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Published from Hyderabad, India. VOLUME 4 Issue # 41 – MAY 2011
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MAY 2011

Aum Bhur Bhuva Swa Thath Saviturvarenyam Bhargo devasyadeemahi Diyoyona prachothayathe





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MAY 2011



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Will DMK change the history or AIADMK repeat the history? Any Nuclear disaster in Japan? The Hora and it’s usage & a new, quick & easy method of rectification of birth time. Air India Strike—When they will call off? Yet another easy method of rectification / verification of correct time of birth Return to Mother land-KP Appraisal Policy, Terms and Conditions. Letters To The Editor. Your month for May 2011 Marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton Nirayana Transits of 2011 Native committed suicide Bail Application of Abdul Nasar Maudani.

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MAY 2011




Esteemed Readers: OSAMA BIN LADEN, TERRORISM AND US ELECTIONS Osama Bin Laden is killed by US Special forces near Islamabad in the Pakistan. It is reported in the media and also President Obama addressed a White House briefing that Osama Bin Laden, the dreaded terrorist, who was responsible for killing more than 3000 persons in US on 9/11, is killed in Pakistan, around 150 km close to its capital, Islamabad. What Bush Administration could not do, was executed by Obama’s Presidency. It was a hunt for almost 10 years on and the largest bounty was declared on his head.

It is proved time and again that Pakistan is the epi-centre of all forms of terrorisms in the world. We have got a very weak Government ruling us, who could not do anything against the terrorism unleashed by our neighbour and the glaring example was of 26/11 of Mumbai. Time is ripe that we think of articulate and surgical thinking in our strategy, for building up a formidable and economical stable nation for the future.


But with the killing of the world’s most wanted terrorist. Republications must be re-thinking about their intention of entering the fray for Nov 2012 elections. which could be termed as the success of the century by the Democracts and to win the elections easily to see their President continues in the White House for next four years too. and there a number of Republican stalwarts who are lining up to seek nomination of their party for the Nov 2012 elections to defeat the incumbent Democrat President. Obama must be ready to harp on this particular success. Yours truly MK VISWANATH EDITOR 6 . Barack Obama.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Now the elections in the US are heating up.

446p [978-81-208-1012-9] (P) [978-81-208-0888-1] (C) 105 205 245 345 250 395 595 2. LTD. 326p. [978-81-208-0276-6] (P) [978-81-208-0275-9] (C) THE INDIAN CALENDAR – Robert Sewell & Sankara Balkrishna Dikshit * xiv. [978-81-208-1207-9] (C) 4. Ramakrishna Bhat * xxi. 41 UA. [978-81-208-2068-5] (P) [978-81-208-1738-8] (C) 195 395 MOTILAL BANARSIDASS PUBLISHERS PVT. 186p.: 011-2385 7 . Fax : 2385 0689. Ramakrishna Bhat – *xxv. M. THE ART OF MATCHING CHARTS* – Gayatri Devi Vasudev * / Website : www. JAWAHAR NAGAR. + cxxxvi tables THE NAKSHATRAS – Dennis M. 169p. 3. 2385 8335.mlbd. DELHI – 110 007 (India) Tel. FUNDAMENTALS OF ASTROLOGY – M.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 BOOKS ON ASTROLOGY 1. BUNGALOW ROAD. 5. 177p. Harness * xxvi. [978-81-208-1769-2] (P) [978-81-208-1847-7] (C) ESSENTIALS OF HORARY ASTROLOGY OR PRASNAPADAVI -. E-mail : mlbd@mlbd.

Two parties originated with the Dravidian ideals are fighting once again. The following is the horary map taken posing the query that “Will AIADMK will form the Govt. How the common voter views these two parties is a million dollar question. On the other hand DMK which is the “supporter” of the central UPA Govt. had tough time with 3G-Spectrum etc.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 WILL DMK CHANGE THE HISTORY OR AIADMK REPEAT THE HISTORY? VGR PAVAN The much awaited Tamilnadu assembly election polls are going to take place on 13th Apr 2011 and the result of the same will be on 13th May 2011. The ruling DMK headed by Mr. The third front headed by congress cannot be ruled out. Here it is assumed that the readers are aware of the complex political situation in TN. 8 . But AIADMK didn’t perform well in bye-elections keeping others to guess. Here congress will play a pivotal role in the formation. One full month of high drama will be seen in the state. No doubt it is very tough to predict the “Political turn arounds” and the peculiar voting taste of general mass but here I will try to present my analysis astrologically. one to retain power and the other to attain the same. Karunanidhi is striving hard to retain his rein whereas the wounded tiger AIADMK for its come back. in TN or not?”.

If it is slightly connected to 6-10-11 then there will be tough fight and last minute victory. Mercury is strong significator for 6 and Sun is lord of the 11 in 6 further Moon will transit in 11 house only. This is only an academic interest. the 13th May-2011. this is the outcome of my observation.e. Ascendant lord Venus in Sun sub whereas the 7th lord Mars will be in 6th lord Jupiter sub. Therefore the position of Mercury is not totally negative but will support AIADMK. Gain of power will be shown by the 10th cusp hence if the 6th sub lord is connected with 6-10-11 houses at sub level one will have clear victory over others. Mercury is in 6 and Mars in 6 in the star of Saturn in 12. Experience confirmed that if there is interlink between all these cusps then also there will be success. As the 7th sub lord is Mercury a dualistic planet in dual sign along with the 7th lord opponents may be more than one that means DMK may work with its “well wishers” to face AIADMK. As per the above analysis it can be said that in this elections AIADMK has a strong chance to win and frame the Government in Tamilnadu.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 1-6-10-11 are the primary cusps for the analysis. Rahu is in the sub of Venus strong significator for 1-3-6 houses. Again the Ascendant is very strong and Ascendant lord Venus is in fixed sign there may not be any alliance for AIADMK and it is a clean and satisfactory win (note majority of planets are in fruitful signs). Moon sign lord is Mercury and star lord is Sun (Utharaphalguni). he is in the star of Kethu and sub of Sun. But here we have to note that no doubt Saturn in 12 is a negative sign but Mars is in the sub of Rahu the 6th sub lord and one more thing is that Saturn is the only planet in the star of Moon lord of the 10 in 10. I think readers could understand my stand point. Therefore transit is favorable for AIADMK with respect to this horary map. The 7th sub lord is Saturn already analyzed hence from all angles AIADMK is in the upper hand. Therefore Rahu is highly favorable for AIADMK. The day is Friday ruled by the Ascendant lord Venus. The 5th (which is the 11th from the 7th) sub lord is Mercury same as above. Conversely the 12th sub lord is Rahu as read above positive for AIADMK. The 11th sub lord is Mercury. Though Kethu is in the 8th he denotes Mercury in 6th and his star lord Mars is in 6th thus strongly connected with sixth house. The Ascendant sub lord is Saturn (retrograde) in 12 in the star of Moon and sub of Mercury who again in his own star is very much positive and shows the strength of the Asc. I am neither a supporter nor critic of any of the parties in TN. he is in his own star and Mars sub. among them 6th is the primary cusp because one cannot gain unless other loose (as said by Guruji Sri KSK). WE HAVE TO CHECK THE 12TH CUSP ALSO FOR CONFIRMATION. Sun will be in 7th in own star and Moon sub. Mercury again in Kethu star and Venus sub. With best wishes for all the contestants 9 . The above is an unbiased analysis. The sub lord Sun is lord of the 11th in 6th (there are no planets in the stars of Sun) in the star of Mercury in 6. Here the 6th sub lord is Rahu. Lastly we have to see the Ruling planets on the day of counting i.

Secretariat road Hyderabad-500 004 Tel: 2323 0894 Skin rejuvenating facials Skin whitening and firming Hair coloring. streaking and straightening Hair styling and perming Bridal make-up Ear piercing Tips and toes nail care 10 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 THE NATURALS Beauty Parlour Sarovar Centre.

9.11”): 5th sub lord is Saturn. 4. 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). catastrophe and natural disaster signifies by 8th house. 6. Sub lord Venus is occupant of 4. 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). Joint period: At the time of judgment Mercury dasa is running up to 24-11-2022. 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 139° E 46'. (Arise 230. owner of 8. Saturn is occupant of 9. and Badhaka the people of country will died in nuclear disaster during the joint period of the significators of 3. Rahu is in Aquarius sign. 28/04/1952.56’. 7(Badhaka).5. 2. owner of 7(Badhaka). 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). No planet in the star of Saturn and Saturn is CSL of 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 9. Lon/Lat: 35° N 42'. 11. owner of 5(2nd (Maraka). 10 (7nd (Maraka) from 4th).10 and Badhaka. owner of 2.M. 9. So the nuclear Disaster is assured. 2. 12(Moksha). Radiation. 01.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 ANY NUCLEAR DISASTER IN JAPAN? KANAK BOSMIA Name: Japan (mundane) Date of birth. 5(2nd (Maraka). owner of 2. Thus 8th sub lord signifies 10 (7nd (Maraka) from 4th). 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 12(Moksha). 12(Moksha).06. Star lord Moon is occupant of 7(Badhaka).53’.T. nucleus of atom are signifies by 5th house. 11. 11. Rahu is in the star of Mars and sub of Venus. Thus 5th sub lord signifies 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 5(2nd (Maraka). Rahu is occupant of 2. Disaster. 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). 11 . Current joint period is Mercury. 9. Star lord Mars is occupant of 10 (7nd (Maraka) from 4th). 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). thus represent Saturn. No planet in the star of Saturn and Saturn is CSL of 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). Place of Birth: Tokyo-Japan. 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). G. 6. Dasa lord Mercury is inn the star of own and sub of Ketu. So the nuclear Disaster is assured. Time of birth.13”): 8th sub lord is Rahu. 12(Moksha) and connected with 2. nuclear weapon. Thus 5 th sub lord Saturn signifies 7(Badhaka). 9. Saturn is occupant of 9. 11. Cusp 8th. Cusp 5th. 6. 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). (Cancer 130.00 P. Saturn is in the star of Moon and sub of own. 6. 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). If the sub lord of the 5th or 8th cusp be the significator of 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). Thus 8th sub lord Rahu signifies 10 (7nd (Maraka) from 4th). Friday.Venus-Saturn from 11-02-2011 to 25-72011.05 Hints Power Plant. 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th).M. 11. People in general is signifies by 4th. Star lord Mercury is occupant of 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). Aynamsha 23. Nuclear physics. owner of 6. 8 and connected with 9.30.

