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Performing Arts

Department: Performance & Media

To nurture well-rounded and versatile creative individuals.
• To impart professional skills, knowledge and discipline
related to theatre and audio-visual production.
• To present a variety of platforms for students’ continuous
learning and self-development.
• To nurture creative individuals who can contribute to the
cultural vibrancy of their society.


The Diploma in Performing Arts programme aims to nurture well-rounded and
versatile creative individuals by giving them a rigorous, 360° education and training
in the fundamentals of performance and audio-visual production.
The two-in-one programme attracts young people with interests such as performing,
directing, editing, writing, and back-stage and production work, because it covers
all these areas, and more, over 2½ years. Through practical hands-on and academic
classes, students are exposed to new ideas, skills and knowledge. They acquire
new abilities while developing their existing ones. Their learning is continuous and
active with platforms being given along the programme for them to try out and
apply skills and knowledge as they learn them.
On-stage, behind-the-scenes, in front of the camera, behind the camera.

It is a demanding programme that requires its students to practise professional Single Intake March 2011
behaviours regarding punctuality, deadlines, integrity and teamwork. Students who
successfully complete the programme can start to work, usually in career-entry Entry Pass SPM, O-Level,
positions in a field of their choice. Those who want to further their education can do Requirements UEC, or equivalent, with
so by transferring to a degree programme, usually to one of our partner universities 3 credits, including a
in Australia where they can enter straight into the third year of a degree programme distinction in English
in drama or film.
Duration 2½ years
While the Diploma in Performing Arts can open the door to a bright future, it is only
the starting point to a long career for our students. Creativity researchers have come Medium English
up with what they call the “10-year rule” which indicates that no truly great creative
of Instruction
contributions can come without at least 10 years of intense effort and preparation. Enquiries Call Information Centre
Therefore to give them a head-start, our students are taught by a dynamic team at 03-7491 8622
of established theatre and film practitioners and academics. Besides sharing their
well-seasoned skills and knowledge with students, they also provide invaluable Visit our
networking and artistic and professional insights. website dpm
The medium of instruction is English. Classes are small, enabling students to grow
and develop as individuals.
KPT/JPS (KR 10221) 04/14
Diploma in Performing Arts: CUR R ICULUM MATT
Providing 360° education and training in the fundamentals of performance and audio-visual production.

Audio-visual production classes cover topics Performance and theatre production classes
such as: cover topics such as:
• Professional use of audio-visual tools: • Learning performance through theatre games
camera, lights, sound and exercises
• Pre-production: story development, concept, • Building a character and script analysis
production planning • Creating and producing a performance for an audience
• Production: shooting, recording, directing, performing • Voice and movement exercises
• Post-production: editing, mixing, test screening
OUTCOME: Sufficient skills to take part in performance-
OUTCOME: Knowledge of the ‘big picture’ of performance- making and audio-visual projects, including technical skills,
making and audio-visual production from creation interpersonal skills, self-learning skills (e.g. persistence to
to output. solve problems and finish tasks, reflection).

Diploma in Performing Arts: PROSPECTS

Partner Universities for BA programmes Start work in career-entry positions
We have formal agreements with three reputable institutions Examples of jobs in Theatre Examples of jobs in
abroad for our students to further their studies after the completion • Actor Film & Television
of their Diploma in Performing Arts. Students with good results are • Administrator • Actor
eligible for credit waivers of two years. • Drama teacher • Administrator
• Director • Director
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia:
• Director’s assistant • Director’s assistant
• Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama)
• Producer • Editor
• Bachelor of Film and Digital Media
• Production assistant • Producer
University of Tasmania, Australia: • Production crew • Production assistant
• Bachelor of Contemporary Arts • Stage manager • Production crew
University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada: Examples of jobs in Media
• Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dramatic Arts) & Advertising
• Actor
Students can apply to other universities of their choice. Transcripts • Administrator
and referral letters are provided upon request for this purpose. • Editor
• Production assistant
• Voice-over talent

History and theory classes cover topics such as: Professional and academic subjects include:
• Malaysian arts and culture • Critical thinking and writing
• Theatre practices across cultures and times • Communication and presentation skills
• The function of media in society: • Career management
film, TV, internet, etc. • Internship
• Film analysis, film genres, development of • Collaborative performance and audio-visual projects
modern cinema by graduating students
• Production design and production management
OUTCOME: Capability to start work at career-entry levels
OUTCOME: Knowledge of concepts, influences and (in supporting capacities) or to transfer to a BA programme
theories related to performance and media, and an in performance, dramatic arts or film.
understanding of historical expressions of such practices
and art forms.

