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Background Brand Values Products Line Existing System New project Problem Statement Proposed System Business Preview Reengineering (BPR) a. Champion b. Project Team c. The role of IT 9. Analysis and Background 10. Project Lifecycles a. The General Model b. Waterfall Model c. Incremental Model 11. Process Summary (Design) 12. Detailed Description of the preferred Embodiment 13. The Business Case a. Vendor selection and management b. Demonstration c. Terms of references (TOR) i. Payment Term ii. Order Term iii. Licences Required iv. ABC Software licence v. Ownership vi. Licence vii. Terms viii. Restrictions on transfer ix. Restrictions against copying or modifying the Licensed materials x. Protection and security xi. Limited warranty xii. General 14. Recommended Solutions a. What does it do b. Short listing c. Pre-Interview Testing d. Interviewing e. Rejection

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is a German automobile manufacturer Founded in 1917, The BMW Group is now one of the ten largest car manufacturers in the world and, with its BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands, possesses three of the strongest premium brands in the car industry. The Company divides its activities into the segment Automobiles, Motorcycles and

Financial Services segments. Its BMW automobile range encompasses the 1 Series, including three-door, five-door, coupe and convertible models; the 3 Series, including sedan, touring, coupe and convertible models; the 5 Series, available in sedan and touring models; the 6 Series, available as a coupe or convertible; the 7 Series large sedan; the Z4 roadster and coupe; the sports utility vehicles, X3, X5 and X6 and M models, such as M3, M5 and M6. It also offers cars under the MINI brand and motorcycles under the BMW brand. The Rolls-Royce brand offers three luxury cars, Phantom, Drophead Coupe and Coupe. It has producing, assembly, service and sales subsidiaries throughout the world. The group also has a strong market position in the motorcycle sector and operates a successful financial services business. The company aims to generate profitable growth and above-average returns by focusing on the premium segments of the international automobile markets. With this in mind, a wide-ranging product and market offensive was initiated in 2001, which has resulted in the BMW Group expanding its product range considerably and strengthening its worldwide market position. The company¶s brand is extremely strong and is associated with high performance, engineering excellence and innovation. Indeed, the BMW brand is often cited as one of the µbest¶ in the world, and the company continues to launch a stream of innovative products as part of its battle with German peer Mercedes to be the world¶s largest luxury car maker.

performance and exclusivity are the BMW brand¶s core values. Its R&D centre in Munich employs 5. BMW develops automobiles with a highly individual character. From this technological focus. For BMW. technology. performance is more than just the ability to accelerate quickly and take corners at speed ± it is a balanced harmony between beautifully designed and crafted working parts.[Brand Values] Quality. .000 engineers and designers. Research and development are ascribed high priority within the company. spending a far greater percentage of profits on R&D than any other automobile maker.

its profound value for the world Brand Essence The heart of the unique brand experience Organising Idea A unifying statement of the service mission expressing the core value proposition Unique Competence The unique ability to create value deriving from systemic expertise Positioning Strategic . image. archetypal personality. style Vision The potent imagination of the future Cultural Values The organisational values and principles that best serve life in the company Profound Purpose Why the company exists.Product Distinguishing product concepts and design principles Customer motivations Core customer needs and values satisfied by the brand Brand Character Values.

ManyBMWsarestillproducedinthi slayout.BMWwasoneoftheearliestmanufactur-erstoofferanticalls .Theirfirstsuccessfulmotorcycle.FeaturingauniquedesigncopiedfromtheZündappKS750. production in Chennai.ItsmotorcycledivisionisnowknownasBMWMotorrad.366.838 vehicle sproduced in 5 countries.Apartfromtheirsinglecylindermodels(basicallytothesamepattern).itssidecar suspension.mini.uk/ Production Total world productionin 2006 wa s1.wasthe"R32"in1923.inwhichacylinderprojectsintotheair flowfromeachsideofthemachine. Since2006. alltheirmotorcyclesusedthisdistinctivelayoutuntiltheearly1980s.afterthefailedHeli osandFlink.andaHossack-typefrontforkBMW Duolever. Motorcycles BMWbeganbuildingmotorcycleenginesandthenmotorcyclesafterWorldWarI.BMWpro- ducedtheBMWR75motorcyclewithasidecarattached.Thishada"Boxer"twinen-gine.co.which is designated theR Series.ownership of exclusive value in the customer¶s mind Business Model The system of strategic synergies that creates sustainable profits Integrated Dashboard Dynamically related key performance indicators http://www. India has begun.DuringtheSecondWorldWar.