9. Saturn is in the star of Moon and sub of own. VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 12 . 11. 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). 4. Jupiter is occupant of 4. Antra lord Saturn is in the star of Moon and sub of own. 4. So the nuclear Disaster during 11-02-2011 to 25-7-2011 will be assured. 2. Saturn is occupant of 9. Sub lord Ketu is occupant of 8. No planet in the star of Saturn and Saturn is CSL of 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). No planet in the star of Jupiter and Jupiter is CSL of 2. 9.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL 10 (7nd (Maraka) from 4th). 12. 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). Saturn is occupant of 9. 10 (7 nd (Maraka) from 4th). owner of 1. owner of 7(Badhaka). 6. Mercury is occupant of 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 9. owner of 2. Thus 5th sub lord signifies 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 6. 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 5(2nd (Maraka) from 4th). Ketu is aspected by Jupiter. 10 (7nd (Maraka) from 4th). 11. 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 7(Badhaka). Thus 5th sub lord Saturn signifies 7(Badhaka). 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). Bhukti lord Venus is in the star of Mercury and sub of Saturn. 6. Venus is occupant of 4. Star lord Moon is occupant of 7(Badhaka). 8 and connected with 9. No planet in the star of Saturn and Saturn is CSL of 3 (12nd (Moksha) from 4th). 11. 11. owner of 8. owner of 2. owner of 6.

24-Nov-2005 Saturn 24-Nov-1986 Mercury 27-Nov-1989 Ketu 06-Aug-1992 Venus 14-Sep-1993 Sun 14-Nov-1996 Moon 27-Oct-1997 Mars 28-May-1999 Rahu 07-Jul-2000 Jupiter 13-May-2003 Venus Dasa 24-Nov-2029 . Sahakar-2. Dasa: Mars 0 Y. India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Me Mo Stl Ma Sa Sbl Me Me Ssl Ra Ra Sssl Sa Ve Day Lord: Mars Nirayana Bhava Chalit Ra 04:04:46 II 13:56:31 I 07:25:15 Me 19:06:50 III 23:14:23 11 XI 23:53:11 10 8 7 XII 16:09:12 Su 15:05:35 Ju 06:49:32 Ve 29:45:42 IV 27:10:47 Ma[R] 18:26:07 X 27:10:47 9 12 3 6 Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Bharani(1) Mo Mrigasira(4) Ma[R] Swati(4) Me Revati(1) Ju Aswini(3) Ve Revati(4) Sa[R] Hasta(2) Ra Dhanishta(4) Ke Magha(2) Sgl Ma Me Ve Ju Ma Ju Me Sa Su Stl Ve Ma Ra Me Ke Me Mo Ma Ke Sbl Ve Mo Mo Ke Ra Sa Sa Ve Mo Ssl Sa Mo Ju Sa Ke Ju Ve Ju Ju Sssl Ju Ra Ju Sa Me Sa Ra Ra Ve Significators .kpastrologer. 28/Apr/1952 Time: 01:30:00 PM SID: 13:14:55 Lat: 35:42:00 N Lon: 139:46:00 E Place: Tokyo. Ph:(044)-22580377. Ahmedabad . AHMEDABAD. 10 7.Page 1 - . 10 6. Man Machine Web: . Japan III 23:14:23 Ra 04:04:46 Ayanamsa: 23° 6' 5" [KP Ayanamsa] .24-Nov-2022 Mercury 24-Nov-2005 Ketu 21-Apr-2008 Venus 18-Apr-2009 Sun 17-Feb-2012 Moon 23-Dec-2012 Mars 24-May-2014 Rahu 21-May-2015 Jupiter 08-Dec-2017 Saturn 15-Mar-2020 Sun Dasa 24-Nov-2049 . GUJARAT. Phone: 9825131165 www. Jagabhai Park. Printed on: Apr 12.Japan Sun Rise: Sun Set: Dasa 07:51:55 PM 09:24:23 AM ASTROVISION E JOURNAL Days: 365. 12 Ke 8 8 Rahu acts as agent for: Sa. 10961 4 Cuspal 41 ISSUE NOPositions Cusp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Star(Pada) Moola(3) Sravana(2) P. 12 8 Ma 2 10 5. URL: www.24-Nov-1970 Rahu 24-Nov-1952 Jupiter 07-Aug-1955 Saturn 31-Dec-1957 Mercury 05-Nov-1960 Ketu 25-May-1963 Venus 12-Jun-1964 Sun 12-Jun-1967 Moon 06-May-1968 Mars 05-Nov-1969 Mercury Dasa 24-Nov-2005 .12/Apr/2011 10:15:45 AM KANKARIYA. 3 Ra 10 2 5. 12 Me 3 3 7.kpastrosystem. Maninagar.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su+ 4 4 6. Ram Baug.24-Nov-1952 Mars 24-Nov-1945 Rahu 22-Apr-1946 Jupiter 10-May-1947 Saturn 15-Apr-1948 Mercury 25-May-1949 Ketu 22-May-1950 Venus 18-Oct-1950 Sun 18-Dec-1951 Moon 24-Apr-1952 Saturn Dasa 24-Nov-1986 . Pada 4 Star Lord: Mars Rasi: Gemini Rasi Lord: Mercury Lagna: Sagittarius Lagna Lord: Jupiter Tithi: Shukla Paksha.25 D VOL Nithya Yoga: Sukarma Hora: Karana: Mercury Bav Ref.Planets in Owner's stars (D) . 26 D Ke 04:04:46 IX 23:14:23 VIII 13:56:31 II 13:56:31 Sa[R] 16:33:00 X 27:10:47 I 07:25:15 XII 16:09:12 XI 23:53:11 Ma[R] 18:26:07 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. Panchami Bal.24-Nov-2055 Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus 24-Nov-2049 13-Mar-2050 12-Sep-2050 18-Jan-2051 13-Dec-2051 30-Sep-2052 12-Sep-2053 19-Jul-2054 24-Nov-2054 Bhukti From Jupiter Dasa 24-Nov-1970 .24-Nov-2049 Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu 24-Nov-2029 26-Mar-2033 26-Mar-2034 24-Nov-2035 24-Jan-2037 24-Jan-2040 25-Sep-2042 24-Nov-2045 24-Sep-2048 Bhukti From Rahu Dasa 24-Nov-1952 .Flat no:28. 4 Ve 3 4 7.24-Nov-1986 Jupiter 24-Nov-1970 Saturn 12-Jan-1973 Mercury 25-Jul-1975 Ketu 31-Oct-1977 Venus 07-Oct-1978 Sun 07-Jun-1981 Moon 26-Mar-1982 Mars 26-Jul-1983 Rahu 01-Jul-1984 Ketu Dasa 24-Nov-2022 . 11 Sa+ 7 9 8 2.Bosmia. #. 10 Ju+ 8 4 1.24-Nov-2065 Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun 24-Nov-2055 23-Sep-2056 24-Apr-2057 24-Oct-2058 23-Feb-2060 24-Sep-2061 23-Feb-2063 24-Sep-2063 26-May-2065 Ve 29:45:42 IV 27:10:47 Me 19:06:50 Name: Japan Gender: Male Date: Monday.Phalguni(3) Chitra(2) Visakha(2) Anuradha(4) MAY 2011 Sgl Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Stl Ke Mo Ju Me Ve Mo Ra Sa Ve Ma Ju Sa Sbl Ra Ju Sa Ju Sa Sa Ra Ra Sa Ju Sa Ju Ssl Mo Ju Ma Ve Ju Me Sa Me Mo Ve Ju Mo Sssl Ve Sa Me Sa Ve Ma Mo Ra Ke Sa Ra Mo Ruling Planets . Astrologer: Kanakkumar B.380 008.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Su.House Owner VII 07:25:15 V 23:53:11 1 2 Mo 05:34:39 VI 16:09:12 4 Ke 04:04:46 VIII 13:56:31 5 Sa[R] 16:33:00 IX 23:14:23 Ju 06:49:32 Su 15:05:35 V 23:53:11 VI 16:09:12 Mo 05:34:39 VII 07:25:15 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Mars Dasa 24-Nov-1945 . (B) .Occupant of house (C) .24-Nov-2029 Ketu 24-Nov-2022 Venus 22-Apr-2023 Sun 22-Jun-2024 Moon 28-Oct-2024 Mars 29-May-2025 Rahu 25-Oct-2025 Jupiter 12-Nov-2026 Saturn 19-Oct-2027 Mercury 28-Nov-2028 Moon Dasa 24-Nov-2055 . 2011 13 EMail: kanakbosmia@yahoo.Placidus Star: Mrigasira. 11 9 Mo 10 7 5. (A) .Bhadra(1) Revati(4) Bharani(4) Rohini(2) Aridra(1) Pushyami(4) P. 6 M.

