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Character Generation Cheat Sheet

Version 2
By Nestor

Step One: Archetypes Step Three: Primary Attributes

Pick One Spend 15 Points, on a one-to-one basis, minimum of 1,
Academic AFO-8 Noble AFO-9 maximum of 5
Adventurer AFO-9 Occultist AFO-9 Body AFO-13 Charisma AFO-14
Criminal AFO-9 Outcast EC-2 Dexterity AFO-13 Intelligence AFO-15
Doctor AFO-9 Patron EC-2 Strength AFO-14 Willpower AFO-15
Guardian EC-2 Soldier AFO-10 Step Four: Secondary Attributes
Hunter AFO-9 Spy AFO-10 Calculate; may be affected by Talents
Luminary AFO-9 Survivor AFO-10 Size AFO-15 0
Natural Philosopher AFO-9 Swordsman AFO-10 Move AFO-15 Strength + Dexterity
(or Athletics)
Step Two: Motivations Perception AFO-16 Intelligence + Willpower
Pick One
Initiative AFO-16 Dexterity + Intelligence
Duty AFO-10 Love AFO-11
Defense AFO-16 Body + Dexterity – Size
Escape AFO-10 Mystery AFO-11 (Passive = Body, Active = Dexterity)
Faith AFO-11 Power AFO-11 Stun AFO-17 Body
Fame AFO-11 Preservation EC-3 Health AFO-17 Body + Willpower + Size
Glory EC-3 Redemption AFO-12
Greed AFO-11 Revenge AFO-12
Honor AFO-11 Survival AFO-12
Hope AFO-11 Truth AFO-12
Justice AFO-11 Wisdom EC-3

Legend: AFO – All For One, EC – Expanded Characters, WD – Wondrous Devices, NB – Nobles & Courtiers
All content ©2010 Triple Ace Games. All rights reserved.
Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, edited by Steve Ovenell.
Step Five: Skills
Spend 15 Points, on a one-to-one basis, minimum of 1, maximum of 5
Skill Specializations cost ½ Points and add +1 to Skill; no more than one Specialization per Skill at character creation
Musketeer characters have the following skills as Zero-Level Skills: Fencing or Melee, Firearms, Ride, plus an
additional Zero-Level Skill fitting their background
Skill Attribute Specializations
Academics ● Intelligence History, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Religion AFO-19
Acrobatics Dexterity Balance, Breakfall, Contortion, Juggling, Tumbling AFO-19
Animal Handling Charisma Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, Rodents AFO-19
Archery Dexterity Bows, Crossbows, Nets, Slings AFO-19
Art ● Intelligence Music, Painting, Sculpture, Writing AFO-19
Athletics Strength Climbing, Jumping, Running, Swimming, Throwing AFO-20
Brawl Strength Dirty Tricks, Grappling, Kicking, Punching, Throws AFO-20
Bureaucracy Intelligence Academia, Church, Government, Legal, Military AFO-20
Con Charisma Bluff, Fast Talk, Lying, Tricks, Seduction AFO-20
Craft ● Intelligence Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Masonry, Medicines, Weaponsmithing AFO-20
Diplomacy Charisma Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation, Persuasion, Politics AFO-21
Empathy Intelligence Body Language, Emotions, Intuition, Lies, Motives AFO-21
Fencing ● Strength Anatomie, Cavalerie, Danse, Dardi, Del Rio, Position de Fer, Renoir, Scarlotti, Spanish
Firearms Dexterity Arquebus, Blunderbuss, Musket, Pistol AFO-21
Gambling Intelligence Active Games, Board Games, Card Games, Cheating, Dice Games AFO-22
Gunnery Intelligence Falconet, Falcon, Legitimate Culverin, Bastard Culverin, Great Culverin, Cannon AFO-22
Intimidation Charisma Interrogation, Orders, Staredown, Threats, Torture AFO-23
Investigation Intelligence Crimes, Enigmas, Interview, Research, Search AFO-23
Larceny Dexterity Alarms, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Sleight of Hand, Strong Boxes AFO-23
Linguistics Intelligence Codes, Deciphering, Gestures, Lip Reading, Translation AFO-23
Magick ● Willpower (Requires Magickal Aptitude Talent) Aeromancy, Alchemy, Benignus, Cryomancy,
Divination, Enchantment, Faunamancy, Floramancy, Geomancy, Homomancy,
Hydromancy, Necromancy, Pyromancy, Transmutation, Transportation AFO-24
Medicine Intelligence Diagnosis, Diseases, First Aid, Surgery, Veterinary AFO-24
Melee Strength Axes, Clubs, Knives, Spears, Swords AFO-25
Natural Philosophy ● Intelligence Biology, Chymistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics AFO-25
Performance Charisma Acting, Dancing, Musical Instrument, Oratory, Singing AFO-25
Ride Dexterity Dismount/Mount, Galloping, Jumping, Remaining Seated, Vehicles AFO-25
Spying Intelligence Alias, Bribery, Forgery, Speed Read, Unobtrusive WD-2
Stealth Dexterity Camouflage, Disguise, Hiding, Shadowing, Sneaking AFO-25
Streetwise Charisma Black Market, Carousing, Haggling, Rumors, Scrounging AFO-26
Survival Intelligence Foraging, Hunting, Navigation, Shelter, Tracking AFO-26
Warfare Intelligence Logistics, Organization, Strategy, Tactics, Terrain AFO-27
● Specialized Skill