BMWhasbeenaninnovatorinmotorcyclesuspensiondesign.Thegenerationofantilockbrakesavailableonthe2006andlaterBMWmotorcyclespavethewayfortheintroductionofsophisti catedelectronicstabilitycontrol. calledswinging arm).theTeleleversignificantlyreducesdiveunder braking.takinguptelescopicfrontsuspension longbeforemostothermanufacturers.theTelelever.PoweredbyBMW¶scelebratedfour- cylinderM10engine. SomeBMWs startedusingyetanothertrademarkfrontsuspensiondesign. Motorcycle clubs BMWmotorcycleshaveinvokedworldwideinterestfromclubs.theNewClassmodelsfea-turedafullyindependentsuspension. Automobiles Large-scale production models New Class TheNewClass(German:NeueKlasse)wasalineofcompactsedansandcoupesstartingwiththe1962150 0andcontinuingthroughthe last 2002s in 1977.ThetwolargestBMWmotorcycleclubs intheworld.intheearly1990s.oranti-skidtech-nology-afirstforproductionmotorcycles-later in the 2007 model year.a ndwrongly.lockbrakesonproductionmotorcyclesstartinginthelate1980s.LiketheEarl esFork.MacPh- .theBMWRidersAssociationandtheBMWMotorcycleOwnersofAmericaareheadquarter edintheUnited States.ThentheyswitchedtoEarlesFork.Mostmodern BMWsaretrulyrearswingarm.frontsuspensionbyswingingfork(1955to1969).singlesidedattheback(comparewiththeregularswingingforkusually.

PrecursorstothefamedBMW3Series.the2002replacedbythe320iin1975. ‡BMW E3² (1968±1977)2.These"chassiscodes"only change to signify a major redesign of a series. beginning with the F01 7Series replacement.5. 2.BMWassociatesan"e-code"foreachgenerationofaseries("E"stands for Entwicklung.3 "New Six" sedans ‡BMW E9² (1969±1975) 2800CS.0.thetwo-doors¶successcementedthefirm¶sfutureasan performance car upper tier maker.Theupscale2000Cand2000CScoupeswerer eplacedbythesix-cyl-inderBMWE9. 3.ersonstrutsinfront.Initiallyafamilyoffour-doorsedansandtwodoorcoupes.theNewClasslinewasbroadenedtotwo-doorsportssedanswiththeadditionofthe 02Series 1600and2002in 1966.8. 3.Sharinglittleincommonwiththerestthelinebeyondpowertrain.introducedin1969withthe2800CS.0CS.thesportysiblingscaughtautoent husiasts¶attentionandestab-lishedBMWasaninternationalbrand.3.andfrontdiscbrakes. Series generations Internally.The1600twodoorwasdiscontin-uedin1975. BMWAGreported in September 2006 that BMW would switch to the letter "F" for their future models.0CSL "New Six" Coupés ‡BMW E12² (1974±1981) 5 Series .NewClassfour-doorswithnumbersend- ingin"0"werereplacedbythelargerBMW5Seriesin1972. 3.or the introduction of a new series. Germanfor development or evolution).