even the strong-willed will yield especially a Lady Officer superior to you… for a favourable outcome of your problem/s. unfavourable for some matters…This method of prediction is called ‘Hora’…and had laid down certain axioms even before the era of Moses or even “The Book of Genesis”… The Hindus were also aware that certain matters ‘thrive/prosper’ during certain Ghatis. Make purchases of pearls. jewels. initiate Mantras etc… Moon’s Hora: Moon owns Cancer. and called each division as a Hora . undergo surgery. Approach people during the Moon’s Hora. or a Hora will be about 2 and a half ghatis … The Chaldeans in the remote ancient times had acquired considerable knowledge of the stars and the framing of the Zodiac was done by them…and gathered considerable knowledge about the influence of planets over the people. and each sign. and the various matters which will prove beneficial if accomplished during that Hora are given below for easy reference…in a table form…this table is to be followed is NOT connected to the time of Sunrise in the place one resides in…and no other elaborate calculations are necessary…You are ALL requested to try it out and experience for yourself… Sun’s Hora: This Hora will be strong on Sundays and Sun-star-days and whenever the Sun is strong. well in advance. 14 . roughly 1 hour is needed for each Hora to pass the meredian or rise in the East. and accomplish it with confidence that the outcome will be favourable to one… The different Hora. and some ‘fall through’…in certain Ghatis…Without getting into the somewhat tedious calculations involved in working out the the Hora operating during particular hours of the day…a readymade table is available for our convenient use. and Rohini. immunity and speedy recovery…hence this Hora is favourable to take medicine. enter into politics. Krittika and Uttara Phalguni…The Sun governs vitality. Hasta and Sravana star-days…and also when Moon occupies it’s constellation / own Sign and occupies the kendras from the Lagna.. corals etc. But Hindu Astrologers did not measure time in hours and minutes. to select the “good time” for the various activities we would like to undertake. They used Ghatis and Vighatis…One day thus had 60 Ghatis. it is exalted or in it’s own Sign and posited in it’s own Stars Uttarashada. Thus. file a Police complaint. QUICK & EASY METHOD OF RECTIFICATION OF BIRTH TIME.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 THE HORA AND IT’S USAGE & A NEW.. is strong on Mondays. YOGESH RAO LAJMI Our ancient Hindu Astrologers had subdivided each Sign of the Zodiac into two halves. They also found that certain hours were favourable for certain matters and certain. and plan for it properly. like for example. submit application to Medical Colleges…appeal or make a request for promotion. sign contracts with the Govt. thus takes approximately 5 Ghatis. and half a sign.

between 08-00 & 10-00 AM(and having Sun in the Xith).purchase surgical instruments.colleges. Starting a petrol pump or kerosene business should be started on a Monday and Rohini star-day…ideally in Godhuli Lagna… Musicians should select the Moon’s Hora on Mondays or Fridays and so on…Good for taking up service in the Defence Services…Make Plans Or Schemes during Moon’s Hora only for grand success due to dawning of brilliant ideas… Mars’ Hora : Mars is strong on Tuesdays. and Mrigarshirsha. Important documents drafted during Mercury Hora will prove advantageous…and so on… 15 . those who commit forgery or fraud.churches..mosques. Join duty as a Judge. it is in the most potent position…and especially if it is the Xth House …during the Hora of Mars… It is auspicious for the C-in-C of an Army to prepare for war. buildings especially on Saturdays… Use of manure.Fridays are beneficial for executive officers of temples. is exalted.on a Wednesday during Mercury hora. Those who sign and/or purchase property between 08-00 AM and 10-00 AM having their SUN posited in the XIIth bhava. Chitra and Dhanishta star-days…Mars posited in Capricorn. and when the rising Sign is Gemini and / or Virgo and any of it’s stars.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Good time to start a business in milk and dairy products.schools and also to take sanyas or “take the vows. purchase land..on the day ruled by the lord of the XIIth House.those who purchase property on Sundays and Tuesdays.or take the oath of office Thursday is beneficial. the Govt. Jyeshta and particularly Revati is rising… Mercury Hora is the ideal Hora for admitting a child to school/college…a very important tip to follow…Take up appointments as a teacher. especially on Fridays…Saturdays for Ice-cream etc. favourable time to file a suit in a court of Law…and if arguments are made during Mars Hora. B deficiency should begin treatment during Mercury Hora for best results…It has been found that generally. OR on the day of the Xith lord during Merc Hora… Float a Company or underwrite during Mercury Hora for best results…Important Documents should preferably br drafted during Mercury Hora… Neurasthenic patients and those who suffer from Vit.will Acquire the land…whereas. auditor mathematician on Thursdays in Mercury Hora…Purchase a lottery ticket/bonds/securities/shares/prize bond(s). Aslesha. governs the Signs Aries and Scorpio.will not enjoy the appreciation of land value. if posited in it’s own star and own sub. facilitates a win. Mars Hora is favourable to reach a compromise/ settlement. do it on Saturdays in Mercury Hora or on Wednesdays in Saturn Hora. is strong on Wednesdays.will get the full advantage of the rise in price … Mercury’s Hora : Mercury owns Gemini & Virgo.

during Jup Hora. or when Moon transit’s the stars. Purvashada and Purvaphalguni stars…or when Moon transits Taurus. Flood and other Natural Disasters. Shipping offices. Libra or Pisces(the exaltation sign of Venus)…When Moon transits in Venus’s star. if the Insurance Agent obtains the signature of the person on a Life Policy. Courts. Retrenchment. or. Labour Dept. chances of success are maximised… If Jupiter is a benefic for you(as per K. prohibition dept.. Poorvabhadrapada 1st to 3rd padas. shares on Mondays. Military.and you are running Jupiter’s Dasa. etc. Educational station. the Insurance Company will lose heavily.. Quarters for :Refugees due to Famine.. Engg. Mosques and Charitable Institutions. on Fridays. Officers during Jupiter Hora for best results… Dealers in Gold & Silver.. prefer Jupiter Hora to take treatment. Gold decontrol on Jupiter Hora on Fridays…Insurance Corporations. Temples. For Industry. days when Moon transits Bharani. when Moon transits Cancer…the exaltation Sign of Jupiter… Approach people for favours . Wednesdays. Mondays.and Jupiter owned Signs Sagittarius and Pisces.or.). on Saturdays… Venus Hora : Very strong for Venusian matters. Textiles.P... as also Harmony and Happiness are promised.and if one wants a loan or over-draft facilities from a Bank.. Institutions. Intelligence Dept. one commences to do matters signified by Venus knowingly or unknowingly…and success is sure…Peace and Prosperity. Legal Dept. All India Radio 16 . Thursdays… For Animal husbandry.. Churches.. whereas it will prove to be a Fortune for the beneficiaries/family members of the native…who has signed his policy during Mars Hora on a Saturday or Saturn Hora on a Tuesday…! For laying Foundation stone for Hospitals Jup Hora on Sundays… buildings for Police. Tea Board.. Open a Bank account/take a junior auditor’s post. approach the proper authorities during Jupiter Hora. Take an Insurance Policy on Saturdays during Jupiter’s Hora…your endowment policy will mature and you will enjoy the benefits…BUT. should open a new Branch on Thursdays during Jupiter Hora when Jupiter is in direct motion…good business will be assured… Similarly. Food Dept. purchase a new vehicle especially on Friday…Refrigerators on Saturdays during Jup Hora. Mines & Minerals Dept. during the conjoined period of Saturn and Mars. Agriculture Dept.remember to meet Ministers or high Govt. during Jup Hora. for servants…slaughter House etc.. invest in Shipping or Petrol Co..ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Jupiter’s Hora : Jupiter is strong on Thursdays.. and when transitting Punarvasu or Vishakha stars..

the tone of the letter will upset you…you could think of ‘forgetting’ the whole affair…but if it be Venus Hora. select Venus Hora to purchase jewels. scents and other beauty aids.” she has already written the letter and posted it. and moody…you will find him calm and co-operating…Even a militant. this hour will be helpful if you want to sever relations with anyone… READY-TO-USE TABLE OF HORAS FOR EASY REFERENCE: 17 . costly dress. Also. arrogant.. how can the Hora change its contents ? The Answer is simple…knowingly or un-knowingly you can open the letter at ant Hora… If it is Saturn Hora. you will succeed beyond your expectations…If you receive a reply/ letter . party Or meeting at an unfrequented place…etc…It follows that one should select Venus Hora if you desire to cultivate a true and lasting not make haste. foolhardy and rash person will give a patient hearing and will be helpful…Tempers are cooled during this Hora… Write love-letters during Venus Hora.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Select Venus Hora to meet an Officer who is impatient or a hard taskmaster. you will be surprised…Now you will ask. silk sarees. or love… Also. movie. she will fix a date for dinner. wait till Venus Hora operates.she will express her inability to meet you and she will fix a date. some other time/date…If it is Mars Hora.

Pilots are joining the strike day by day and the situation is gaining heat. the 7th becomes Govt. 18 . Hence if the 9th sub lord is well connected with 2-6-11 houses than there will be an increment in the salaries of the pilots. At this juncture I got an idea to find the date when they will call off the strike. There will be some negotiations and ultimately the Govt. Of course only through horary Astrology we can find the result.WHEN THEY WILL CALL OFF? VGR PAVAN Air India pilots declared a strike 4 days ago regarding their salaries. In these dimensions we have to judge the horary map. Therefore the 3rd and 9th houses indicate negotiations especially the 9th denoted the announcement from the Govt. will say Yes or NO for the demands. only after that the strike can be waived. Here one more point.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 AIR INDIA STRIKE -. Ascendant denotes the pilots. As per the news caste we find that the problem is intense and passengers are facing a lot of inconvenience. the 6th house shows their service and 10th house indicates their profession logically the 11th denote desire fulfillment.