Internship Placements
Theatre Film & Television Others
Arts ED (Arts Education Programs for Young Kino-i Penang Office for Human Development
People) Red Communications
Dama Orchestra Runningscript Changi General Hospital
DramaLab Da Huang
Five Arts Centre Diversified Design Media Consult
Gardner and Wife
Media & Advertising
Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)
Monsoon Records
The Instant Café Theatre Company (ICT)
R Records
Musical on Stage Productions
AIC Exhibitions
Kleo N Tony
Cosmo Talents
Diploma in Performing Arts: FACULTY
Lecturers at the Department of Performance & Media come from many backgrounds in theatre, film and academia.
Their combined qualifications, experience and accomplishments makes them a truly outstanding team in the field of
arts education in the country.

ZAHIM ALBAKRI directed ZALFIAN FUZI is an actor IMRI NASUTION is a versatile

the multiple awarding- and director with an MA filmmaker. His skills include
winning musicals Puteri in Theatre Directing from cinematography, sound
Gunung Ledang The Musical Middlesex University. An recording, editing, and even
and P. Ramlee The Musical. associate director of the acting, but it is directing that
He has produced a string of Instant Café Theatre Company, has always been his core
outstanding works as a stage he jointly runs its FIRSTWoRKS strength. Graduated with
director and actor whose programme with its founding a diploma in filmmaking,
talent is sought after and celebrated in both member and artistic director Jo Kukathas to Imri has been directing documentaries, music
Malaysia and Singapore. He is a founding member develop new writing for the Malaysian stage. videos, business programmes and TV series
and artistic director and executive producer of since 1999. He is also a co-founder of Kino-i,
the theatre company DramaLab. He trained as an DR. NILOUFER HARBEN a production company that has been playing
actor at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts holds a PhD from Royal a key role in nurturing talents by conducting
in London, and holds an MA in Theatre Directing Holloway College, University certified trainings and workshops on new film
from Middlesex University. of London and was a techniques for young people. Together with his
recipient of the American team in Kino-i, Imri believes in productive growth
SOW YEE, AU is an Council of Learned Societies/ through effective knowledge-sharing.
experimental film/video Fulbright Fellowship and
artist whose works and film Harvard/Yenching Fellowship. MARK TEH is one of the
performances have been Specialising in English drama history and literary busiest and most versatile
shown in Malaysia, Taiwan, criticism, she is the author of Twentieth Century talents in contemporary
Italy and USA. Her work English History Plays: From Shaw to Bond. Malaysian theatre. His projects
is noted for its range and are particularly concerned
includes film and video performances, single- ANNE JAMES was trained with the issues of Malaysian
channel experimental film/video and multimedia in theatre at Universiti Sains history, education and
design for contemporary theatre performances. Malaysia and Northwestern participation. Starting out
An MFA holder from the San Francisco Art University (USA). A much in college as a member of the ARTicle 19 and
Institute, her creations explore light and projected respected and award- Akshen youth theatre collectives, he has since
images as organic elements in space and time, winning actor who has been engaged in a range of collaborative projects
besides revealing the abstract quality of everyday performed both locally and which include facilitating community arts
life. She was a recipient of the inaugural Krishen Jit internationally, she has had workshops, directing documentary performances,
Astro Fund award in 2006. In 2009, she curated a the privilege of working with a number of famous researching and teaching. He was the inaugural
Malaysian experimental film/video programme for directors and theatre companies including recipient of the Most Promising Artist Award at
the Experimental Film Festival in Seoul. Krishen Jit, Richard Schechner, Ong Keng Sen the 2002 Boh Cameronian Arts Awards and is a
(TheatreWorks, Singapore), Joe Hasham (The member of Five Arts Centre. Mark is the creative
MARION D’CRUZ is a Actors Studio), William Gluth, Hiroshi Koike, producer for new media projects such as the
founder member of Five Ivan Heng (WildRice, Singapore), Zahim Albakri PopIN information network for Malaysian youth,
Arts Centre. She graduated (DramaLab), Edwin Sumun, Jo Kukathas (Instant The Fairly Current Show and MP3.
with a BA in Performing Arts Café Theatre Company) and Natalie Hennedige
and an MA in Dance from (Cake Theatre, Singapore). MELISSA TEOH holds a BA
Universiti Sains Malaysia and in Theatre (Directing and
has studied classical, modern PUAY TIN, LEOW is a Production Design) from
and contemporary dance in Malaysia, Indonesia, published playwright whose Pepperdine University, USA.
London and New York. Marion’s focus as an artist major plays Three Children, She was an active theatre
has been to create a contemporary Malaysian Ang Tau Mui and Family have practitioner in Los Angeles,
identity in dance and to make works that speak been produced in Malaysia, working as a production
of what she is passionate about. A pioneering Singapore, Tokyo, Berlin, Cairo, stage manager, designer, and
dancemaker in Malaysia, Marion now teaches, Adelaide, Melbourne, and New in theatre operations before relocating home
produces and choreographs – concentrating York. Her theatre experiments to Malaysia. Melissa now lectures and works
more on working with young people in multi-arts centre around writing and performance, and freelance both locally, with theatre companies
work. At the 2006 Boh Cameronian Arts Awards, include the use of modular texts from diverse such as Instant Café Theatre Company and Dama
Marion was awarded the Cross-Cultural Champion sources. She graduated with an MFA in Theatre Orchestra, and abroad.
of the Arts Award. from the University of Hawaii, and currently heads
the Department of Performance & Media.
MA (Communication) from
RMIT University, Australia. A
singer-songwriter, musician,
and academic in the area of
media and cultural studies,
with acts as diverse as underground punk Sharmila Subramaniam Rajesh Subramaniam a.k.a. Raje
luminaries Carburator Dung and sound artist BA in Mass Communication, UKM Sound engineer and designer trained at the
Goh Lee Kwang and mainstream icons M. Nasir School of Audio Engineering (S.A.E.), and
and Khatijah Ibrahim. He is a co-artistic director professional drummer
of Troubadours Enterprise (which organises
the annual KL Sing Song music showcase and
promotes local original music) and a co-founder
of the Experimental Musicians and Artists
Co-operative Malaysia (EMACM). He is also a
member of Projek Wayang with theatre actor and
writer Fahmi Fadzil.