‡BMW E21² (1976±1983) 3 Series ‡BMW E23² (1977±1986) 7 Series ‡BMW E24² (1976±1989) 6 Series‡BMW E26² (1978±1981) M1 ‡BMW E28² (1981±1987) 5 Series ‡BMW E30² (1984±1991) 3 Series(1982-1983 E30 sold in Europe) ‡BMW E31² (1989±1997) 8 Series ‡BMW E32² (1986±1994) 7 Series ‡BMW E34² (1988±1995) 5 Series ‡BMW E36² (1992±1999) 3 Series ‡BMW E36/5² (1995±1998) 3 SeriesCompact (US market known as "318ti") ‡BMW E36/7² (1996-2002) Z3 SeriesRoadster ‡BMW E36/8² (1998-2002) Z3 SeriesCoupé ‡BMW E38² (1994±2001) 7 Series ‡BMW E38/2² (1994±2001) 7 Series longwheelbase ‡BMW E38/3² (1998±2001) 7 Series Protection ‡BMW E39² (1995±2003) 5 Series ‡BMW E46/5² (2000±2004) 3 SeriesCompact ‡BMW E46/4² (1998±2005) 3 SeriesSedan ‡BMW E46/3² (1999±2005) 3 SeriesTouring/Sports Wagon ‡BMW E46/2² (1999±2006) 3 SeriesCoupé ‡BMW E46/C² (1999±2006) 3 SeriesConvertible ‡BMW E52² (2000±2003) Z8 ‡BMW E53² (2000±2006) X5 .

‡BMW E60² (2004±present) 5 Series ‡BMW E61² (2004±2007) 5 SeriesTouring/Sports Wagon ‡BMW E63² (2004±present) 6 SeriesCoupé ‡BMW E64² (2004±present) 6 Seriesconvertible ‡BMW E65² (2001±2007) 7 Series shortwheelbase ‡BMW E66² (2001±2007) 7 Series longwheelbase ‡BMW E67² (2001±2007) 7 SeriesProtection ‡BMW E68² (2005±2007) Hydrogen 7 ‡BMW E70² (2007-present) X5 ‡BMW E71² (2008) X6 ‡BMW E81² (2007-present) 1 Series(3-door) ‡BMW E82²Coupé ‡BMW E83² (2004±present) X3 ‡BMW E85² (2003±present) Z4 ‡BMW E86² (2006±present) Z4 Coupé ‡BMW E87² (2004±present) 1 Series(5-door) ‡BMW E88² (2008) 1 Series Convertible ‡BMW E89² (2009) Z4 ‡BMW E90² (2005±present) 3 Series ‡BMW E91² (2005±present) 3 SeriesTouring/Sports Wagon ‡BMW E92² (2006±present) 3 SeriesCoupé ‡BMW E93² (2007±present) 3 SeriesConvertible ‡BMW F01² (2008) 7 Series .

They range from the Kid¶s Bike to the EUR 4.499 Enduro Bike. .‡BMW F02² (2009) 7 Series longwheelbase Bicycles BMW has created a range of high-end bicycles sold online and through dealer ships. In the United States. only the Cruise Bike and Kid¶s Bike models are sold.

Since1997. BMW South Africa has produced vehicles in left hand drive for export to Taiwan. andtheE23M745i. BMW South Africa ended Local production of the 5-Seriesand 7-Series. South African built BMWs are now exported to righ thand drivemarkets in cluding Japan. Following the end of apartheid in 1994.7 litreen-gine. Unlike U. NewZealand. which be-came BMW South Africa. the BMW325i switch was powered by an Alpine derived2. near Pretoria. and the lowering of import tariffs. BMW¶s with a VIN number starting with "NC0" are manufactured in South Africa. in order to concentrate on production of the 3Series for the export market. . as well as South America.Existing system : Overseas subsidiaries South Africa BMWs have been assembled in South Africa since1970. Australia. which used theen-gine from the BMW M1. as well as Sub Saharan Africa.2 litre engine to the BMW 3 Series. which divested from the country in the 1980s. the first wholly owned Subsidiary Of BMW To be established outside Germany. manufacturers. the United States and Iran. when Praetor Monteerders¶ plant was opened in Rosslyn. the UnitedKingdom.S. Singapore. such as Ford and GM. and HongKong. which added a 6 cylinder 3. Three unique models that BMW Motor sport created for the South Africa an market were the BMW333i. BMW acquired the company in 1973. BMW retained full ownership profits operations in South Africa.