Step Five-A: Fencing Styles

Style Disarm Feint Parry Thrust Slash
Anatomie –1 +1 +1 –1
Cavalerie +1 when fighting from horseback
Danse –1 +1 –1 +1
Dardi +1 +1 –1 –1
Del Rio +1 +1 –1 –1
Position de Fer –1 +1 +1 –1
Renoir –1 –1 +1 +1
Scarlotti +1 +1 –1 –1

Legend:AFO – All For One, EC – Expanded Characters, WD – Wondrous Devices, NB – Nobles & Courtiers
All content ©2010 Triple Ace Games. All rights reserved.
Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, edited by Steve Ovenell.
Spanish –1 –1 +1 +1

Step Six: Talents

Pick one Talent or Resource
Musketeer characters begin with the Followers and Rank Resources at Level 0.
Talent Prerequisite Benefit
Accuracy — Reduced called shot penalties AFO-27
Agile● — +1 Dexterity rating AFO-27
Alertness — +2 Perception rating AFO-27
Animal Affinity — +1 Charisma bonus dealing with animals AFO-28
Attractive — +1 Charisma bonus dealing with people AFO-28
Barbed Tongue Charimsa 3 +2 bonus in social duels AFO-28
Blind Fight — Reduced penalty for poor visibility AFO-28
Block Brawl 4 Perform block as a reflexive action AFO-28
Blunt Strike Melee 4 Do nonlethal damage with lethal weapons AFO-28
Bold Attack Charisma 3 Use Charisma with a specific combat Skill AFO-28
Bold Defense Charisma 3 Use Charisma for Active Defense rating AFO-29
Calculated Attack Intelligence 3 Use Intelligence with a specific combat Skill AFO-29
Calculated Defense Intelligence 3 Use Intelligence for Active Defense rating AFO-29
Callous Rider Ride 4 Exert your mount to gain Ride bonus AFO-29
Captivate Performance 4 Temporarily entrance targets AFO-29
Charismatic ● — +1 Charisma rating AFO-30
Climb — Improved climbing speed AFO-30
Combat Aptitude Intelligence 3 Exchange attack and Defense dice AFO-30
Combat Skill Skill 4 +2 Defense with specific non-combat Skill AFO-30
Counterstrike Brawl 4 Damage attacker with a successful Block AFO-30
Danger Sense — Reduced surprise penalty AFO-30
Diehard — Improved death threshold AFO-30
Direction Sense — Always know direction AFO-31
Dodge Athletics 4 Perform dodge as a reflexive action AFO-31
Evasive Riding Ride 4 Use Ride Skill for Defense roll AFO-31
Fearsome Intimidation 4 Temporarily frighten opponents AFO-31
Fearsome Attack Intimidation 4 Use Intimidation skill for unarmed or melee attack roll NB-2
Finesse Attack Dexterity 3 Use Dexterity with a specific combat Skill AFO-32
Florentine Dexterity 3 Reduced penalty for two-weapon attacks AFO-32
Flurry Dexterity 3 Reduced penalty for multiple strikes AFO-32
Focused Attack Willpower 3 Use Willpower with a specific combat Skill AFO-32
Focused Defense Willpower 3 Use Willpower for Passive Defense rating AFO-33
Giant ● — +1 Size rating AFO-33
Guardian Intelligence 3 Provide Defense bonus to allies AFO-33
Headstrong Willpower 3 Use Willpower for Stun rating AFO-33
Herb Lore Medicine 4 Use natural supplies for medicine AFO-33
High Pain Tolerance — Reduced penalty for wounds AFO-33
Inspire Diplomacy 4 Provide Skill bonus to allies AFO-33
Intelligent ● — +1 Intelligence rating AFO-34
Iron Jaw — +1 Stun rating AFO-34
Iron Will ● — +1 Willpower rating AFO-34
Jack of All Trades Intelligence 3 Improved untrained Skill rolls AFO-34
Jump — Improved jumping distance AFO-34
Keen Sense ● — +4 Perception rating with a specific sense AFO-34
Knockout Blow Brawl 4 Improved knockout ability AFO-35
Lethal Blow Brawl 4 Do lethal damage with Brawl attacks AFO-35
Lifesaver Medicine 4 Improved healing ability AFO-35