Niki Cheong Fikri Jermadi Eddin Khoo

Social media advocate, one of Filmmaker and educator Writer, journalist, translator and
Malaysia’s top bloggers and Fikri Jermadi holds an MFA in director of the Centre for the
Twitterers, Deputy Editor of The Filmmaking (Directing) from the Study and Documentation of
Star’s youth platform R.AGE and Korea National University of Arts. Traditional Performance.
columnist of The Bangsar Boy. Recently appointed filmmaker-in-
residence at Monash University, Dr. Susan Philip
James Lee Sunway Campus. Academician specialising in
Award-winning film director, teaching drama and active
noted for works The Beautiful Nik Jassmin Hew researcher of Malaysian and
Washing Machine, Waiting for Began freelance TV writing in Singaporean theatres; PhD from
Love, Call If You Need Me. 2005, and has since written Australian National University.
Also a theatre director, TV magazines, documentaries,
photographer, performer tele-movies and drama series, Grey Yeoh
and trained graphic designer. including hit Disney series Waktu A trained multimedia designer
Rehat, legal series Sadiq & Co, who collaborates in socially-
Lee Jia Ping biopic Apa Dosaku, The Story of engaged arts projects both
Jia Ping has over 10 years stage Sybil Khatigasu, Impian Illyana online and for live performances.
and production managing and its spin-off Impian. Her Co-curated the Emergency
experience and gained her Stage works have been aired on every Festival 2008 and collaborated
Managing experience working national television channel in in Five Arts Centre’s production
with the best theatre companies Malaysia, as well as Singapore’s of Gostan Forward and Wayang
in KL and the UK. Suria Channel. Fajar. Currently a creative
producer for PopIN, information
network for Malaysian youth.
Diploma in Performing Arts: FREQUENTLY ASKED