inajointventurewithBrillianceChinaAutomotive.Aus-tria license from BMW. Austria TheBMWX3ismadebyMagnaSteyr.BMWalsohasplansfora2ndfactoryinC hinawherethe1Serieswill be produced.whichwasan-nounced by theToronto Starnewspaper. the X6 in Spartanburg.BMW¶swithaVIN number starting with "4US" are manufactured in Spartanburg.Theplantstartedfullfledgedoperationinthefirstquarterof2 007andproducesthediffer-entvariantsofBMW3SeriesandBMW5Series.BMWGroupCanadawasnamedoneofGreaterToronto¶sTopEmployersbyMediacorpCanadaInc..United States BMW Manufacturing Co has been manufacturing the X5 and.north-eastChina.asub-sidiaryofaCanadiancompany. more recently. India BMWestablishedin2006asalessubsidiaryinGurgaon(NationalCapitalRegion)andastate-of-theartassemblyplantforBMW3and5Seriesstartedoperationinearly2007inChennai.0003and5Seriesannually.Theconstructionoft heplantstartedinJanuary2006withaninitialinvestmentofmorethanonebillionIndianRupees. Thefactoryisexpectedtoproduce30.inGraz. China InMay2004BMWopenedafactoryinShenyang. Canada InOctober2008. South Carolina. The smaller X3 is slated to begin production in Spartanburg in 2009-2010. under . USA.

A good method can give a manager the qualified assistance that is needed. When launching a big campaign for a new or existing product. contact leads can be vital part of the picture that culminates in financial success. managing the opportunities can help to gain the upper hand in both areas. But prospects will not come through to completed transactions unless there is a sales lead management system that can handle the prospective transactions. Prospective target management will help to move transactions through the miracle of automation.New project: Sales Lead Management System Sales lead management systems can take a business from mediocre to fantastic by providing a means of increasing business in an organized manner. Sales lead management systems can provide the needed link to make the campaign a success. managing the prospective transactions and turning them into profits will be important. Business owners spend many man-hours developing the best customer profile in the business. he needs to investigate lead management. If a business owner needs to expand his territory or target calls where product is moved quickly more specifically. but needs to expand that base. When profits are automated through a sales lead management system. If the businessman has developed a prospective market database. the business owner will reap the benefits in a vitalized and excited employee force. Think of how this organizational method will transform the way business is done. If a businessman has a direct employee force that is waiting for active leads. Or perhaps there is a new product that's sitting on the .

At the BMW Group." Whenever we are responsible for another person's work conditions. We are a sustainable company. Proposed system: Our changing world constantly Demands new ideas. so whatever sources are available for turning over inventory and increasing the bottom line should be pursued enthusiastically. the environment and society. How to get that stock moving quickly is determined by the effectiveness of sales lead management systems. "Masters [employers]. Our goal is clear: for every person to be able to experience the freedom of individual mobility . That is why we accept responsibility for resources. Good planning for future business growth is vital to the long-term success of any business. waiting to be distributed to customers. we are working to create cutting-edge mobility solutions for the future. give unto your servants [salesmen] that which is just and equal. we need to approach our responsibility with humility and diligence. not merely the companies that salesmen need to contact. It is possible that a sales system will enable the staff to increase their productivity. The investment made in a sales management system will be fully rewarded in completed transactions.shelf. Checking out a sales lead management system may be part of the business stewardship. knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven. The system will help to target the people. Colossians 4:1 says. Asking the Lord to give wisdom to a manager as he researches the many sales lead management systems available today is appropriate.