The former is strong than the latter. NO planets in the stars of either. Lastly the 9th sub lord is Kethu. Hence there will be some good news at the end.e. Next possibility is when Moon transit in the star of Rahu i. Therefore Rahu-Jupiter-Kethu-Mars are the strong planets who will cause the rejoining of the duties by pilots. may accept some of the demands.e. But Jupiter stars are unoccupied and lord of 6. on May-02. she is in 11th house in the star of Mars in 9 lord of the 10. ad Saturn sub VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Hence it can be said that the strike of Air India pilots can be called off either on May-02 or May-07. In these two days Sun will transit in Mars sub respectively. Mercury is lord of 3-12 in 9. Saturn in the star of Moon.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL 6-10 sub lord Jupiter in 9 in the star of Mercury and sub of Saturn. 11th occupied by Kethu only Rahu is in its star. The connection of Saturn shows slow progress or lack of initiative. The immediate possible opportunity is when Moon transit in the star of Kethu i. Therefore Rahu-Jupiter shares the result. Therefore the govt. on May07. 10th owned by Mars only Kethu in its star. Good Luck 19 . 6th owned by Jupiter and no planets in 6th house but Rahu is in 6th sign. (not entirely) As the event will happen in some days we have to consider the transit of Sun / Moon.

etc. jail yoga. Different types of marriages such as love marriage. New Delhi . accidents. Any member desirous of having the book may approach at astrologervishy_nair@yahoo.. longevity.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 BOOK PUBLISHED BASICS OF NAKSHTRA PADHATHI (Marriage. hearing or communicative abilities. Profession & Health) I am pleased to inform you that a book written by me under the title "BASICS OF NAKSHTRA PADHATHI (Marriage. etc. unconventional marriage. Misfortunes like Death of spouse. The Publisher has priced the book at Rs. Divorce. Job or profession. delay or denial of children. The book covers subject of marriage matching. alcoholism. etc. Sagar Publications.270/-. extra marital affairs. Warm Regards MK Viswanath Mob 9542 693 230 20 . Ascetic yoga. dual or multiple marriage. denial of multiple marriage. and there are around 150 natal horoscope charts in South and North Indian style discussed covering various points. Charity. Profession & Health) has been published by M/s. and it has just arrived in the market. The book is consisting of 290 pages. Children. and the other important points one astrologer has to evaluate at the time of fixing the marriage matching viz: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Marriage koota or mental illness or lunacy. Intelligence. wealth factors.

we can arrive at the TOB…Similarly we can also fix the correct TOB of the spouse taking the 7th cusp for consideration next… Ref: 1. based on K.Hariharan LONG LIVE KRISHNAMURTHI PADHDHATI 21 .P. System blended with Numerology.)Mars giving power to Jupiter… Also the dispositor of Rahu or Kethu should not be overlooked. Moon. if the Ascendant cusp is Rahu posited in Sign Leo. Merc Jupiter Rahu Mercury Venus Kethu Saturn Mars The above info can be effectively used to check for correctness or correct a given Birth Chart. if the sub lord of the 1st cusp is Mars.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 YET ANOTHER EASY METHOD OF RECTIFICATION / VERIFICATION OF CORRECT TIME OF BIRTH YOGESH RAO LAJMI This article is a method. if the dispostor of Rahu is Sun… After we fix the sub-lord of the Ascendant. Mr. the native could be the third issue…(and Jupiter in numerology indicates 3. if also is in retrogression. Mars or Sun Venus. The Ascendant’s sub-lord and it’s star-lord is also taken into consideration…Rapt conjunction of the sub-lord of the Ascendant with some other planet may also be the sub lord…for example. For example. Suppose if the Lagna sub-lord is in retrograde motion.Subramamaniam . The method is simple and accurate and has been tested in a large number of charts. which. third issue and so on.Sothidamani K. & 3.S.K. he may be the First issue. reject it. Our Guruji Jyotish Marthand. HIERARCHY Firs Issue Second Issue Third Issue Fourth Issue Fifth Issue Sixth Issue Seventh Issue Eighth Issue Nineth Issue SUB-LORD OF LAGNA Kethu. second issue. and take the star-lord of the Ascendant.K.Krishnamurthiji 2. This formula is based on one’s hierarchy in one’s Family… First issue. Mr. who is in rapt conjunction with Jupiter. take the Sign-lord.

practical examples on Marriage.400/. longevity etc Specialty: (1) both north / south Indian charts are given. issue. property.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 WANT TO LEARN "4 STEP THEORY"? Its an advance theory of KP Method The book is available on discount for new year Discounted price Rs. Contains 4 Step theory Mob: 0 9819 248 179 22 . foreign travel. contact: SUNIL GONDHALEKAR e-mail: sunilalaka@gmail. printed on very good quality of paper. share market. (2) No need of ruling planets for judging events.only including postage in India A-4 Size. 97 pages. job.

or 12 (life in an altogether new environment and separation from family). if 12th cusp sub lord signifies 3-9-12-6 (service). Time of Birth--. M Sc.35. Leaving it is shown by cusp 3 (12th to 4th). System .PGDFM.6 or 7 or 10.17 N 00. a person go for job only..P. Long. for going abroad and now they are considered with 11 for the return to motherland. In fact. Return to Motherland--One can return to mother land from abroad. Further. assignment during the DBA signifying 3. Place of Birth ----Tanuku.P. 81 E 48. one can go foreign for job or business . which would cover reunion with family member represented by cusp 2. N. A.11.04-10 Hrs. or 9 (long distance travel).Cusp 4 is one’s permanent residence.) RETURN TO MOTHER LAND-KP APPRAISAL OM SRI MAHA GANAPATHEYA NAMAHA As per K. If a person is staying long time. V. in one country. or 10 (profession) .12-12-1975.12. of course with 12. when transit agrees.CAIIB. No. Date of Birth----.9. and preferably cusp 9th during DBA signifying 3-9-12. cusp 11th is clear for reunion with kith and kin . Moulali HYDERABAD-500040 (A. Star---UttaraBhadra-3 23 . cusps 3 and 9 are considered. Plot. because return from abroad will include long journey like going abroad. or 7 (business). if the sub lord of the 12th cusp is connected in any manner with cusps 3 ( change of residence). 9 ( making long journey ) and 11 ( reunion with kith and kin ) during DBA signifying cusps 3..9. one can go foreign only. if the 12 th cusp sub lord signifies cusp 3 ( leaving the place where one stays either temporarily or permanently) . Cusp 9 has the rational justification . when transit agrees.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 G.P. Lat. East Jawahar Nagar. Prasad . it may be treated as his residence indicated by cusp 4th and then cusp 3rd has relevance as leaving one’s residence for the return to motherland.

18 PIS V 28.Ju Me 11 Ke Su 12 Ve Su.30 SCO Me-Ra Me-Ra Ra 26.19 Mo 10.30 Me 3.18 Ju 21.54 I 25.Ju Me Cuspal Positions Cusp I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII Sign Lord Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Star Lord Jupiter Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Mercury Sun Mars Sub Lord Mercury Rahu Mercury Rahu Venus Saturn Mercury Rahu Mercury Rahu Moon Saturn Planetary Position Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu Sign Lord Mars Jupiter Mercury Jupiter Jupiter Venus Moon Venus Mars Star Lord Mercury Saturn Mars Ketu Mercury Rahu Saturn Jupiter Sun Sub Lord Rahu Venus Mercury Sun Venus Saturn Venus Venus Sun 24 .21 Ke 26.16 LIB Ju-Ve Ju-Me Ra-Sa Ma-Sa VIR Significators Cusp PCO OCC PCBL BL 3 Ra Ju 9 Mo.51 II 24.59 IX 24.54 ARI Ve-Me Su-Su VIII 24.05 SAG Me-Sa Me-Ve Sa-Ve Ju-Ve VII 25.52 X 25.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Natal Chart VI 28.58 CAP III24.03 LEO XII 28.58 CAN XI 28.Sa Sa Su.30 TAU Ma-Ra Ma 0.30 GEM Sa 8.21 Ve 12.18 Ma-Me Ju-Me Sa-Ve Me-Ra Su-Mo Ma-Ra Ve-Me Ke-Su Su 25.03 ACQ IV 25.

and 12th cusp too.Level-1. and Moon is in the sub of Venus ( 121-8 ) . indicate that.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 D B A Dasa Saturn Mercury Ketu Bhukti Antara From 11-12-1975 01-01-1985 01-01-2002 01-01-2002 01-01-2002 09-01-2002 04-02-2002 11-02-2002 23-02-2002 02-03-2002 27-05-2002 27-07-2003 03-12-2003 03-07-2004 01-12-2004 18-12-2005 24-11-2006 03-01-2008 03-01-2008 23-02-2008 14-03-2008 To 01-01-1985 01-01-2002 01-01-2009 27-05-2002 09-01-2002 04-02-2002 11-02-2002 23-02-2002 02-03-2002 24-03-2002 27-07-2003 03-12-2003 03-07-2004 01-12-2004 18-12-2005 24-11-2006 03-01-2008 01-01-2009 23-02-2008 14-03-2008 13-05-2003 Ketu Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Mercury Ketu Venus Comments 1-The 11th cusp very strongly signifies 11th cusp. 2-The 11th cusp is in Sun star (2-11).12). the native will change his existence from one place of activity to another. 5-It is important to note that. the native left to abroad during Ketu-Ketu-Rahu VMD period from 02-03-2002 to 24-03-2002. Mercury (2-9-12).9. i. who is in turn in the constellation of 11th cusp. to the excellent system of Prof. R. and returned from abroad during Ketu-Mercury-Venus from 14-03-2008 to 13-05-2008. i. Mercury ( 2-9-12 ) is in the constellation of Sun .. No. 3-As per Dr. Further. the native will make long journeys on termination of appointment.e. Krishnamurti. Accordingly. but also. 6-Accordingly. play a vital role and is connected to both 11th cusp. indicate not only mentioned in col. 4-The 11th cusp is in Moon sub. Thanks. return to mother land. OM TAT SAT 25 . hence.e. Mercury is in the sub of Mars. K. 11TH cusp is in Sun star and Sun is in the constellation of Mercury (2. re-union with kith and kin. who is posited in 7th cusp. and Mercury again in the constellation of Sun.S. K. the native will definitely return to motherland. indicate that. followed by fall from heights. the Sun is in the constellation of dasa lord Ketu. 3. for going abroad. for return to mother land and reunion with kith and kin. is favourable for opponent of the native pushes.. Kar’s MST . who is in the constellation of 12th cusp. life in an altogether new environment and separation from family. return to motherland indicated.