Legend:AFO – All For One, EC – Expanded Characters, WD – Wondrous Devices, NB – Nobles & Courtiers
All content ©2010 Triple Ace Games. All rights reserved.
Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, edited by Steve Ovenell.
Talent Prerequisite Benefit
Long Shot — Double weapon ranges AFO-35
Lucky — +2 bonus to any one roll per game session AFO-35
Magickal Aptitude — Ability to channel magical energy AFO-35
Magic Sensitivity ● — Sensitive to magickal phenomena AFO-35
Mobile Attack Dexterity 3 Move and attack simultaneously AFO-36
Moneywise Intelligence 3 Improved Wealth Resource AFO-36
Mounted Attack Ride 4 Use Ride skill for attack roll AFO-36
Mounted Charge Ride 4 May charge without losing Active Defense AFO-36
Musketeer — Reload weapon in half the time AFO-36
Natural Leader Charisma 3 Recruit temporary allies AFO-36
Pack Mule — Treat encumbrance level as one level less AFO-36
Parry Fencing School/Melee 8 Perform parry as a reflexive action AFO-36
Provoke Con 4 Temporarily provoke opponents AFO-37
Quick Draw — Draw weapon as a reflexive action AFO-37
Quick Healer ● Body 3 Double the normal healing rate AFO-37
Quick Reflexes — +2 Initiative rating AFO-37
Ricochet Shot Firearms 4 Reduced called shot penalty for cover AFO-37
Ride by Attack Ride 4 Mount may move and attack simultaneously AFO-37
Riposte Fencing School/Melee 8 Damage attacker with a successful Parry AFO-38
Rising Handspring — Stand up as reflexive action AFO-38
Robust — +2 Health rating AFO-38
Run — Improved running speed AFO-38
Savvy Fighter Dexterity 3 Improved Defense ability AFO-38
Skill Aptitude — +2 Skill rating with a specific Skill AFO-38
Skilled Assistant — Improved teamwork bonus AFO-38
Staggering Blow Brawl 4 Improved knockback ability AFO-38
Strong ● — +1 Strength rating AFO-39
Strong Attack Strength 3 Use Strength with a specific combat Skill
Strong Defense Strength 3 Use Strength for Passive Defense rating AFO-39
Subtle Strike Stealth 4 Can use Stealth for attack roll AFO-40
Sweep Brawl 4/Fencing 4/Melee 4 Reduced sweep attack penalty EC-4
Swift — +2 Move rating AFO-40
Swift Mount Ride 4 Mount gains +2 Move rating AFO-40
Swim — Improved swimming speed AFO-40
Time Sense — Always know time AFO-40
Tinker Craft 4 Improved tool bonus AFO-40
Total Recall ● — Never forget anything AFO-40
Tough ● — +1 Body rating AFO-40
Tough Attack Body 3 Use Body with a specific combat Skill AFO-40
Tricky Fighter Intelligence 3 +2 bonus when performing tricks AFO-41
Unarmed Parry Brawl 4 Can block melee weapons AFO-41
Vigorous Defense Dexterity 3 Reduced penalty for multiple attackers AFO-41
Well-Connected Charisma 3 Improved Contacts Resource AFO-41
Well-Educated Intelligence 3 General expertise with one Specialized Skill AFO-41
<italics> Unique Talent ● only available during character creation