Recognizing where our strengths lie and making the best use of every opportunity. Identifying potential and encouraging growth. Automobiles and motorcycles which fascinate people all over the world and which win legions of new admirers every day.Problem statement: Our aim is to project a new system in the BMW sales and marketing department which increase the level of sales in the company and increase its revenues and the profits by adopting the new challenges of the changing world and the technology today and also keep in view the cost of production economical in the society. Goals we have attained are in essence the point of departure for new challenges. o o o o Manager HR the Project Head Manager IT Finical adviser Technical manager . It influences the company's structure and it plays a vital role in the decision-making process. This is the philosophy that inspires every individual at the BMW Group. Following a clear strategy. Our corporate ethos finds its expression in the uncompromising pursuit of the superlative. Knowing what we represent. Outstanding brands with an unmistakable profile. Business process reengineering: The following team nominated to evaluate the all process.

aggressively attacking the road while smoothly accommodating their drivers.Mid-level luxury performance automobiles are as aesthetically pleasing as they are fun to drive. at which point prices may reach higher than $50. They are typically fitted with cutting-edge automotive technology to create an ultimate driving experience. reaching no lower than $26.o Plan manager o a) Champion : b) Project team: c) Role of IT manager: Analysis and back ground: Mid-level Luxury Performance Sedans are a unique product category in the vast field of automotives. .000.000 and $39. Pricing for these vehicles tends to fall between $30. and sleek exterior lines. The mid-level luxury performance sector is a crossover a hybrid between gas-guzzling sports cars. and expensive luxury vehicles.000. These cars are built to perform and detailed to impress. They are performance cars first and family sedans second.000. Vehicles in this segment are engineered to provide maximum performance. and are intuitively designed with responsive suspension. Some cars in this segment can be upgraded with various packages and features. fuel-efficient lower-level sedans. powerful engines.

However. idea-generating company that takes risks and enjoys its freedom as an independently-held company. this series of print and television advertisements labels BMW as a ³company of ideas. BMW launched an alternatively designed campaign in 2006.´ The advertisements portray the company as a cutting-edge. The company has associated its brand with class and prestige and has established its models as benchmarks in their respective segments. a Compliance Organization has been created and equipped with measures and instruments to help employees and managers avoid legal risks. The BMW Group makes every effort to minimize these risks wherever possible. the risk of violations arising from individual misconduct can never be completely ruled out. mutual respect and trust. With the help of Austin-based advertising agency GSD&M.Rather than focusing on automobile specification and design.´ The print ads follow . Together with the BMW Group's environment and social initiatives. Process summery designs: BMW¶s Aggressive Advertising BMW has always promoted its products as superior vehicles. confidently asserting its position as an industry leader. For this purpose.´ further suggesting its eminence as an automobile maker. The focus of the BMW Group Compliance Organization is on ensuring legal compliance. The television ads focus on stereotypical bureaucrats who neglect or reject ideas and separates BMW as a company that ³makes sure great ideas live on to become Ultimate Driving Machines. it forms the cornerstones of its corporate responsibility. BMW labels itself ³The Ultimate Driving Machine.The BMW Group's corporate culture is shaped by clear responsibility.

however. BMW Joint-Campaign with HD Radio BMW began campaigning with the HD Digital Radio Alliance to promote the High Definition radio service. BMW. and Ford Motor Company. Mercedes. One particular print advertisement in this campaign challenges the viewer to match several other carmakers with their respective parent companies. limiting their creativity and production potential.´ Audi ran advertisements responding to BMW¶s offensive promotional strategy. including the 3 Series. BMW. Audi. provides the Alliance with a substantial corporate customer to promote its services. owned by Volkswagen Worldwide AG.similar themes of BMW¶s freedom as an independent carmaker and the risks this allows them to take. has not reached the sales or consumer satisfaction level as many of its competitors. DaimlerChrysler AG. Peter Ferrara. BMW has also attacked other carmakers. Ltd. Infiniti. and it lists competitors such as Lexus.Volkswagen AG. For instance.´ then closes the advertisement by noting that the 3 Series was named ³World Car of the Year 2006.. respectively) on the right-hand side. The A4.´ further suggesting that other automakers may not be able to justify novel risks to their parent companies. Audi responded with an advertisement congratulating BMW and noting that its A4 model was the winner of six consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour Races. and Volvo on the left-hand side and their parent companies (Toyota Motor Corporation. promoting its 3 Series line of cars. which offers HD radio in their cars.sarcastically congratulates Audi for winning the ³South African Car of the Year 2006. . Nissan Motor Corporation. BMW recently ran a separate aggressive campaign pitting itself against Audi Motor Corporation. The copy of the advertisement explains³BMW has the autonomy to build cars the way [they] want to build them.