What is this programme about? Besides SPM and O-levels, what What about scholarships?
It’s a unique diploma programme that about other qualifications? They are available. Please visit the
covers two fields: performance and audio- We also accept students with qualifications University’s website
visual production. It gives professional such as UEC, CIMP, STPM and diploma and for updated information.
training as well as an academic education degree. Mature students are accepted, so
in theatre and video-making. long as they meet the entry criteria. What about study loans?
Fees can be paid using PTPTN loans and
What kind of classes do students Must potential students have EPF funds.
attend? experience in the performing arts?
Students take practical classes in acting, Experience is good but what is most Can I work and study part-time?
directing, scripting, shooting, sound important is their interest, and their desire No, this is a full-time course. Besides
recording, editing, production planning to learn new things. Very often a student attending classes, students are required
and management. They also take history comes in with an expressed interest in only to spend time outside of class, including
and theory classes in theatre, cinema one area of performance, such as acting. evenings and weekends when necessary,
and media studies, which involve critical But because the programme requires them on rehearsals, editing, research, group
thinking and writing. In a nutshell, they to take classes in all aspects of performance projects and discussions.
learn all the fundamental skills and and audio-visual production, they may
knowledge related to performance, theatre discover, for example, a new talent and
and audio-visual production, and also interest in directing for the camera or
industry-related skills through internship, theatre-stage management along the way.
career management and communication They find that their options for work and
and presentation skills classes. further education gradually expanding.
As they learn, students are required For this reason, we have students who have
to apply their skills and knowledge by prior training or interest in other related
participating in projects which include fields such as music, dance and writing also
the production of short videos and joining this programme precisely because
performances. This means they have to it helps to open up the horizon for their
work outside of class for project planning, future. Their existing skills stand them in
rehearsals, shooting, editing, etc. good stead on the programme, because
they can make use of them in their projects.
How are students assessed?
Two types of assessment are practised: What about jobs?
on-going coursework and final essays or The Diploma in Performing Arts makes a
projects. On-going coursework assessment great starting point to where one wants to
includes items such as tests, quizzes, in-class go in the future.
assignments, presentations, participation
or contributions to discussions, journals, Students who want to pursue an academic
written reports. Project-based assessment career can progress from the Diploma to
includes video projects and performances. a BA, then Masters, and finally to a PhD
or its equivalent MFA (Masters of Fine Art,
the highest level in post-graduate studies
Is it an easy programme? for arts practitioners). The post-graduate
It’s hard work plus fun. The programme can qualifications would qualify them to teach
be quite a shock to those who think that at tertiary institutions of learning.
the creative arts is easy, just get up and act
or just shoot with the camera. But actually Those who want to work can also do so.
one needs to be mentally and physically Usually when students finish their studies,
prepared for the challenge. Rehearsals, they are about 19 or 20 years old. They
shoots and editing can be exhausting, taking are young but they can start work in
long hours. Students who do well are self- supporting positions such as production
motivating, focused and have self-discipline. assistants, production crew, director’s
assistants, junior administrators, assistant
What are the entry criteria? editors, drama teachers and so on. Where
one goes from here is really up to individual
Because the level of difficulty of the effort and talent.
programme is high, we encourage those
with good results in SPM or O-levels to The performance and creative industries
apply although the minimum qualification are open fields with a lot of possibilities, a
is a pass in SPM or O-levels with three lot of scope to do good and worthwhile
credits. Potential candidates should have things. They may not be the most lucrative
a distinction in English or at least a strong in terms of income, but they yield a kind of
credit. It doesn’t matter if their subjects satisfaction and an understanding about
were from the Arts or Science stream. life that can’t be found in other professions.