so that they could be included in the magazine appropriately before publishing. as soon as the magazine gets commercial viability. Articles are invited from practitioners in the above subjects.. Raman. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Esteemed Readers. ASTROVISION magazine shall predominantly endeavor to cover on the following subjects:1) Astrology & Vastu2) Yoga. telephone no. ASTROVISION reserves its full rights and protects itself from any form of copyright. In KP there are several methods. etc. 08) Advertisements in classifieds / quarter / half / full page in color or black & white are accepted. 02) All the articles will be subject to scrutiny and the approval of the Editorial Board. etc. TSP. etc. 04) Even though contributors shall not be paid any honorarium as of now. KB. the same has to be sorted out by the parties concerned. KP New or KP Straight line. Jaimini. 09) The responsibility over the subject in all the articles. writers are free to use Ayanamsa like KP. 4) Palmistry & Numerology. Articles published in ASTROVISION are subject to copyright. If any such dispute arises. Western. Publishers or owners of E-Journal are not responsible for any claims made by advertisers or if any loss suffered by someone due to an advertisement.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 ASTROVISION E-JOURNAL POLICY. 3) Mantra & Tantra 5) Numerology. like KP traditional. etc. but they may specify the ayanamsa used.. For articles based on KP system of astrology. and the decision taken in this regard shall be final and binding. Contributors are free to write in any method of astrology such as KP. the question of honorarium shall be considered appropriately. arising out of it. 07) Contributors are requested to make the article free from grammatical and spelling mistakes to the maximum possible extent. and ASTROVISION is not a party to it. publishing materials or advertising matters supplied by contributors / authors do lie with the respective authors or contributors and ASTROVISION shall not take responsibility of any errors / omissions / mistakes / disputes / controversies / Intellectual properties. and accompanied by a color passport size photograph of the contributor along with full postal address. Lahiri. The following terms and conditions may be noted: The articles written shall be either accepted or rejected depending upon various analytical aspects. The articles have to be written in English and to be sent to us by E-mail in word format. etc. Editorial Board 26 . except for the respective article writer. 03) All the articles should be received well in advance. 05) The articles published in this magazine shall be the property of “ASTROVISION”. but the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final and binding. 06) The article may be modified / edited according to the suitability and prerogative of the Editorial board. Ayanamsa used shall be strictly as per either KP Old. e-mail ID. Vedic. ASTROVISION cannot be uploaded in any other platform or forum without the permission of the Editorial Board. For Vedic and Jaimini method of astrology. Fourth Step theory.

A.. 27 .given..MARCH 2011 ..P. then the one may resort to a very simple method…Simply adjust the TOB such that the sub lord and sub-sub-lord of the Ascendant appear as the Moon’s star-lord and sub-lord...P. RK Sarma Reply from the Author. System. In course of time.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 LETTERS TO EDITOR Dear sir.1975 Eluru Andhra Pradesh.. Ayanamsa). as per point. Going through the ASTROVISION E JOURNAL . are met with. If you have followed the method prescribed as per K. please give your valuable opinion. Regards. When the given Time of Birth is suspected to be + or – 20 to 25 minutes from the exact Time of Birth. you do get a small cut and blood oozes out. Moon Star lord and sub lord: Ven: Moon Asc: Rah:Ven:Moon Shall I consider the same... and the condition that The sub-lord and the sub-sublord of the Ascendant. as you aver..and re-confirm as per K. in case (God forbid). Yogesh Lajmi.the TOB you have arrived at should be the exact one.June 24 . that TOB thus computed…will be the Exact Time of Birth..Sharma. With the very best wishes.. rule.immediately note that time down and calculate the Ascendant at that time..P. appear as the Moon's Star-lord and Sub-lord respectively. As per this my rectified birth time is coming to 14:43 Hrs . Mr. Yogesh Rao Lajmi Dear Mr.issue about the Rectification of Birth Time (page 5): In that.. (and have used K..

Recently the mails in yahoo are about conceiving and child birth.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Dear MKV Thanks for sending me ASTROVISION E-Journal. I find that the articles are very interesting to read. SANTA BOORLA 28 . I will go through all the articles and give you feed back. I hope it will help to them and all . Thanking you once again Regards Yash Paul Khas Dear sir Thank you for sending me ASTROVISION E-Journal. It is good and it is like Astrological Magazine by Sri BV Raman ji. The article of progeny is nice. Even at the cursory glance.

12.05. Petrol prices will see 29  Budh/Mercury is debilated in Meen/Pisces rashi/sign on 06. Pt Devidayal’s Panchang says it will transit on 06. Disclaimer: These presentations are mere recommendations and are based on transit of planets.2011.2011  Mangal/Mars transits to its own Mool trikona rashi/sign Aries/Mesh on 03. It will get margi/in direct motion on 13. But being the Karak for many products and commodities that are beneath and on the earth.2011  Guru/Jupiter transits to Mesh/Aries on 08. I or publisher is no way responsible for miss happenings or events not turning out to be true or false Notes:  Surya/Sun transits to Taurus/Vrishab rashi/sign on 15.2011  Shukra/Venus is now exalted in Meen/Pisces rashi/sign & will transit to Aries/mesh rashi/sign on 10. Vaastu Consultant 8/8. The actual results will indicate the correctness of the transits. It will come out of debilation and transit to Aries/Mesh rashi/sign on 11. There is a eclipse taking place on 1 st June 2011 and Sun is conjunct with Ketu & on 15th June 2011 when Ketu is very close to Sun.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 HARESH NATHANI Vedic Astrologer. 2011 at 18. It gets margi/in direct motion on 23. As long as it keeps having aspect on any other planet.05.2011  Rahu is in Dhanur rashi & Ketu in Mithun rashi. hence in my opinion the transit of 3 rd May is correct. Rahu now transits to Vrishchik rashi on 3rd May & Rahu to Vrishabh Rashi.2011. There are different versions on the transit of these nodes. it will bring vide fluctuations on its impact. It is Vakri/in retrograde motion. Sion West Mumbai 400 022 Cell +91 98672 14103 E mail: hareshgnathani@yahoo. natives or corporate or commodities ruled by that planets will have a tough time. It gets Vakri/retrograde on 30.05. For actual results the status of your chart will determine.2011. It will get Vakri/Retrograde on 30.05.  Sani/Saturn is in Kanya/Virgo rashi/sign.2011.03.2011.06.05. Surya Niwas Sion Colony Road.03.  Saturn is out of the Jupiter’s aspect hence also being retrograde it becomes more powerful.2011 and get in direct motion/margi on 25.2011 where as J Hora software indicates transits are on July 18.04. Parashar Lite indicates transit on Website: www.29:45 hrs.05. Normally eclipse takes place either when Sun is conjunct with ketu or sun is conjunct with Rahu.

Wish all politicians now under scanner take sanyas and allow the educated class to rule the country. Your seniors or bosses can put some unrequited pressure.00 lac by this year end. Transit of Jupiter on 8th May can give some relief and work as a savior. Transit of Jupiter on 8th May can give some relief and work as a savior.  Finances will show some disturbances for the next 18 months. VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Health will be a wow. 30 . There will be lot of political unrest in the country.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL wild swing and will have some unprecedented rise thus increasing inflation woes. Even the sick will recover very fast from any health issues. With rashi lord Mars in its Mool Trokona rashi conjunct with Sun. Clients who were a valuable asset can become a liability in the future. Wedding bells for the eligible. COO. The governments past actions will come under focus. You will yourself healthy. Foreign trips may be not fruitful.  Share Market with Jupiter now in your ascendant. Thoughts of change of job or career will increase. This is an excellent month for romance flirtation. Past denials if revisited can now expect to be positive. Karma Lord Saturn is already in your sixth house.  On the political front A Raja & Kozimozhi will go through some more though time period. now Ketu’s transit will set a disturbed career. A Raja will see more custody for probe along with Kozimozhi. Any arrogance or carelessness or attitude related to your work or job can make you lose your job. 1.  Career a disturbed trend is set to begin now. CEO to rule the country  Share market will be very disturbed for the first fortnight but will later recover from mid May 2011. Natives who have ketu in 2 nd house in their natal chart will feel the severe pinch of financial tightness. It is better to be prepared in advance. There wrong actions and past deeds will get highlighted. Natives who are under effect of Saturn will feel a severe pinch in the coming months.  Miscellaneous the extra energy will now give you the determination and also physical ability to be on the move. Even the opposition will now come under sharp lens of hypocrisy. Transit of Jupiter on 8th May can give some relief and work as a savior. It is your skill & intelligence that will help you to overcome a crisis situation.  Romance Venus transit will increase the romantic charm within you. hale & hearty. Progress will be your top priority. Presence of mars will give the required energy. health will be a wow. Transit of Ketu can bring some financial tightness. Transit of Ketu will bring some arrogance in your speech. Jupiter’s transit now will improve your fortunes. Foreign job offers will give a denial. you will now try to be careful in the share market.  We do not want the politicians to run the country but well educated and qualified executives.  Business you should expect some pressure and unexpected competition. Silver will rise and it can achieve the target of Rs. Thoughts of stability will increase and fortunes will now be more favourable. New love affairs will blossom. This year also belongs to Rahu thus Saturn gets Rahu’s support.