and Design) provides a platform for BMW to spread its ideas and promote its company as a haven for productive and inspiring ideas. the films were viewed nearly 100 million times. was a series of revolutionary short films that showed BMW vehicles as the centerpiece of several action-packed plots. beliefs. BMW fits well with the spirit of the conference. As an innovator. states that ³to have BMW as a marquee name to implement HD Radio is uniquely satisfying. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT . Although well-made and entertaining. an annual conference in California during which 1. the movies were very expensive advertisements that said little about the functionality and unique properties of the car. The TED (Technology. BMW Films BMW Films. and concepts. Entertainment.´ suggesting that BMW¶s strong brand identity will in turn help HD Radio market its product.the President and CEO of the HD Radio Alliance. TEDTalks BMW has forged a partnership with TEDTalks. The films were directed by prominent film makers and used intricate plot twists and effective dialogue to accentuate the features of the vehicle in the movie. Television commercials encouraged viewers to see the films on the company¶s website.000 thinkers are invited to spread their messages and preach their ideas. and it provides another outlet through which the automaker can share its ideas. launched in 2001 to promote the company and its cars.

including one spot that shows the changes the vehicle has undergone as it speeds around a track. about 45% of BMW¶s U. the target market is approximately 70 to 80 percent male. while 32% purchase their vehicles outright using BMW Financial. BMW also targets a rather wide age group: males anywhere between the ages of 25-55 are candidates to purchase this car.S. Recent advertisements have shown how the 3 Series has developed throughout the years. explains vice president of sales and marketing for the German maker¶s American captive finance subsidiary. In some cases. which can be found . relatively affluent males seeking an automobile to satisfy their need for excitement and luxury. Another 23% either pay cash or finance using an outside lender Target Market BMW¶s target market for the 3 Series sports sedan consists of well-educated.The new program is designed to increase contact between the company and its customers ± and to convince them to trade in their current BMW products sooner and more often. Currently. customers lease their vehicles. While there are some women driving the 3 Series model. Another spot. The 3 Series is well suited for sophisticated consumers deliberately searching for a refined car with a sporty ride. these men are also looking for a performance car that can serve as a practical family vehicle. Specific Advertising The 3 Series is a well-established leader in the mid-level luxury performance sedan market. and BMW promotes the model aggressively with clever advertising. offering sufficient space and safety features.

Advertisements of any product plays an important role for increasing the sale of that so company should pay the full attention for the advertisement of their product and use new ways and means of advisement and publishing which capture all the common men of the society. .on BMW¶s North American website.cost of production or due to poor advertisement of their products . Demonstrations After the major difference and cause are evaluated the team have to decided whether the lower rank of the company is due to their poor management of resources. If the company is at lower due to the poor management in the sales department or in the poor handling of resource then the team must eliminate it and rectify as soon as possible as it will generate the profits for the company. outdate technology . Functional Specification (FS) Target each sagmnet of THE BUSINESS CASE a. b.team also will elaborate the major other cause due to which the company at lower rank. explains how the 3 Series has grown to become a cultural icon and has obtained a loyal following. Sales and marketing Management The BPR after the project team have select that major differences in the product of company with other three auto makers companies which are at the top ranking of the auto maker brand and are consider the beast auto maker of the world.lack of innovation . After this the project team have to eliminate the key point of major differences and the management in all the companies .

