Beginner Guide to

Creo Elements/Pro formally Pro/Engineer

Understand Sweep Feature
by Waqas Ahmad

This tutorial is made using Creo Elements/Pro V 5.0. The display layout may be different for other versions

Lets start our exercise Open Creo Elements Pro select Front plane and enter into sketching window by clicking on Sketch tool 1) Create a circle with diameter of length 150 units ( I will consider you are using defaults units)

Figure 1

2) Make this circle extrude up to the depth of 50

Figure 2

3) Now select the Top datum plane and again go into the sketching window. Now in sketching windows move to the menu bar and click at the sketch option and then at the Reference fig3. Two or more dialog box will open just ignore them for a while and click at Line Tool draw a line passing through the center of disc and just parallel to the axis of disc.fig 4. Click the done button to come back into the model view window

Figure 3 Figure 4

4) Now click at the variable section sweep tool. The line that you have drawn in last step will turned into red confirming it that this line is selected for next step. if this not happened than just click at the line to select it manually.

5) In option menu of the tool click at the options while keeping the order correct. i) Solid part tool (extreme left in the fig) ii) Remove material button ( 4th place from left) Then click at the sketch feature button (3rd place from left or with iii) pencil icon)

6) When you will click at the sketch feature tool in above step then you will see the sketching window. Now draw the two concentric circle (circle with same center) as shown in fig . The diameter of bigger circle is 160 and for smaller it is 112

7) Draw two center lines using line tool. These line should be perpendicular to each other and one line should be tangent to the smaller circle. See the fig below

8) Now draw a circle with center at the tangent center line and at the side of their meeting point as shown in fig. The diameter of this circle is about 55

9) Click at the circle that you have drawn and then click at Mirror tool and select a center line that you already have drawn see the fig below (a blue color center line is the reference for the mirror)


Now reset the diameter of these two circles to 58 for adjustments

11) Now trim all the curves except the sketch shown in yellow line in the fig below. The red lines indicate the curves that’s has to be deleted.

Note: your section should be close for next step otherwise program will give you open sketch error. So do double check on this

12) After deleting all the curves just click at the done button to close the sketching window and your sketch should look like this in the model view window and finally click at the done button to complete the feature.


After making this use axis pattern feature to make the complete this option and make

gear. In pattern feature use total 12 cuts so your part will look like this.

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