Promotion offers can be delayed or denied.  Businesses will see sudden unexpected losses or low gains. Promotions can get delayed or denied. Wedding bells for the eligible.  Lucky Colours blue & yellow  Lucky Numbers 3 & 6  Unlucky Numbers 1 & 4  Health will now show a sense of fatigue and retardant. Aggression will come down. Your desire to enjoy & flirt & be on the move will increase. Better to take precautions as this will last for one year.  Share Market new investments need to be avoided for the first fortnight. Foreign trips are on the cards which can happen as a sudden development. Expenses on self & spirituality will increase. Controversies at work can lead to job break. Prospects for new job offers may not be lucrative or may even be not available.  Finances mercury’s transit will increase expenses and will also have a quick effect of the wallet. Long term investors can take a plunge when markets correct but short term need to wait & watch. You need be careful in dealing with friends & colleagues. Major of it can be related to health.  Career transit of Rahu/Ketu can give you thoughts of sluggishness and may also tempt you to change your work. Foreign options are very promising. This you will experience for the next 18 months.  Romance a sudden need or desire to associate with opposite sex can increase the love for the spouse or love mate. 31 . Be prepared for any litigation matters related to business. Take all precautions as early as possible. It can be from inheritance or share market. Laziness will prevail.  Finances transit of Jupiter will maintain your healthy finances.  Miscellaneous transit of Ketu in your ascendant with Rahu’s aspect will give a sense of uneasiness.  Career although is stable but conflicting moments at work can increase. Foreign trips may not yield good gains.  Lucky Colours red & yellow  Lucky Numbers 1 & 3  Unlucky Numbers 5 & 8 VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Health now will be tentative and unpredictable.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL Natives who have been denied promotion can get the reconsideration feelings. Some tightness can prevail due to transit of Rahu/Ketu. Money may be hard to come in this month. Extra affairs will dominate the mind & thoughts. Transit of Jupiter can also give sudden gains. New love affairs will blossom.

Desire for sense enjoyment & flirt will increase. Sudden change can flirt you up. Some quick loss can be expected in the work area. Unexpected & unasked delays can hamper growth. but will also give good opportunities. Foreign trips are still beneficial but delays cannot be avoided. visits can get delayed 32 . New love affairs will blossom. always willing to be on the move. Wedding bells for the eligible. Rahu can create a fuss or a dent in your career. Any work efforts will yield good results. It will be a rolling effect on your mind. Career transit of Jupiter will give jump in career. All efforts will be put to please the supporters. Foreign trips. You can expect good support. expect work pressures and heavy physical movement. Some frustration or dispute with spouse will disturb romance.  Miscellaneous you will find yourself in the driving seat. It will take a bit long. Some may settle for extra affairs. Prospective clients will not look promising.  Share Market allows the market disturbance to settle. Share Market Venus transit conjunct with Mars & Mercury will give the inclination to try a hand in the disturbed market scenario.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Business transit of Mars & Jupiter will give a good & stable business. Foreign travel will increase. It will be a temporary phase. Business can now get disturbed due to transit of Rahu/Ketu. Sudden foreign trips or opening of branches in other countries will be an excellent thought. it may not hit or pinch. Be alert. Multiplicity of overseas contact should be the key of growth & success. False reasons can get a decline from clients. Romance transit of Venus can bring the desire to have extra affairs. Venus will add rose to the honey. Fortunes do shine and inheritance of ancestral wealth can happen. New job openings for the jobless look bright.  Romance a shy spouse will now show the need or necessity of romance.  Lucky Colours lavender & brown  Lucky Numbers 3 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 8 & 5        Health transit of Rahu/Ketu can give unknown health issues. Natives in the defense sectors will benefit the most. Health may slow down the movements but will certainly maintain the positive spirits. New love affairs will blossom. Miscellaneous fortunes will improve and change for the good. Expenses on dating & romantic appointments will increase. Finances transit of Jupiter and sun will help in restoring and increasing financial growth. Expenses will happen but with easy money available. Overseas contacts will increase. Chances of foreign postings can get delay due to visa problems. Wedding bells for the eligible. Sudden & unexpected promotion with handsome pay packet will do well to your abilities.

Sixth sense will show some sudden development happening. Expenses in maintaining status will increase. eye sight. Mars & Venus improves your business. Transit of Venus increases the element of bad luck. Care is a must as unexpected legal issues related to the past can come up.  Career related issues now seem to be unavoidable. thoughts of fear & insecurity will rule the mind but fortunes are very strong that will help in overcoming any fear. Frictions. A chance of loss of job is also a possibility. You prefer a static kind of job that will happen. Father may have some problems related to his eye sight. misunderstanding.  Miscellaneous it will be a mixed kind of month. Transfer or change of job will be on your mind set. Sudden travel plans can also be unavoidable.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL or postponed. Wedding plans can get delayed. You may resort to borrowings of funds. fights.  Share Market transit of Venus & mercury will give a renewed urge to try a hand in the share market. Uncertainty.  Romance transit of Venus allows you to put in renewed efforts in restoring the romantic charm within you.  Lucky Colours White & Yellow  Lucky Numbers 3 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 6 & 7 VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Health transit of ascendant & Rahu/Ketu can cause health issues like weak bones. Jobless need to wait for more time. Foreign  Business transit of Jupiter. Investments in the second fortnight will be more profitable.  Finances transit of Rahu/ketu can delay or deny finances. It may be difficult to avoid extra affairs. Jobless need to wait for some more time for new opportunities.  Finances transit of Venus & Jupiter will help in improving finances but it will be below your expectation. Chances of foreign opportunities will look bright. Transit of Rahu/Ketu increase freak & unexpected long term health issues.  Lucky Colours Reddish pink & Orange  Luck Numbers 1 & 5  Unlucky Numbers 7 & 8  Health will now be a cause of concern. It is your good fortune that will help. Mercury. Foreign trips will give fruitful results. Avoid rash or rude speech. Finances can remain very tight for the next 18 months. You may take things for granted. stomach issues or even heart related problems if the natal chart is very weak. politics with colleagues & friends can take the front seat. 33 . Pregnant women folk should be careful for miscarriage or abortions. New opportunities will help in restoring stability.  Career transit of Rahu/Ketu is not a good sign as far as career is concerned.

 Career a stable career suddenly looks dormant and static with some uncertainty. Wedding bells for the eligible. Delay or cancellation of foreign trips can happen. New love affairs will blossom.  Romance transit of Venus can lead to extra affairs. Mars & Mercury can bring some de-stability in life & career.  Miscellaneous concerns related to delayed finances can lead to some anxiety & depression. Hopes will increase but reality results will not be to what you have hoped. Suicidal tendencies can also increase. You need to be careful as past legal matters can pop up. venus. Accidents can happen which can cause some major injury to the body.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Business transit of Rahu/Ketu will give a mirage effect on the gains in business. Too many directions from the spouse or love mate make you undecided and concern on the current moves. Somehow you may get a feeling being ignored by spouse. Foreign trips may not be fruitful. Expect the coming 18 months of miserable finances.  Finances transit of Rahu/Ketu increases the distance between the cup & the sip. Fortunes will not shine. Jobless can expect or have better hopes on new job offers.  Lucky Colours White & silver  Lucky Numbers 2 & 3  Unlucky Numbers 7 & 8  Health transit of your ascendant gives you new hopes of renewed health & vigor.  Miscellaneous transit of Venus. Past legal matters or scams can have a goodwill damaging effect. Conflicts in marital life can see an increased effect.  Share Market with majority of the planets in the house of research. Some doubts can be expressed on your dependability & reliability. Married can have some hope through their spouses for the required finances.  Romance is a confused situation now.  Share Market transit of mercury. Aggression can be the key. Jupiter & mars gives you renewed hopes on share market investments. Debt funds investment will be the best option. promotion. body & intelligence may also not support. This is the best time for looking into new growth avenues. Jupiter.  Business does looks more stable now. Extra affairs are unavoidable. love mate. Foreign travel does increase. can also lead to loss of job. Transit of Rahu & Ketu can delay or deny job appreciation. Ill health of the spouse will be a cause of worry. New opportunities are lucrative. Transit of sun can also bring major health issues in the fore front. A long term disease is on the cards. Expenses on legal matters will increase. Foreign postings look good till the first half of the month. Mind. a cautious approach is required in the share market.  Lucky Colours blue & green 34 . Avoid travel. Saturn’s aspect can increases the miseries of finances. Change of job is a strong possibility. Precautions are necessary. Be cautious. Take the plunge but from the second half of the month.

Fortunes will be fluctuating. Money but now can get easy. Jobless can look forward for better job offers. Foreign trips can be lucrative. Jobless need to work more hard for new job opportunities. this month will be a tough time period. loss of valuables. Theft or burglary. One may have to go for loans or borrowings. accidents.  Miscellaneous most of the planets now in the house of disease & desperation.  Romance the romantic lord is now in the house of disease & desperation. Foreign trips can be an expensive affair.  Career transit of Sun will lead to better status related to your work & career. Also be prepared for any criticism. Your work gets appreciated & appraised also. You may have to go for borrowings. acceptance and reliability. Stability concept may be missing. ill health. anxiety. 35 . Foreign trips with possible foreign postings do look lucrative.  Business transit of Mercury will allow you to rethink growth within hand capital. Be prepared for the unknown circumstances.  Share Market with Venus & Mercury in the house of debts. Love mates may also equally suffer. Your spouse health may deprive you of any romance.  Finances transit of Jupiter can also lead to financial crunch in the coming time period. Desperate natives may resort for extra affairs.  Career transit of mercury enhances your chances of promotion.  Finances it is your hard work & super efforts that can get you the finances. This can bring frustration. Avoid or postpone will be the best option. Even your spouses will also benefit a better health factor. unexpected family debts.  Lucky Colours Brown & Lavender  Lucky Numbers 6 & 7  Unlucky Numbers 5 & 9  Health transit of Jupiter. appreciation. any share market activity can lead to blockage of capital or increased debts. It is a sigh of relief but a moment to celebrate. delays. denials etc all the negations will rule. Rahu/Ketu should resolve all your health issues. It can also be a myth in the long run as now with Saturn having aspect on Rahu can give some development of a long term disease in the coming time period. Aspect of Saturn has a capability to give a long term disease which be cancerous.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Lucky Numbers 5 & 6  Unlucky Numbers 8 & 9  Health transit of Rahu/Ketu will give unexpected & unknown health issues.

