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Masters Management 2011
IN Management
The Masters in Management is designed to provide a means by which those
without a business or management first degree can compete successfully in the
business job market or go on to further specialist postgraduate training.

The central aim of the Masters in Management programme is to familiarise

students with principles and techniques from the main management areas,
enabling them to develop the knowledge, flexibility and skills base needed for
employment in a wide range of business and management careers. Students
can acquire a thorough grasp of areas such as accounting, marketing, strategy,
economics and organisational issues which are taught via the programme’s core
modules. They can develop wide-ranging practical skills through project work
and practical activities within the programme. These are invaluable for competing
effectively in an increasingly competitive graduate job market.

The Masters in Management programme is developed and conducted by

the Sunway University School of Business in collaboration with the Lancaster
University Management School. Graduates of this programme will receive dual
awards from Sunway University and Lancaster University.
The Sunway – Lancaster
Sunway University is one of Malaysia’s leading private
institutions of higher learning. It is an elite member of the Tier
5 (Excellent) group of institutions as rated by the 2009 MQA
Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions

The Sunway University School of Business is committed to

international academic standards of teaching, learning and
research so as to become a highly regarded and influential
business school in the country. Our focus is to prepare students
for ethical business leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit in
an evolving global economy.

Lancaster University in the UK has a world-class reputation as

a centre for excellence in teaching, scholarship and research.
Currently ranked as a top 10 UK university in the Times Good
University Guide 2011 and in the top 125 universities in the
Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-
2011, Lancaster University continues to sustain its reputation
for teaching and research excellence both nationally and

The Lancaster University Management School or LUMS is

typically ranked in the UK’s top four business schools and is
among the world’s highly ranked management and business
schools. LUMS is one of the few business schools in the world to
hold triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and the Association
of MBAs, the three leading international accreditation bodies
for the business school sector.
The Programme New Venture Planning Module
The many different methods and approaches to manage an
Structure organisation’s ongoing processes and resources will be covered in this
programme. However, organisations also need to create new avenues of
income. This module focuses on planning new ventures for generating
wealth and value in profit and not-for-profit organisations.
The Masters in Management programme is delivered
over four semesters or two years (maximum four How would an entrepreneur or intrapreneur find ideas for a new
years) using both lectures and tutorials with each venture? After reviewing the new ideas, how do we plan the processes,
module typically made up of three contact hours per budget the resources and sell the products or services to potential
week. Classes are conducted on weekday evenings buyers? Should a person with a business idea continue to be an
and may include Saturday mornings. The programme employee or should the person start up a new business venture?
comprises 11 taught modules listed below and one
Besides exploring the above issues, students will also learn to prepare
dissertation. The modules are taught by Sunway
feasibility plans for reviewing new ventures and business plans for
academics in collaboration with Lancaster faculty.
attracting venture capital and resources. At the end of this module,
students would have written and presented a feasibility study and a
Core Modules
business plan of a new venture.
• Learning to Manage
• Accounting Dr. Choy Tuck Yun, Senior Lecturer,
• Finance Sunway University School of Business
• Economics for Managers
• Managing Human Capital
• Strategic Management Accounting and Finance Modules
• Marketing Management To fully understand how business works it’s important to have a clear
• New Venture Planning understanding of accounting and finance. To prosper in business, care
• Research Methods must be taken of the financial resources which a business has. This part
of the programme attempts to deliver this. The module looks at all three
Compulsory Electives aspects of finance: financial accounting, management accounting and
• Operations Management corporate finance.
• Managing Change We begin by looking at the financial statements of the business, looking
at how they are constructed and how to interpret them. We have an
Assessment emphasis on managing cash, looking at cash flow forecasting and cash
The assessments in this programme comprise management. We then move onto looking at management accounting-
a combination of coursework, reports and the financial information that managers need to make efficient internal
examinations plus a dissertation. financial decisions on such topics as pricing, production and stock
valuation issues.

We then turn our attention onto some of the key longer term financial
decisions such as appraisal of capital spending programmes and how
these can be financed.

We do not expect any prior knowledge of finance but hope that

students will have business experience and an enthusiasm for learning
how to manage.