I have good results for my SPM. My family and friends think it would be a waste if I joined this programme.
The more A’s the better – your scholastic skills will be put to good use on our programme. We have had many students who come in with excellent
results (see list below, 2010-2007). In fact, at Sunway University College, students with excellent results are eligible for entrance scholarships from
the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.


Ameer Nazrin Moore SM Dato’ Abdul Razak, Seremban, Negri Sembilan SPM 4 RM 2,000
Chong Chan Win SM Chong Hwa Persendirian, Kuala Lumpur SPM 9 RM 8,000
Chang Wing Thai SM Chong Hwa Persendirian, Kuala Lumpur SPM 6 RM 4,000
Keilly Lim May Harn SMK Assunta, Petaling Jaya, Selangor SPM 6 RM 4,000
Irena Georgia De Filippou Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, Negri Sembilan O-Levels 5 RM 3,000
Shakira Kavanagh Mikaail Kavanagh Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, Negri Sembilan O-Levels 5 RM 3,000
Thong Kar Mun SMK Seri Bintang Selatan, Kuala Lumpur SPM 6 RM 4,000
Jewel Yip SMJK Katholik, Petaling Jaya, Selangor SPM 6 RM 4,000
Sally Ann Chan SMK Taman Connaught, Kuala Lumpur SPM 10 RM 3,000
Joanna Soh SMK Sultan Sulaiman, SPM 10 RM 8,000
Kuala Terrengganu, Terengganu
Diploma in Performing Arts: INTERNSHIPS & FUTU

Grace Lee Lynn Loo difference in the arts industry; the arts can
I interned with Da Huang Pictures at I did my internship at Da Huang Pictures be used in any other industry. Performing
Kampung Tungku SS1 in Petaling Jaya as a production assistant. I helped out Arts does not bind you, it gives room to
as a production assistant dealing with whenever there was a shoot. I also did data grow and explore.
paperwork, accounts, on-set shooting and entry and assisted with the preparation of
video-editing. materials needed for submitting short films I plan to pursue a degree in producing at
to film festivals. the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Next, I will be looking for work at production (RMIT). My interest lies in producing.
houses. I will also be working on my own After this, I will be going around looking
event management company. for jobs especially in places like Kino-i, Da Diandra Arjunaidi
Huang Pictures, and so on. I interned under Monsoon Records, a new up-
Negar Daghighi Masouleh and-coming boutique recording company
I interned with Musical on Stage Productions Siti Nur Aishah (Shasha) under the supervision of Hardesh Singh,
company from March 2010 till June 2010. My internship was different from the Mario Wehle and Petrina Roach Reddy. My
I was a production assistant for the others’. I interned at Changi General main tasks included handling marketing and
musical ‘Kita’. It was fun and I learnt a lot Hospital in Singapore under the Corporate publicity online, scouting for talents, helping
about production management and a Communication Department. I was a to organise monthly shows, and recording
stage manager’s work. I am glad to have coordinator/facilitator. My work was to audio and video footages of the events.
the opportunity to work with a very big coordinate corporate photo shoots and
production in Istana Budaya. video shoots. I never expected that the skills Having just completed my diploma
that I have acquired throughout my years programme, I will be spending the next
I am applying to Deakin University here at Sunway would allow me to end year focusing on my music career before
in Melbourne to study drama. In the up in a different industry. This internship hopefully going to the UK to pursue a
meantime, I will be looking for work to get has proved that not only can we make a degree in film. In the past six months,
more experience in the industry.

I interned at Changi General

Hospital… This internship
has proved that not only
can we make a difference
in the arts industry; the arts
can be used in any other
industry. Performing Arts
does not bind you, it gives
room to grow and explore.

Students of March 2008, from left to right: Grace Lee, Negar Daghighi Masouleh, Lynn Loo, Siti Nur Aishah (Shasha),
Diandra Arjunaidi, Sally Ann Chan, Melinda Wong, Lee Zhi-Li, Joanne Ooi & Nagisa Nair.

