them.

• VISA Metro Promotion

The Ramadan promotion rewarded customers who used their Visa and Visa Electron cards at
Metro supermarkets with prizes ranging from T-shirts and mugs to MP3 players, mobile phones,
and laptops depending on the value of their purchases.

Compared to the same period of 2006, Metro Markets realized 52% sales growth.

The promotion also witnessed Metro customers purchasing more—sales volume per customer
rose 14%.

The sales up-tick proved a lasting phenomenon as Metro realized 56% year-on-year growth
during the months following the promotion.

The Visa-Metro promotion generated tangible business results for Metro's supermarkets.
Accepting and encouraging the use of payment cards benefits merchants and their customers. It
offers customers a more flexible, convenient and secure way to pay and allows them to track
their spending and stay in line with their budgets.


Visa, Worldwide Partner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, has utilised multiple digital platforms
ahead of the event. OR Tambo International Airport and Cape Town International Airport in
particular have been dominated with Visa’s presence. The powerhouse brand has also used the
well located Primedia digital network in Sandton.
• BPS' Drive-By-Media closes the loop for Visa's airport promotion
During December and January 2011, Visa offered individuals the chance to win flights to any
global destination by simply swiping their Visa cards at South Africa's international airports.

Included in the campaign communication mix was Drive By Media, the innovative platform
from leading location based media company BPS (Business Positioning Systems).

The Drive By Platform utilizes BPS' software to overlay advertising communication onto the
rental GPS devices hired from SA's leading rental car companies.

As travelers either left or arrived at the airport, a radio execution played through the GPS device,
communicating the Visa promotion and how they could take part.

The media platform targets the business and leisure traveler market, we operate on 1000 GPS
devices, reaching roughly 60 000 travelers every month. The market is niche, and we provide full
reporting on frequency and cost per contact point, making Drive By much more measurable than
traditional ATL. But more importantly, Drive By is a big impact medium - "they know where I
am and what I need!" is the target market experience we aim to provide our clients. Furthermore
this is the only medium with a "GO" button, meaning if the customer likes what they hear, they
simply hit 'go' and are taken there."


• Visa's airport promotional offer gives users the chance to win an international holiday
when using their Visa Cards at South Africa's international airports.
• The BPS Drive By platform communicates this message as individuals with rental cars
are leaving or returning to the airport.
• The message is delivered when users enter a 500m geo-fence surrounding the airport.
• As the Drive By devices are collected and delivered at the airport, the Visa messages was
communicated as users left, and before they arrived. Effectively cutting through the
advertising clutter that airport buildings have become.

• 128 340 LOCATION relevant messages delivered.
• REACH 55 800
• FREQUENCY 128 340

• Visa & FIFA 2005

Visa “stole” the worldwide sponsorship from arch-rival MasterCard in 2005 at a price that only a
card company that deals in trillions can understand. Visa enjoys perhaps the greatest visibility at
all the soccer grounds.
The Three goals – to increase spend on our cards, to convert more people from cash and cheques
to cards and finally client engagement
The transactions have not risen directly yet. In some markets, it might take a year for to feel a
difference. Inside SA card turnover by foreign visitors has risen 50% already.
Visa has arranged big World Cup fanfests, parties and competitions in countries, such as Italy,
Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. Some 4 000
people who won tickets have been here on three and four-day packages. Visa has also wined and
dined the major banking and merchant parties. Visa also sponsors the winter and summer
Olympics, so it has a major promotion going on virtually all the time.
Anthony West of MasterCard laments the loss after 16 years of the Fifa sponsorship. He says
MasterCard thought the matter was still under negotiation before Fifa suddenly switched to Visa.
MasterCard has taken over sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup from Visa.
There was litigation and Fifa eventually settled with a $90m payment to MasterCard.