Mr. David Murphy, Senior Teaching Fellow,

Lancaster University Management School

Mr. Leong Chi Wei, 2010 Cohort Student

The Sunway – Lancaster Masters in Management provides me with

a thorough understanding of the theories, concepts and practices in
the area of management. The lecturers are well qualified and have
vast industry experience. What they have shared in class promotes
my interest to explore further the area of management and apply the
knowledge learned in my future undertakings.

Ms. Ana Burloi, 2009 Cohort Student

Overall the programme has met my expectations. It has provided me

with a good introduction of management related subjects, given that
I am an Arts major and have never studied most of these subjects
Module Descriptions

Learning to Manage Operations Management

This module will introduce students to the fundamental This module introduces students to the operations
concepts and models utilised in current management management discipline and some of the methods that can be
practices such as corporate culture, teamwork and leadership. used to plan, control and improve business operations.

Accounting Managing Change

This module will focus on the financial accounting This module introduces students to contemporary issues
information that companies have to provide to its relating to managing organisational change, setting this
stakeholders including shareholders, lenders and the within its historical development. It seeks to provide concepts
government. It will cover the demand for and nature of such for analysing organisational change, and to encourage a
financial information, and how to interpret them. The module reflective, critical and practical understanding of change.
will also cover managerial accounting information that
managers use to run a business. Research Methods
This module is designed to provide students with an
Finance understanding of the research process and the application
This module introduces the concept of ‘Time Value of of appropriate and effective research methods in preparation
Money’ and progresses to build the fundamental concepts for the execution of a business related research proposal and
of business valuation and explain the concept of ‘Net Present dissertation.
Value (NPV)’ and other criteria used in investment decision-
making. The module will also provide a basic understanding Dissertation
of financial markets and the trade-off between risk and return. The dissertation is the final element of this programme
and takes the form of a substantial piece of independent
Economics for Managers research. The dissertation allows the student to draw upon
This module introduces students to the workings of the and demonstrate understanding of the many principles and
market economy covering both micro and macro-economic concepts introduced throughout the programme. Through
concepts. It will show the role of the government in the the research process the student is able to gain a deeper,
market economy, and how the workings of the economy practical understanding of organisations and an appreciation
impact the behaviour of firms. of the practical problems faced by managers.

Managing Human Capital

This module addresses Human Resource topics from a
strategic perspective, considering how human resource
management might aid in developing competitive advantage
and what might be done to fulfil this potential.

Strategic Management
Strategy is concerned with the direction and scope of
the organisation over the long term. In particular, how
organisational advantage is created and developed in
response to environmental change to meet the needs of
markets, customers and other stakeholders.

Marketing Management
This module provides an understanding of why marketing
is important to contemporary organisations and identifies
the key tasks performed by marketing managers. This
module also provides the foundation for the development of
knowledge and theoretical concepts that relate to marketing
management and decision-making process.

New Venture Planning

This module provides the entrepreneurial context within
which new business ventures are formed and focuses on
feasibility analyses and the design of business plans.
Admission Requirements March & August

Entry • A good undergraduate degree from a reputable university (preferably with an upper second class or equivalent).
Requirement We will normally only consider applicants whose undergraduate degree major is not related to the areas of
business and management.

Work • No working experience is required for this programme. For applicants with working experience, it must not exceed
Experience three years in a managerial position.

English • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL 600, IELTS 7.0 or equivalent) is required if first language is not English.

Application procedure

For further enquiries, please contact our

counsellors at the Admissions &
Counselling Unit. We highly encourage
prospective students to come personally
for one-to-one counselling, and please
bring along the following documents for
admissions assessment.
• Application Fee RM300 (Malaysian
students) or RM500 (International
• Fill in the Application Form & the
attached sheet
• Certified true copies of Academic
certificates and transcripts
• Updated Resume / CV with 2 referees
• 1 passport-size photograph
• Photocopy of IC/Passport

Other Available
Postgraduate Programmes
at Sunway University

• Doctor of Philosophy (Computing)

• MSc in Computer Science (by research)

We invite suitable candidates to apply for the

Masters degree programmes.
Admissions & Counselling Unit
Sunway University
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