The shy & lethargic factor will be missing. A promotion is also on the cards. reliability will motivate you to be better & more competitive. how romantic. Some unexpectated litigation matter can get severe if not attended with care. Family expenses are increasing.  Career the quadrants are full of planets. fame.  Business it is now the time to take stock of the business health. Just go for the dip in the ocean where profits are more than expected. Children’s health may bring some concern. Foreign travel may get delayed or postponed.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Business will bring you in the lime light. Precautions are a must. Thoughts of buying new vehicle.  Miscellaneous transit of all the planets will bring the zeal in you. You will always remind of the William/Kate kiss. Past legal disputes are likely to surface. Transit of Rahu/Ketu can show some red signals. Yes the luck charm will give you the zest to be ahead.  Finances by grace of God are coming but expenses are now bothering. Foreign postings are more in the offing. It can lead to debts also. home will prevail. but it will be manageable. acceptance. Love mate will also surprise you. investment idea is the best one. Take care of your back.  Romance an unexpected change of soft corner shown by your spouse will surprise you. Lingering conflicts with spouse can also continue. . It can also be of a long term nature.  Lucky Numbers 3 & 6  Unlucky Numbers 1 & 9  Health will now be a matter of concern. fame should now improve your performance.  Share Market transit of mercury & Venus allows you to now freely indulge in the share market. Be prepared for short journeys. Foreign trips are juicy & fruitful.  Miscellaneous transit of planets in the trines from the quadrants does not give you any de-stability but an option of a continued favourable time period. Transit of Rahu/Ketu can bring the unexpected health factor. Appreciation.  Lucky Colours Olive & Musk  Lucky Numbers 2 & 3  Unlucky Numbers 5 & 7 36 . wow what luck!!!.  Share Market when the money locker is flowing with abundant money. but it is a good sign.  Romance will now be an open affair. You may sound aggressive. New love affairs will blossom but wedding bell will ring after a while. but controls will be switched off. reputation. Wow. name. Stability and relaxed frame of mind will rule the inevitable. A long term disease can also affect your body in the coming time period. Rise of name. Jobless should now expect better offers. Enjoy the prestigious moments.

 Career exalted Venus conjunct with ascendant lord Jupiter will give a high rise to your career as credibility will increase. You will now be a dependant and trustworthy. Natives under the effect of Saturn will experience a bitter time period. money problems get eradicated. 37 .  Miscellaneous it is the stable finances that will give some boost to your self confidence but ill health can be a cause of serious concern. Romance leads to controversy or conflicts.  Finances when lord of finances is co-joined with the controller of finances in the ascendant. Foreign opportunities are the better options. new deals & contracts will be the new mantra.  Lucky Colours Blue & Olive  Lucky Numbers 3 & 7  Unlucky Numbers 2 & 6  Health transit of Jupiter will increase the health woes.  Career may somehow look tentative. New romance does blossom.  Business exalted Venus in your ascendant will induce you to grow in business & also finances.  Business the mirage effect of the business now seems to have got over. conflicting and the fear of loss of job can also get worst. Short notice foreign trips. You may fall in love with someone within the family. Wedding bells for the eligible.  Romance Venus increases the desire to romance and also associate. Mind will be more disturbed & defocused. This temptation will give you the plunge to move ahead.  Finances are now looking good & better.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Health a depressed health gets more depressed. expect more secret responsibilities. Be prepared for a transfer or change of job. but health issues concerns can bring the depression factor. Past events may rule the mind. A long term health issues can get developed.  Share Market work on share market if health permits you to do so. disturbed. Expenses related to health will increase. Are you prepared for the same? Extra affairs for the select.  Romance when you sit to romance but the spouse or love mate starts a conflict. Jobless or the unemployed may need to wait longer now. Theft or burglary or loss of valuables is a possibility. what can you do now??. new job offers for the eligible will be on the cards. You now need to come out of the hangover. Some conflicts can remain but the worst is over. Wrong selection can lead to loss or blocked capital. Back problems can lead to surgery due to an injury. Foreign travels at short notice.

ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011  Share Market your intellectual power is good. but fast on investments thoughts. Take the plunge. thus leading to confusion. Your spouse will spend more than required.  Lucky Colours Ivory & Olive  Lucky Numbers 1 & 6  Unlucky numbers 2 & 9 38 . Relationship issues need to be resolved.  Miscellaneous with quadrants filled with many planets. Be prepared to compromise on the marital front. Too many planets give varied choices. Fortunes are favourable. stability factor is confirmed but confusion will prevail. Expenses on extra romance will increase. A thought does not result in profits but physical investments leads to profits.

It has been sent to many astro followers. 1000 ( Per Issue) Rs. Meantime. may kindly contact the Editor at astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. It is available at various web sites and yahoo forums. 1000 ( for 3 Months ) Rs. 250 ( Per Issue ) advertisements are invited to be published in 39 . 500 ( Per Issue ) Rs. 500 ( for 3 Months ) Those who are interested to place advertisement in ASTROVISION. and the tariff is given below:-1) 2) 3) 1) 2) 3) Full Page : Half Page : Quarter Page : Full Page : Half Page : Quarter Page : Rs. practitioners and students. 2000 ( for 3 Months) Rs.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 ASTROVISION E-JOURNAL ADVERTISEMENT TARIFF IN ASTROVISION The ASTROVISION is soon catching popularity.

ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 MARRIAGE OF PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE MIDDLETON MK VISWANATH ---------------------------------------------------------------Media once again proclaiming that the marriage of heir to the British throne. at Westminster Abbey. 51N 30' London. as the marriage of the century.m.2132 Ayanamsa: 23-55-07. 2011 11:00:00 am 1:00 (E of GMT) 0W07'00".14 Sidereal Time: 0:27:37 40 . Incidentally. media had also described the marriage of his father Prince Charles and his mother Princess Diana as the marriage of the century. UkLunar Yr-Mo: Khara-Chaitra Tithi: Krishna Dwadasi Vedic Weekday: Friday (Ve) Nakshatra: Poorvabhadra (Ju) Yoga: Vaidhriti (Ju) Karana: Kaulava (Ma) Hora Lord: Mars Sunrise: 5:42:53 am Sunset: 8:13:55 pm Janma Ghatis: 13. Prince William and his girl friend Kate Middleton. The marriage now is likely to be solemnized at 11-00 a. London on 29 Apr 2011 under the following planetary combinations: Date: Time: Time Zone: Place: April 29.

47" 44.PK Saturn (R) . Mars and Mercury.36" 15. But the star of Saturn is Moon.BK Mercury . 06th and 09th lord Jupiter is in mutual aspect with Saturn.69" Star /p Push Bhar PBha Reva Reva Reva UBha Hast Mool Mrig 2 1 4 4 2 4 4 3 1 3 Lagna is rising in the star of Saturn in Cancer.21" 18.AmK Ketu Longitude 07 Cn 39' 14 Ar 50' 02 Pi 20' 27 Pi 05' 20 Pi 24' 28 Pi 00' 16 Pi 04' 18 Vi 05' 02 Sg 06' 02 Ge 06' 49. another node.46" 48. Rahu.41" 48. is in Ketu (12) star moola.69" 48.93" 03. 41 . Jupiter.GK Moon .DK Mars . Lord of 05 is Mars. These combinations are not suitable for a smooth marital life.AK Venus .45" 05. who is lord of 07th house. Saturn is in the star of Moon in Virgo and is aspected by Moon from Pisces. Saturn is aspecting Ketu and hence Ketu shall offer the result wherever Saturn gives.PiK Rahu . and they are in mutual aspect with Saturn. who signifies 06th house and hence Saturn also follows the same.94" 52. Lagna lord Moon is in Jupiter star in Pisces. and indicate love marriage. Saturn is aspecting Venus. Moon. who is conjoined with Venus. So Rahu (06) will give result of Ketu also.MK Jupiter .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Body Lagna Sun . besides Jupiter.

In my opinion. 42 . Saturn dasha. But in my opinion. there shall be terrible difference of opinion between the couples. Saturn Bhukti. Ketu Antara commencing May 2013. the marriage may not survive beyond 2014 when Saturn-Saturn-Rahu operates.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Current dasha is that of Jupiter.