Legend:AFO – All For One, EC – Expanded Characters, WD – Wondrous Devices, NB – Nobles & Courtiers
All content ©2010 Triple Ace Games. All rights reserved.
Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, edited by Steve Ovenell.
Resource Description
Ally Close friend or relative who can be counted on for help AFO-42
Contacts Network of associates who may be called on for items and/or information AFO-43
Fame Reputation, notoriety, and influence due to your character's popularity AFO-43
Fencing School Member of a specific school AFO-44
Followers Faithful friends and retainers who accompany your character AFO-46
Patron A powerful patron, teacher, or protector who looks out for your character AFO-47
Rank Rank and membership in a secret or exclusive organization AFO-48
Refuge A safe and comfortable home. Private retreat, or secret laboratory AFO-48
Status Social status and income due to your character's profession or birthright AFO-49
Talisman Unique and powerful item designed to make magick easier to invoke AFO-49
Wealth Income and assets, plus amount of money available to invest AFO-50

Step Six-A: Fencing Schools

School Style Prerequisites
Accademia degli Sporchi Trucchi Del Rio Con 4
Dardi School Dardi Willpower 3
L’Académie de Cavalerie Cavalerie Ride 4
L’Académie de l’Anatomie Anatomie Medicine 4
L’Académie de Pugilism Pugilism Brawl 4
L’École de Danse Danse Performance 4
L’École de Position de Fer Position de Fer Body 3
Renoir’s Academy Renoir Dexterity 3
Scarlotti’s Academy Scarlotti Intelligence 3
Spanish Style Spanish Strength 3

Step Seven: Flaws

Pick one (Optional)
Flaw Description
Physical Flaws
Blind ● Automatically fail sight rolls AFO-51
Clumsy Has poor coordination AFO-51
Crippled ● Cannot walk AFO-51
Deaf ● Automatically fail hearing rolls AFO-51
Dwarf Not as big or as strong as others AFO-51
Dying Has an incurable disease and may soon die AFO-51
Elderly Advanced in age AFO-51
Glass Jaw Easily stunned or knocked out AFO-51
Hard of Hearing Poor hearing and may misunderstand speech AFO-51
Illness May be incapacitated by illness AFO-52
Lame ● Has a bad leg or foot and moves slower than others AFO-52
Lice-infested Cannot rid his body of lice NB-4
Low Pain Tolerance Has extreme sensitivity to pain AFO-52
Mute ● Can't speak and must write or gesture instead AFO-52
Obese Larger and slower then normal AFO-52
One Arm Missing an arm and has trouble doing work AFO-52
One Eye Missing an eye and has poor depth perception AFO-52
Poor Vision Bad eyesight and has trouble identifying things AFO-52
Sickly Illness causes major discomfort AFO-52
Skinny Has a weak physique AFO-52
Young ● Child or youth AFO-52