I have managed to make a name in the Melinda Wong Joanne Ooi

local singer-songwriter scene. So, I plan to I interned with music producer Hardesh I interned with a company called Musical
pursue that even more now that I have the Singh and was mainly based in R Records. on Stage Productions, and worked on the
time. I also hope to dabble in some film But I helped out in Monsoon Records as production of the musical ‘Kita’ at Istana
acting. Hopefully post-degree, I will be an well. I helped with video and sound editing, Budaya in Kuala Lumpur. My role was
established musician and filmmaker. recording and music composing. I also got as assistant stage manager. I was also a
to help to produce my first single. backstage crew.
Sally Ann Chan
I got to meet a lot of people in the arts I will be working part-time in R Records and I am happy to get into the film and theatre
through helping to organise events at also pursuing music as a career. industry. I am not planning to further my
Instant Café’s House of Art and Ideas (CHAI), studies at the moment. I am planning to
and learned to make tea from Jo Kukathas Lee Zhi-Li work for experience.
while interning as a production assistant I interned in the Instant Café Theatre
with theatre company Instant Café Theatre Company (ICT) for three months, under Nagisa Nair
Company in Petaling Jaya. the supervision of its associate director I did my internship at Kakiseni (which was
Zalfian Fuzi. then winding down) as a general assistant.
I wanted to apply for a BFA (in acting) after I helped my bosses with that process
college. However, it is very pricey. So, I got I plan to have a personal syllabus that I tailor- and learned a lot about permits and the
a job with Singapore Airlines as a flight make for myself. I want to delve deeper into technical side of the business.
attendant, to create funds for the future. I will expanding my skill set for knowledge. After
be leaving a week after finishing my studies. that, the pursuit of happiness. I hope to further my studies as a theatre
practitioner. My target at the moment is to
study drama at Deakin University, Melbourne.
Diploma in Performing Arts: TESTIMONIALS FROM

Enrolling in this programme has helped It’s fun, exciting, challenging. We learn a You should enter this programme if
a lot in helping me decide what I really lot of things, from behind the camera to your dreams and passions are located in
like and what to do in the future. Being in front of the camera, on-stage and off. the theatre or film industry. It is a world
exposed to theatre, film, musical theatre, where you discover your true self.
Tania Prabha, 2009 intake
writing, media etc, has really widened my
Yong Zhen Kheng, 2009 intake
options. Also, one of the biggest benefits
Besides performing, with its wide
I have gotten from DPA (Diploma in
range of classes, it has also equipped I have always wanted to be an actor,
Performing Arts) would be self-confidence
me with skills to be a writer, but now, instead of acting only, I would
and self-esteem. Prior to DPA, I couldn’t
producer and even filmmaker. also like to be a professional stage
talk to a crowd. And last but not least,
director and stage manager and work
DPA has taught me most of everything I Amelia Chen, 2005 intake
in different kinds of productions in
know about the arts. Two-and-a-half years
different places with different people.
here taught me life, fun and survival! DPA has changed me to be a better person.
Diandra Arjunaidi, 2008 intake I used to be the quietest in the class and Olivia Kang, 2007 intake
dared not voice out anything even though
I spotted problems. But now I have opened I have been acting professionally since
I have had no regrets having chosen this
up and am not afraid to voice out anymore. 2002 being involved in sitcoms, dramas,
programme over a normal Pre-U course
tele-movies, commercials and films. I
even though my SPM results (10A’s) invited Lynn Loo, 2008 intake
loved what I was doing but then I started
scholarship offers. I chose this programme
to think that acting just wasn’t enough.
because I believe in doing what I love. If you are interested in acting, stage-
I wanted to learn more. What goes on
The arts is a very broad field and all the managing, directing, designing, theatre
behind the camera, how to produce,
experiences and things I have learned at and film, it’s a good place to enrol yourself
how is a screenplay written, what are the
the department and outside came to be because the programme introduces
acting methods? I wanted to know it all.
of use in surprising ways. And the skills you to many different various subjects.
I have developed here, from writing to Then, your job scope will be very wide. Sharifah Sofia, 2005 intake
management, can be applied to any other
fields. For example, I used my improvisation Joyce Tay, 2007 intake
and acting skills to get a job with SIA.
Sally Ann Chan, 2008 intake