Mercury retrogrades in Leo on Aug 04.m. Mercury re-enters Cancer on Aug 18 Mercury becomes direct in Cancer on Aug 28. Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio on Nov 25. Mercury becomes direct in Scorpio on Dec 15. Jupiter retrogrades in Aries on Aug 31. Mercury retrogrades in Aries on Apr 01. Saturn becomes direct on Jun 14.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 NIRAYANA TRANSITS OF 2011 Pis Mer Sun Mar Mer Ven Mer-D Mar Mar Mar Apr Apr Apr 07 16 26 03-RE 17 24 Ari Mer Mer-R Sun Mar Jup Mer Ven Jup-R Jup-D Mar Apr Apr May May May May Aug Dec 29 01 15 04 09 12-RE 12 31 26 Tau Sun Mer Ven Ket Mar May May Jun Jun Jun 16 31 05 07 14 Gem Mer Sun Ven Mar Jun Jun Jun Jul 14 16 30 26 Aqu Sun Mar Mer Ven Cap Sun Mar Mer Ven Ven Sag Mer Jan 09 Ven Jan 31 ------------Ven Nov 22 Sun Dec 17 Jan Jan Feb Feb Dec 15 09 01 26 17 Sco Ven Rah Ven Mer Sun Mer-R Mer-D Jan Jun Oct Oct Nov Nov Dec 02 07 29 30 17 25 15 Lib Ven Mer Sun Sat Oct Oct Oct Nov 05 10 18 16 Feb Feb Feb Mar 14 16 19 23 Can Mer Sun Ven Mer Mer-D Mar Leo Mer Mer-R Sun Mer Ven Mar Vir Sat-R Sat-D Ven Sun Mer Jan Jun Sep Sep Sep 26 14 11 18 23 Jul Aug Aug Sep Aug Oct 21 04 18 06-RE 18 31 Jun Jul Jul Aug Aug Sep 30 18 24 18-RE 28 10 NIRAYANA TRANSIT OF PLANETS IN 2011 (Except Moon) RE==Re-entry. Mercury re-enters in Pisces on Apr 03. Mercury re-enters Aries on May 12. Jupiter becomes direct in Aries on Dec 26. (Data generated using Free Jagannadha Hora) 43 . Transit time is taken as 12:00 a. Mercury re-enters Leo on Sept 06. -R==Retrograde. Mercury becomes direct in Pisces on Apr 24. -D==Direct Saturn retrogrades in Virgo on Jan 26.

ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 NATIVE COMMITTED SUICIDE MK VISWANATH Following is the natal chart of a person. who was well educated and lucratively employed in a large Private Sector Company.0088 Ayanamsa: 23-16-48.16 N 56' Kakinada. Date: Time: Time Zone: Place: August 14. 1965 3:00:00 pm 5:30:00 (East of GMT) 82 E 13'. he committed suicide by jumping off his apartment building.81 Sidereal Time: 12:29:15 44 .m. India Lunar Yr-Mo: Viswa-vasu .Sravana Tithi: Krishna Dwitiya (Mo) Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa) Nakshatra: Poorvabhadra (Ju) Yoga: Atiganda (Mo) Karana: Garija (Ju) Hora Lord: Mars Janma Ghatis: 23. due to fear of being caught by Police for the alleged financial misappropriations he committed. Unfortunately on 02 Apr 2011 at around 3-00 a.

We are supposed to go through. Ketu is in the star Jyeshta and sign of Scorpio and hence it shall offer the result of Mercury and Mars. Sun is in 08th house. Mercury is maraca and badhaka.17" 53. Mars is lord of 12th house and is in own star.54" 22.MK Ketu Longitude 06 Sg 28' 28 Cn 06' 20 Aq 43' 02 Li 54' 00 Le 37' 01 Ge 38' 00 Vi 33' 22 Aq 14' 16 Ta 45' 16 Sc 45' 00. Mars. Rahu is in 06th house and is 08th lord Moon star. Saturn is in lagna lord Jupiter star and hence both Saturn and Rahu signify badhaka and maraca. while the 08th lord Moon is in Jupiter star. But Astrological permutations and combinations have a different story to reveal. who is in maraca and badhaka Jupiter star.74" 46.48" 48.AmK Rahu . Lagna lord Jupiter is posited in Mars star. Jupiter is lagna and badhaka & maraca significator. Sun is posited in Mercury star shall signify 07 and Ketu through Mercury.25" 48. One has got no right to take away his own life.DK Saturn (R) .56" 04. who is maraca and badhaka. 07. but it is in the star of Aslesha ruled by Mercury. The VMD running was that of Mercury-Rahu-Venus-Mercury-Jupiter. except Ketu. 08th lord is Moon. Saturn. The following Astro-rules stand for one to commit suicide: 1) When 08th house is connected Mars. Lagna and 04th (house) lord Jupiter. who is also deha lord is in an airy and dual sign should be the reason for him to jump off an apartment building. back with all the ups and downs of life. Rahu and Saturn along with lagna and dush sthaana.75" 21. it till it is taken. Mercury is in Ketu star. The life was given to us by God Almighty. Dasha lord Mercury also signifies 45 .PiK Mercury (R) .BK Mars .GK Jupiter . Venus is lord of 06 and 08 houses. 08 and 12.90" 00. Lagna lord Jupiter is in maraca and badhaka sthana. 3) When 12th house is connected maraca / badhaka.PK Venus . 2) When lagna is connected Maraca. Moon is badhaka and maraca significator.48" Nakshatra Mool Asre PBha Chit Magh Mrig UPha PBha Rohi Jye Pada 2 4 1 3 1 3 2 1 3 1 Rasi Sg Cn Aq Li Le Ge Vi Aq Ta Sc Navamsa Ta Pi Ar Li Ar Li Cp Ar Ge Sg We should never glorify suicide. It is aspecting the 08th lord Moon.32" 19. Rahu and houses 01. badhaka and 08th house. There are no occupants of 12th house. Purva Bhadrapada. Rahu signifies 08 (longevity). Mercury is maraca and badhaka.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Body Lagna Sun .AK Moon . 06.

90" 14.19" 39.PK Saturn (R) .54" 21. the Nakshatra Dhan Reva PBha UBha Aswi Reva Sata Hast Mool Mrig Rasi Cp Pi Aq Pi Ar Pi Aq Vi Sg Ge Navamsa Vi Sg Ge Le Ar Cp Cp Cn Ta Sc Transit Lagna is falling in the sign of Saturn in Capricorn and in the star of Mars. Lagna lord Jupiter is in Mercury (Maraca and badhaka) star.BK Venus .12" 16.52" 56. God Almighty is great.52" 58. Hence the transit chart shows a resemblance to natal chart with the rules prescribed almost tallied. Moon is in Jupiter star (Purva Bhadra) as indicated in natal chart.11" 14. time supplied.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 As per the approx.AmK Ketu Longitude 27 Cp 29' 17 Pi 54' 29 Aq 31' 05 Pi 51' 00 Ar 11' 21 Pi 24' 12 Aq 51' 20 Vi 06' 03 Sg 34' 03 Ge 34' 04.DK Jupiter . 46 .43" 03.PiK Moon .90" the time Pada 2 1 3 1 1 2 2 4 2 4 of the death. Transit Ketu is in Mars star.AK Mars .MK Rahu . at planetary positions are given below: Body Lagna Sun .14" 29.GK Mercury (R) . which is the natal maraca and badhaka house.


3815 Ayanamsa: 23-55-05. a vernacular channel was telecasting the bail application issue of Abdul Nasar Maudani for a bomb blast case.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 BAIL APPLICATION OF ABDUL NASAR MAUDANI MK VISWANATH It was on 21 Apr 2011 morning when I was watching TV. in Ketu star Ashwini.85 Sidereal Time: 19:44:56 48 .Chaitra Tithi: Krishna Tritiya (Ma) Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Me) Nakshatra: Visakha (Ju) Yoga: Vyatipata (Ra) Hora Lord: Mercury Sunrise: 6:00:51 am Sunset: 6:29:43 pm Janma Ghatis: 0. India Lunar Yr-Mo: Khara . and lagna was in Aries at around 9 deg 34 min. 17 N 23' 00" Hyderabad. on 21 Apr 2011 at Hyderabad. HORARY CHART Date: Time: Time Zone: Place: April 20. who has spent more than a decade in Indian prisons facing serious charge of being allegedly involved in blasts.m. The time was 6-10 a. 2011 6:10:00 am 5:30:00 (East of GMT) 78 E 28' 00". Abdul Nasser Madani is a Muslim political leader from Kerala.

Mars signifies 1. Houses 05. 08.BK Mercury (R) .GK Saturn (R) . Venus. Government. Hence Ketu shall offer result of 01. Mars. Sun signifies Ketu. Mercury signifies 03. index of the mind. Rahu. Hence Moon shall offer 03. 12. Sun. 06. 02. 08.AmK Venus . 12 houses indicates that the person is in jail. 04 are the houses to be considered for release. 11.63" 35.81" 15. 06.56" 58. 03.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Body Lagna Sun . Moon is in Scorpio in Mercury star at 16 deg. 42 min.09" 39. Both Mercury and Saturn are in retrograde motion. 12.DK Mars . 08 houses.PK Moon . Also. 08 too. Moon (08) houses.AK Ketu Longitude 08 Ar 24' 05 Ar 41' 02 Sc 21' 19 Pi 53' 19 Pi 26' 25 Pi 46' 04 Pi 42' 18 Vi 44' 02 Sg 36' 02 Ge 36' 30. 49 . the planet who is normally considered for jail.82" Nakshatra Aswi Aswi Visa Reva Reva Reva UBha Hast Mool Mrig Pada 3 2 4 1 1 3 1 3 1 3 Rasi Ar Ar Sc Pi Pi Pi Pi Vi Sg Ge Navamsa Ge Ta Cn Sg Sg Aq Le Ge Ar Li Ashwini is ruled by Ketu.44" 06.06" 06. 06 houses.MK Jupiter . is in Ketu star. 06.82" 39.PiK Rahu . 04. Saturn is retrograde and signifies 06. 01. 11. The VMD running is that of Mercury-Mercury-Mercury-Mercury-Saturn. 10.64" 39. Jupiter and Mercury are in 12. who is in Mars star in Gemini. is in lagna in Ketu star. Hence the native is in jail owned by Government (Sun) and run by Police Dept (Mars). 12.80" 29. 03. Moon signifies 04.

50 . who is in 12th house indicating success of opposite party. which is moderated by Mr. in astrolabe_9@yahoogroups. Madhu N Nair. All these combinations indicate that the person shall not get bail for the time being. 08.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 41 MAY 2011 Mars signifies 01. Note: Synopsis of the above article was released on 21 Apr 2011 at around 10-30 a. Opposite party (07) and its lord is Venus.m. 03 and 06 houses.

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