Legend:AFO – All For One, EC – Expanded Characters, WD – Wondrous Devices, NB – Nobles & Courtiers
All content ©2010 Triple Ace Games. All rights reserved.
Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, edited by Steve Ovenell.
Flaw Description
Mental Flaws
Absent-Minded Often forgets or overlooks important details AFO-52
Addiction Hooked on a specific substance or activity AFO-52
Amnesia Has lost his memory and may have flashbacks AFO-52
Blasé Easily jaded and bored AFO-52
Code of Conduct Lives by a set of inflexible rules that limit his actions NB-4
Coward ● Afraid of conflict and may run from a flight AFO-53
Curious Fascinated by the unknown AFO-53
Delusion Suffers from hallucinations AFO-53
Depressed Sad and pessimistic AFO-53
Envious Wants what other people have AFO-53
Gluttonous Continually eating AFO-53
Hesitant Cannot make split-second decisions NB-4
Illiterate Dyslexic or uneducated and cannot read or write AFO-53
Impulsive Impatient and reckless and often gets in trouble AFO-53
Lustful Has an eye for the ladies and a strong libido AFO-53
Megalomania Delusions of grandeur AFO-53
Obsession A compulsion to perform a particular activity AFO-53
Obvious Too loud or careless to stay hidden or hide his intentions NB-4
Overconfident Foolhardy and sometimes gets in over his head AFO-53
Paranoia Anxious and distrusts everyone around him AFO-53
Phobia Scared of a particular thing and will avoid it AFO-53
Short Temper Has trouble controlling anger AFO-53
Skeptic Never takes anything at face value AFO-53
Thrill-seeker Addicted to danger AFO-53
Timid Nervous and anxious AFO-53
Vow Sworn to an action or organization AFO-54
Social Flaws
Alley Child Utterly unschooled and ignorant of social conventions NB-4
Aloof Distant and remote AFO-54
Bad Reputation Character has a bad name AFO-54
Callous Selfish, uncaring, and insensitive of others AFO-54
Condescending He is better than everyone else AFO-54
Criminal Believed to have committed a serious crime AFO-54
Disfigured Ugly, unattractive, and repulsive to others AFO-54
Fanatical Zealous and dedicated AFO-54
Forceful Driven to be the one in charge NB-4
Gossip Cannot stop himself from sharing juicy gossip NB-5
Gullible Believes almost anything AFO-54
Honest Never lies AFO-54
Inscrutable Mysterious and hard to read AFO-54
Intolerant Biased and prejudiced against a certain thing AFO-54
Liar Constantly embellishes the truth AFO-54
Lovelorn Lovesick and forlorn AFO-54
Merciful Compassionate and forgiving AFO-54
Pacifist ● Opposed to violence and war for any reason AFO-54
Sadist ● Derives pleasure from inflicting pain NB-5
Secret Has an embarrassing or shameful secret AFO-54
Shy Dislikes social situations and tries to avoid them AFO-54
Speech Impediment Has trouble speaking and may be misunderstood AFO-54
Stingy Reluctant to spend money NB-5
Stubborn Obstinate and hard-headed AFO-55

Legend:AFO – All For One, EC – Expanded Characters, WD – Wondrous Devices, NB – Nobles & Courtiers
All content ©2010 Triple Ace Games. All rights reserved.
Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, edited by Steve Ovenell.
Flaw Description
Submissive Wants other to make all the decisions NB-5
Superstitious Goes out of her way to follow her unusual beliefs AFO-55
Vain Egotistical and narcissistic AFO-55
Miscellaneous Flaws
Danger Magnet Attracts trouble through no fault of her own AFO-55
Hunted Pursued by an individual or organization AFO-55
Poor Destitute and bad with money AFO-55
Primitive ● Unfamiliar with modern technology AFO-55
Unlucky Cursed, jinxed, or otherwise unlucky AFO-55
Weirdness Magnet Attracts supernatural occurrences
<italics> Severe Flaw ● Cannot be taken by Musketeers

Step Eight: Experience Step Ten: Starting Style Points

Spend up to 15 Points Start play with up to 5 Style Points
(Unspent Points can be carried into play) • Taking a Flaw at character generation: 1 pt.
Trait Experience Point Cost • Writing a character background: 1-3 pts.
Primary Attribute New Attribute Level x 5 • Creating a plot hook (e.g. a rival or dependent) for
Skill New Skill Level x 2
Skill Specialization 3
your character: 1 pt. each
Talent 15 • Using props or costumes for your character: 1 pt.
Resource 15 • Miscellaneous (e.g., hosting the game): 1 pt

Step Nine: Finishing Touches

(AFO: 55) Fill in the rest of the details
• What is your character’s name?
• Where did your character come from?
• What does your character look like?
• What gear is your character carrying?

Legend:AFO – All For One, EC – Expanded Characters, WD – Wondrous Devices, NB – Nobles & Courtiers
All content ©2010 Triple Ace Games. All rights reserved.
Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, edited by Steve Ovenell.

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