I have learnt how to communicate This diploma has set me on a path where The programme shattered my impression
with people better and expand my I now know where I stand in the world that the performing arts were a fun and
contacts. I have also become more and where I go from here. It has also made easy-going occupation. It was fun, no
confident in being around people. me more worldly and empathetic, with doubt, but it also required a great deal
a more knowledgeable, understanding of team-work, discipline and passion.
Joanne Ooi, 2008 intake
perspective of our universe. In other
Tengku Amalia Zahirah, 2005 intake
words, I have become more human.
I chose to study here because of the
quality of the lecturers, the subjects in the Lee Zhi-Li, 2008 intake It takes perseverance and a lot of hard work
programme, and the reputation of the to finish this programme as the lecturers,
college. Also because I can go for further I personally think that this programme who are also industry practitioners, are
studies after finishing my studies here. will help you build self-confidence, passionate and take their job very seriously.
independent and creative thinking, Truth be told, it is a painful process BUT
Barbara Tiu, 2009 intake
presentation skills, discipline, time you’ll be glad with the end results.
management and all these will be
Because the programme covers a wide Adrian Teh, 2006 intake
essential to any career you pursue.
variety of studies in theatre and film. It has
given me a better perspective of knowing Aaron Teoh, 2006 intake
what I want. I also chose it because I
have always wanted to explore acting.
June Wong, 2007 intake
Diploma in Performing Arts: GRADUATES
Out in the creative industries and furthering their studies

Transferred to Tasmania University, Australia;

Bachelor of Contemporary Arts.
Production manager (Five Arts Centre), Reuben Cheow
Switched jobs in 2010, from production assistant director (Gospel Assembly,
assistant in a film production company Sungai Buloh), assistant stage manager. Transferred to Deakin University, Melbourne,
to working at a bank in Jalan Ampang, Australia; Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama)
Adrian Teh
Kuala Lumpur. When asked what was the Gabriella Robinson
relevance of her diploma to the job at the Editor of new media projects, That Effing
bank interview, she replied “people skills”. Show, PopIN, information network for Transferred to Glamorgan University, Wales:
Sarvinder Kaur a.k.a. Soni Deol Malaysian youth, and PopTeeVee. BA in Performance and Media, with two
years’ credit waiver on application.
Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri
Went into commercial music production Joanna Soh
after completing his DPA studies. Planning Stage and film actor, including Waiting for
to study business, to learn international Love directed by James Lee. Transferred to the University of Lethbridge
marketing to market his own music and in Alberta, Canada; BFA in New Media, with
Amelia Chen
his family business. one year’s credit waiver on application.
Balram Tikaram Kami a.k.a. Ballu Transferred to Deakin University, Melbourne, Valerie Chai
Australia; Bachelor of Film and Digital Media.
TV and film actor, including Pisau Cukur
Roger Liew, June Wong,
directed by Bernard Chauly.
Khoo Ee Ping, Syamsul Azhar
Sharifah Sofia Mohamad Azmi & Howard Law

Stage and commercial actor, including

Cuci: The Musical directed by Zahim Albakri.
Charlene Meng
BY STUDENTS 2010 -2007
Ini Tak Boleh Ini and Bird Flu, final-year stage projects
by March 08 intake students, October 2010.

Da Bao: Takeaway, final-year screen projects

by March 08 intake students, October 2010.

Crumbling Cookie and The Props of Life, final-year

Snapshots of Broken (Noir), (Acting and Directing for the Camera)

screen projects by March 07 intake students, July 2009.

Jiwa Hari-hari, final-year screen project

by August 06 intake students, December 2008.

Post-Production 1)
All in the Timing, final-year stage project
by March 06 intake students, July 2008.

Propping Up Daisies, final-year stage project

by September 05 intake students, December 2007.

Snapshots from Insomnia, Electric President, (Audio-Video

On Peak Hill, final-year screen project
by September 05 intake students, December 2007.

Trojan Women, final-year stage project

by January 05 intake students, April 2007.

Snapshots from Jiwa Hari-hari, (Final-Year Screen Project)

Scene from Trojan Women, (Final-Year Stage Project)
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