Audi is still trying to reposition is A4 to compete with the 3 Series. Recent campaigns have focused less on the cars themselves and more on BMW. possibly limiting the exposure of the automaker¶s models (including the 3 Series). Some of BMW¶s marketing and advertising expenditures have been misdirected in recent years. 3) Although well-made and extremely entertaining. and the Infiniti G35 is a well-made car that offers more luxury features and a larger interior than the 3 Series. and the automobile was named the 2008 Motor Trend Car of the Year. Sales of the Cadillac CTS grew by six percent in 2005. and at 20 miles per gallon city. 2) BMW also faces challenges from an environmentally conscious population. Term of references: 1) Although the BMW 3 Series had the highest total sales in its segment in 2005. some of its competitors are advancing significantly. More and more consumers are looking for fuel-efficient automobiles. The Acura TL is a critically acclaimed automobile and adored by most of its loyal consumer-base. the BMW Films series produced limited year-over-year sales increase. .c. the 3 Series is relatively fuel-inefficient when compared to many other mid-level sedans and hybrid vehicles. and Lexus has made its IS model a serious competitor in the mid-level luxury performance segment.

market. high-class luxury. BMW also maintains a high level of freedom because they are an independently-held company. View all the sales market activities: Keep in mind consumer preferences Introduce the new style BMW is most wanted auto maker brand: BMW has clearly established strong brand identity and brand equity. a popular form of low-cost financing that took some big hits during the last two years of financial meltdown. While the 3 Series may be smaller than some of its Competitors. There are ample Opportunities to build on the strength of the 3 Series brand. and unquestionable quality. and the 3 Series has become a leader in the mid-level luxury performance segment. The 3 Series is now associated with premium performance. In the middle of the last decade as many as six in 10 BMW vehicles were leased in the U.S. The automaker is also looking at how much to emphasize leasing. it is relatively fuel-efficient and safe. The car itself is well-engineered and offers superior performance and handling to many of its competitors. especially as several automakers attempt to attack the mid-level luxury performance sedan market. That is . making it a practical choice for older generations seeking a family-friendly automobile.

that is expected to fall to just 94.000 off-lease BMWs in 2010. In recent years. This would not only help boost sales of new cars ± but provide an increased flow of used BMWs to prop up the CPO program. It is. but the maker will try to push that back up to somewhere short of 50%. used vehicle volumes have nearly matched new. ³an Achilles Heel´ for a company that has put so much emphasis on its certified pre-owned.currently down in the mid-40% range. . That is another reason why BMW is now reaching out to retail customers who might be convinced to trade in early. or CPO. But while the maker¶s dealers will take back 143. effort. One reason is that leasing provides a steady and predictable supply of used vehicles that feed BMW¶s popular certified pre-owned program.000 next year.

a medium that has grown substantially as of late. consistent with the mid-level luxury performance sedan segment in general. The 3Series consumer group is male-dominated. .Recommendations  BMW should continue to build on its company¶s strong brand as well as the prestige of the Series model. and place these advertisements across all mediums. professional women seeking an exhilarating automobile. there are many new cars on the market that are much better on gas than the 3Series. as it did with the expensive BMW Films series. Rather.  Aside from young. Although the 3 Series is fuel-efficient relative to its competition. it can gain market share ahead of its competition. BMW should not misappropriate its advertising and marketing budget.  BMW should also target women with their Series model. especially on the Internet. BMW should target the older female demographic. the automaker should ensure that its brand and model awareness remains high.  If BMW can capture a substantial female consumer base. especially the 3 Series.  The company should continue to produce clever advertisements. which holds significant decision-making power within their families. focusing on the safety and practicality of the vehicle.  However.  BMW should also invest in more fuel-efficient technology for their performance lines.

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